Nikole Hannah-Jones: ‘Independence Day has always been very complex for Black Americans’

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham say it’s time for America to live up to the “mission statement” of July 4th.

7/5/2020 3:28:00 AM

'Black people were not free on Independence Day,' Nikole Hannah-Jones says. 'When the colonists decided that they needed to break off from Britain in order to become free themselves, they held one fifth of the population in bondage.'

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham say it’s time for America to live up to the “mission statement” of July 4th.

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Which society / country around the world did not practice Slavery (of all races)? Better question: which countries abolished slavery? And how long did it take them to do it? And then what happened? all of Europe still practiced Slavery when the Declaration of Independence was written, so what’s your point? should we ban any celebration of ending WWII since Europeans were the ones who started enslaving Africans? maddow Lawrence

Free now? Fighting divisiveness with more divisiveness, because that's going to help everyone to get along... It's been over 150 years since the civil war. African Americans are the freest and most successful on the planet. You should be grateful to be an American. I am a LIFE-LONG Democrat.....BUT I would PREFER KANYE over orange dude as a president any day! KANYE would be LIGHT-YEARS better as a president! CRAY CRAY seems to be the THEME now anyway!

The dems /liberals are a joke . And hair color has also been very complex for Nikole Thanks for the history lesson? Waaa! Is she culturally appropriating red hair. She needs canceled!! and then 500,000 white Union soldiers died to free them. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa get the hell over it. Concentrate on Now. BLACK LIBERALS NEED TO LEAVE AMERICA!!!

I thought blondes were ignorant. 🤔 well I guess that goes for fake red heads too. The level of intelligence of your typical democrat voter 🤡 One step at a time And within one generation of becoming a nation fought its bloodiest war to abolish slavery and hold true to its founding principles. God bless America. The greatest good the world has ever known. 🇺🇸

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NPR Reads The Declaration Of IndependenceOn July 4, America will celebrate 244 years since the continental congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. NPR marks the celebration with what has become a Morning Edition tradition: the annual reading of that document. Well, guessin’ no point in posting my video, recorded days ago! ipaintfree feedme When you put the people that invented a better mop, or know how to profit from sickness and death, in charge of your government, your society will rot and die from the inside out... exhibit A B C & D America’s on Death’s Door. There’s nothing to celebrate. TrumpsAmerica EndTheNightmare

80 artists are writing messages in the skies above U.S. ICE detention centersMessages related to immigration will be written at 10,000 feet by World War II military planes, sky-typed over 80 sites related to the country's network of US ICE detention facilities, immigration courts, and the southern border. This day is a sham for too many in this country. We can’t celebrate FREEDOM until all are free. We can’t celebrate EQUALITY until all are equal. We cannot celebrate the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS until all have that same, equitable opportunity. FvckTheFourth Where are the protest for these kids? It doesn't fit CNNs narrative. Where are the protest for a living wage? Big business who pad CNNs pockets don't want to encourage that. Maybe they could land somewhere else when they are done demanding that we don't enforce our national security.

Velshi: July 4th celebrates American ideals we haven’t achieved.AliVelshi: 'For many African Americans, including those descended from enslaved people, the Fourth of July can be seen as a celebration of a nation that was both born into slavery and that prospered off of it. We have not been absolved of that sin.' AliVelshi I AM OUT. PPP PUTIN. PSYCHOSIS. PARKINSON DISEASE. I RESIGN AliVelshi Omg 😲 black AMERICANS have to be embarrassed by the media and white people who are.making fools.of.THEMSELVES!! Just like MR.JOHNSON SAID ,, SITTING BACK AND LAUGHING !! AliVelshi Someone will pay for those SINS.

‘Independence Day’ Star Bill Pullman Tells Americans to Wear Face Masks in Public (Watch)President Thomas J. Whitmore is urging Americans to wear their face masks in public. Bill Pullman, who played the character in the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day,” gave a public ser… Now there's a decent president. 😷👍🏼 Oh sure, he played the president in a fictional movie years ago so it means more. Yep, I get it. I would have hated being assigned this story.