Newsmax Airs Whole Segment Attacking Biden's Senior Dog, Champ

A host on the pro-Trump network said the 12-year-old canine looked like a 'junkyard' dog.

2/20/2021 8:05:00 PM

A host on the pro-Trump network said the 12-year-old canine looked like a 'junkyard' dog.

A host on the pro-Trump network said the 12-year-old canine looked like a 'junkyard' dog.

’s aging German Shepherd, Champ.“Did you see the dog? I want to show you something I noticed,” began self-proclaimed dog lover Greg Kelly, who has previously used his show to push conspiracy theories aboutPresident Donald Trump’s election loss.Kelly then showed a photograph of the 12-year-old, slightly graying Champ lying in what appears to be the Oval Office.

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“That dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care,” he stated, without evidence. Read more: HuffPost »

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Such jerks Don’t quote Fox News!!! That’s not even Champ, the coloring is wrong. Is GK that racist that all dogs look alike to him? Only an idiot who does not have one will say those things. Junk yard dog or not, it’s still mans best friend Here’s 3 flee bags for ya. I wonder whether the host has ever been to a junk yard? Has he/she ever seen a junkyard dog? What does a junkyard dog looks like I've had 2 german shepherds, and they were beautiful.

How dare anyone say he’s a junkyard dog... they should look in the mirror to see the MONSTER IN THE MIRROR... you disgusting excuse of a human... He was a rescue dog. Too bad nobody will rescue you News what? News guy looks more like a junkyard dog🤮 You know everything is better when Newsmax has to reach so hard they attack the way a dog looks.

Too sophomoric an attitude from this man. Can't even read his petty little diatribe. The Biden's dog. God in heaven...just unbelievable. Usually skip past Republican news but really loved my dogs and the photo of the dog drew me in. Get around him so he can bite your ASS!! Imagine going after a dog - life’s gotten so bad, we’re now attacking a President’s dog. Let animal lovers unite - let’s put an end to this absolute stupidity

Must be desperate to find something awful to say. What type of person mocks an 84yo 'in-dog-years' old dog? 👊🏾😕 Champ is a good doggie & the rest of these clowns can go to hell. 🖕🏾😠 That's the best that network can come up with. Pretty sad. Yes he said that The Dog of the President of the United States it should groomed, bathed and clean Is it sleepy Joe or just Lazy Joe

Dude is a jerk who may need to be monitored by animal rights advocates. Can we make sure this network NEVER receives any PET advertising!! Let’s hit them where it hurts! They’re picking on the dog I guess they’re desperate for news stories! Could these people be any bigger assholes if they tried? And he wonders why 60 Minutes hasn’t offered him a job yet.

Wow, resorting to calling a dog names... that’s all they’ve got? All that is going on in the world and THIS is what they report on? 🤦‍♀️ Slow news day for ‘news’max, apparently. As$hles The people who say these things are ill educated and believe what the former President says without actually finding out the truth. As many of them use social platforms to shout these terrible things ignoring them is the best policy!

IF ALL YOU 'MOTHERTRUMPERS' can find to CRITICIZE the Bidens-IS that they RESCUED a 'JUNKYARD' DOG & AND that HE &HIS WIFE 'SHOW PUBLIC AFFECTION'-YOU SHOULD REMEMBER that you ONLY SPEAK to YOUR 'MINORITY' group of 'HATERS' who 'LOST' by a 'LANDSLIDE'!! WE THE PEOPLE LOVE HIM!!! When you have nothing against the current president so you start to attack his pets....maybe get a life and stop acting like you’re a grown man lol

When they go low, they go really low 🤣 now the Republicans are going to criticize anything they could find. Heck they'll criticize Biden by how wrong he blinks his eyes 👀 or how he breathes, how white his hair lol Look who's talking. do you have 10-yo running the agency? Who cares about what some idiot said, really, this is news worthy to you?

Yet for four years they never criticized Trump's dog, Lindsey Graham. Seriously now the right is picking on senior dogs WTABSOLUTEFUCK That’s all they got Well in their defense, they are racist hacks, living in an alternate reality. Someone likely told them the dogs support universal health care, voting rights and a living wage. (Plus ear scratches.) You know douchebags can't tolerate treating people or dogs fairly.

Kelly is and always was a very boring host. He is like that little kid that aches for attention, even if it's negative attention. I reached out to someone competent to comment on this. But you know what? The dog doesn't care what he said It is baffling how such mindsets get radio and television stage time for sharing of such hogwash really. Ignorance and stupidity...heavily a fixture on many resumes. Their children and families really are afraid to speak directly to them concerning the waste they are sharing.

How FDR replied when his dog was attacked: I think he's beautiful !😍 Wow! Just wow! And I thought the BBC news story about 20 dead pigeons in an attic was scraping the barrel!! Someone needs to tell him kids and pets are out of bounds Newshax talking heads got paid to disparage a dog. Why on earth? He must be short of sensible news items..........Again!

I can safely assume he’s still more attractive than all newsmax anchors combined No he does not. He is an old, sweet beautiful doggo. End of. A junkyard is where they get their news!!!! Seriously, the reporter is the 'junkyard dog'! I have six junkyard oldies and they grow nicer and nicer in spirit as older they become. Love them and that news channel has the same low moral personnel as their heroe, the fascist Trump.

🤦🏾‍♂️ Shaming an elderly dog, how far will Trumpitiers go? For shame Trumpers, for shame! 'Major's a good boi, yes he is, such a good boi! You Trumpers are bad bois, BAD!' IDIOT chelseahandler what do tou think lol 😂 Isn’t verbal abuse also considered abuse in our law? Attacking someone's dog? They have nothing better to do in their life than to make fun of an animal? Their life must really suck.

These are the same people that go to wildlife sanctuaries to hunt. So... theres that As opposed to trumps squirrel wig? Leave the dog alone ! They are getting desperate for news NewsmaxHatesDogs Champ is a 12 year old, large dog, near the end of his loved life. What next - criticism about how he may be buried when he crosses the bridge? ChampBiden

Fuck you!!!! They have NOTHING to talk about. Well Trump would know about junk. Junk in junk out. He ate junk he spewed junk. How is this news? Just another mean spirited commentator masquerading as a news reporter. you all don't have anything better to do than focus on bidens dog? why not focus on us here in texas, focus on the ones who have died, who lost power and water for days, whose senator lied and said his trip was a mistake but didn't apologize, smh...

Hard to tell if mental illness, psychopathy, ignorance or lack of manners mixed with deep seated hatred! always ignore idiots Wasn't the scandal this time in Trump's presidency him paying off a porn star he'd screwed when Melania had a baby? The good old days So this guy just told America that he's basically a sociopath and incapable of giving unconditional love to animals (or probably in general). What an asswipe.

They are resorting to dog shaming now? LOL! Too bad he isn't close enough so he get his ass mauled by that junkyard dog. Attacking someone’s senior dog? Newsmax is known to perpetrate lies and have no standards. But Damn, attacking someone’s dog? You suck. Stacey Abrams will tear youall a new a-hole. Biden must be doing something good if only things Bewmax can talk about is Biden's dog. Well done Biden

HUFFPOST volunteered to babysit the dog! What are you people complaining about? Fox news volunteered to babysit. Mitch and Putin volunteered, despite Linsey Graham being closer, to get some brownie points. I think this story is being blown up! The way that white people feel about their animals...he’ll be off the air in the next 72 hours

Ok talk trash about the man if you must but leave the dog out of this! He didn’t ask to be involved in your political feuds he just wants to be fed regularly and be on the receiving end of a good belly rub! Another triumphant tRump genius moment for all the diaper Don brainiacs You gotta be pretty miserable to talk bad about a dog.

I'd rather have a junkyard dog guarding me than a poodle. Disgraceful. He should be fired. Does he have any idea how old 12 years is in a dogs life. He will never live that long! Orate you like Trump afraid of dogs No, moron, he looks like an older German Shepherd! What do you have a yippee chihuahua? Junkyard Dog lives at the WH. Where did that twat live? Mmm... that’s what I thought! 🙄

Dogs can tell when humans are evil. 🐕Every time this topic pops up I want to bust out into Jim Croce's 'Bad Bad Leroy Brown' for the 'meaner than a junkyard dog' line.🎶 yes, coming from the bottom dwellers. Those people are the scum. Newsmax....working hard at being more absurd than Fox. Attacking a poor dog, now that's low even for Trump tv. Disgusting dirtbags.

I'd take the dogs bravery honesty and loyalty + intelligence over yours you mutt of a reporter stop giving them a platform Hey, all thing and people who relate to Trump are negative; like Texas black out. The Texas blact out ws act of God to punish th Trump's peoples. That says exactly how low these people are. Theyll say anything about anyone without measuring consequences. In the end, theyre all big p*ssies begging for forgiveness.

What about snowflake? Has he thawed out yet? Takes one to know one Umm. What.... It's an infection The host got it from duhdonald :) I don’t trust people who don’t have dogs or pets. Let’s see the last President who didn’t have a pet was? Hint DT Holy Cow Batman ! If only newsmax devoted this much time to the marriage of Donald & Melania.

Signs of desperation for material when they criticize the dog. Who cares? , are you so desperate for something to write about now that Trump is gone that you're going to talk about some nobody's comments about a dog? Ok. HuffPostRag doing a piece on a news source that reports on shit, is the ultimate irony of the century.

They’re all... And whose the sick pup here. FoxBusiness meanwhile you have a great female host who loves all animals including the broken ones. Put her first. Champ looks much better than any Trump in that room or yard. That is one well loved pup and he knows it. It is sad that the peak of this mope's journalistic career is attacking an elderly dog. He has nowhere to go but down.

Sure, bash a dog. What a sick individual that host is. Real trash.. gregkellyusa the morons is having a hissy fit 👉 I hope he meant that as a compliment. And ur point is what? R u saying what? We have a pandemic killing 400k, ppl out of work, major storms impacting heat, electricity, clean water and what r u talking about?

How desperate are they to pick on a Rescue Dog! gonetoofar WTH So what? He's a rescue, POTUS picked him, bet he's smart and a very good boi! So what! If he is a junk yard dog- he is tough. Tough enough to bite your butt! when they are bad mouthing the pets ,, you know they are grasping at straws Great. Huff blows and the rest of the corrupt media spent 4 years trying to bring trump down

There is nothing lower than a Republican & a Republican network is worthless. it is interesting to note.. the dog is much better behaved than those on newsmax That’s all they got? Happy day in America! We have a great president! And the host That's cuz there is news about Biden being corrupt or lying on a constant bases daily .

Not long ago they used many of the same words to describe Melania at the White House. QAnon is said to have reported this is also the description Trump used for Cancun Cruz’s wife... LOL Agree, the Biden dog is better looking than the loyal Trump dog on the left. Just how low do you have to stoop over to attack the appearance of someone’s family pet?

F U it’s a 12 year old GSP 1) Did this host get his job because he sounds like Trump? - News flash - not a compliment bud. 2) Really? This is all you got Newsmax? From the “Big Lie” to the Presidential canine doesn’t look Presidential? Jesus, whatever the low bar is for “News”, you’re reaching for it.

Those fascist are just pathetic and sadly, devil's rejects. That’s some hard hitting stuff. Guess it’s a low controversy administration... I mean slow news day. Freudian slip. This announcer is an idiot. He calls himself a newsman. We have an international pandemic, Texas and other states are suffering from a polar vortex invasion, and he is concentrating his time on calling President Biden's 12 year old German Shepard Champ a disparaging name. Stupid

That's just so pathetic 🤣🤣🤣 That’s just mean. Some things should just be off limits. They have nothing to bitch about Watch it. Lots of dog lovers out there. Keep that up and the pro doggers might crash your station! Wow...they have so little to do, this is what they have to resort to...Whitehouse pet STUPID

Have no shame Better looking than the Trump dog on the left of the picture Newsmax makes up their stories because truth is foreign to them Hey!!! That's Racist!! Had to be a GOP member... All Dogs Matter mAkE dOgS GrEaT aGaIN They can die on that hill...totally ok with this.🤣 Must be slow news day. Big deal. He's not real pretty. Probably a good puppy!

The only junkyard in this discussion is Greg Kelly dog years you should hope you look as good or in future years. He is living his 'best junkyard dog years in white house!' Where you living yours? Pick a more tangible topic of discussion if you want to stir the controversy pot. He does!! There’s nothing wrong with that though.

newsmax Here’s a pic of my 14 year old dog son shortly before he had to go. Regardless of his age and disdain for baths at that age, he had a beautiful soul. gregkellyusa With no water this week, many in TX didn’t shower. You want to laugh at that? Now that trump is gone they got nothing else to do.

Just Petty. Dogs , if treated right, give unconditional love and can be trusted as a friend. Fake journalists like Newsmax, Fox, Infowars and the rest of the Trumpian are the sources of lies, deceit, and the behavior unworthy of even a rodent. as opposed to Trump who was was junkyard dog? exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!!

not disrespectful to the k9’s too huh? i mean... it kind of does What a sad little man LOL! Welcome back mundane headlines. Bitch, pleeeeeeez 💩 Let's see what you look like when you're 84 years old. Not really understanding why that did it. What are they trying to prove? The dog is 12 years old! Are they trying to say he isn’t well taken care of. Actually they owe the Biden’s an apology. It’s shit what they did.

Who gives a damn? Poor things are raised by an old junk yard man. While dems attack Cruz for going on vacation. That dog has more class, integrity and decency than anyone at newsmax In dog years you'd be dead. Ooooooooh, good. We're back to make up bullshit. Who the hell is this guy? I never see his name.

I want to see what's on champs laptop 🥺 I wonder if this conservative network was outraged when Ted Cruz left their dog at home to go to cancun? At least he didn’t leave his dog to die in freezing weather conditions like SenTedCruz did when he fled to Cancun You can smell the desperation.🤣 He's a handsome puppo. What kind of lowlife would sink low enough to attack a dog?

Low shot! Booooooo! I think Greg Kelly looks and acts like a junkyard dog. (My apologies to all junkyard dogs ) What a disgraceful media company Please don’t give these racist morons a platform And in other news ted cruz abandoned his dog for a Cancun vacation, then promptly blamed his daughter for wanting to get away.

Stuff dog poo in it buddy! Because that is the worst thing they think they found. Any large dig that lives to 12 is well taken care of. Kudos to the Bidens. I thtthe dog looks better than the newsmax host You’re joking. This dog is gorgeous. In dog years he is ~91. You should look so good So let me get this straight, huffpost is whining cause a pro Trump network called a dog, a dog by the way, a junkyard dog but this same network was alright with people attacking Trumps son, A HUMAN BEING. Let that sink in

Junkeyard dogs rock! Nothing but class🤷‍♂️ Yet Champ still looks better than this ugly ass dog. 👆 Is that all they have to talk about? Why are they even on the air? Find a new topic!! Gotta love “ Pro Trump” term . It’s free promotion.. nice 👍 Republicans attacking seniors... imagine that... even the dog.

Are you f*cking kidding me? How petty...attacking a family pet! Unbelievable and slightly wacky!🤪is that really “news”?🤦🏽‍♀️ Boy, they are desperate if they have to pick on a beloved family pet. They said what He must not be a dog person to make a comment like this. 👎🏼 How incredibly ridiculous. Is that all they can come up with?

They don’t like Nazi dogs? Weird. Champ might be old but he looks a million times better in the Whitehouse than tRump ever did. newsmax The way tump left things at the WH, he should fit right in. That dog is beautiful and more loved than the trump demon spawn. Who attacks a DOG on TELEVISION? Did he get bored reporting on the crisis in Texas, or the pandemic, jobless or homeless rates? There are so much more relevant topics than criticizing a dog...

Interesting that they attack Biden’s dog, but I saw no mention of Cruz leaving his dog alone in a freezing house while family went to Mexico. That's the dog from Fallout 4. A jackass talking about a lovely dog. Fuck gop they literally will attack anything it's disgusting That's all they've got. lol Picking on a dog? I guess he has no news to report.

I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO THE 'JUNKYARD DOG'S FACE! Fuck Newsmax and the 12 people who watch it. Pathetic He's right! 45's 'dog' , Lindsey Graham was always well groomed! Even his ' turtle' McConnell, was well groomed! He’s beautiful and Greg Kelly looks like his parents are siblings. And the host looks like a John looking for a call girl.

I had a dog once and he looked just like that, I take offense to this article. Nicer looking dog than Melanie! and what a looker this guy is! Fight by all means but, why bring that dog into the fray. What a waste of air time Going after the man's dog? What are you, the Wicked Witch of the West? Not unusual for bitches to attack dogs.

The worst they can come up with is criticizing Biden’s rescue dog? Really? In what universe is rescuing a senior, homeless dog a negative? Wow! Says a lot. Idiot Lots of sick Cult members out there. Not sure if we can ever stop them except stop paying attention to these fake news networks. All Republican Run.

They are disgraceful The slim bucket is trump Was the dog wearing a tan suit?🤔 And the Newsmax host looks like amd is a Douchebag. Yet for four years they never criticized Trump's dog, Lindsey Graham. Consider the source! So? Lmfao I think the guy on Newsmax that said this dog looks like a junkyard dog is an asshole!

Well, what does one really expect from junkyard people. This is what is wrong with the Republican party and conservatives. We no longer discuss political issues and policy. Instead, we insult, attack, slander, and demean the individual before even mention the issue. Fox insulting a 12-year-old German Shepperd. Pitiful! Pitiful!🙁

Icwonder how that host feels feels about the fact that a 'old junkyard dog' is loved, envied, and smarter than he is?! Jesus! Report something like “how can we get water to people in Texas?” Bad Performance Art 🙄 Fuck them He looks like a “junkyard” host. That does look like a Junkyard Dog in this picture right next to the handsome one with four legs.

Just asking in order to work FoxNews & newsmax you have to be some sort of freak, loser & are desperate for attention, right? Im not even going to talk about those that watch those channels. I don’t know why they advertise as news channels when all they do is give opinions. Consider Newsmax's audience...

Whats wrong with a junkyard dog? Many of you are just obsessed with Newsmax and right wing media aren't you? Just let it go people you can't fix stupid but if all ignore it may be they will be less important. Is this like where it’s better if serial killers mutilate animals instead of people? Then he would not want to hear what he looks like and sounds like!

A news story on an elderly dog🧐 They are really reaching. These guys are a bunch Clowns. Who watched them anyway look at their faces y'all . Newsmax is Trash! Who even has that on their cable? Is that all they got? Newsmax Smelly Kelly is his hosts are attacking a dog. That's going low, real low. These men look like they came from a landfill.

Consider the Q source I’m not surprised. newsmax & the REST of the tRumpers don’t have the ability to be kind & compassionate. And they CERTAINLY don’t have the ability to love an animal because tRumpers have no soul. Man, talkin shit about Bidens dog. This is some how more proof than anything before that newsmax is a trash news source.

Douche! And 45’s wife with her nipple displays were of course very appropriate for a 1st lady. Asshole And he speaks so highly of you. What is not intimidating to these people? He was confusing the dog with himself what an asshole the worst dog ever to have lived in the WH is djt EVERYBODY knows that!!!!!!

The dogs are not pupplies they are older and they still look better than the pundint from Newsmax. So not only racist but breedist lol. I’m not surprised. newsmax & the REST of the tRumpers don’t have the ability to be kind & compassionate. And they CERTAINLY don’t have the ability to love an animal because they tRumpers have no soul.

... “meaner than a junkyard dog” (J. Croce) ... you’ve been warned, NewsMax! The host on the left looks like a junk yard. 😂 Shocking scandal. Almost as horrific as a tan suit. Imagine, insulting a dog because you have nothing else on which to insult the POTUS. You must be really embarrassed, gregkellyusa

What about the poor little poodle tedcruz left behind all alone in a freezing cold house in Texas, while he went to Mexico.ASPCA What decent human attacks a dog? Also Champ is 14 years old! Respect your elders. Wow The more overreaction.the more someone from newsmax is trending bring nothing but free pub. Stop giving them attention

Children...and pets...are off limits! The nerve!!!! Also why is this news Another TRASH network!!! These people are beyond help - was that supposed to be funny? Sic um, Champ! 12 year old loved dog. My god how else is he suppose to look like. Champ is an elder of the family and deserves respect at that age. I lost my big dog about that age and it is hard. Dogs give more love than a human. I doubt this fool has never had a pet.

I wish my dog looked like a 'junkyard dog'. when news is slow... I guess. Let Champ age gracefully yeesh Wow. What news “ Woof ! “ What's wrong with junkyard dogs? Ted Cruz went to Cancun and left his dog at home alone in freezing temperatures. Newsmax is deflecting. How low is low? Because just when you think they found bottom they go lower.

Leave the dog alone he’s 12 yrs old, that’s like 84 yrs old in human, hers just max in and relax in 🤷🏽‍♂️ Newsmax is by far the junkyard dog of the media world. Newmax will sniff any butt and find something not to like about it, unless it's an arch-conservative, pro-trumpy butt. Who had newsmax insulting the WH dogs on their “deplorables bingo card”? I sure didn’t. deplorables

Yeah, it kinda means they got nothing. No real story or scandals, no purpose, nothing between the ears. Might as well pick on an old dog because there is no meaning in their lives. Pretty sad. Attacking a dog...Pathetic Greg whatever is a clown. He used to be on the local NY news. Wtf is newsmax anyways 🤡🤡🤡

Well I guess it is back to conservative pundits “barking” for something worthwhile to say....sorry for the pun. How deplorable is this man attacking a dog. I can see his dirty soul. The dogs are the most beautiful, faithful, trustful animals. And rescue dogs are loyal. Oh and their idol tRump doesn’t? Actually I think Biden’s dog is much better looking.

He is 12 yo !!! Trust me he deserves all the love in the world, not bitchy news cover. I believe who ever came up with that news never had a senior dog. Since dogs are like our children and children are off-limits in presidential households to the media, then they should leave Biden‘s dogs alone. Can an news agency then report how the ex-Perez's son looked like a 'junky' dog?

What a jerk I saw that video. If they have nothing better to do than attack the Biden's aged dog, you guys are in big, big trouble. Get a real job ok. says the pro Biden network. You gotta be a real BITCH to come after a dog. 😒 Much like lingo Rush Limbaugh and Donald John Trump would use. These people are all the same.

The dog is 84-years-old in dog years, that tv host will look worse than that dog when he is 84. Still better looking than the fuckface that occupied the White House for 4 years! This is the proof that they have nothing more to attack, they are struggling to keep on attacking the center and the left because there is nothing wrong with what is happening. So they use lies or ridiculous stories like this...

He ought to be ashamed such a horrible man. Besides that he is a man who will divorce his wife when she shows rimples. I’m glad Newsmax is focusing on the important issues of the day!!! Who cares what he said? Cut off the oxygen to this network and others like it. Don’t share ignorance. Junk host desperate to sling mud, because Biden has doubled the number of daily vaccine distribution within a month of taking office. Trump didn't even mention the pandemic - as thousands died every day - for his last four months in office. Too busy lying about the election.

Ask Maria Di Toro she knows all about gregkellyusa This is pathetic. Our country is facing multiple crises and a 'news' source is talking about the President's dog? Idiot... Wow, they’re running out of material? Going for the dog now? Maybe next will be the lamps inside the White House? 🙄 Shameless Republicans! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸

Shouldn’t pets be off limit like children if the president? I mean, seriously. Can Champ help the looks he was dealt. And he’s a senior besides. Come on. Pick on someone who can “pick” back. Biden must be doing a great job, if his dog is all they can find to criticize. Did this particular 'host' look in the mirror himself; he looks a bit of a mongrel to me. What about those beady eyes, and that knotted mouth? Those didn't come from his mammy and pappy.

Fortunately, Champ has too much class to respond. They just can’t help themselves can they? assholes Is that because T***p trades in his wives for a younger model every so many years? 🥴 And people say journalism is dead... He is an idiot. Dogs are all different shapes, and looks. Jerk. No other word for him. Attack a dog.

Best dog you could have. Best junkyard dog in the world right now you loser. Slow news day when the right people are doing positive things and your news is making fun of a dog They got nothin. So sad. They probably abandon their pets as they age. Or have them euthanized. They have no love, kindness, or compassion in their hearts.

He must be hard up for content. This is an old dog, he looks well cared for, the fact he is a rescue says a lot about the heart of the owner. Taking in a rescue dog requires a lot work to rehab Yes it’s more to do with character in the Biden administration. And loving all not just looking for glitz Right in the (Q) wheelhouse: blame children for your behavior and criticize a dog's appearance.

Only junkyard is the trump base Hahah! Said a junkyard news network what a joke he's just old, not unkempt, and is definitely loved. The most he will live in another year because he gets good food, good care, and a vet at the ready. And honestly who cares if he IS a “junkyard” dog? He’s a good boy, he has a good home and a good life, and that’s all that matters.

They’ve got nothing else Should we get rid of our pets, or family members as they age and become less attractive There game is so weak. There is only one person I can invest my last $1000 with and I will be comfortable with maximum profit within days and that person is forextrader211 Wtf. Huffpost is now newsrag

This man needs to be fired! How dare he! This is why dogs are better than most people! Mental illness runs deep with this one. dumbfuck Really. With all the important things going on, you choose to cover this? Newsmax must be desperate for news! How revolting. Let’s see -Cruz left his dog home in freezing weather... a lot of folks judge people how they treat their pets. I hope he doesn’t have any.

Fleas attack dog Attacking a dog.. really? 🙄 Jesus christ. There are so many legitimate things to criticize biden on, why choose his dog? these pups are being neglected by slojoe- look at this one so thin Evil people are obsessed with Trump. He is the reason to polish their hate every morning. Did anyone tell this asswipe the dog is a rescue dog!?

Y’all have nothing else to report 🤡🤡 'Now there is a good looking dog!' -Newsmax This is where this man's head is at? Oh FFS! Leave President Biden and his dogs alone. For gods sake! They love their dogs. I am sick of reading lies! You know that President Biden is doing a great job when they resort to making up scandals about his care of his dog. If that’s all they can muster, Biden is crushing it. Keep up the good work! Don’t forget Cruz left his dog poor Snowflake alone in freezing dark Texas...

Oh hell no, nobody goes after a dog. Not on my watch... Get a life, for crying out loud! That's all they've got? Jerks Do they still put up the graphic during commercial breaks that says “we don’t have enough sponsors to actually run ads”? They have nothing else. News Max don’t have news, they are going that low to attack champ. A senior Dog. Champ is living a better life than them at that network.

How do me make sure this guy doesn’t have dogs or ever gets one? Woof him! I’m woof on his face when I see him. It’s going down, bitches! I’m get my woofing crew and we are going to woof his ass up. Nobody woof with my woof boys! It’s on bitches; we gonna come for him and woof up his crib 2! And I’m bring a dead lamb chop to frame his azz!

Dogs are too good to flip off this jerk, sooo. Now they crossed the line,leave dogs out of it! By the way having rescue dogs shows kindness, compassion and responsibility. What an ass. This is not news This will fall into the same talk track as the “tan suite” outrage when the left claims no scandals for Biden just like they claimed for Obama. Be smart, this is bait, the segment lasted a minute, no one really cares, ignore and move on.

Nothing good to say?