News Brief: Reopening Consequences, Charges Related To Epstein Case

News Brief: Reopening Consequences, Charges Related To Epstein Case

7/3/2020 12:05:00 PM

News Brief: Reopening Consequences, Charges Related To Epstein Case

Texas requires masks in counties with more than 20 COVID-19 cases. California orders 19 counties to shut down. And, a British socialite is charged in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein abuse case.

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Things you can do today to help improve your mental health amid COVID-19 outbreak - NewsWith almost $200 million in NIH funding, UAB scientists are at the forefront of research that is shaping the future of health and healthcare.

COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. may be 28% higher than official count, study estimatesResearchers calculate that there were 122,300 more deaths in the U.S. in March, April and May this year than are typically seen during that three-month period. All these counts are screwing up the planning for mail in voting. Please try to keep the numbers straight That’s over 170,000 dead Americans. magadeaths AmericaStrongerWithBiden AmericaOrTrump COVID19 Then was does the CDC show us at 104% of expected deaths for the year? Wouldn’t that be way higher?

Herman Cain Hospitalized For COVID-19 Hours After Condemning MasksCain was diagnosed just over a week after he appeared at Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa. REMINDER: Trump was dejected after his Tulsa rally because only 6,200 people were willing to die for him. Soros set him up Masks totally work 🤥

COVID-19 spike in Ohio due to people not wearing masks, expert saysCOVID-19 is on the rise again in Ohio, and an expert blames young people who aren't wearing masks: 'We have to get the message out that this is not over and it’s not going to be over for a while.' You can’t they will or they won’t but, only in America is going to be devastated by this no one else. I know 40% of Americans don’t care about anyone other themselves unless it affects them only thats but one day soon it will affect you. Here is Worcester MA we wear masks It has nothing to do with mask wearing — testing asymptomatic cases does not have a death lag When I go shopping, I have my mask on, and the people that are guilty about not wearing them are the young people. Especially men between the ages of 20 to 45. I almost want to tell them that they are murderers. Living in a red state is a danger to your health.

California records highest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases, Reuters tally showsNew COVID-19 cases in California rose by 8,441 on Tuesday, according to a Reuters tally, the highest single-day increase since the start of the pandemic. OH FOR FUCKS SAKE REUTERS WILL YOU STOP MAKING THESE LUDICROUS CLAIMS, THE TESTS ARE NOT ALL TAKEN AND REPORTED ON THE SAME DAY That protesting coming back to bite you in the ass! Is this headline just reprinted daily?

'You Can Either Be A Survivor Or Die': COVID-19 Cases Surge In ICE DetentionMore than 2,700 immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19 in Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention nationwide, pushing immigrants to the brink and lawyers to fight for their release. Shameful. And preventable. Release all but the violent ones and distance those NOW! Lol these poor victims What is that thing?