‘No tactic beneath him’: Schiff reacts to Jared Kushner meeting with Kanye

House Intelligence Cmte. Chairman Schiff on Jared Kushner meeting with Kanye West: “This is where the President has descended to. No tactic beneath him. No bigotry too great. No racist appeal too much. No political dirty trick beyond the pale.”

8/13/2020 6:21:00 AM

House Intelligence Cmte. Chairman Schiff on Jared Kushner meeting with Kanye West: “This is where the President has descended to. No tactic beneath him. No bigotry too great. No racist appeal too much. No political dirty trick beyond the pale.”

Rep. Adam Schiff on the President’s son-in-law being “dispatched to meet with Kanye”: “This is where the President has descended to. No tactic beneath him. No bigotry too great. No racist appeal too much. No political dirty trick beyond the pale.”

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Lock him up? Kanye is mentally ill and the Trump trainwreck of a family is taking advantage.(not much different than rump also mentally ill), they have no bottom too low. Democrats do not want Americans to know 50+ international studies now show that countries that use HCQ early have a 79% lower COVID-19 mortality rate. If this news gets out, Democrats will lose the fear of opening America, and the election.

Arrest both Kushner and Kanye. TrumpIsAnIdiot This is the state of the 'United States' , that a President has stooped so low with lies, deeds and actions that place the U.S. on the list of most corrupt governments. Everything goes through Trump. Everyone sticks to their story and Trump is the ultimate ruler!

I'm sure Individual 1 has already granted a Security Clearance for kanyewest just like he did for his daughter's marionette MAGA2020 kenjeong From a man that loves young boys! RepAdamSchiff is full of it. You mean like a ridiculous impeachment? Why FakeNewsMSNBC is well known as FakeNewsMedia b/c after 4 years of 100% lies, they still interview SchiftySchiff

Not only is the ends justify the means argument correct, the utter disgrace in using people, including an entire race of good people is sickening! Trump has to go for the people to have decent lives. Trump is worse than pancreatic cancer! We must defeat him very soundly or yikes! Trying to explain Trump to my German relatives. No need, they know and have seen this before.

Schiff is insane. The Liar Speaks. Just go get Schiffed will Ya ! RepAdamSchiff you should be in prison. Not talking about honestly and integrity something you have none of Schiff is disgusting trash Is Schiff racist? And Trump has another 2 1/2 months to go. So A Schitt thinks the WH administration should not talk with an African American. Yet Obama brought blm to the WH, what a Schiff.

Listen to your buddy, Joe will 'f**k things up'! Didn't Schiff repeatedly LIE to MSNBC and its viewers re: collusion? Why would MSNBC continue to have this fraud on their shows? Where is the special report apologizing to the viewers after it was known Schiff said one thing in front of a camera and a different thing under oath?

thereidout Preaching to the choir Adam. This guy need votes out in CA, for the sake of CA So what are Dems doing about any of this? House seems frozen Awe some one is scared Come on, John Durham...a Schiff indictment would be a nice October Surprise. I am just so tired. This has to end. Help us. SOS Schiff getting hot under the collar again making no sense.

CanadiensFan How about somebody doing something to stop it?! A four year old child could have negotiated that ‘deal’. Trumps ‘dog and pony show’ continues. Isreal and the Emirates are actually friends and the ‘deal’ doesn’t even address the Palestinians. A joke! It will be undone after the election!😀😀🙄😷

FedtheEffUp1 He must not get away with ANY MORE!!! thereidout All we get from Schiff and the entire Democratic leadership is talk and political malpractice when it comes to confronting Trump. Schiff? 🙄😂 🤣🤣🤣 Baby SCHIFF DOO DOO DOO DOO “You know he’ll do it if you don’t vote to impeach” you know who else picks his own opponent ? Putin

What y'all need to do is pass a stimulus, Americans are hurting.most of us don't give a damn about Trump or Kanye or Biden and Harris. It really makes no difference, we are poor and none of you clowns give a damn even tho y'all work for us! What are you fools gonna do when he gets in again? You gonna shtt your pants? You gonna bttch for another 4 years?

LOL 😂 Schiff is a liar clown 🤡 go home 🏠 “How low can you go” is the true motto of this entire administration. Kanye is truly a tool in every sense of the word. If he cannot understand that he is being used by Trump, he certainly has no business in the political arena. He is in a fragile mental state and Trump is taking advantage of this.

TBH it will only turn off more blacks and browns AND whites as his bigotry and basically, stupidness is so available for all to witness... BTW isn't a mental competency test required to be on the ballot? if not we need to look into changing that... From the guy who pushed that Russia collusion trash for 3 1/2 years. We are on to you.

Do you feel the heat coming? They got Clinesmith...I cant imaging you being to far away from having cuffs slapped on you. Why did Kanye reveal that he had daily contract with Jared Kushner? Schiff sucks schiff is going to prison C'mon, Jared. You were hoping to meet Kim, weren't you. ITMFA AGAIN You are canceled

apachegirl29 The GOP acts like Satan who is surprised upon the message of his end in fireflames within the divine entertainment business. They are mad beyond the divine and civilized city-limits. DemProud RepAdamSchiff PROSECUTEKUSHNER jaredkushner Colluding with a mentally unfit man to siphon black votes from JoeBiden OversightDems WhipClyburn SenKamalaHarris KimKardashian kanyewest ProsecuteTrump ProjectLincoln HouseJudiciary WaysMeansCmte

Chairman Schiff-I put nothing beyond what trump or his enablers would do or say nothing! We know this already what are you and dems doing about it besides announcing it all the time. It is quite nauseating, the whole bunch of them! Shush Adam. You don’t make sense anymore with you’re weird theories and uninteresting speculations.

Mister Schiff pisses from his mouth Y’all know AdamSchiff is a fraud and fucking liar He didn't descend to this. He was always there. More left wing propaganda disgusting nakesha_horsey Kanye? This is desperation! Does Trump really think African Americans are that naive? Let’s see: Kanye.........Kamala? DecisionsDecisionsDecisions!

RepAdamSchiff is a predator and criminal You should know all about political dirty tricks. Usually the case when you're avoiding prison.. AdamSchiff RepAdamSchiff could teach a master class on dirty political tricks. Give trump time. His antics will get worse. This cycle he has little credibility. His fools are jumping ship.

Hey! Instead of incessantly complaining about all these corrupt, law breaking, fraud committing, crooks why doesn’t anyone actually do something to stop them! Isn’t that why we have 3 branches of government?! MailTampering ElectionTampering ProsecuteTrump Imagine what a guy like this does on his off time.

i think it may also be illegal. Kanye needs positive guidance. Jared is the perfect choice imo. ❤ to all. SchiffForAG2020. He has no idea what they even talked about. You people are making shit up and you wonder why ppl hate you.

Kanye West Met with Jared Kushner in Colorado, Trump Tie to His Campaign?Ye meeting with Kushner is not the greatest of looks right now. Kanye needs serious help The GOP is now a sh!tty reality tv show. Just like trump

Kanye 'speaks daily' to Jared Kushner amid fears of 'mental health exploitation'Details of a link between Kanye West's presidential campaign and the White House have been revealed as the rapper reveals meetings with Jared Kushner

Report: Jared Kushner Met With Kanye West Last WeekKushner met privately with Kanye in Colorado last weekend, fueling speculation about coordination between the two campaigns. Y'all misspelled NYC Slumlord. And the headline should read: Modern Day Slavery: NYC Slumlord Jared Kushner meets with Bipolar Black man Kanye West in the midst of a mentalhealth crisis being manipulated by all the racists in the plantation white house. yourewelcome 'well that's a surprise' .....................said nobody anywhere The peace in the Middle East Kushner?

Is Trump Colluding With Kanye To Beat Biden?As Republican operatives boost West’s spoiler bid in multiple states, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner recently met with the rapper in Colorado. Split Biden voters? Lmao bro this is going to split trump voters hands down What do you need to end the speculation? Can common sense point to election fraud yet?

Inside Kanye West’s “Almost Daily” Chats With Jared Kushner—And Whether The White House Exploits His Mental StateExclusive new details on the ongoing conversations between the rap-and-sneaker mogul and “my boy,” the president’s son-in-law, just as his spoiler campaign heats up. YEEZY = Samuel L Jackson Character n Django There is no end to how low this family will go and how criminal their acts...

Kanye West Makes Nice with Kris Jenner, Says He Misses Jay-ZKanye West says he misses Jay-Z. Let the as$ kissing begin.. They say we couldn't have a woman president cause women are to emotional.. I think kanye's emotions are way worst & then some... ye😊 He needs to go away. He’s just an attention whore.