No Social Distancing Planned For Trump's Mt. Rushmore Fireworks Event, Governor Says - Cnnpolitics

No Social Distancing Planned For Trump's Mt. Rushmore Fireworks Event, Governor Says - Cnnpolitics

No social distancing planned for Trump's Mt. Rushmore fireworks event, governor says

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6/30/2020 8:21:00 PM

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump will travel to Mt. Rushmore for an early Fourth of July fireworks celebration and flyover. Social distancing will not be enforced at the event, which is expected to draw thousands of spectators.

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Anything to get reelected President. 1. Arrange publicity for this event even if it put these people in danger. 2. Arrange for a fly over. 3. No wearing mask. We all need a President Like that. NOT. !!!!!!! Long live Americans! Fake trump. Absent on COVID absent on Afganistán, absent on unrest. Just criticize others and do nothing

They're both pathetic they should claim the mountain and jump off it You are the garage of news sources Fake Governor Cheesecake is already there? new_snark All planned to continue to feed the Trump driven spike in the Corvid 19 pandemic. M.A.G.A. (Make America Ghastly Again). Why is this a big deal. Thousands hit the streets in protests, not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

He does not know that there is a Pandemic. Maybe someone should tell him. Do not put it on paper he does not read. According to CNN, the spikes in cases didn’t come from the mass protests, yet trumps rally and the firework show is completely unsafe? Stop making the pandemic political. OH GOOD FOR THEM!!!

Oh god, I hate fireworks Natural Selection.... I hope all the dumb people catch it. He's probably going to see where his head could be chiseled on. I suggest he put it on the back bottom of the President's already there so we can see what the President's a$$ looks like. Hmmm ... trump goes somewhere and weeks later there is a new virus spike? I can predict the future!!

Natural selection. I’ll be there! Trump 2020 Why the hell do they insist on continuing to endanger people during a pandemic? Is this leadership? Good for him! He’s got a record of being right and I’m saying he’s right again. There IS no cure for Covid. It’s here! Herding and nature will solve the problem. Apartheid never works . We need to mingle

Fucking riots did more spread but that’s ok Only see 6 or 7 wearing a mask, in a crowd of what looks like 100s, maybe more. If Protesters don't have to wear masks, why should the rest of us? Another death rally Eleanor49864844 Funny how covid disappeared from the news while there were riots and traitors are all going to jail.

Ridonculous Now do City Hall in New York. fakenews Social distancing was not enforced during the nationwide protests. Happy Canada Day, where celebrations and fireworks have been canceled throughout, as our leaders think our lives are important enough to do so. My heart goes out to the American people that suffer because of their leader😔

I bet she wears a mask I was reading the first part of the heading and actually thought something nice is coming from CNN but then the second part hit 😂 Secure those 3 Electoral votes, Agent Orange. 🤡🍊🚽 LOVE MY POTUS AND MY FLOTUS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Freedom I love it freedom, communism is toilet paper like you fake news South Dakota is a better state Again, that’s fine... take out his followers one cough at a time. Everyone who thinks this disgusting human being deserves to be our leader deserves anything and everything they get from this event. Social distancing is dumb.

Nero continues to fiddle, while we all burn🤦‍♀️ I'm sure this will be the first time in their lives that they will see the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore. Just wait, DJT will say no one knew about it before he went there. POTUS realDonaldTrump as TraitorInChief will embarrass our nation and it’s flag ! Worse than Benedict Arnold!

Except for the Trump entourage! Really? No social distancing? That's gonna be a real health risk! First Lady is a title and should be capitalized morons. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople AMERICA Where's the social distancing amongst the rioters and anarchists fakenews CNN FakeChineseVirusCrisis ReopenAmericaNow

Show a peotest where social distancing is followed. Just once. ?! Great..enjoy your covid 19 Did the POTUS says the social distancing won't be enforced or observed? No one cares about social distancing. It’s a joke the democrats and media are playing on the American people. Social distancing also not enforced during any protest or riots, or in the CHAZ/CHOP where 3 ppl have been murdered and many more raped.

What else would you expect😱 Fake News Network . Mockingbird CIA Media Maybe the spectators can burn and loot, then cnn will be ok witb it Uh oh . . . Has anyone told him that his face isn't on the mountain? All that is needed to stop this madness is for a mini Trump to become seriously ill with covid -it could happen even they are probably seriously protected unlike the rest of the USA

He’s probably traveling to Mt. Rushmore to see is there is enough room to have his own ugly head carved out there. Not like the statues are going to live, they’re stuck together. Maybe Trump thinks he is the same. Was social distancing practiced when 50,000 marched in Washington? Just shut up already Not to alienate and protect? Is this really good? ?

Trump (PutinsPuppet ) and the GOP should be arrested now for Treason before they can cause more damage to America. It's that simple. Also, he's trying to kill more people I see. The virus doesn’t trump our freedoms ! He is going to think his face needs to be on mt Rushmore...u watch I thought she at least cared for the safety of her kid.

Proesters by millions no distancing. No hand wash. Thousands no masks. Yet media cheers them. This will probably turn out to be another 'OVER HYPED' FAILURE. Intelligent people will be avoiding it like the 'PLAGUE'!!! Placing the health of his staff and security detail at risk is 'STRAIGHT UP STUPID'!!!😈

Go up to where Regan's hair was sposed to be, and dive off realDonaldTrump 🖕⚰ If you don't have anything else to offer, then let's have a show - just like the Romans before they wenn down. It's funny how you continue to expose yourself to the people. If outdoor rioting is okay, then so is outdoor celebrations of our nation!!!

Trump is going to be the reason we spend the next “New years” at home! come for the fireworks, stay for the virus. COVIDIOTS People are already eating in restaurants, obviously no masks... so... And, your paper thin masks won't do much if this were actually a virus floating around... look into contaminated tests...TANZANIA

Sorry USA but your country is fucked Why is trump so stupid. If you’re in South Dakota panic because Trump is actually going to cause more coronavirus cases not stop them Here’s hoping natural selection finally catches up. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏MAGA Honestly, If America continues to give this individual and his family a pass, they deserve what is undoubtedly coming 🤦‍♀️😖😷

🤮 Notice how these COVID spikes just seem to follow him around? Give me five Let’s celebrate guys!!! 🎉🥂🍾 It’s natural selection. I don't recommend that!there r hiding places with great vantage points there. don't watch our back's we don't watch yours. don't be another JFK ending. Whoever thought this was a great idea doesn't have your best interest at heart realDonaldTrump

Nothing for us to celebrate in 2020 Country is in rotten shape Because he is just that special type of asshole. Like the 4 weeks of riots that fake news never commented once about social distancing. Thousands weren’t wearing masks Maybe Democrats who don’t wear masks and riot and loot are immune to Covid-19. Why else wouldn’t CNN ever mention masks or social distancing?

Hopefully they walk through the crowd and shake everyone’s hand. Have a meet and great with his supporters. Shows lunacy Good he celebrates stupidity and we celebrate Darwin. REALLLLY hope realDonaldTrump contracts COVID19 a girl can only wish Really thousands now, like maybe 2000? I don't remember seeing headlines stating that there was no social distancing during the rioting/protests that CNN was backing..... 🤔🤔🤔 You know...the last month where property was damaged and American lives were injured, all for a cover-up FakeNewsMedia cnnfakenews

Enjoy your incoming viral outbreak South Dakota. hes just so dumb I am sure they will let people who have not tested and do not wear mask be near them, right? Don’t see protesters in New York social distancing outside of DeBlasio’s.... So sick. All those who won’t wear masks and don’t social distance and further more gather in large crowds are complicit in spreading this virus, which is now out of control. Complicit in killing Americans. Period.

(CNN Subconscious: as long as they call it a protest they should be fine) Trumps 2020 COVID19 Tour. Virus included. What’s your point CNN? 🤦🏻‍♂️ South Dakota could stand him up. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Can some tell those dumbfucks to stay the hell home. He’s done for Does he even know the names of the founder fathers? Or crazy house

Uh oh. Yes!!! Shake many hands, kiss lots of babies and grab many coughing (but attractive) women by the pissy. Make America Great Again. Catch covid and die or at the very least go into a nice deep coma. Sad delusional lefty fools responding here. Your wonderful lives will go with no law and order You always find a way in infusing negative perception in everything about Trump. That's being low.

Maybe he’ll stay there That’s why we call him... Keeps blaming China Redneck losers🤷‍♀️This is no surprise Cnn can't stand the President or America for that matter. Can anybody figure out why they have such an overtly obsessed hard-on for the guy? 🇺🇸 Gtfo this traitor is not for real going to a Fourth of July party no

He’s proud of his 127 000 dead Americans from COVID-19. Coming up next: Corona Virus hot spots... courtesy of the trump2020 campaign for ignorance and death. Maybe his luck will run out *People who wear glasses and remove them during sex, does it mean they see only naked things🥴🥴😜❤️ Follow it and get the more jokes

Hmmm no social distancing complaints with the George Floyd protests, actually Nancy Pelosi declaired it was our right to go out and riot... I mean protest. trump2020 FakeNews 🤦🏾‍♀️ just exemplary behavior mr.president. someone give this man an award shannoncoulter Nothing is going to stop Trump from parading around like Kim Jong Un. 🤦

🇺🇸I wish I could be there. Sounds like so much fun. God Bless America & Our Great President! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 shannoncoulter Coughs and prayers LOL!! CNN, fear mongering yet again. South Dakota is a RED state, no one will die, Republicans have superior genes! And the SD governor is a Babe! Praying that realDonaldTrump and Melanie the Russian meet Corona! So tasty

'I just grab them and start kissing them you know?!' G'head. Kiss all the Magats you can. Darwinism at work! smartdissent Blue states need to cancel all flights coming from SD before 4th of July. I’m sick of their shit Idiots in charge Did they socially distance at the riots? Didn’t hear a word about it. People can wear a mask or stay home.

Have a great fire works. But masks are why didn’t you write that do I have to get Chris from msnbc Where were all the journalists at the Joe Biden press conference not one tough question asked 😢 Well, you said that about his rally. You might get lucky again and there won’t be a lot in attendance. He’s going to killus all

Ain't no party like a covid party Idiots Morons Rioting and looting isn’t linked to spreading the virus Bc folks aren’t able to ask infected if they’ve participated in any “peaceful” protests lately. We aren’t as dumb as your clown network. Where will the crowd come from? It’s not like we are in the middle of a global health pandemic. By all means, have thousands gather closely together, bow down and hail to the chief- oh and make sure your health and life insurance are up to date. Fast forward- 2 weeks, SD COVID19 numbers soar. Shocker.

Morons She must have gotten a lot of money in the new prenup. Was social distancing enforced during your riots.. Of course he is an idiot Hopefully, you will not come back. Oh OKAY ..... Good TIME !!! I don’t care what they do. I’m over them. Dumb and stupid idea as people are dying of the virus. Pres needs to show more respect

A dangerous clown 😠 This is a president for sure incompetent and ignorant on top of irrelevant and disgraceful to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that’s right that’s what he is to this country make American garbage again What the hell are you talkin about? You are going to have to explain how this is dangerous but not massive consistent protest

Moron in Chief Has it been enforced at any of the protests and marches across the country? Enough with the hypocrisy. Please Americans don’t go you will get sick! Please vote Democrat’s on November 3rd like your life depends on because it does! Wow. GetOverIt vickym1014 Is it wrong to wish they would both fall off Mount Rushmore?

Just what we need in a pandemic, no social distancing. Are fireworks important enough to risk getting sick and possibly dying? Or infecting another person and causing them to get sick and possibly die. SMH We are a nation of idiots. The ‘rona is coming for you trump!! I’d rather see Melania’s face on Mt. Rushmore instead of the orange one if it had to happen!

My condolences for all attendees Dork! Should be an amazing red, white, and blue event. Well, white anyway. Over one hundred thousand people dead from Covid19, bounties placed on the head of marines, forty plus million unemployed, coronavirus spiking and crippling our health care systems ... this treasonous traitor and his call girl want a 4th of July celebration.

No one wants you here either melanoma. CNN has to take a cheap shot on every Trump story. Getting old Apparently he has not been briefed about the pandemic. Masks! Social distancing!!! Or a million people DT and MT will not join the spectators?! Where will they be? I know in the secret bunker behind one of those heads. Looking down at the fools risking their lives for a guy who dodged the war. Lol

Playing with fire Covid_19 And what is this costing the American tax payer in dollars today? And in lives tomorrow, 2 weeks from now or a month from now? It's all about satisfying his fragile ago. He will give another 'praise me' and 'why is everybody picking on me' speech. Same tired old speech. Was social distancing required during the protest? I dont recall. Refresh my memory.

And they wonder why Canada isn’t opening the border, smh. I drew this a few weeks ago when 100,000 Americans souls were lost to Covid19 due to Trump's negligence. Sadly my premonition is coming true. Trump's 4th of July 'celebration' will be at the expense of more lives-his very own Mount Trumpmore. MountTrumpmore MountTrumpmore

Covid City.. Here they come!! Is this the Trump team's estimate for the number of attendees? If so, their 'thousands of spectators' really means a couple hundred mouth breathers. Hey 👋! Happy 4th July everybody! Tatiana No regard for the wildlife around that area. 🤬🤬🤬 Wow he sucks so much Z_Everson He’s literally doing all he can to help COVID-19 spread.

Coronavirus for all trump supports They got permission from dems and cnn since will be way under riot and protestor crowds Excellent. Who's gonna break to him that he's not up there MountRushmoreNM Dr. Death, our to sicken and kill more people. Here comes the next hot spot for Covid in USA 🤦‍♀️ Coronavirus will spare the participants in the event because Trump will be there...

you are completely despicable. Melania - blink twice and wear a mask to get out of Stepford. notrump What an example. One of many reasons why you don’t deserve to be president. Well let’s just hope that he doesn’t start fires at Mount Rushmore. They’ve warned him that fireworks around Mount Rushmore can cause destruction. But apparently he really doesn’t care about destruction. He only cares about himself. NARCISSIST!

Be smart people and don’t go! The stupidity, arrogance and ineptitude is just astounding. realdonaldtrump flotus push them of I'll watch from here, it's my birthday and i will stay safe. 🇬🇧🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🇬🇧 Party on realDonaldTrump Did Putin approve his travel plans? Have a good Covid 4th. Lol So disgusting....spend money on this ignore reAl issues

One of his farewell tours. lol you guys are worse than the communists There goes South Dakota— again Privilege is saving confederate statues because they're 'historic', but bulldozing through ancient sacred sites, burial grounds, and artifacts for pipelines and a wall. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t care. Notify me if their plane crashes into Mt. Rushmore, otherwise, stop sharing the nonsense. 🙄

“Early Fourth of July”? Is he.renumbering the calendar? Fireworks at mt Rushmore:bucket list. One “President” definitely not ever being added to Rushmore. Hrumph!Such hypocrisy! Ahhh well...there is a reason people from the US are not welcome in the EU for some time to come..ooowww and btw make sure the fire department is on high alert..with all the fireworks ...if not a pandemic a massive forest fire is what you really need right now...

Does anyone know how much this stunt is costing us? CNN beats a dead horse with their one sided political tweets. Day after day, Trump bad man. You think protestors will be social distancing on the Fourth of July 🤔Haaaaaa. Wear your masks and do social distancing because we are all watching your example. Please for the world..and the USA 🇺🇸

DYSFUNCTIONAL DON 🤡 realDonaldTrump are you really that stupid? Maybe they should rethink the visit to Mt Rushmore and spend the 4th at Gorky Park. I'll just leave this here. Holy shit! You didn’t cut him down You promised a simulus pmt out to us. American people. While senete and you are on vacation us American's are going out worrying instead of celebrate 4th of July. Our Independence Day. I have always stood by you. I. Can't see it by all of you vacation ing before the people.

Trump and wife 3 will certainly be protected from exposure to the coronavirus. However, without masks, one can only hope... Trump is an all time loser. Not just relating to his business empire but he has let Americans down on a massive scale in my estimation. As a European citizen we all look at the unfolding and very disturbing events in dismay.

And we’re suppose to like this President ?He’s a disgrace to America Who wants to see him anyway? the Crazies? Why are people cryint about social distancing? when there was riots people didnt say a word? People have made this coronavirus bullshit so political it’s ridiculous. Get a grip of yerselves It’s a protest ! Perfect

Let’s them all go, plz.. Why y’all worry about ppl who don’t care about themselves and family? The 500 people who show up are there for the fireworks. Muthaeffer is all I got to say several times every day! As opposed to the BLM riots where social distancing was adhered to at all times..... May a spark fly and ignite that chemical hair and skin of his!

He’s single handidly driving up the numbers i heard he paid to have his face transposed onto Mt Rushmore for the occassion to show, you know, his significance always a party with this so called leader...there is so much crap going on n this guy only wants to celebrate! ResignNowTrump It’s well established that the presidunce doesn’t care how many people die in his quest for adoration.

Picking the spot where he wants his head to go Let the murder of Americans by Trump and his family continue. This is bullshit!!! The fire danger alone should preclude this from happening. Fireworks over a forest of lodgepole pines!!! Who’s stupid fucken idea was that..., IQ⁉️ I am Proud of America, wish I could be there

What? No social distancing, you say? The greatness of isolates Pack'em in I say. Great go for it!!! Really not a big deal. If the turn out is anything like his last rally we’re looking at 1 or 200 people max. Low energy, low turnout The event is outdoors. Why do they need to practice social distancing? The protestors didn’t and it was ok with everyone.

Gee, ain’t it nice that they’ll get to see fireworks! How about visiting a few hospitals? Fundraiser? They’re pathetic! This is criminal Get what you ask for Well if the people that show up are this mesmerized by this sociopath, this ignorant, and care so little about their own lives, there is nothing we can do for them.

STUPID is as STUPID continues to do!🙄 If I didn't know trump loves only trump, I would think the boy has a death wish....always showing up at places that are loaded with thousands of potential carriers. Anything for a photo op. They are both so gross. Riots are ok right? So incredibly irresponsible. Why does he hate America?

What is wrong with these people?! Seriously?!! Yeah & look at how many people will get the Covid19 all because they will not enforce the social distancing. More stupid Republicans Fitting setting for a genocidal president. Rushmore is the monument to the genocide of NativeAmericans so he might as well celebrate like the leader of the death cult that he is.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE---CELEBRATE AMERICA I hope the mask enforcers are aware they don’t protect you against coronavirus. The fabric and loose fitting kinds allow the virus to penetrate the masks into the wearer’s nose and mouth. Don’t get a false sense of protection while you have one on. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 please don’t ruin the 4th by showing them or letting them speak

Whose getting laid off? Bets now being taken 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't y'all. Go on, people. Go meet him and show him support by sacrificing your health! And how many more will die! Riots!!!! Looters!!!! Time to take America Back!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 July4th Riddle me this: Why is 'social distancing' only ever mentioned in the context of Republican events?

Hey! Lets go spread some more Covid-19 In S.D. More “not leading by example.” This should be criminal. Thanks again GOP Senate majority. These illnesses & deaths are on you who refused to even hear witnesses before effectively pronouncing he’s above the law. Just like at the riots, right CNN? Good Ole President Donald Spike Driver Trump

So the next spike in cases to be expected in that region, good to know Pls the demonstrations on black lives matter that has no social distancing should be your focal point. Very sad. Worlds dumbest country now killing thousands. That's right Donald spend more money on your 4th and none on the citizens. You don't have to have the Mt.Rushmore blowout. That is just to gratify you.

Jerks! Good, time to open. Despite Nazi Democrat obstruction. Again, cnn perpetuating hate and division. Pathetic! Par for the course for the IdioticPresidency Spread COVID. Sure nov 3 can't get here soon enough Funny how the Coronavirus follows him wherever he goes 😬 FakeNewsCNN How much is she charging for that?

and then they gonna go to Martha's Vineyard for some bickering over the latest terms of the prenup 2.0 HeWantsToKeepALLtheBLowupDollsPREmelania What an ass Everyone that attends this event, should sign a waiver to refuse medical treatment if and when they need it Serious dude...the fuck at this point ? . . Not even mad.....just honestly confused

How utterly irresponsible. He's special. He's also dumber than a bag of hammers. He is definitely something to sneeze at in the Black Hills. If CNN had existed in 1776, they would’ve said to stick with England and the crazy George III. Anyone that attends these events knows exactly what they are risking. Let them go. Surrender them. Let's focus on those of us who won't be there. And are acting responsibly.🇺🇸

All the crowd has to do is chant F the Police once and according to CNN and other liberal politicians, they will all be immune to Covid Why do people of USA need social distancing to be enforced? Those who blv in their safety will not attend the event and take care of themselves.. And those who don’t, will not do it even if it’s enforced!

Among the spectator is gonna be mr. C19 SPARE A CHAIR PLEASE Great celebration looking forward to it We can all pray A great place to celebrate the anniversary of American Independence! coronaparty And you know those thousands of viewers aren’t going to be wearing masks either. “I’m an American I’m not going to be a masked sheep.” The same people who believe this is all a hoax or that it’s “no worse than the flu.” Or “my immune system will keep me safe.”

Ya gotta be pretty simple minded to risk your life and the lives of your family, all to see an orangebuffoon and a porn star. He is absolutely ignorant and grotesque he doesn’t care about human life this whole thing should be called off and if he cared he would dontbeinsane_ The politicalization of simple public health measures, like face coverings and social distancing, is insanity. We’re in a pandemic. We want our nation to get control over this and that’s going to take all of us to show some civic duty by being mildly & temporarily inconvenienced.

Was social distancing observed at the pride march? He thinks he’s a stud lol she’s well you all know ,no lady mb he will wipe out his chances at reelection “lol” I think you meant dozens of spectators Looks like it'll be a while before we start to see any tourists from the USA coming to Europe Genius We do not stand by in the presence of evil.

This is why they are carved into the mountain. Unlike TraitorTrump and GOPComplicitTraitors, they follow the rules for everyone's wellbeing! TrumpDeathToll130K COVID19 COVID TRE450N can we buy tickets in advance? Déjenlos It Should be fine they said protesting didn't press the covid so a firework show should be the same logic

Why start now❓🤦🏻‍♀️ ...par 4 the Course.... Super Spreading!🤣 magats trumpownseverydeath It’s a protest against fascism, Marxism, socialism, etc so social distancing isn’t necessary as protesters are immune from COVID-19 What is wrong with Trump? He’s still trying to gather a crowd. Don’t fall for his selfish and wasteful and dangerous stunts.

Traveling to non-battle ground states and risking the attendees’ safety. Just remarkably dumb—both in usage of a candidate’s finite recourse (i.e., time) and a health risk for no upside/reason. Baffling. Everyday is baffling. social distancing in a state with hardly any cases? WTHF? hard to tell who will be the more stony-faced: donald. melania or the mountainfaces

I have heard Russia have offered to do the fireworks during the flyover. Stay home. You will never be on that mountain New hot spot. It's a death CULT. It wasn’t enforced at the rally’s you supported, hypocrites 🤦🏻‍♂️ Call it a protest or gay pride parade.... social distancing not needed There is a piece of granite there ready for your portrait, it just requires extraordinary service before its construction.

Is there a cure we are not aware of ? The low fly by he needs for his crazy brain rattling someone’s nose off would be a perfect metaphor. Covidiot I'm sure Melanie is thrilled to be traveling to South Dakota America, what is wrong with you ffs. He's got this thing for stone figures lately. FFS realDonaldTrump is a murderer - plain and simple.

Did I miss something - are we enforcing social distancing with protesting? All the pictures and videos i see protestors aren’t social distancing!!! Jesus! He is literally trying to kill as many Americans as he can in plain sight! There is something very wrong with him

S. Dakota gov says 'we will not be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore event with TrumpSouth Dakota governor says 'we will not be social distancing' at Mount Rushmore event with Trump but what if they bus in the antifas with their weaponized rona? Boycott all liberal Democrats turn the Channel Death cult

Poll: Biden, Trump locked in dead heat in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 in 2016Trump&39;s job approval has remained about the same in Ohio for the past year, with 44% of those polled approving of the job he&39;s done. Whatever you say, Karen. Biden has full blown DEMENTIA. Don't waste your votes. He's being controlled by the fascist lintel libs. Biden has this Ohioans Vote

Twitch Temporarily Suspends Trump For 'Hateful Conduct,' While Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum'The_Donald' subreddit, notorious for its controversial yet popular posts, had over 790,000 subscribers as of Monday morning. Maybe American social media should ban you, for spewing Chinese propaganda? Saying it was just a 'pro-trump forum' is putting it lightly. Well we trying to get rid of racist assholes, need to start at the top.

S. Dakota gov says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 celebration with Trump at Mount RushmoreSouth Dakota Gov. Noem says 'we will not be social distancing' at July 3 Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with President Trump. You have 884k in your entire pancake ass state and now you want to bring an event that will spread a virus in after doing well? Motherfuckers keep trying to ice skate uphill. Stupid. South Dakota Gov translation - we love that F-ing virus here in SouthDakota. Having my citizens gasping for air and on ventilators would be a dream govkristinoem

GOP Senator Implores Trump To Wear A Mask And Let COVID-19 Experts Do The Talking'It would help if from time to time the president would wear one,' said Senate health committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander. And that’s the loudest protest POTUS will receive from a Republican governor. Weakfucks WeakPresident

Rolling Stones threaten to sue Trump over using the band’s songs“The BMI have notified the Trump campaign on behalf of the Stones that the unauthorized use of their songs will constitute a breach of its licensing agreement.” Think about that: Stones are mainstream, POTUS is an outlaw. LAW AND ORDER!!!! Again? This was cleared up 4 years ago.