Africa, Nigerian Army Admits To Having Live Rounds At Lekki Toll Gate, Despite Previous Denials - Cnn

Africa, Nigerian Army Admits To Having Live Rounds At Lekki Toll Gate

Nigerian army admits to having live rounds at Lekki Toll Gate, despite previous denials

Nigerian army admits to having live rounds at Lekki Toll Gate protests, despite previous denials

11/21/2020 10:06:00 PM

Nigerian army admits to having live rounds at Lekki Toll Gate protests, despite previous denials

The Nigerian army admitted on Saturday that soldiers were given both live and blank bullets when they were deployed to protests at Lekki toll gate on October 20. The admission seems to confirm a key finding of a CNN investigation into the shooting.

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Please do the needful and don't listen to our corrupt government, they'll do anything to save their asses. They're guilty of the worse crimes in the world. JemimaOsunde Just see the way CNN reports the news. Very direct without fear or favour MorenikeA_ bakersemporium MorenikeA_ SireTea Swagz2rover whats going on here

These holligans are playing with citizens brain😫😫 they will all see the wrath of God Abiy Ahmed PM of Ethiopia declard genocide over Tigray regional state please say Stop killing Tigrians Bunch of liers nobody is killed in lekki _SirWilliam_ Nigeria Army lost the prestige by allowing politicians to use them! You've been used and you'll face the wrath, the blood of the dead will never let u have peace!

_SirWilliam_ The narrative has not ended. Where did they keep the corpses? They should bring them out for the family to bury while the army as an organization hide themselves in permanent shame and resign... _SirWilliam_ General Taiwo is so unprofessional and illiterate. He is a disgrace to his family, generation and humanity. Still wearing that army uniform shows that he is a Cancer in human form. Who's their parents? Shame on them...

CNN thank you o. cnn go finish una 😂😂🤣 so daft, he should have maintained they only fired blanks, so poor at manipulating. Na you go still confess yourself. Pls wait o, I just read the news saying because of hoodlums they went with live ammunition as well as blanks, as there were real protesters. The question is so they were changing from blanks when real protesters were identified and live when hoodlums were identified

Bunch of killers You better be kidding liars We are getting there by the day... This soldier is so cute chaii LINUS! Those country like America and Europe are the one sponsoring our Nigeria politicians, they give them visa and give room for them to hide stolen money in their country and their children study in their country too, Nigeria is a failed country please banned them

Nonsensical statement, ìgbàyí l’àárò Is grass green? 😏 It was the dumbest thing lying to begin with when the evidence was overwhelming. Thieejhay Naam small small una go dey admit am. Ajatz02 So they couldn't stick to the script again They thought they are dealing with Nigeria Journalist... FUCKING SHAME! LIES UPON LIES AT EVERY GIVING OPPORTUNITY.

The truth will definitely come out Where is Lai Muhammed? He need information to crack down CNN CNN drag them please, the truth will definitely come out Dem go soon soro soke The Lai Mohammed of HQNigerianArmy is General Taiwo Lai Shar07358658 imoleayomichael has been arrested by some Nigeria Army officials in his home at Abuja due to his participation in the EndSARS protests no one know his where about presently cnni amnestyusa AmnestyNigeria help us locate where he was taken too

the international rule never to use the Army to shoot at its own people seems to be more and more forgotten. It is however a dangerous cocktail and provocation to do so. Who ever gave this order must be made accountable and face justice. Or will the people be hunting soldiers? Arinze24 Shame on BBC and their cook up reportage. Happy Sunday Great Minds

JemimaOsunde You can never suppress truth for long. Weldone CNN Where is Mr Liar? They are beginning to realize that they making a fool out of their selves🤭 🇳🇬✊🏿 Let them keep stealing,killing a d lying because in 2023. We will know who owns nigeria. The politicians or we nigerians. voteandbeVOTED. EndSARS realchangeNotAPCorPDP

Follow me It's gradually coming forth✍️ icedshot Nigeria army lied cuz the Lagos state government removed the CCTV at the toll the have that believe that all cameras at the scene has been face off.thank God to CNN for this video.if not the will keep lying.its shameful this administration 🙄 The truth is finally out . Drain the swamp !!!

They are bunch of liars One of the reasons why the people don't trust the govt again We were not there Later, we only went there with blanks bullets Later, we were also there with live ammunitions The truth will definitely come out Dem don dey soro soke small small Thank you o Nign Journalists shld ask Lai Mohammed whether he still stand; *on sanctioning the CNN and *on his denial that the army went to Lekki tollgate with non-live ammunition and fired only blank bullets? The army has climbed down from the high horse to disgracefully admit the obvious?

I just love the truth you spotted out in the caption..... 'Despite previous denial' CNN ya head is there After lying under oath CNN go finish this government, they no sabi waitin dey enter. God bless you at cnn🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 The international community should sanction all those responsible for these crimes against innocent peaceful protesters. If they keep getting away, they'll continue the killing and it will get worst. They need to be held accountable. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

Good job 👍. Now keep doing investigate journalism that u are so good at. Keep exposing the massive corruption in this administration and too many extra judicial killings going on, ethnic & religious cleansing going on. Shine more light on them pls and push for sanctions on them StephenomohX Seems HQNigerianArmy's lies are almost on par with Lie- sorry, LAI Mohammed's.

And guess what? Nothing will happen.. All this panel one thing will end up sweeping the case under the carpet. Mark my word CNN.. Nkogheli 😂😂😂😂 CNN has press play on Nigeria matter Please help me let this go viral Also don't forget to Patronise me 🙏 I Made Good Quality Footwear at the of ₦18,000 (pre-order 7 working days) free delivery within Lagos DM/Whatsapp Message to 07054338486 Nationwide delivery 🚚

and they said they will do it again if anybody protest peacefully again Such Zoology cchukudebelu well done ,keep it up..👏👏👏👏 😂 😂 😂 HQNigerianArmy come and see FAKE NEWS here Eyin werey Big shout out to CNN and oyinbo We are still waiting for inspector Fashola Camcorder evidence Not again🤦‍♀️ ThatSomto Ghen ghen E don happen 👏 All of una go confess las las ni

subomioo I like how they lie and when the truth come out with proof they change mouth and sluggishly admit. The world is watching. Bruhhh this is so going to play well in IntlCrimCourt UKParliament THE WORLD IS WATCHING! EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria Do you think you have what it takes to make a difference in any sector of Nigerian economy? Novel Nigeria Crusaders Initiative (NNCI) is a 'democratic movement' that trains and mentors young Nigerians in preparation for leadership.

True confessions...This is just the beginning!! Dajibawo1 CNN is out for this govt. Hmm... Tobe_Ogw Lemme come and be going 😂 GhostOfEcstasy Here u go.. Fox Breaking News just alerted about a corn dog shortage in Alabama. MrFirekracker The truth will be revealed soon. They cannot escape justice. We been knew. It's the verdict we've been waiting for

WHY is he smiling 😠😠 Please just help forward our case to the International Criminal Court... Because the Justice system in our country is on 'So help us God' Unbelievable... we’re getting there. Well done CNN. What’s the international community doing about it. International criminal court of justice needs to act and people should be held accountable.

Lai Mohammed!!! Where art thou Finally, we are getting to the root cause analysis of the matter. Thanks, CNNAfrica CNNPolitics CNNAfrica for the EXCLUSIVE REPORT. Who was the Lekki who leaked (punny)