No shortage of sanction options if Russia invades Ukraine | AP News

The Biden administration has a range of sanctions to make good on its pledge to hit Russia financially if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine. The West has also helped strengthen Ukraine's military, as an added deterrent.

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12/5/2021 5:59:00 AM

The Biden administration has a range of sanctions to make good on its pledge to hit Russia financially if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine . The West has also helped strengthen Ukraine 's military, as an added deterrent.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration has plenty of options to make good on its pledge to hit Russia financially if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine , from sanctions targeting Putin’s associates to cutting Russia off from the financial system that sends money flowing around the world.

, a former Soviet republic with close historical and cultural ties to Russia but now eager to ally with NATO and the West.Instead, payback could be all about the money.Secretary of State Antony Blinken this week promised financial pain — “high impact economic measures that we’ve refrained from taking in the past.” President Joe Biden on Friday said the U.S. had developed the “most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for Mr. Putin.”

ADVERTISEMENTThe United States over the past decade already has put a range of sanctions in place against Russian entities and individuals, many of them over Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and its support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014. U.S. sanctions also have sought to punish Russia for election interference, malicious cyber activities and human rights abuses.

Since 2014, the West also has helped Ukraine build up its military. So while Putin denies any intention of launching an offensive, his troops would face a Ukrainian army much more capable of putting up a fight.The sanctions now imposed on Russians include asset freezes, bans on doing business with U.S. companies and denial of entry to the United States. But in seeking to punish Russia, the West over the years has weighed even bigger financial penalties.

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That includes the so-called nuclear option: blocking Russia from the Belgium-based SWIFT system of financial payments that moves money among thousands of banks around the world.The European Parliament this year approved a nonbinding resolution calling for that step if Russia does invade Ukraine.

When the U.S. successfully pressured SWIFT to disconnect Iranian banks over Iran’s nuclear program, the country lost almost half of its oil export revenue and a third of its foreign trade, said Maria Shagina, an expert on sanctions and energy politics affiliated with the Carnegie Moscow Center think tank.

The impact on Russia’s economy would be “equally devastating,” Shagina writes. Russia depends on its oil and natural gas exports for more than one-third of its federal revenues, and depends on SWIFT to make the petrodollars flow.Russia has worked since 2014 to insulate its domestic financial systems from such a cutoff. A SWIFT cutoff would cause indirect pain for Western economies as well.

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ADVERTISEMENTJohn Herbst, a former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and career diplomat, said Friday he believed that while “SWIFT is not off the table, it would be a last resort.”The Biden administration earlier this year further limited Russia’s ability to borrow money by banning U.S. financial institutions from buying Russian government bonds directly from state institutions. But the sanctions didn’t target the secondary market, leaving this as a possible next step.

Other possible tools and targets, Herbst noted: financial sanctions targeting people close to Putin and their families; and more sanctions on Russian banks and on Russia’s vital energy sector.

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Gotta protect your son's assets. And your own. And hilarys Hahaha sanctions, that’ll be our response if Russia invades? Gosh, Ukrainians can rest easy knowing there’s “no shortage” of sanctions that will stop those T72’s rolling through town Sure, hit them where it hurts. In the pocketbook. I'm starting to think that there is a secret handshake between Russia and the US. Keep up the appearance as enemies so the stupid peasants continue to support their arsenals.

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like everything, victory ?! Sometimes I miss the old Soviet Union. At least, this scenario would not happen. As usual US has nothing but threats to offer the world. With the amount of Russian money sitting in Cyprus, they wouldn't need to look far to hurt Russia. The only real solution for this conflict is for Ukraine to engage a dialogue directly with Russia. Bullying and Economic sanctions on Moscow will not deter an invasion. Nato is worthless , the U.S is just flexing muscles. Engage now!

Ukraine says Russia amassed over 94,000 troops at border | AP News Ukraine ’s defense minister estimates that Russia has amassed more than 94,000 troops near their borders and says there is a probability of a “large-scale escalation” in late January. Moscow has denied planning to invade. Wow, whic country borders Ukraine that the bastards have sent these troops to Morning_Joe russia pushes nearly 100,000 modern troops on a border with a country whose lands it has already occupied..its sabre rattling of the worse first war kind, it needs a response..and a response of nato troops could even prompt russian action..its a mindless pissing contest putin /1 Russians, Ukraine, the World & most Americans want to see PavilonianPUTIN IN🔥He'll🔥 Where he Belongs Do ya think you can help us Mr.P

Ukraine was part of Russia (its diminutive name is 'Little Russia', cf Tchaikovsky's Symphony 2) until Khruschev, celebrating the Kuban campaign against NAZI Germany gave it independence. I found much of Eastern Ukraine thoroughly identifies as Russian. To the West: butt out! Is russia or china doing anything clandestine that they are trying to draw attention from with this mulitary build up?

Only USA with europuppets can invade other countries and kill people there, that is the world order! I can use up 1500 reports , 33000 jpeg pictures , and have gdpr ground penetrating radar on my Google maps .. it's up there somewhere , not in the tub or in the basement can European ports of paid no challenges, but I'm German, paid4my biological gifts , brains athletic skinny

I'd agree with President Bidens Strategy whole heartedly. But I'd also recommend Putting Romania and other eBordering Countries on High alert to be ready to accept Ukrainian Refugees and Russian Defectors in case Russia decides to Proceed with invasion. This will aid innocents. Iran has been sanctioned since the 1970s almost omg the. Whole congress went together in the 70s , simple good news , count it Count it again but argue about what bothers someone us even not touching or in my view has controls over my My seat is Top row or near the 50

I'm afraid of China taking away my defense shield Titan Rain it's still secret how much I misheard the cake walk here is some of it , wait to get even and do my job as I was the one with check protection , legitimately said on the record can do but I need your help here company Ukraine is problematic. Their entry to NATO is problematic. But then, the Russian bear is and always has been problematic. Putin may very well take half of Ukraine just to test western resolve, and if he gets away with it that will not be the end of it.

As he okays their pipeline. Only the Left. Really?

U.S. intelligence finds Russia planning Ukraine offensive | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials have determined that Russia n planning is underway for a possible military offensive against Ukraine that could begin as soon as early 2022 and would include an estimated 175,000 personnel, according to an administration official. Finally, a new crisis we can sink our teeth into. No shit. Shocking is that comrades in Russia are working on this since January and we are now confirming 🤦🏻‍♂️ - breakingnews Well I certainly hope this forecast is more accurate than the fall of Afghanistan.

Sometime this Usurper really cares about, his investments Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶ ̶i̶d̶i̶o̶t̶s̶ brave NATO guys. lasorliteshow, wondering your thoughts on this and the tweets below. Specifically the “discussion” I am part of. Sanctions do not work. Don’t be overinflated; with your ego. That is a way western thinks they are police of the world

Putin is not afraid of Biden’s response at all. weak. Take that, Putin! What about some really mean tweets? So they invade the Ukraine and we apply sanctions...ouch they'll never recover.... While Biden is talking sanctions, Putin is moving tanks and infantry. Putin doesn't care about sanctions or threats of sanctions. There is only one way to prevent him from invading Ukraine and that is direct military support.

Sanctions? Wow!!! How unsafe this CINC has made the world. It’s a war situation they give a shit ….

Biden says he is crafting a plan for Russia-Ukraine crisisU.S. President Joe Biden said on Friday he is developing comprehensive initiatives to make it difficult for Russia n President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine and that he would not accept Moscow's 'red lines,' as fears mounted that the simmering conflict could erupt into war. this is terrible news Sounds like they were doing a real good job. 🤣

McFaul I agree. Financial sanctions. Paper Tiger Biden. He'll probably tell Putin the Corn Pop story and Putin will back off scared. Sanctions. What a joke. The world is seeing U.S. humiliated until it is boring to watch. Does he know they've already invaded and took Crimea The West needs the Russian oil and gas more then Russia being afraid of the sanctioned . Russia Biden sanctions

The world doesn't need a further more war, even when this war would turn out to be a nuclear one. Again, why does this fall directly on the US to solve? Are we Ukraine’s only ally? No. We all know this is nothing more than a Putin flex on the US designed to weaken Biden for upcoming elections. This is why a strong, allied world body - like the UN should’ve been is warranted.

The Ukrainian military will fold up like an origami dove within days of an invasion. We strengthened Afghanistan too. Look at us go! Like stopping their oil pipeline….. oh too late.

Why Ukraine matters to Russia so muchFor Vladimir Putin , Ukraine is a totally different ball game compared to Baltic states or Central Asian nations. Ukraine shares close historic, cultural and geopolitical links to Moscow

Sanction away, I'm sure it's keeping Putin up at night. Mr Biden. Please don’t disappear like Merrick Garland did. That's all US is good for isn't it, arbitarily sanction whoever it likes? Don't forget Hunter Bidens Ukraine energy payout. Biden withheld funds til DA was fired. Sanctions? Is that the West’s answer to invasion?

But can Brandon remember what to fo? Russia has to be stopped BEFORE they invade. Once they are in there is no getting them out

Russia positions more forces, supply lines as fears rise of potential Ukraine invasion Russia n forces have capabilities in place along the Ukraine border to carry out a swift and immediate invasion, including erecting supply lines such as medical units and fuel that could sustain a drawn-out conflict, two sources tell CNN. check out this hot single I just put out ………AMERICA Do ya really think Pete Buttigieg with a bent wrist is really capable to B president and able to negotiate with this man? If you look at all the facts, Russia is only putting military on the border there as 'war games' in response to US / EU also at same time at border doing their own war games. At least they are on their own land, unlike the US/EU

As warnings fly between U.S. and Russia, how real is the threat of war in Ukraine?So far, tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine have been restricted to a war of words, but could it flare into something more dangerous? LauraKingLAT reports: LauraKingLAT Why has it happened, now, rather than a year ago. Wasn’t the White House sponsoring the loveliest Kumbaya of the last 100 years? Bringing nations together with a passionate plea of friendship? Sleeping at the U.N., ice cream talks, tales that never happened, didn’t help I guess.