Black National Anthem, Nfl, Roger Goodell, Week 1 Games

Black National Anthem, Nfl

NFL Plans To Have “Black National Anthem” Performed Before Star Spangled Banner At Week 1 Games

The song is considered by many as the Black national anthem and would precede the traditional performance of the Star Spangled Banner, the official US national anthem

7/3/2020 1:58:00 AM

The song is considered by many as the Black national anthem and would precede the traditional performance of the Star Spangled Banner, the official US national anthem

The National Football League plans to have the song Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing performed live or played via a recording before every Week 1 NFL game. The song is considered by many as the Blac…

Star Spangled Banner, the official US national anthem.The report on the plans cited anonymous sources and came fromThe Undefeated,an ESPN offshoot focused on sports, race and culture. The story indicated the NFL is also mulling other ways to recognize victims of alleged police brutality during the upcoming season.

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The plans under consideration include listing the names of violence victims on uniforms through decals affixed to helmets and jerseys, and for the NFL to produce educational programs.Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing first appeared as a poem written by NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson. It was set to music by his brother, John Rosamond Johnson in 1899 and was first dubbed the “Black national anthem” in 1919 by the NAACP. It was viewed as a cry for liberation and affirmation for African American people.

The NFL’s anticipated first game of the coming season arrives Sept. 10, pitting the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs at home against the Houston Texans.The NFL recently revealed plans to increase its social justice financial commitment to $250 million over a 10-year period. The league initially made a $100 million commitment in the throes of player protests during the 2017-2018 seasons. NFL commissioner

has said that the NFL did not handle the player protests in those years correctly.Subscribe toand keep your inbox happy. Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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Way to go, NFL! Nothing like dividing us all!’i guess Black lives are more important than Brown lives, Yellow lives, Red lives and especially Blue lives! You have time for all of those anthems? The only anthem,....... Is no anthem at all. whyhaveit? getonwiththegamesalready Next thing you know, there will be a musical chairs type of anthem. People will dance above their seats, then when a certain anthem plays, and the music stops, then you sit. oneridiculouscountrythisis.

Boycotting NFL for their disrespect to the to our flag country and giving in the racist views in this country ‼️‼️🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 There’s only one National Anthem for All Americans The American Flag is second to none and so is the Star Spangled Banner. Those monuments are our tribute to the thousands who died so our Flag can still fly.

Would it be offensive if I took a knee? Truth be told I wouldn't care if they played it during the football game but out of respect I wouldn't put it before the national anthem because that's our anthem the American anthem. Does not matter if your white,black,ect if you live in America your an American.

And when we stop watching football because of this we will be called racist Stick a fork in it! 'Library of Congress: 'Kum ba yah' is an Black American Spiritual of disputed origin, but known to be sung in the Gullah Culture of the islands off South Carolina and Georgia, with ties to enslaved West Africans'; ...that...or 'Family Affair' by Sly & The Family Stone...

Stupid, this is Segregation. Black people gotta be embarrassed by this bullshit Reminds me of when Farrakhan & Duke got together and planned how to split the country in three between White bigots, Black bigots, and regular people. Now pro sports, once thought a unifier, is segregating. nfl is dead to me.

Where is the black nation this song comes from? Play it before the miss black America contest or on Black History Month or Martin Luther King day but for Gods sake‘s quit fucking with the national anthem at sporting events Disgraceful! What about the Hispanics they seem to be left out? I’m done with the nfl

What--you're going to have blacks standing for their own but kneeling during the actual Anthem, and a lot of white people standing for it but who probably won't stand for the Black anthem--boy, talk about 'unity' who the hells ridiculous idea was this, the Commissioner's probably There is only ONE national anthem. This is yet another attempt at dividing the nation. Goodbye forever NFL. ONENationalAnthem NFLboycott AllLivesMattter UnitedNotDivided

Ratings be like Where’s the WHITE ANTHEM? WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE ONE NATION. UN FUCKING REAL. WHATS NEXT GIVING OUT FOOD STAMPS AT HALFTIME I don’t care what color you are ,there’s only one national anthem , America’s. 🇺🇸I hope you’re also going to put the names of police officers killed also on helmets. I’m done with you entitled A holes .

Nice..... I'm going to KNEEL FOR THERE ANTHEM BLACK ATIONAL ANTHEM Hmm. Will they take a knee? First sung in 1900 at Spellman, in honor of Lincoln! They had their history straight. One gen or less removed from slavery. BLM knows no history. We gave ONE national anthem in the USA, respect it. NFL will be losing alot of fans and money

Also need to play every 1st nation’s anthem, and there were and are many different 1st nation tribes that should be represented. Each tribe different and each one represented by their own anthem. Players be standing kneeling and laying on their bellies for awhile before the game. I won't be watching. NFL NFL Losers AmericaHaters

Sounds like a racist move...hatin on you racist... Unamerican! BULLSHIT !!! WE own the teams,WE buy the tickets---these people must stand and honor OUR national anthem !! Suicide is so sad. RIP NFL Not watching. Done with the NFL. Sick of the politicization. Do we really need these anthems before a game!!!!

Why? We have one county... now we have to play an Asian national anthem? And what about Navaho and Cherokee national anthems? They were here first. This is how you create civil war. Why not just play f-ing football? DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica Stop with all this crap. If you do this, then remove all American Flags from display since you hate America so much.

This right here is racist. What about the other POC in the league?! Here's the actual truth that the FBI gathered from over 1/2 million law enforcement. agencies. For every black killed by a white 2 whites are killed by blacks? For every black assaulted by a white 10 whites are assaulted by blacks. BLACK LIES MATTER

BoycottNFL So do white people kneel for the first song? I'm confused. Which Nation? I don't expect many to understand or even try to understand, most US racial issues are met with an 'If it ain't white it ain't right' mindset. Oh FFS.....where's the brown national anthem? This has gotten way out of control. Y'all ruining everything!!!!!

Will there be a long string of commercials between the 'anthems' so they are segregated Disgusting and Despicable! There is only one national anthem for the United States of America! Just like there is only one God! 🛐✝️🙏 donnabrazile Watch NFL ratings over time. They’ll go up a bit, but soon be in the sewer with CNN, MSNBC and FOX (When Donna Brazile is on air).

I wonder what the reaction would be in the MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE if white players take the knee in protest...hmmmmm. Are they going to play the Asian National Anthem or the Latino National Anthem or the Irish National Anthem THATS SOME RACIST SHIT NFL Bullshit, the NFL died Yeah, that'll bring everyone together.....

And we're through with the NFL as half the country will be. It wasn't the time to be that way. We needed the sport without politics in it. But no. See how they go under in no time. Goodbye to NFL. Reminds you of something out of theonion Why fool around? Just play the 'Internationale'. That's what they really want. Departing fans not of the Marxist persuasion can consider that the recessional for the game - and the NFL.

NFL why isn't ColinKaepernick playing, this brave soul was brought attention to 'America is racist' years ago and the republican Americans heads exploded. Our wealthy sports leagues should have supported him. He was right, now we have riots. riots2020 morningjoe NFlying sick For one week. LMFAO all this bullshit and you guys are satisfied with a song for one....two days. This is why this whole thing is a joke.

I live in the USA not in any country founded by blm. More symbolism nonsense. Either it is or it's not. 'The song is considered by many' What!? TANGIBLES is the name of the game. You're tactics of symbolism will not work anymore. noantiblackracism Hey, I’m Hispanic we have a national anthem too. Why aren’t we playing that one?

I am American. Only got one National Anthem. Sorry. NoMoreNFL Im going on 19 years of Service having served in both operations areas and having lost friend during their service to this nation, I cannot and will not watch any more NFL games! There is one national anthem. There is one flag. This is one nation.

Black National Anthem, how is that National in our country unless we are all black? If nothing changes with the hiring of Black coaches and executives then its all symbolic without substance. We aren't fooled. Bruh. Give Kap a job. Play it 2nd. As usual Many? Do non- blacks take a knee? So will the NFL put the names of EVERY black killed by other blacks?

BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER: “And now for the Black National Anthem would all the Black people please stand” 🎼 🎵 🎶 Thank you. And now for the Star Spangled Banner would all the Crackers please stand.” I'm black, my ONLY national anthem is The Star Spangled Banner. Lets just bring back segregation!! NFL is a racist , fascist organization!! BoycottNFL!!!!! AllLivesMatter NFLsucksass!!

Nooo Nooo. Don’t play any anthems. Another BS Fn smokescreen. This is more divisive and lends to the stoppage of playing the national anthem that’s racist and needs not be played before sports events There is only ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM........... A good drinking game tho is take a 🥃 every time you hear “but if there were a white national anthem”

Why is there a Black National Anthem? I thought we were the United States of America? I guess they broke away and succeeded Not in my living room! Then, sing the 3rd verse of the National Anthem on terrorizing slaves. 'No refuge could save the hireling and slave, From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave'.

Is what happens when you don’t unite together as one country. Country divided cannot stand. Divided we fall. The children will be the ones who lose.!! everyone should kneel Maybe Paul Robeson 🤣😂😂🤣 Can i kneel Boycott week 1 Never heard of it! Do they kneel for that one too? Will it be televised? There’s a lot of money somebody’s making from it if it is and I guarantee it’s not going to the “black community”

Wow, who would have guessed the final evolution of wokeness would be ethnonationalism. Why stop there? What other groups or races have their own national anthem too? If the NFL is truly sincere about being inclusive to everyone, their anthems need to be played as well. Fuck the NFL Do Black Americans like this idea? Doesn’t this just segregate them further. Isn’t this creating and entrenching additional systemic racism by pointing out blacks have to have their own song separate from caucasians, Hispanics, and Asians.

Will they put the names of the black teens murdered by BLM protesters in CHAZ on their helmets? Or just felons that beat up black pregnant women? RIPNFL Everyone is overdoing it with these “kind” gestures (damage control)... but what really needs to happen is a systemic overhaul ... policy/law changes AND reparations (in the form of land and money) not these empty pity parties

Literally one step at a time dividing our country. Now we have a national anthem per race? That's the most disgusting divisive thing I've ever heard. When is the white anthem being played? So blacks Americans are “SEGRATING” themselves? If we are Americans, no matter our color or gender WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

BOYCOTT ALL GAMES... They are ungrateful millionaires forgetting who pays their salary STOP GOING TO THEIR GAMES.... Hit them where it hurts to come back to reality.. And if we Kneel for it? the National Anthem gonna come right behind that? Because...that's a little contradictory if you know the history of WHY we've got a Black National Anthem in the first place.

Let's see if those douchebags kneel now. 🤦🏾‍♂️ So sad to see the NFL siding with Antifa and Marxist BLM elements. Our country is on a slippery slope to the radical left. America, please wake up to this nonsense. BoycottNFL I thought the black national anthem is 24k magic How do black people not realize they are being pushed further down the drain with these new laws & segregations from the rest of soceity? All the while they cheer their own demise? They do know that communist leaders destroy the very people that got em' in power, right?

Ignorance. This is NOT a national anthem. It's segregation again Live on national anthem! Star Spanglr Banner!!!! This is all nice - but quit icing out Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick7 deserves his chance to shine. I have and will advise everyone that has season tickets to return them. I’ve have bought season tickets every year for the last 5 years.

Yaaaaay segregation BLM has divided America and it is run by liberal whites This is a good start, The Black National Anthem! Black people should get season tickets free since they provide 70% of the players. White people should pay but allowed no more than 30% of total tickets. Fans should be black as the players. White people should be segregated in a section at each end zone behind the goal post.

Not going to watch, so I could give a rat’s ass nfl SUCKS. Please boycott the NFL until they stop pandering to the BLM movement and the league represents the ethnic make-up of the country. Currently blacks makeup 70% of players, but only 12.5 of society. Take a knee during the Black National Anthem to show the NFL your disapproval.

Who the hell is driving this clown car? Somehow the NFL always manages to step in it one controversy after another! NO I will not! Stupid. Racist. Where are the other songs for the other races? Oh right... only black live matter. Jali_Cat 2020... NFL Comitted suicide.... Duly noted..... Black national anthem btw

😂😂😂 retards I think we should form an African American Football League & let them play whatever anthem they want , they can kneel during it/dance /chant anti-American slogans! Then we could have an American Football League with Americans who love their country. I know the one I would watch Bullshit !! Play OUR national anthem and stand proudly when it is played. These dam kneelers are lucky to have jobs!!

If true, the NFL is dead to me. It was fun while it lasted. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 They should have played f)(**( the Police by NWA. That's a good song. I would sit if that played. Because we need one anthem for blacks and one for whites. Are there separate bathrooms too? donnabrazile It’s a sad day in America ... more divisionism...we are doomed

our 🇺🇸 national anthem is for ALL PEOPLE! It is my opinion that all other entertainment belongs at half time.💓 there is ONE Anthem & called Star Spangled Banner. Stop cowering like a bunch of pansies. UR disrespecting our soldiers who died for this country. country has gone to shits. soon we won’t be called United States of America instead we’ll be called Un-United Dumasses of America’s.

Hell no! The Nfl should not fly the USA flag donnabrazile '[...] NFL is also mulling other ways to recognize victims of alleged police brutality during [...]' Suggestion for the NFL : Hire back Kaepernick7 That's awesome, because I have always hoped that the NFL would get more involved in politics and social issues - that's what i thought had been missing from every game, ever since I became a football fan.

FUCK THE NFL. Great!!!!!!!👍 Separate but equal? Y'all are high AF. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢 To empty stadiums and low viewership. Good work. everyone boo if they play it Mj’s Thriller? I love that song can’t wait!😍😍 donnabrazile What happens if a white player kneels during this anthem? From their founding of the KKK until now, it's always been Democrats who favor segregation. It's just now, they've gotten creative, by encouraging BLACKS to be the ones to seek to separate themselves from whites.

I’ll Venmo any nfl player 1k if they know any words also I will be taking a knee not for black people but for the Nfl Nothing but pandering BULLSHIT from the NFL! Ahhhh so it’s cool to kneel for right? BOYCOTTNFL The NFL is out of their minds. How can they not see that this is divisive? Buh bye, football. Cowering to the liberal mob ain’t a good look.

nofanleague NFL Boycott the NFL for promoting black supremacy 'By many' Did the NFL bother to find out who these people are? So cave in on everything, if they love making multi millions then they should donate their paychecks to the under privileged. Which game DMX performing live at? So once again this game isn't for the people, only certain leftist lunatics

Is it okay to kneel? NFLSegregation Next up, the tan national anthem, the chinese national anthem! the italian national anthem! the . . . virtue signalling with a solution that solves nothing but creates segregation and hate to eachother Seriously you had to use Cowboy pic a Black Woman of a certain age I never considered it any kind of National Anthem. So I guess I'm not considered one of many...

Has anyone ever heard of this National Anthem before this evening? I mean seriously..even my Black brothers and sisters, have you ever? Nothing like trying to divide us even further. BoycottNFL Soon we will have a Mexican-American anthem and an Asian-American anthem and a.....Does anyone not see how these moves continue to divide Americans by racial groups. It will have a harmful impact on this country.

Do the native Americans next. Can I get a side of pandering, please? forshow boycottNFL This* thursdayvibes EpsteinDidntKillHimself GhislaineMaxwell protests BLM BLACKLIVESMATTER MAGA KAG So do we get two fly-overs ? 1 - F16s piloted by patriotic Air Force pilots 2 - Gulfstreams with crews paid by the poor victimized millionaire black players

Are Blacks going to Kneel? The NFL just committed suicide. RIP nflcommish That's just really... stupid. And it's giving me serious racist vibes. How about one song for all? Or ya know, they could kneel during the national anthem which is sung to UNITE THE NATION, and not low key segregate the races. one lousy week, seriously

There's only ONE USA National Anthem. Even suggesting playing a 'Black National Anthem' is the most RACIST thing NFL can do! NOT UNIFYING! Are you going to play a 'White National Anthem?' How about an 'Asian, Latino, Italian, German, etc. National Anthem?' IDIOTS! This is totally racist. Not one damn person wants unity and this is making it obvious. Divide and conquer right? Good job for making this country come together. Those who support this are the true racists.

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Will they get mad if we sit down during it? They can kneel down to our anthem. Why can’t we sit on theirs. Black national anthem By many do you mean 10 or 100s of thousands? Dixie in Week 2? I mean diversity is our strength I'm told Aldebaran519 So pretty much if anybody who is non-black doesn’t stand is racist? When nobody has even heard of this? And what do you do while it’s playing?

So how is this going to go down. They stand for the BALCK ANTHEM THEN KNEEL FOR THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER? OR WILL PLAYING THE BLACK ANTHEM MAKE ALL BLACKS HAPPY & EVERYONE STANDS. OBAMA NEVER MENTIONED A BLACK ANTHEM OR JUNETEENTH. WHY? So no ther lives anymore but BL because BL are ruling everything SMH and if u donate to the BLM cause it goes to the Democratic Party to a candidate who if he gets in will b 81 and our VP will b taking over as our candidate clearly has memory issues do your research

So its ok to play a whit National Anthem? Its only fair. I don't fucking care! This is 2020 NOT 1920! Why the hell do people want to go freaking backwards? I thought the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supposed to stop this shit Question: Were the racists the ones defending separate white / black water fountains or the ones opposing it? Are the racists the ones defending separate white / black national anthems or the ones opposing it?

lol Anything you want Black people but we can’t give up killing you! That’s how we feel powerful. That’s how we took America and stole you from Africa in the first place, and lie about it. Sorry. It’s a tradition. signed Racist Management Great play this song and let them kneel to it not when the national anthem is playing.

This is can only be 'Lift ev'ry black voice and sing' you racist! The Star Spangled Banner is racist Stay ignorant Twitter accounts like- 0 Following 0 Followers Abundant and all over this platform FLAMING RACISM. Your just going to accept this? Do ya want to bring back segregation? because that’s how you get segregation.

Then I want a White Nat'l. Anthem, and a White Caucus too, since the goal here seems to be to further divide. If just a handful of white players kneel it'll be 🍿 time fo sho. Why don’t they just build another country? fake no ones ever heard of it boycottnfl reduce players salaries and defundnfl not 1$spent

Turn Off! Click DEATH TO THE NFL! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Lol, South Park was right again, except JJ Abrhams isn’t writing it. there is no Black National Anthem. That's bullshit. If we have a White National Anthem you lowlifes would be calling us nazis. So do we play the white national anthem after that? Followed by the Red and Yellow Natl Anthem 👎 Lets come together!!

A Nation divided will fall. I thought this 'jazzy' (not Utah Jazz) rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was the 'Black National Anthem'. Fuck NFL Then maybe they can play it when they DIE! But NFL is digging it's grave....nobody wants to watch NFL...wait and see. LEAVE MY NATIONAL ANTHEM ALONE. STFU NFL!! BoycottNFL CANCELNFL SCREWNFL

Where is KAP’S apology and new contract offer?! That should be DONE ✅ Bullcrap. We’re not white black or Mexican, we’re American. It’s time to start acting like it. Even more segregation ladies and gentlemen So we just gonna re-segregate America now Hey NFL, How about an official televised apology to Kaepernick7 ? Money from a settlement does NOT make up for taking away YEARS of this brave young man’s opportunity to make the most of his athleticism.

Lol oh whatever. Trump supporters: Sadly, I hope the NFL season is cancelled for 2020. Going to back to segregation, led by Democrats, again.

NFL will play Black national anthem 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' before each Week 1 gameStarting with Texans-Chiefs NFL season opener, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the Black national anthem, will play before every Week 1 kickoff. realDonaldTrump you mad? BoycottNFL nfl is going to commit suicide faster than GhislaineMaxwell

NFL to Reportedly Play Black National Anthem Before Week 1 GamesThe NFL is planning to make a huge statement when the season kicks off ... with the league reportedly deciding to play the Black national anthem before every Week 1 game. NFL, The Lost Years, another one I will kneel in support of Police or take my money elsewhere. Not a fan of segregation 🙄 All this performative activism.

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