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No charges: Justice Department closes case against McCabe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors have declined to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, closing an investigation into whether he lied to federal officials about his involvement in...


BREAKING: Federal prosecutors decline to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, closing an investigation into whether he lied to federal officials about his involvement in a news media disclosure.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors have declined to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, closing an investigation into whether he lied to federal officials about his involvement in...

FILE - In this June 7, 2017, file photo, then FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe listens during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File) WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors have declined to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, closing an investigation into whether he lied to federal officials about his involvement in a news media disclosure, McCabe’s legal team said Friday. The decision resolves a criminal investigation that spanned more than a year and began with a referral from the Justice Department’s inspector general, which said McCabe repeatedly lied about having authorized a subordinate to share information with a newspaper reporter for a 2016 article about an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe’s lawyers said in a statement they were told in a phone call and letter that the case is closed and “no charges will be brought against him based on the facts.” McCabe, a frequent target of attacks from President Donald Trump, has denied that he intentionally misled anyone. He has said his 2018 firing — for what the Justice Department called “lack of candor” — was politically motivated. He sued the Justice Department in August, saying officials had used the inspector general’s conclusions as a pretext to rid the FBI of leaders Trump perceived as biased against him. In a letter on Friday, prosecutors told McCabe’s lawyers that they decided “not to pursue criminal charges against your client” after careful consideration. “Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the government at this time, we consider the matter closed,” said the letter, signed by the chief of the U.S. attorney’s office’s public corruption unit. The decision was revealed at the week of startling tensions between Trump and the Justice Department over the treatment of one of the Republican president’s longtime allies and confidants, Roger Stone. It is likely to further agitate Trump, who has repeatedly and loudly complained that the Justice Department has pursued his former aides and advisers but not prosecuted his perceived political foes. Attorney General William Barr pushed back at Trump in a television interview on Thursday, saying the president’s tweets about ongoing criminal cases are making his job impossible.” The decision to spare McCabe criminal charges eliminates the prospect of a sensational trial that would have refocused public attention on the chaotic months of 2016, when the FBI was entangled in presidential politics through investigations touching both main contenders — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Trump, her Republican opponent. The investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington arose from an October 2016 story in The Wall Street Journal that described internal debates roiling the FBI and the Justice Department weeks before the presidential election about how aggressively the Clinton Foundation should be investigated. The article recounted a particularly tense phone call between McCabe and a senior Justice Department official about the investigation. The inspector general’s report said McCabe repeatedly told internal investigators that he had not authorized anyone at the FBI to speak with the reporter and that he did not know who he did. The report said McCabe ultimately corrected that account and confirmed that he had encouraged the conversation with the reporter to counter a narrative that he thought was false. McCabe has denied any wrongdoing and has said he was distracted by the tumult surrounding the FBI and the White House — one of the interviews took place the same day that former FBI Director FBI James Comey — during the times he was questioned. “During these inquiries, I answered questions truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me,” McCabe has said in a statement. “And when I thought my answers were misunderstood, I contacted investigators to correct them.” McCabe has been a target of Trump’s attacks since even before he was elected, after news emerged in the fall of 2016 that McCabe’s wife had accepted campaign contributions from a political action committee associated with former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe during an unsuccessful run for the state Senate there. AP NEWS Read more: The Associated Press

McCabe is an admitted liar McCabeLied So if I lie to federal officials, then I can walk away a free man, too? TheJusticeDept WebsterGTarpley WAS NOT ZUCKER CNN EMLOYEE MCCABE INDICTED FOR ASSAULT ON HillaryClinton DURING 2016 ELECTION? SethAbramson I am so glad they closed that case. They destroyed the man’s career.

If you’re a Dem=free pass. If you’re Rep=jail time hypocrisy The swamp protects itself again.... How can this man live with himself and where is the media outrage It is clear that he is above the law!!!!! SethAbramson It’s about time Another miscarriage of justice proving the justice system doesn't apply to the Left.

Of course it was closed, Horowitz is still in the hunt. WTH.

Decision to pull Liu's nomination directly linked to her oversight of Stone and McCabe casesPresident Trump's decision to pull the Treasury nomination for former US attorney Jessie Liu was linked to her oversight of the Roger Stone and Andrew McCabe cases ImpeachTrumpAgain Very sad this: 'impeached president and his Republican minions. Trump collects impeachable offenses like i collect weight

BillyBoysDaddy He should get his pension back retroactively. And sue Ah, so the dbl standard becomes even more transparent. Seems like there are a lot of people who Trump has lied about and smeared that should be able to sue him big time after leaving office. They deserve justice! Dems have been crowing about the rule of law. Where are they? The guy lied.

🍌 Republic Wow. They certainly look after their own down there at the DoJ. This is b*******. Things are taking a f$)in turn for the worst JusticeIsDead Roger Stone to get 9 years for the same crime McCabe committed? He's right where he belongs, with lyin' CNN

Justice Department roiled by resignations in Roger Stone caseAfter four prosecutors quit the Roger Stone case, the Justice Department batted back allegations it bent to Trump's will under Atty. Gen. William Barr. Wait until the Spygate arrests start. There are a few still left from that failed coup. No the dems and the media are the hysterical ones

Sounds like a job for a special prosecutor... This is only one set of charges against Him and Comey, remember Slam Dunk cases of sedition and conspiracy to interfere in an election then overturn the election of Donald John Trump. beginning to think Barr is a part of the swamp...also beginning to think you cant trust a damn one of them...

I never thought I would live to see the day an FBI liar would be given a pass while saying Roger Stone lied, raided his house with 30 wannabee agents, terrorized his wife & puppy & say he should die in prison. I hope those who support this are happy when the Feds do this to them! SethAbramson Does anyone else agree that Andrew McCabe should now get his pension?...

I’m shocked. Trump should have cleaned the rat nest out the day he walked in 0-9 The two tier justice system rears its ugly head again. Gee ....if they applied that same standard to Gen Flynn he would have walked too because he was completely innocent even more so than McCabe.Same goes for George Papadoupolous and probably Roger Stone.UNBELIEVABLE.

Decline to charge dose not sound like not guilty

A timeline of the extraordinary turn of events in the Roger Stone caseAll four prosecutors who worked on Roger Stone’s case have now withdrawn after the Justice Department signaled its intention to alter his sentencing recommendation. Get rid of the SOB’s in the White House! Why isn’t he testifying tomorrow? Wtf murftaz A lot of authoritarianism can happen between now and then. Next week is too late. It should be tomorrow.

SethAbramson Aaaand, Barr and his broke-dick Untouchables are now 0 for 3... SethAbramson This will change after Trump tweets about it and Barr overrules. There it is, the fix is in! So thean investigation about whether he lied about his involvement with media disclosure. So perjury about leaking. He’ll be charged with worse.

Now trump will see this and demand a new investigation. But....Qanon said that we were all going to be rounded up and jailed, that McCabe was going to fall and the rest of us would go like dominoes...does this mean that they were full of crap and complete nutters? Huh...🤔 Corrupt Protecting the Corrupt. Justice broken.

The little ankle biter of a dog ( McCabe). They always protect their own no matter what, thats why its called a swamp Time for a full 'reset' revolution

Prosecutors in Stone Case Are Justice Department VeteransThe four federal prosecutors who withdrew from the Roger Stone case this week are all Justice Department veterans who have worked at the upper echelons of the D.C. legal profession. Interesting 🧐 Drain the swamp. justiceForStone Just wondering out loud - are any of them Republicans ?

Whomp whomp, so much for that talking point. GOPCorruptionOverCountry This is insane. They wouldn’t want to chance who would be called as witness Our two tiered justice system is a disgrace. The deep state and it’s media sychophants are alive and well. SethAbramson TOTAL VINDICATION POTUS 'We the People' are tired of this 🐂💩!!! Better make this right...

Is it because he quealed like a pig? SethAbramson I hope his lawsuit is very public. AnemosNaftilos

Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump's tweets 'make it impossible for me to do my job'Attorney General William Barr said President Donald Trump ’s tweets and public comments about the Justice Department and ongoing cases make his job “impossible.” So, resign. Whatever man. 😡Cry me a river. No one believes this. By 'do my job' he means be a snake and keep a low profile, increasing the power of the executive dept from the shadows.

Sad this guy gets a pass while Trump supporters get screwed for less. SethAbramson Calm down. It’s a “tit4tat”. As it should be. SethAbramson Back pay & pension! This is one charge. He's being investigated for many. He WAS referred for indictment for lying to Congress. Celebrate now because it won't last long!

SethAbramson But her emails !!! Hateful Nazi looking mcabe and family need to get out more? Another Democrat belongs in jail gets another free pass If it were a regular person, you would be charged ! Very sad. He lied to Congress. He committed treason. And on and on.

Barr: Trump tweets on cases make it 'impossible' to do jobWASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr took a public swipe at President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying that the president’s tweets about Justice Department prosecutors and cases “make... the media is so easily mislead It is not possible for Barr to defend his 'integrity'. He lost that a long time ago. This is just smoke so that he doesn't see what is in the mirror and how he has disgraced the position of Attorney General. I call BS on this report....He was the AG under George H.W. Bush and didn't have to come back he had a nice life....and Trump has said numerous times he has not interfered with Justice....this is FakeNews

SethAbramson Uh oh. Orange Daddy is NOT going to like this. Please tell these Qanon/Trump supporters conspiracy theories goons SethAbramson Weird so McCabe, Comey, Clinton not going to jail. Must be that pesky thing called evidence. Waiting to see how Hannity and Mr Ingram take this Meanwhile Roger Stone...

SethAbramson Now Mr. McCabe file legal action for the restoration of earned Retirement Benefits. SethAbramson Am so happy for McCabe but sorry for the hell they put him through. Perhaps this was Barr throwing a bone to the DOJ/FBI in order to stave off the internal revolt. I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican. Corruption is corruption and it should be punished to the full extent of the law. When did crime become ok if you're a politician? They're screwing all Americans not just one party. Wake up folks.

SethAbramson Oh hooray. This guy deserves a break. Screw the effing Barr DOJ. SethAbramson Another heartbreaking fail for right wing extremists. Hey, there's always another Benghazi hearing, right? 😅 SethAbramson Wish they could give him his pension!

SethAbramson Trump is going to blow out his shit gasket and begin firing even more people. Some people were paid off SethAbramson The Bill Barf justice dept just wanted to fire a warning shot at any more zealous investigators that might want to look at powerful criminals. Wow. Roger Stone looking at 9 years. Cowards in Washington. Make America sick again.

Well I guess they won I see McCabe getting his pension and then some in the near future. Another Trump admin investigation that turns up nothing. It’s almost like he accuses people he doesn’t like of things they never did. _Politics Figures. DoubleStandards This is why conservatives are outraged! Our side gets locked up for process crimes or impeached for no reason and Democrat Swamp Dwellers skate no matter how egregious their crimes are. This is why the country is so divided - the double standards in our “rule of law.” KAG2020

Just incredible and sad. The United States is lost. I hope everyone is prepared for what will come next. FBI and DOJ protect their own. WE ALREADY KNOW HE LIED WTF Wiw. If I ever commit a crime, I will be sure to tell them I’m a democrat. He did the same thing Roger Stone did. Stone is looking at 9 years McCabe gets a walk. twotierjustice

Mccabe is about the squeakiest clean dude they could find for their retaliation—which backfired. Thank goodness for this true patriot! Love patriots example to what happens to those that are not part of the Washington klan: His 'lie' was the reason they took his pension. Are they going to reinstate it now Fuck45 FuckTrump

Justice has been comprimised, that was the real insurance policy. I'll go with charges for participating in a coup over media leaks. No need to panic, Andy will be indicted.

Disgraceful. It is your tax $$$ paying for all of this 🤔 Time’s up for this system of injustice. DOJ is deep state. This department will not prosecute their own. Pardon stone. Swamp ain’t gonna prosecute its own Really, AP? 'A Trump Target'? RAMRANTS Booooo. 👎🏽 And they know this how. Then the Stone judgement should be reversed and justice will then be equal. Democrats commit same crime and are not charged. How is this fair?

RAMRANTS Don't rejoice too much, it's only that PART of the case. He did lie, they’re just not charging him So when do they give him back his backdated pension? After seeing this disaster, the DOJ should announce that everyone can commit a crime of their choice without any legal consequences..... '...whether he lied to federal officials about his involvement?' Dear appendage of the Democratic Party formerly known as the cooperative, unincorporated news agency, 'The Associated Press.' He admitted lying to the FBI. You're welcome.

Hmmmmmm seems everyone is forgetting that McCabe is taking an immunity deal to protect him from Durham's investigation. Dems never pay for crimes... Stone and Flynn did the exact same thing, and they are looking at jail time. McCabe lied under oath, and nothing... That's fair... This is all bullshit and we the people may just have to give justice a little help!

Closing the investigation on whether he lied? That he lied is indisputable and in the IG report. He blamed other agents for leaking what he leaked. AP is as joke. He admitted to 'misleading ' but not intentionally. Shoo he walks free

Like with Comey it could mean they skate on relative minutiae and are hammered for the more damning charges. Like treason. Uh oh. Ofc not... he s protected. But this is one more gift for Trump campain I'm sure he still has his Lawyers on Retainer. He'll need them. _Politics This isn't right!! Where is the Justice? Corruption at the highest!

They close his investigation? Rodger Stone in jail for life? Double standards anybody This Is WRONG, DOJ!!! mikeandersonsr 🤬

Oh my god. Unbelievable Soft coup participants not held accountable debragarrett Unfortunately it's true, the former Deputy Director of the FBI won't be charged with leaking to the media. AP has however omitted the fact Andy McCabe will likely be charged for his participation in the diabolical plot to frame our President of impeachable crime. (TREASON)

Looks like somebody flipped. Cc: Comey JohnBrennan NatSecLisa And the heads of millions of trumptards explode. No justice!!! TheJusticeDept do you want to further erode public trust in the justice system? Because this is how you do it. I think it's time to start burning down judicial buildings. Deep throat? What or who did he talk about?

Relates to the IG referral.

Blind justice is and has been ....dead. Democrat corruption ALIVE AND WELL! Fire those federal prosecutors for not doing their job. Wow. This is just absolutely amazing. We truly do have JUST as much of a corrupt government as Russia or Cuba. There's literally no difference when it comes to justice! This isn't FISA related...

The Trumper's butthurt is gonna make me feel great today! Two tiered justice Stone gets 9 years McCabe walks free. See two different laws for DNC FBI sucks WTF!!!! More Swamp prosecutors failing to follow the law. But lets give Stone 9 years.... Gotcha! Hmmm But will AG Trump shoot down this ruling and reopen the case? He should, because I’m a Trump loyalist and if the former distressed real estate salesman says something about federal law, it must be right, because I’m dumb, gullible, and an angry white male bigot!

4annegs How sweet. A deep state liar has no consequences.

Because they had no evidence of a crime. 'Cos he cut a deal to testify against Comey? 🤔 justinhendrix Because there was nothing to prosecute. And another waste of tax payer's money 💸💰💸. We're bleeding money to chase all of Trump's conspiracy theories on his haters. _YvonneBurton Just wait...this is not the end. 😏

'Andrew McCabe' Go's Free, I should just become a liberal democrat then I can get away with anything! Corrupt Attorney General. It was a bogus investigation to begin with. Give the man back his pension. Twitter meltdown from 45/3* coming in 3, 2 1... America is indeed a Banana Republic Democrats are corrupt. The swamp protecting themselves.

This only has to do with news media disclosures. This has zero to do with the Durham indictments which will include him. wtf He admitted that he lied 🙄 If he was Trump guy they’d charge his ass, and everyone knows it. Perfect example of duel justice system! If you lying to FBI you go to jail. But if your in the FBI and lie it’s ok .

BS! Well it won’t be long and trump will be tweeting. Trump forgets his tweets made for a very strong case in McCabe getting his full retirement he’d earned. YES Boy, Q is going to be pissed! Rrrrrriiiiiiiicoooooooooo

This is, unfortunately, all too expected where we see this and the same result for the rest of those involved in attempting to take down a dually elected President. We expect appropriate consequences for such heinous acts. WhiteHouse seanhannity RealCandaceO GOP DevinNunes Sitting here waiting for the liberal media to spin this into how Trump is controlling the Justice Department.

OR, McCabe is singing and will be called as a witness against Comey. Hmmm. Equality in America is dead. Oh, this is about the IG referral. Doesn't mean other charges won't be filed.. This is ONLY for whether he lied. Stay tuned! Well, isn’t this interesting...I mean, the timing & all? Barr looked like he was ready to break out in a cold sweat in his interview yesterday. So much damage control for the little Trumpster AG. 🤔

Don't celebrate yet, I haven't heard the fat lady (man) sing! No One is Above the Law! Whaaaaaaat?!?! Travesty of justice!

So, I don't want to hear another liberal crying about Roger Stone. Is the claim that he didn’t lie to federal officials to begin with? Or that he lied, but they are still using their political discretion not to file charges regardless? DT will be in the room shortly. 😂 realDonaldTrump It’s about to get good !

Cue angry tweet from IQ45 realDonaldTrump head just exploded. Unbelievable! Who's really surprised that they all get away with lying ? We have witnessed it for decades. CorruptDOJ _Politics The FIX is always in if you're against Trump. Look at all the rest of the DEEP STATE demons who lied to Congress and are walking free as a bird. Our two-tiered justice system is working well, unless you're a REP. What a joke.

36 hour rule. You people thought Jussie was going to walk as well. We shall see McCabe is going to prison You may think we are nuts, above all we are patient. You will see. Ok now go ahead with the attacks on your fellow Americans. The nation has been sold out. The Republic is done. Lol wait for it.......

Justice LIVEs. Even with the TrumpCrimeFamily in Power. realDonaldTrump Case Closed No need to panic. Game is far from over... This is just too bad. These people should stand before a jury of their peers bUT tHe sWaMP Decline to charge him for lying to investigators. There are other investigations ongoing.

Bigger offenses to fry. Reinstate this man's pension --now. Oh no the Q freaks

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