Nita Lelyveld - Los Angeles Times

The writer of City Beat, stories about moments in the life of Los Angeles.

4/17/2021 4:04:00 PM

From LATimescitybeat: Save the ArcLight Hollywood and its Cinerama Dome — just as they are. No remake required Sign up to get an email alert each time Nita Lelyveld publishes a column:

The writer of City Beat, stories about moments in the life of Los Angeles.

Nita Lelyveld writes City Beat stories about moments in the life of Los Angeles. She was born in New York and grew up around the world, but has now lived in L.A. longer than she’s lived anywhere else. Before joining The Times in 2001, she wrote for the Tuscaloosa News, the Associated Press and the Philadelphia Inquirer, which sent her to L.A. as a national writer in 1997. She went reluctantly, but fell for the place.

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LATimescitybeat It would great to honor this alley's film legacy... and, generally, to activate more of our city's alleys. Alleys in American cities are, all too often, little more than places to store dumpsters and empty mop buckets. In other cities, they feel like magical secret passageways. LATimescitybeat EU TENHO TODO O TEMPO DO MUNDO MAS VOCÊS NÃO! A NATUREZA SÃO VOCÊS, ASSIM COMO VOCÊS ESTÃO EM DEUS ELE ESTA EM MIM E VOCÊS ESTÃO EM DEUS (DEUS É TUDO)O MUNDO VIVE SEM VOCÊS, MAS VOCÊS NÃO VIVEM SEM O MUNDO 'TEREI QUE EXTINGUIR VOCÊS'? EU TENHO PRESSA O MUNDO É MAIS IMPORTANTE

LATimescitybeat The cineramadome can go. The sound is awful, the screen distorts the picture, the seats are uncomfortable and unless you’re tall, you just stare into the head of the person in front of you. Turn it into a Spirit Halloween.