Nonalcoholic Drinks Finally Taste Great—Here Are 12 of Our Faves

No “mocktails” here.

1/22/2021 10:03:00 PM

Nonalcoholic drinks finally taste great—here are 12 of our faves.

No “mocktails” here.

Made by an organic vintner who avoids adding additional sugar to the production process, this is one of the less-saccharine (literally and on the palate) nonalcoholic wines out there. The brand is only prducing Chardonnay right now, but who knows what the future holds.

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“Alcohol-free wine hasn't historically been very good, and that's changing!” —Julia BainbridgeUnified FermentsWorking within two culinary traditions with a long history, tea and fermentation, this brand is different from the bottles of “booch” you grab at the grocery store.

“I used to just think of kombucha as its own category of beverage. Something I bought at the yoga studio and made sure to have in the fridge for the morningaftera night of drinking. It wasn’t until my friend Young began making kombucha with his friend Graham and opened their own fermentory, Unified Ferments, that I really saw kombucha as something that can replace wine and cocktails on the dinner table. They use 750-milliliter glass bottles like wine, the labels are gorgeous, and the flavors are complex and carefully coaxed out of high-quality tea through their small-batch fermentation process in Brooklyn. They experiment with a whole host of tea-based fermentation beverages. It’s even perfect on nights when you

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