Newsom ramps up Trump criticism, calls church episode 'shameful political theater'

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Trump engaged in 'shameful political theater' when he cleared a group of protesters for a photo-op at a Washington DC church

While visiting Stockton, the Democratic governor also acknowledged the likelihood of increased spread of the disease due to the recent protests. He expressed particular concern for African Americans, who have been disproportionately affected by the disease.

“If you’re not [concerned], you’re not paying attention to the epidemiology, to the virulence of this disease, its spread. And I’m particularly concerned, as everyone should be, about spread within our diverse communities,” he said. African American residents, who make up 6 percent of California's population,Newsom noted the state's positivity rate has held steady at around 4.5 percent, but said the state should prepare for a potential surge.

“I imagine as we reopen and through the process of the mixing that’s come from the protests, we’ll start to see that case rate begin to increase and we need to begin to prepare for that,” Newsom said. He said such preparation involves making sure there are enough hospital beds and alternative care sites, protective equipment, testing and follow-up contact tracing.


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And that is why BLM is the new address. Trump was showing his disagreement with the concept, so we will print on his brain.

He needs to clean up his own state's problems. There are many.

Doesn’t “shameful political theater” pretty much sum up his entire presidency?

What's up with the lazy reporters not staying current with updates. It was the Park Service, responding to 'protestors' throwing stuff at them, minutes before having to enforce the mayor's curfew. Doesn't help Newsome to give him such bad info.

It was Epic Political Theater

He was very quiet on the Gov call. By quiet I mean he took the opportunity to not say a damm think

Newsom's entire political career has been a shameful, incompetent, self serving photo op of the theater of the absurd, ignorant, uninformed, semiliterate distortion of reality and sanity. PoliticalTheology

We support trump. We don’t burn churches in this country

GavinNewsom talking about realDonaldTrump doesn't change his failure in addressing the endemic homelessness in LA, not the high taxes not the riots & looting. he's a failure

He should have let the protesters get to him right? Democrat stupidity.

Trump really must love church. LOL. Did he go to church often in NYC? What religion is he, even?

Newsom engaged in shameful political theater by putting California on the economy-destroying statewide lockdown, using Corona-Con 2020 as his excuse. See how fast Riot-Con 2020 replaced the other big lie?

You've destroyed your state, broken every federal law you can get away with, wasted taxpayer money, ignored homeless in favor of illegals, and locked down citizens for months. You pander to the lefty elites and that, gov'ner, is shameful.

he learn Photo-op tricks and using religion as final card, from his Indian friend Modi and Israeli friend Netanyahoo..

That was the Secret Service. Shame on them for doing their jobs. Newsom needs to clean up his state and stop trying to deflect attention away from himself. I see what he is doing.

Rich white privileged governer pretending he gives a ^%!$ is shameful political theatre

It was awesome. Hope he goes all the way...

Well at least all the Rats have come out to bare their truths for the voters to see.

What isn’t political threatre?

The black eye club.

Donald Trump through both deception and chaos has turned the Democratic party into a psychological mess. The Democrats once the party of morals and righteousness have descended to a level of anger and name calling. As the puppet master he controls there minds

Truly ‘shameful political theater’ is what you engage in daily while 100,000+ homeless drug addicts poop all over the streets of SF and LA. GavinNewsom

He loves the phrase political theater like he never engages in it . I wonder how he hurt his eye ?

Unfortunately- he doesn’t care and it actually fires up his base

I actually loved seeing it!

I guess you missed AG Barr's Press Conference--Stop the FAKE NEWS. Listen for yourself. NEVER trust a Democrat or the Press when you can go to original sources. Long--But you will get the full information

social media team - you folks need to get on top of the BOTS filling your comments. you can block/report these accounts.

...doesn’t this guy have anything important to say other than throwing irelevant sh*t?

This political theater is sadly further discrediting and diminishing any chance of establishing trust with people. Democracy may not be fast as we would like. Fine. But if we cannot even depend on a slow democracy at the very least, how can we move forward.

We now need our nation to be a better place to raise our families in. Unfortunately, neither the coming election nor our politicians will likely be able to provide that. We, however, the vast, quiet, thoughtful majority can do that ourselves, without gov’t and without Big Money..

And what about when you allow counties to rip children from good mothers with no crimes or evidence, and then the counties KEEP their children? That's ok?

Ummm who wants to tell Gavin?

RecallNewsom Here are some lovely photos of your fine State of California, Fix IT or STHU.

If we enact a non-generalizing approach to each other then the bigger social, systematic change that is needed will come. It must first happen on an individual level, because if it doesn’t then the bigger social changes cannot and will not happen either. RT racismisgeneralizing

I'm so glad he graced us with his opinion from all the way over there in hollywood.

GavinNewsom how’s that mask buy going?

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