NFL will play Black national anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' before each Week 1 game

NFL will play Black national anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' before each Week 1 game

7/3/2020 1:11:00 AM

NFL will play Black national anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' before each Week 1 game

Starting with Texans-Chiefs NFL season opener, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the Black national anthem, will play before every Week 1 kickoff.

the NFL is in the process of solidifying plans to honor victims of systemic racism with a number of in-game programs during opening week of the 2020 season.Starting with the nationally televised regular-season opener between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 10, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also known as the Black national anthem, will be performed before every Week 1 kickoff, before"The Star-Spangled Banner," according to a person familiar with ongoing discussions. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because plans have not yet been finalized and announced by NFL officials.

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Both anthems will be televised Sunday afternoon, and on"Sunday Night Football" and"Monday Night Football" contests as well. ESPN’s"Undefeated" first reported news of these plans. Read more: USA TODAY »

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the NFL has become a national security threat to America. MM arr What about Asian national anthem, Hispanic, middle eastern, pacific islanders? O wait, they don't matter nfl nflcommish Just give Kap a job. Another anthem isn't necessary. imblack NFL dividing white and black by playing a black national anthem then National Anthem. Is there a specific white National Anthem?

Good reason to not watch pro sports number1 F$k NFL, not even a rusted penny from me. Why is it white people don't have an anthem? I will not be watching any NFL games if this goes through We’re not going to watch one single game this season. Done with the NFL You do know this song was called the nergo national hymn when the NAACP sang it, guess this now means they'll cancel 'lift every voice and sing aka the negro hymn'

Week 2 games can we play irish song, or do we hate the Irish. We dgaf and nobody asked for this, let alone Black people. Cui bono? Leave us alone. Are the players going to take a knee during both anthems? Just the “white” one? Asking for a friend. Is it F*ck the police by N. W. A.? What a great idea! y’all completely tone deaf or what?

Ok so if I'm white I listen to the national anthem right? HMMMMso nfl is into racial divide. Interesting! This is a great gesture. What Black Country are you playing in? The national anthem for the USA ISTHE ONLY one there is, Really NFL, how about giving money to organization that help African Americans. They don’t need a song played. Get real with your support

Guess who will not watch a single NFL game? RACISTS so mad at this and an organization is once again taking away from the actual problems and movement here, creating drama and a new discussion to slow down the main movement! A song isn’t a solution, change to the problem is. AbolishThePolice BLM Bring back the XFL! Please!

Just reinforces why I no longer watch or support the nfl. NFL the great dividers. This is wrong at all levels. They are not respecting our flag and our freedom, but are highlighting division and pandering. There will be backlash. There is only one national anthem whether they like it or not. I don't think this is a good thing. I AM NOT BLACK OR where do I fit in. I call my self an AMERICAN...there is only one NATIONAL ANTHEM. Why do we need 2 ?

At least they won;t spit on the flag we fought for! So apartheid will happen Bah Buy NFL. RIP. There is only ONE National Anthem. ONE. This is the Democrats’ second round of their “separate but equal” Jim Crow life. WalkAwayCampaign We are one country with one national anthem. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ew. Why not. I've never been a fan of the current anthem. No one can sing it without screeching. A better song would be 'Amerca the Beautiful'.

Ooh, trump is shitting his diaper WHY REALLY OUR COUNTRY HAS A NAYIONAL ANTHEM👍 THATS ALL WE NEED!!! IT REPRESENTS EVERYONE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 What in the world? Shouldnt I be entitled to my own Anthem? Where are my rights? You see, I'm a first born child of a British mother who came to America. the U.S.A.'s celebration of the defeat of the British, ought to step on my rights, according to you on the Left. proudUSA

When they play the black national anthem we can all stand there with the middle finger salute. Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens and others were badly discriminated but they were patriots, while these overpaid, often worshipped ignoramuses hate and insult this country, thus ruining football for patriotic fans. Many have been arrested so for them police is the enemy.

😳😮 We didn’t ask for this Nothing says equality and inclusion than playing 2 separate anthems. SMFH. Ridiculous and Divisive and Eluding Good luck to ya Why? Cuz that was decided years ago as our nation's national anthem? P-lease....! Our national anthem doesn't depict any race. Bullshit!!!!! Will the new nation of blacks be included in the United Nations and the Olympics?

Every voice is not lifted as long as Kaepernick is still out of work. O will once again remind the public: Those ball-playing dolts stood up for God save the queen. Where's Colin? Did Colin get signed again? Because if not,I already don't watch anymore anyway. How can anyone have a problem with this song? Unless you truly are full of hate.

Hey NFL- GFY Not a single penny spent ever again One Nation Under God Indivissble ... Don’t you need a Nation to have a national anthem? Maybe stop pandering and get some black owners. That would be real change! Bye NFL! Perfomative politics. Until you give Kap his job back , publicly apologize and give him all of his coin, fucc the NFL

I’ve been dying to ask ignorant shitty white folks “how does it feel to you to be a minority?” I never knew there was a black national anthem? WTF. What's the Hispanic or the Asian national anthems? Get Woke, Go Broke NFL. Racist WHAT THE F’ING BACKA$$WARDS HELL IS THIS? We need to get old SleepyJoe and BidenInsultBot on the case.

There is one anthem. If people don't like it, they can GTFO of our country. There is one national anthem , this is dividing America. Not a fan of this BS. oh say can you see, all the lootin goin on, once was a proud city, now burning to the ground, A 'national anthem ' is a song for a nation. Where is the nation known as Black? How many people live in Black? What's the GDP of Black? What is the language of the nation of Black? When was the sovereignty of Black established?

The nfl needs a better song like ' THIS IS THE END OF THE NFL' What a joke Dayum!!! lol, this is getting absurd now There’s only one national anthem. This is ridiculous. We are supposed to be one nation. If they want racism to end, they have to change also. We didn't ask for this. We literally told y'all what we want and y'all keep just making shit up

Key’s little-known third stanza includes these lines: No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. The NFL appropriating a Black anthem so they can continue pretending that systemic racism doesn’t exist is marketing, not change.

We have only have one national anthem. That’s ridiculous. Do we want the Asians, Indians, Mexicans, Italians, Irish, etc to have a separate one too? Promoting terrorism seems to be their main stay these days. Has anybody figured out what the black anthem is Give us justice NFL Kaepernick7 blacknationalanthem nike CocaCola So finally you are admitting all this bullish.t IS about the anthem! This proves it. Your damn lies don’t cut it now. Disgusting America haters! BoycottNFL boycottnike boycottcocacola NFL

Go phucque yurselves. We are ONE NATION, and ONE ANTHEM. Stop dividing us. Nice try nfl ... but they will still kneel for the national anthem .. and I will click it off ... those billionaires and millionaires don’t need me buying their 8 dollar beer 60 dollar parking any way Bye Bye NFL!!! We need one anthem.

All players will be required to stand during it as well. It won’t be long until it replaces the National Anthem. This is a test by the NFL to see how much push back and protest they get from fans. If there is none, you can bet your sweet ass the National Anthem will be the next go! So now there are separate national anthems? If that's the case, maybe everyone should have their own nations.

This ain't defunding the police but ok. Can we focus on the police next? NFL If people don’t like what the NFL is proposing then boycott them for 1 season and your position will be heard loud and clear. Unfortunately this move is brought to you by the money. In America we have choices because we are the land of the free

NFLTwitter N.F.L. Stands.for *No Faith Left*... NFL My Wife *SNAPPED** She Had It... Read the *Real News* if You Can Handle it... NoKneeling Get Off Your Knees! Kneeling is an Act of Worship Reserved for Jesus!....⏬⏬⏬ WokeAF whiteys have to kiss the black players feet before as well? Can whietys drink out of the same water fountain?

Talk about “division”. And do we have any brown, red, yellow and white national anthems that will be sung as well? *knowing that there won’t be a week one It’s an anthem..but not national.. NFL I would bet a thousand dollars that Roger Goodell suggested this. Don't hold it against the young Blacks, they're being taken advantage of. This is yet another trick of the system to make Blacks look bad.

That’s Racist!! What happens when someone takes a knee? Fake/Irrelevant Solution = Play “Black” National Anthem at NFL GAMES Real Solution = Abolish Institutionalized White Supremacy DefundThePolice DefundPolice FundEducation FundHealthcare JoyTaylorTalks How about just starting the game without a fucking song? This country can get so obsessed with the most unimportant details. Introduce the players, line up and run the play. Enough with the bullshit already. We don't need a fucking anthem everytime we play a recreational activity

Play this ⬇️ There is no such thing as a black national anthem. The MSM came up with that term. We have ONE anthem for all citizens. Shame on NFL nflcommish. Go ahead. Americans won’t be watching, anyway. Done with NFL! Well........ If a tree falls in the forest Does anybody hear it DEAD TO ME NFL DEAD TO ME

Not interested. The Black national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner. It’s the anthem of all America. Done NFL. To all Americans who love and respect our Vets & our Country we must join together , send a clear message , and Bankrupt NFL ! So we are now going back into time with segregation? WE JUST WANT YALL TO ABOLISH POLICE

So what about the white national anthem? Anyone know what it is? There's no such thing as a 'Black National anthem'. The very term is racist! There's only one national anthem for the United States of America!! Goodbye NFL ........... I had already decided to give up football, so don’t care. Wrong. The issue is police brutality.

By Bye NFL ! This is BS ! The nfl is dead..... Whites should kneel during the Black Anthem... Stop the performative gestures and channel these efforts towards addressing the real problem. Everyone in the comments is pissed but seems to ignore the fact that the nfl wouldn’t thrive the way it does without black America. I’m glad that they have taken this movement to appreciate us but what they need to do is give Colin Kaepernick his job back.

And I won’t be watching 🙄. Sad... Trump 2020!! *sigh* Ya'll giving us everything but what was requested. Just another reason not to watch professional sports. Anthem privilege. Yes there’s only one anthem NFL this is next level performative. it means nothing. nobody asked for it, and honestly I'm not sure who told you this was a good idea. fire that person.

Had no earthly idea there was a Black national anthem If they do that, then the NFL is racist. I will never watch another game. They’re going to be playing in empty stadiums no one asked for this shit damn Division. Division. Division. The BlackLivesMatter organization is a political sham. Just hire Kaepernick7 back please

JoyTaylorTalks Why though What is this accomplishing ? I think I 'm going to get sick I'm glad I'm done with the 2020's version of the ' No Fun League!' I was a fan of many sports leagues from the mid 60's until this last year, enough is enough! Besides, it's Fishing Season. 'Screw you guys, I'm going fishing!'

huh? so there is a white one? brown one? yellow one and whatever color onr? and how can you be sooooo racists w/o knowing being racists. Boycott NFL Fire RogerGoodell This ain't it. Nobody asked for this There’s only one National Anthem I’ll ever listen too and it has nothing to do with ones skin color... just the color of our hearts-RED, WHITE AND BLUE GoToHellNFL

Soooo NFL is racist. They need to change their name to just 'Football League'---since they no longer represent the nation USA, a bunch of oppressed multimillionaires in tights. NoFansLeft So you all are going to play a song other then our national anthem, got it. I really wish I could burn all our NFL stuff again, we burned it in 2016.

I can barely tolerate the Canadian National Anthem at a hockey game so... No one fucking asked for this. Americans want real change not this symbolic bull shit that Republicans can reeeeee about. NFLboycott well, somebody should write a White National Anthem real quick! And, while we're dividing everybody, let's have a White Caucus in Congress also!

I’m done with the NFL, find something better to go with your time. I want to see how all the people who decided to 'boycott' the NFL in 2017 for the anthem kneeling have to say about them playing 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'. I'm just glad that the anthem protest opinion is now 50% for 50% against instead of 25% for 75% against.

Segregation is a thing again? Sounds like secession to me. This only creates separation and lack of unity which is exactly what they are looking for. I must’ve missed when Colin was signed to a team. Did anyone ask for this? JoyTaylorTalks Wow now we have a black and an American national anthem. And they call us racist. It’s almost comical how racist they have become

Black national anthem? What nation is that? 'the niggers will like this one' Interesting, I didn’t even know there was Black national anthem. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😬 Will they add one in Spanish for Hispanic people too? Playing spot the racist in the replies is a fun game Does anyone remember when sports was about playing a game?

The NFL has gone full virtue signal lmao JoyTaylorTalks So love Sosa right? Just keep on dividing...Same playbook, different century. NFL Way to separate our country even further!!! Not very Smart. Here is a thought, recognize the officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for people they didnt even know! ByeNFL

nflcommish NFL NFLPA NFLPAFmrPlayers Bad idea. There is only one National Anthem-The Star Spangled Banner. Trust me, this will begin your demise! Every voice or just black ones? Serious question. JoyTaylorTalks Really. I didn’t know there was a black anthem. Do the Mexicans have an anthem we should play as well. This is getting really stupid.

One nation, one anthem. This is the beginning of segregation. Read the lyrics of 'Lift Every Voice' The song is about America's struggle to be a free country. ...meanwhile Francis Scott Key, SLAVE OWNER, writes our Anthem 🙄 Why are we worshipping this hypocrit's words? 'Land of the Free' for who? We're better than this America!

I’ll kneel for that one. Sorry, I've never heard of a black national anthem. Is this new or am I just out of touch? JoyTaylorTalks Breaking news anything with a race label in its title is automatically racist. See BET, BLM etc... Stop making everything about race. It matters only as much as we talk about it.

I hate this idea because it’s corporate pandering, but the histrionic reactions from white racists to this story is almost worth it. Patriotic bigots never fail to disappoint. 🤣🤣🤣😭 Kiss the NFL GOODBYE 👋 This is so frickin extra and performative. How is this supposed to help black people? 🤢 JoyTaylorTalks I guess black people aren’t Americans anymore

My national anthem identified as Dixie JoyTaylorTalks 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕NFL Keep it. I will not be watching the NFL this season Hilarious .... I am DONE with the racist nfl - we have ONE national anthem.i hope everybody kneels for the stupid black fake anthem because of all the devastation BLM has caused on our nation. I would-but I won’t be watching because I am sick of the racism.

Segregation sucks bad!!!! JoyTaylorTalks Everyone is overdoing it with these “kind” gestures (damage control)... but what really needs to happen is a systemic overhaul ... policy/law changes AND reparations (in the form of land and money) not these empty pity parties Im done. what happens if I kneel during the BlackNationalAnthem?

I'd think 'Living In America' x James Brown is better suited for the situation How does that UNITE imDoneWithTheSJWFL What if you kneel for that anthem Its ok guys come Nov 4 th this and covid will no longer be an issue. 😂😂😂😂 I've never heard of that song Here lies the NFL! Killed by Pandering and Political Correctness.

I am just here for the ratio. Officially done with the NFL I fought for this? I’m not...just plain dumb. Nothing else to it. I won’t watch one game, if/when they start back. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Join me...boycott the NFL or any other sport that does this. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! DONE!!!

JoyTaylorTalks What in the Sam hell is a black national anthem? This isn't what we're asking for..... Is it a rap song? So we’re going back to segregation Is that what y’all are saying? No knees? Isn't a national anthem for a specific race... well... racist? It's one of the dumbest moves I've heard. See ya, NFL!

JoyTaylorTalks Done with NFL Sad we are pandering to the problem. The black community has to look inwards to find the answer to their failures. The blame game is the real problem. Wasn’t gonna watch anyway All stanzas? Give Colin back the opportunity to sang anthem would sound or reverberate louder.

i hate the performative aspect of this but i certainly enjoy seeing all the racists upset by it Playing the anthem before football, baseball, basketball, hockey & soccer games has become a lazy excuse for patriotism. Standing at attention ... no more proves love of country or gratitude for those who serve than wearing an American flag pin does.

Nobody is going to watching this shit or the NFL anyway!! They should also follow that song with some Snoop Doog, NWA and Dr. Dre. Embarrassing. Watch those rating drop. NFL is dead There is a fuckn black national anthem? Excellent Please just defund the police It’s a “national hymn” not an anthem and no one asked for this, but okay.

JoyTaylorTalks The tide of history is really turning against the racists. Can't wait to read the misspelled comments. Oh say can you see We enslaved each other too Long before you did And we did not care We sold you away and profited like thieves If not for us owning slaves Slavery wouldn't have started anywhere else!!!!!!

We haven't forgotten Kaepernick. ...why? Done ✅ Why now is right time for sports to stop playing the anthem When was the last time you went to a movie and, after the previews, everyone stood to salute the flag? What about “Jeopardy!” tapings? Does the audience belt out the anthem before the shows begin?

JoyTaylorTalks Nothing says racial progress like segregated national anthems. Not watching There is only one national anthem for the United States of America. It does not identify with race, gender, creed, orientation, etc. If the NFL PC goons are going to do this, they will lose my business & interest. This is pathetic!

JoyTaylorTalks That’s definitely not our national anthem. We have several Will they wave a black flag? And who’s gonna take a knee? No no no !!! Who decided this was a “national anthem”? I'll kneel. Nobody asked for this. I think Black people just want police to stop killing them and accountability for those who have murdered

just enough to make people really hate this shit putting my head down and nodding my head. trust me, blk people are laughing at this. when clueless white people go too far. loool Every Black Trump supporter: 'Wuh? You mean there's a Black national anthem?' Sadly we don’t sing it anymore at school. Probably, been more the 10 years. LiftEveryVoiceAndSing

Here come the Karens. I'll be kneeling Let's see if they kneel during black anthem. Why not play both? Martin Luther king is rolling in his grave If they have a black national anthem, where is their nation? National anthem for the US of A is the Star Spangled Banner. Time to burn all black flags and monuments

Excellent. So if we kneel for this garbage is that disrespectful or no? FACT: The 'National Black Anthem, 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' was written by the Johnson Brothers in 1900 to honor Abraham Lincoln on his birthday, February 12th. In 1904, the Johnson Brothers wrote 2 presidential campaign songs for Theodore Roosevelt.

We only have one National Anthem!! All the players will stand during 'lift every voice and sing' and kneel during the American national anthem How much more of a mockery can this wold become Honest question; is everyone supposed to sing along or do they only want the black people to stand and sing it? Also, is it that well known in the black community?

As a singer, as an American...I think it is great. Just as we sang 'God Bless America' after 9/11. Let this unify us and not divide us. Black people didn’t ask for this... this isn’t a “solution” folks have marched throughout the country to achieve. The NFL is wittingly or unwittingly missing the point of BLM movement!

To me that screams division. We are one people in one country. Do other countries have more than one national anthem? We are all Americans! Systemic Annihilation ALLLIVESMATTER I STAND FOR THE BLUE 🇺🇸❤️💙👮‍♂️🐾💙💯 LeslieMarshall Just more pandering. So are they going to stand up for this and kneel for the National Anthem?

I didn't realize there was a nation named BLACK Black national anthem? 🙄 What a total joke. What’s next, a song by 75 cents? When I was a music teacher this is one of the songs I taught my students every Feb. as part of my celebration of Black History month music lessons. Moving and uplifting song. HSAHAHHAHAHA

Is this true? Was there a vote? I’m confused. Will there be other national anthems? Promoting racism is not helping rid the world of racism. Thi$ i$ ab$urd!!!! I love ❤️ that song!!!! Who’s being racist now? Done with NFL. I will be singing along Done with the NFL That’s going to bring everyone together This is why they stopped watching football

I’ll be taking a knee thank you. Going a bit too far. These NFL players are earning fortunes, for chucking a bit of leather around, so they had damn well better be donating huge provable, documented chunks to Black causes. Can we kneel for that one? I’m just here for the white privilege comments. Carry on.......

Total waste of time. I’d like to have everyone sings the same anthem Black national anthem? The NATIONAL Anthem is meant to be played for ALL Americans, Black, White, Brown. Segregationism is wrong period. Shame on the pandering NFL. 1. Most ya’ll don’t even listen to the National Anthem. You’re busy getting a beer, peeing or filling you plate with snacks; 2. Whitney was the only person able to sing our National Anthem without croaking; and 3. Have you even heard “Lift Every Voice & Sing”? It’s beautiful!

I'm out. The Negro National Anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' performed by the spectacular Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Triggered MAGAts coming in 3,2,1 Lets see who stands AND knows the words “The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and real justice” ~Malcolm X

So the no fun league does a 180. What's next no whites allowed No we won’t a full sincere lengthy apology Segregating anthems. Nice. What happens if someone kneels during the black national anthem? Will the people who support kneeling during the country’s national anthem support that? I think we know the answer. It would be HypocrisyFest 2020.

This doesn’t keep liberal/ racist government policies from destroying urban black communities though... if it makes everyone feel good that’s what counts right? MakeAmericaBetter If you don't play a suitable song as an anthem for each ethnic group, is it not a slight against all other minorities? Though others may not be as vocal, why must a wheel have to squeak to be attended to? This nation is a melting pot of diversity, which makes us all special.

I find it interesting how so many people are outraged about what song is played before a sports game. One day of sporting events with a different lead in song isn't going to destroy our nation. You can have it. Most people atmre pretty fed up, with this BS! That there is no NFL season...guess the song will not be heard by general audiences...?

We want the police to stop killing us. 'Black national anthem ' You want a civil war, cause this is how you get a civil war catturd2 do you also kneel at this time or only when honoring our country? talk about racist 🎶🎶DANCE🎶NFL🥁LIZZY🎶DANCE🎶 🥁🎶THAT🥁NFL🎶SONG🎶🎶AGAIN🎶🥁🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🥁🎶🎶🎶DANCE🎶NFL🥁LIZZY🎶DANCE🎶🎶🎶DANCE🎶NFL🥁🎶THAT🥁NFL🎶SONG🎶🎶AGAIN🎶🥁🎶🥁LIZZY🎶DANCE🎶🎶DANCE NFL🎶LIZZY🎶DANCE🎶🎶DANCE🥁GOGO🎶NFL🎶DANCE🎶 🥁🎶THAT🥁NFL🎶SONG🎶🎶AGAIN🎶🥁

Might need to tune in five minutes after kickoff What a crock. It seems like these companies are just trolling racists at this point. We are not and have never asked for any of this. We just want effective police reform, equal justice, and meaningful change. These empty gestures are unnecessary. Stop calling it the Black National Anthem. Ya'll trying to start a race riot. It's for everyone. Lift EVERY Voice And Sing🎶....kabish?

There’s only one national anthem Did the NFL actually APOLOGIZE to Kaepernick7 tho? DoTheRightThing BlackLivesMatter In the year 2028 Can’t wait to kneel through it!!!! That’s the dumbest idea I’ve heard. Let’s just play every anthem for every race in the league. Lol. How does the “black national anthem” help with kids being killed in Chicago?

What There’s a black national anthem?😂😂😂 Who woulda thunk it 🤔🤔 Don’t care, won’t be watching. Bunch of hypocrites🙄🙄 fuck the NFL Take a knee during the anthem for all the white people who have been murdered by blacks. They are trying to pull out all the stops. Someone said it best earlier. They will be selling Kente cloth jerseys next. Why not give Kapernick a fair shot.

There's a Black National Anthem? TCPalm Well peachy keen. What is next? Just black sports leagues? Incoming Stop lying JusticeForVanessaGuillen I didn't know the national anthem was racially exclusive Will NEVER watch an NFL game again. NEVER! Oh trumpy will have a tantrum over that. Bravo NFL. The only thing that will have confused Mahomes the last 2 years on the field will be the Black National Anthem followed by the Cracker National Anthem.

While taking a knee Or to prevent it? I wonder out loud... Oh man. So many “not racists” are going to be so triggered by this “Black national anthem” What the fuck? nfl is going to commit suicide faster than GhislaineMaxwell BoycottNFL realDonaldTrump you mad?

17 Black-Owned Bookstores to Shop From Today and Every DayWhat good is your antiracist reading list if you’re withholding money from the very people you’re attempting to support?

NFL to Reportedly Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 GamesThe NFL is planning to make a huge statement when the season kicks off ... with the league reportedly deciding to play the Black national anthem before every Week 1 game. NFL, The Lost Years, another one I will kneel in support of Police or take my money elsewhere. Not a fan of segregation 🙄 All this performative activism.

Terry Crews slammed for suggesting Black Lives Matter could morph into 'Black Lives Better''I have family of every race, creed and ideology,' Crews tweeted Tuesday morning. 'We must ensure blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into blacklivesbetter.' Needs to think before tweeting. I don't as I'm nobody. He has a wide audience and can be used as a tool of those he disagrees with

Black Stylists Launch the Black Fashion & Beauty Collective | V MagazineTheir main objective is to fix the lack of representation in fashion and beauty.

Jermiah Braswell Wild Arrest Video Shows Cops Pulling NFL WR Out of LakeUPDATE: Jermiah Braswell Wild Arrest Video Shows Cops Pulling NFL WR Out of Lake Drunk drivers need to be outcasted from society. Go live in a forest, scum Racist Ohio coppers He fucked up and ruin his career. It’s sad

Zachary Levi to Star as NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner in ‘American Underdog’ BiopicZachary Levi will star as NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner in “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story.” The film, from Lionsgate and Kingdom Story, is expected to begin produc… This is big news for both my wife and I. Gimme_Da_Lutz How you feel about this? I feel so happy for my man ,I'll be in the front row watching the film zacharylevy