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New Zealand Volcano Erupts, Killing at Least Five

At least five people are dead and others are missing after New Zealand’s most active volcano erupted Monday.


The White Island eruption was sudden and short-lived. Five are dead and police are trying to confirm how many people are still on the island.

At least five people are dead and others are missing after New Zealand’s most active volcano erupted Monday.

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Horrible. I have flown by helicopter a few years back and it was active then been active for a long time are used to mind sulphur until it was an explosion and they left a card with me looking after everyone on there And the injured garage arms open wide and take them all healed them Not to mention the police being too scared to launch a rescue mission to save anyone potentially still alive on the island. A part of me can’t shake the feeling the call came the PM...being election year in 2020 tooriskyforuspoliticians cunts

Of course it had to be the white one... Damn imperialists.

Up to 20 reported injured in New Zealand volcano eruptionWhite Island should be considered dangerous after Whakaari erupted Monday afternoon, the government said. lizenlair O MY GHIRD. no f-ing way this can be happening in the ring of 🔥! Damn you, Sauron.

Tourists injured, missing in eruption of New Zealand volcanoLocal New Zealand mayor says he fears for tourists who were walking on the crater floor during the White Island volcanic eruption

Tourists injured, missing in eruption of New Zealand volcanoNew Zealand authorities say a volcano has erupted on a small island often frequented by tourists. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said people were injured and missing after the eruption on White Island while about 100 people were on or near the island. Whoa 😯 Sudden volcanic eruption at jacindaardern's White Islet, which is somehow frequented by tourists samsungNZ; 100 in vicinity of the islet and some are reportedly injured or missing 👉interpol_sg PhGoffin MOFA_BELGIUM mariana_betsa samSungtomorrow

Volcano on small, offshore New Zealand island eruptsDEVELOPING: Tourists reported missing, injured after volcano erupts on small New Zealand island. Sorry Sad I hope everyone's OK, they run regular tours out there. We sailed close by it a few months ago. Extreme graininess is because it was at night, F/2.8 handheld about 6400 ISO from a sailboat.

New Zealand volcano spews ash plume in eruption, several injuredNew Zealand volcano spews ash plume thousands of feet into the air, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying tourists are among several people unaccounted for as emergency services mount a rescue operation And here we go,our turn. Stay safe

One killed, other people missing in New Zealand volcano eruptionOne person was confirmed dead and several are missing and injured after a volcano erupted on New Zealand’s White Island. Officials say death toll likely to rise. 😱🥺🤯 There was no warning!?!?!!?

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