Brett Favre And Bobby Orr Endorse Trump - Cnnpolitics

Brett Favre And Bobby Orr Endorse Trump - Cnnpolitics

NFL legend Brett Favre and hockey star Bobby Orr endorse Trump

The two men are among some of the most prominent figures in sports to have publicly pledged support for the President.

10/31/2020 12:23:00 AM

NFL great Brett Favre and NHL star Bobby Orr publicly lent their support to President Trump's campaign on Friday, making them among the most prominent figures in sports to do so. Golf icon Jack Nicklaus said on Thursday that he had voted for Trump.

The two men are among some of the most prominent figures in sports to have publicly pledged support for the President.

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Gee bobbyorr, the guy you want as a teammate is suing the “refs” for the outcome he doesn’t like. Perfect teammate. You’re a disappointment. Some teammate. Not quite A listers anymore. We thought BobbyOrr would have learned how to spot a conman after his experience with AllanEagleson. TheresASuckerBornEveryDay

Head trauma for 2 and dementia for the golden rear. 2016-2020 U.S. ex-President: 'I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them, it’s like a magnet ... And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy.” An apologist for Trump. Seriously Bobby Orr? You want a teammate who is gaslighting America? Check the scorecard. 4 percent of the world population, 20 percent of the deaths. More like an unsportsmanlike conduct and a lifetime suspension for No. 45.

Such a shame Not surprising, the racist shits really aren’t that hard to see. Farce was always trash Sigueme en mis redes ♥ Bad Move The fact that Brett donates and supports charities is indisputable. But facing a 8% tax increase on his endorsments could cost him over $560,000 per year. That ain't peanuts folks.

...and this is news because? Always knew Favre was an asshole. All my support to Joe Biden and Kampala Harris. Trump is a criminal, a monster. Of course Who cares! Take a Survey and Get Fortnite Vbucks Now! Enter your information now to get started. CTE is real. Sure this is CNN ? Lost all respect BOOooo!!! Smart

What nfl great he never won a super bowl just another rich loser I would pay to see Trump’s face Nov 4 and find out Biden is well over 300 electoral votes he’ll he might outdo Obama Trump 2020 Garbage attracts unsavory pests? Shocker. Ass hats! Orr: “No leader anywhere signed up with the idea that dealing with a worldwide pandemic would be a part of their mandate”. - it happened to Woodrow Wilson in 1918. Whoops - Trump eliminated the WH Pandemic Office in 2018. Whoops Be more informed next time, Mr. Orr?

Total disappointment. Won’t be able to watch any of them again. There has been a serious devaluing of Bobby Orr memorabilia, particularly in Canada. A full page ad endorsing Vlad's puppet ? And it appears Nicklaus has also crossed over the line, endorsing the dictator wannabe as well. We knew he was a Republican... but a Trumplican ?

Embarassing Very disappointed in Brett Favre! Can’t believe these guys 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Sports-holes. two of them have chronic brain trauma the third has senile dementia Disgusted in both they should have kept their mouths shut Vergognatevi! Quanti dollari vi ha dato? Whoa Bobby Orr I’m grew up in Boston. And Jack But then agian you both played in all white sport that excluded blacks and minorities no wonder you guys Excelled. And Brett what can you say from Jim Crow south

Stupid!!!!!!! Another sign trump wants a rich white MAN society. What’s next for trump to remove all non whites , white women from society. WOULD NOT surprise me one bit. White privileged continue to support an evil conman! When the CTE hits Disappointed with Orr.. Good for them MAGA!!! Gotta try and keep their money lol

Fools They’ve likely had too many concussions playing the sport. Smart they are not. Rich and famous privileged white men...shocker! Why listen to bobby orr he is not a US citizen and he cannot vote. Funny, made his money in the US, but has not become a citizen of this country. Again, as much as I can dislike someone. They are in their rights to support whoever they want. Stop deciding and dividing people. You have the right to vote for whoever you want whether is Biden or Trump

Wtf? Really? Ugh. 👎🏼👎🏼 Used to have respect for these athletes, not any more. People, this is not about policy diffs. We teach our kids there is a basic line dividing right and wrong, morality vs immorality and decency vs indecency. No sane decent person can say Trumpy is on the good side of the line.

Color me surprised that these 2 egg timers are on the Trump Train. Has beens. RichWhiteGuyClub Privileged White Males…go figure. 🤷🏼‍♀️ How much were they paid washed up opinions Check these RICH athletes taxes. Do they cheat like Trump and that’s why they like him? 😐😐😐😐😐 Rich, white guys lend support to racist president. Surprising.

Wow rich old white guys, what a surprise 🙄 Who cares what these idiots have to say. Millionaires love trump cuz he keep thempockets fat🖕🏼 If you are worried about long lines on Election Day, set your alarm early and be there 15 minutes before the polls open. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes. Share with all your smart friends who will vote an informed ballot!

You two make my sick. Idiots! Those who voted for Trump tolerates racism in this country allows the divisive president to destroy the fundamental fabric of this country. I had high regard for Jack and Brett before but not anymore. At this point, I don’t care. I voted early and I’m drowning out these little tidbits and campaign ads and even the evening news. I’m much happier and healthier for it.

Sooo they’re aok with TrumpTaxFraud, got it. Because they love those tax cuts for the wealthy and are afraid they will be paying more of a fair share with Biden. They support children in cages torn from their parents BobbyOrr BrettFavre ASSHOLES Never liked them. Go Cowboys. Springsteen supports Biden, unless you dig up Elvis you ain’t topping that 😂

Of course, rich white male republicans who’ve done well under his watch! Scumbags to want him re-elected! All I will remember about these has-beens is that they are tRumP supporters. Delete. Didn’t realize Canadian Orr had gone to the dark side. Perhaps too many pucks to the head. VOTE BLUE PEOPLE. Dump trump and the republicans. These guys benefited from trump's tax cuts for the wealthy. Of course they support him. They care nothing about character or honesty. Just money.

Now they can crawl under a rock where they belong. Rich reality TV stars. Of course they love trump. We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around

1. I’m always amazed that ppl who did truly great things in their careers can be taken in by a silver spoon huckster. 2. Why are you treating these like news stories? They’re just endorsements. They will pay the price for exposing their ignorance Am How does it feel CNN to watch the support and love for president Trump even with all your hating divisive speech you've tried for four years to denigrate this president and he is going to triumph and give this country four more years of service that will lead us to prosperity

Fuck 'em. You know what Trump’s character is and now you know that these 3 people have declared that Trump most closely represents the America that they want. More than 200 retired generals, admirals endorse Biden, including some who served under Trump Nearly 500 National Security Experts Endorse Biden For President

Rich athletes like tax cuts, I don’t know why we’re surprised by this Farve, Orr & Nicklaus will go to hell. Losers fuckthem NFL left them 🧽 brains in older life to support the Dumb One Good for them!!!🇨🇦 Oh Farve .... how disappointing ... Farvre is a creep. Nicklaus is a clown. And Bobby Orr just ruined his legacy for all time.

See a pattern? Whooptidoo. The endorsements of two hasbeens. Sad Rich white racists! I guess they follow each other. Their net worth should’ve just took a dive ! Awesome! Knew I liked him! Brett Farve doesn’t even know what Fucken day is 4 will never be seen in the same way. You really have made Canada question what you truly stand for. BobbyOrr4HOF

Is JerryRice voting for Trump too.. otherwise those copper fit commercials could end in a fight. I think Jerry would wipe his ass. They suck! Old washed white guys. So what? Nobody cares who they support. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️✊🏾✊🏿 How these former athletes can endorse a guy who’s trying to kick millions of Americans off healthcare , withholds stimulus package till after the election and is supported by terrorists groups domestic and abroad, I will never understand , Bobby Orr was my hero not anymore

They're smart! trump2020 WTF?!?!? First of all , both of you are off my top 10 list in your respective sport , Second , Bobby you took too many pucks to the head , And Brett , too many helmet to helmet hits . You two need to wake up . And the heroes just grow old. Forgetting their youth and what is important in life.

Is anyone surprised really surprised at this Sadly... I have just lost all respect for Bobby Orr. Too many concussions Wow too bad. No one said athletes were smart Losers Bobby's a great guy and glad to see him supporting President Trump Gross I heard Arnold Palmer voted for Biden 😅 Lots of lib name callers on this feed. I think conservatives, rich or poor, have had enough. Its about time they are speaking up.

So disappointed in Bobby Orr that he would vote for such an awful human being as president. I thought he was better than that. Rich white male sexual criminals whaaaaaat a shock Vomit 🤮 Money over people. Self interest vs the USA Prominent? to mention why they might support a bankrupt loser for President? Oh don't worry, we've been doing your jobs for years now. Sit back Politics we'll show how it's done.

Heroes Seems as if support for Trump is contingent on which tax bracket one falls. People will sell their souls for that “mean green.” Rich old white men, who gives a fuck. Angry old white guys support racist. Story at 11. Bobby orr what the hell happened to you.too many elbows to the head now taking their toll.i used to really like you but now that is gone no resoect😕

At least we are knowing who the white supremacist and racist are, disappointing though. Its amazing these people with their heads in the sand ignoring his racism and his crimes and the dead he's responsible for. Well, Orr and Favre both have suffered severe head injuries. I wouldn’t put much credence in their choices, even on what’s for dinner 🙄

Hard to imagine how these sports icons can share the same ignorant beliefs as Such an ignoramus. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 It’s better to keep the complicit with racism and corruption in the light than the shadows. Two old white rich guys, voting T just so they can hold onto their money im shocked..... not. BidenHarris2020

TBI. 🤕 Of course they did. Part of the old boys club. Big surprise. Washed up hockey & football players are the best he can do... Privileged white male I lost respect for Brett when he couldn't retire . Now he just go back to endorsing copper fit. It doesn't do anything either. whineylittlebitch RacistInChief delusionaldonny MAGAt MassMurderer

These men are truly successful. They know success and what it takes to be a champion. They are not corrupt, not welfare bums, and not looters. Old white men with money Old, dumb, white men. That's the Trump demographic. Two has-beens. Fuck ‘em both. Who cares I can appreciate the 3 icons' contributions to their sports. But publicly endorsing Trump....they are part of the problem!

Now we know why Mary dumped Favre for Ben Stiller. wow that’s sad. More out of touch old white men of privilege Notice a pattern ? Rich , rich , wealthy ... liberal bigots. Watch The Black votes go Vote REPUBLICAN in 2020....... As liberal keep using minorities for Political gain its 100% sickening. is a disgrace to any real Journalism. It is a FREE COUNTRY stop shaming people for having different opinions.

Just went from heroes to BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS! Trump, lies, he's corrupt to the core, he's admitted sexualy assaulting women, he disparages our military heroes & those who's made the ultimate sacrifice. What moral values has Trump exhibited, that Bret farve & Or would want for their own children have? Please explain the vote

Do we really need to hear about who every celebrity is endorsing and why do we care? Can’t we all make up our own mind or are we sheep? None of them are relevant.. Who cares! All three are under educated white men...that’s Trumps demographic. Plus they like the tax cuts and juiced stock market. Who cares. I saw hundreds and hundreds of people standing in line.

Who gives a FCUK Good trump is good Rich people endorsing a clown to make them richer. Imagine that Everyone has the right to their opinion! I understand that TRUMP'S fuck the needy & poor approach! Might be appealing to those that want to save their tax dollars by NOT BEING SUPPORTIVE of social programs! To keep their taxes lower! Trump will RUIN THE WORLD THAT'S WHAT HE DOES!

Doesn’t change my vote. Don’t rely on celebrities to make your choice at the ballot box. remember they are all millionaires!! FrankDangelo23 Very disappointing Woo hoo! Trump will pick up some undecided old white guys. 🙄🤔😉 Anybody remember the convention? Herschel Walker is widely considered the greatest college football player of all-time. But oh yeah, he's black, so CNN thinks he doesn't matter.

Old rich white guys. Being good in sports does not make one a good or smart person. They’re Russian Agents too!!!! Fuck them. Has beens..... Goodbye gentlemen. Bobby was swindled by a smooth talking conman when he was young for millions (Eagleson) and so heart wrenching to know he hasn’t grown / matured to recognize another Hope he stays alive long enough to see Don the orange con in jail for tax evasion

Here comes the cancel warriors Too bad that ORR is Canadian Real men that get it !!! Not some puppets trying to make a name and expand their brand in the swamp Nicklaus and Orr played in a bubble with mainly white players. Surprise that Farve support a racist prez because one would assume he has many black teammates/friends and knows their plight. But again, he’s from the deep south.

this has to be set up against trump on these social media platforms, it’s crazy how trump supporters are silenced and anyone who doesn’t support china biden gets attacked and the most awful things are said and twitter does absolutely nothing about that FAKENEWS Brett and Bobby eh? A perfect advert for the link between contact sports and long term brain injury Jack Nicklaus on the other hand received $20mil from Trump for Jack's cause which goes to prove that you can actually buy votes with taxpayer money

Guess they don’t want to pay taxes either!! Rich white men that don’t want to pay taxes and they know Donnie protects them. As long as Favre can keep sending dic pics he doesn’t care. He already scam over a million dollars that he has to answer to. 🤐🤐🤐 Who cares! Let's not forget that brett sent unsolicited dick pick to some cheerleader back in the day, he is same as trump and they both have small dicks.

so disappointing... No surprise They ignore the chaos America has experienced with Trump Effing idiots. Parry Sound tearing down orr signs, no longer welcome. Smart men! Hasbeens supporting a soon to be hasbeen It’s settled; Nick Lidstrom is the best defenseman ever. $$$$$ More rich people for Trump. Of course.

That's so sad I notice they’re all white. They don't want to pay those rich guy taxes. MillionaireWelfare seems to appeal to these overpaid jocks. Maybe they want to keep their farm subsidies! Idiots Hmmm - all old white men with money. Such a shock! Money talks and trumps bullshit walks. So you put money before people. thank you

Rich people not wanting higher taxes. It's coming. It's your turn to pay your fate share! Amazing that they think it’s alright to vote for a liar and a con man but what about their country Let me break it down Orr is a nice guy he just not very smart or savvy, Nicklaus comes from a world where white men are superior and Favre is just a dick.

All these right wing racist rich white assholes don’t add up to one LeBron James. Lol shocking Meanwhile check the list of Biden supporters. Heck, just check the ones that are republicans. Too many concussions for Favre and Orr. Nicklaus is just being stupid. I never kept Farve in high regard. Then you have Herschel Walker who may have had too many hits in the head.

Very rich men bending the knee to evil king in Westeros/Washington! Welll duh they’re rich. Trump supports the rich and 1%. I’m not shocked at all the rappers and icons voting for him. In their eyes trump will allow them to keep more money. If you’re a little guy or poor Trump could care less about you

Wow, Brett Favre? I was on the fence before but now I know who I’m voting for. TOO MANY HITS TO THEIR HEADS APPARENTLY. Are you f%?ing kidding me. I thought these two had a modicum level of intelligence. How anyone with any brains could support this tool? WE will no longer support anything that is linked in any way to Trump or anyone that supports him. Unbelievable!!!!!

The greats have common sense. They are patriotic instead of people like KingJames that hate our country. Like millions of others. Who the hell cares? My vote is just as important theirs. And if I need to brag about it, so be it. download Two idiots. Then they are stand with a racist, a sexual predator, a kidnapper and covid denier.

More DListersForTrump Like we needed more proof that repeated shots to the head cause brain damage White Douchebags. I can guarantee you 3,500 USD as profit, just with the investment of 300 USD without sending money to anyone, and with the aid of my trading software system that brings forth good trading signals, inbox me for more info.📈

More old white men vote for what? Why is this news? Who gives a fuck who endorses who . You the person has to decide for yourself who you want The Brett Fabre thing isn’t surprising. Southern boy who cheated on his wife. I’ll never watch “Something About Mary” again! Oh man Bobby Orr shame shame. I guess they don’t want to pay their share of taxes. That’s more important to them

Trump doesn't like the NFL.... Who? Idiots They have the right to vote and support whom they want. I couldn't understand how many people supported Hitler either. I can see more now of the why and how it all happened. Hitler degraded news reporters and papers also. Why? again rich old white men... Nicklaus is shocking since he says he believes in integrity... and there is nothing that associates trump with integrity.

I used to like you. So what Because they don't kneel for our flag. IRS debtors Used to be a super fan of both of them, now they are dead to me! Has beens! Used to be a fan of Fauve up until he clinched in the playoffs ( several times ) After winning 2 big ones, he was never able to win any big ones again. Kinda like here. He backs DT, the looser.

The image of Trump with his fat a** on skates makes me laugh! He can’t even walk down a ramp without help! Thank goodness speaking up for Trump why would you vot for Bide and Harris ruin American economy 3 athletes that now can go screw themselves Oh you mean the guy that took pictures of his dick and sent them to waitresses.

Both Orr and Fabre have been playing without helmets for too long. Too many shots to the head. Breaking News: washed up, dick pic sending Mississippi redneck supports Donald Trump They were hit in the head ALOT. ~~~ well.. we have always known white men -- especially those with $$$ will ALWAYS be protected. geez, shocking news....

🤮 Goes to show you. You can be brilliant in one facet of life and be a complete idiot in another. 2 more added to douchebag list This makes me sad..... Of course , they ole asf and ignorant This is the result of one too many hits to the head. Same Brett Favre that took money from families that needed it? Old, white men. No need to say anything else.

Just goes to show you that their money matters more than a person’s ethics, moral character, and our American democracy. Why. Do. We. Care.🙄 Obviously too many concussions and they love to garb pu**y. Disgusting fake macho men. It’s all about taxes... nothing more. I don't get it. Why are there so many people who still support Trump? Why do they want their children to grow up and be like him? Are they like the germans who turned a blind eye to the nazis or do they actually agree with child abuse like locking kids in cages?

What a disappointment! Oh, that’s so sad. Sure there are racists folks in the sports industry I'm not surprised Ok , first Bobby Orr was a HOF hockey player with god knows how many pucks to the head. Brett Favre is from Mississippi ( I think) . Way too many hits to the head..... Good. In America, we all get 1 vote and we all get to choose who we support.

Too many blows to the head, I guess. Either that, or they are just too rich to care what happens to the rest of us measly little tax-paying, hard-working citizens. Too many head shots playing sports? Dummies Can Canadians vote in US elections? Who cares!! They were promised golf courses too? Shameful corrupt ppl

Any bet Trump campaigners called them up and asked them to broadcast their support. I am sure with the way everyone in Wisconsin loves Brett (including me) they hoped it would change people’s minds to vote for Trump. Not happening. TrumpDeathToll231K TrumpVirus TrumpKnewAndDidNothing VeteransAgainstTrump must be nice to be rich sucking up to the Orange One total losers there is no BLM or Equality under Fascism under TrumpCrimeFamily ProjectLincoln MeidasTouch BrettFavre GeorgeTakei gtconway3d

And who are they again? It shows what type of people they are. There is nothing else that I need to know. VoteBidenHarris2020 Head injuries in professional sports are a severe problem folks Let the shunning commence! 😞 ❤️Bitcoin! Stocks are getting destroyed, but Bitcoin rises. The US Treasury printed far too much money in 2020 causing an inevitable dollar inflation. Bitcoin, land and gold are the only safety against that. Land is expensive. Gold price barely moves. But, Bitcoin is a rocket!🚀

They played sports. They didn't heal a rocket...or conduct an experiment. We'll leave the serious stuff up to smart people... has-beens for the have no mores. Is there anyone in sports younger than 50 endorsing him. That’s active ? And all the losers call them names because they can’t believe they support trump.

Well Everyone have a right to chose whom they want to run the country for the next 4 years. Someone who want to get it done vs someone who goes around in circles and get nothing done It's the freedom of choice As simple as that ORR - 'I want my grandchildren to know the America I know, a place of patriotism and opportunity.' yes Bobby, you want them to grown up, in a place so divided, so racist, look up to a corrupt administration, calls for governors and opponents to be killed, and a liar for a pres

Brett’s a good ‘ol boy from rural Mississippi. What do you expect? I can’t quite put my finger on what they all have in common, can someone help me? CNNsucks Lots of people on this thread are racially obsessed. Interesting that the left always accuses the right of being racist. We are removing Brett from our Packer game room. You are dead to me

They all have two things in common: they’re all has-beens who don’t have to worry about cancelled endorsements, and they’re racist. You support Trump, you are racist Good for them. Low hanging fruit Wow, Trump sure is pulling in the has been endorsements Sooo. Who cares Head injuries from sport perhaps? Rich white dudes support dude who lowered their taxes regardless of said dude being a racists totalitarian.

How is Orr thinking... Racist people found You guys should be ashamed of supporting this low IQ individual Well, I'm done with Favre, Orr, and Jack. Idiots So Bobby Orr isn’t dead? One more reason not to like Brett Favre They should’ve stood up on their legacies and sat this one out. Sad. To be fair, they’ve both been hit a lot on the head. 🤪

Brett Favre Endorses Donald Trump After Town Hall QuestionBrett Favre has something in common with Lil Wayne and Jack Nicklaus -- they're all official on the Trump Train. dick pics Mary was right about him!!! Has nothing to do with him asking a question. He probably knew who he was supporting all along.

Brett Kavanaugh Forced To Correct Supreme Court Opinion After Vermont Calls Out False InfoThe justice claimed Vermont hadn’t changed its rules around mail-in voting when it actually had. thanks Did he use a pencil so he could erase it? Jesus tap dancing Christ, what a fucking clown

Opinion | Why Brett Kavanaugh Is Right About Wisconsin’s Ballot DeadlineOpinion: It was the district court that overstepped its bounds and interfered in Wisconsin’s election, not Kavanaugh, who voted simply to restore the status quo prior to this judicial intervention Have you read the Slate article? From the editor of National Review. Might as well be written by PJ or Squi. My gut tells me it has something to do with beer.

NFL Star Melvin Gordon Apologizes For DUI Arrest, 'I Am Sorry'Melvin Gordon issued an apology to his Broncos teammates and the entire city of Denver for his DUI arrest earlier this month ... saying straight-up, 'I am sorry.' He can’t afford a DD or an Uber You should be! 8 million dollars a year this moron makes, HIRE A GODDAMN DRIVER. My 32 year old nephew was killed by a drunk/drugged driver 3 weeks ago. The killer had his license previously suspended for 7 months and did it again. Had to have a fatality to stop. Have Melvin clean up the body parts of a DUI murder and maybe he’ll remember.

These NFL owners have donated to Joe Biden and DemocratsNFL owners have donated $5 million to the Republicans over the last four years, compared to donations of just under $900,000 towards Democratic causes. Oh yeah!? 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃⏳🍻🆒🥶 Who cares? This is so dumb.

Coronavirus updates: Clemson's Trevor Lawrence, likely NFL top pick, tests positiveSpeaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Trump administration's pandemic response: 'It's sinful! It's sinful that we have not addressed protecting the lives of the American people.' Then why does she want to bail out bankrupt local governments? What about the people? How can this be a close Race with over 250,000 Americans Dead! Vote Blue and Save Americans and our Democracy !!! The actual mortality rate of the CCP virus is lower than the annual mortality rate of the common flu. At the same time the mortality rate for the common flu has dropped by 98%. You idiots have forfeited your basic human rights over something that happens every year