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New Zealand's Ardern credits virus response for election win

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) — A day after winning a second term in a landside victory, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Sunday she sees the election result as an endorsement of her...

10/18/2020 10:01:00 AM

A day after winning a second term in a landside victory, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she sees the election result as an endorsement of her government’s efforts to stamp out the coronavirus and reboot the economy.

AUCKLAND , New Zealand (AP) — A day after winning a second term in a landside victory, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Sunday she sees the election result as an endorsement of her...

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) — A day after winning a second term in a landside victory, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Sunday she sees the election result as an endorsement of her government’s efforts to stamp out the coronavirus and reboot the economy.

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Speaking at a cafe near her Auckland home, Ardern said she expects to form a new government within three weeks and to prioritize work on the virus response.“We’re cracking on very quickly with the work we need to do as a new team,” Ardern said.Her comments came as health officials reported one new case of community transmission after New Zealand went three weeks without any new infection. Officials said the man works on foreign ships at the ports, and they believe they caught his case early enough to contain the threat of further spread.

In the election, Ardern’s liberal Labour Party got 49% of the vote, crushing the conservative National Party, which got 27%. Ardern said the margin of the victory exceeded their expectations.ADVERTISEMENTThe result will give Labour an outright majority in Parliament, the first time any party has achieved that since New Zealand implemented a proportional voting system 24 years ago. Typically parties have formed alliances to govern but this time Labour can go it alone.

Asked what she would say to those Americans who may draw inspiration from her win ahead of the U.S. elections, Ardern said she hoped people globally could move past the partisan divisions that elections often accentuate.“That can be damaging for democracy, regardless of the side of the House that you sit on,” she said.

Ardern’s popularity soared earlier this year after she led a successful effort to halt the spread of the virus by implementing a strict lockdown in late March. New Zealand has had fewer than 2,000 cases of the virus including 25 deaths.Ardern, 40, won the top job at the 2017 election. The following year, she became only the second world leader to give birth while in office. In 2019, she was praised for her empathetic response to a massacre at two Christchurch mosques in which a gunman killed 51 Muslim worshippers.

Arden said she’d been congratulated on her win by a number of world leaders, including those from Britain, Denmark, Canada and Spain. Asked if she planned to run again at the next election, Ardern laughed.“I’ve just run in 2020. I haven’t yet taken a weekend,” she said. “I’m enjoying this moment.”

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NZParliament : congratulations on a successful and smooth election! Hopefully, nzlabour will really look at and advocate HumanRights in the world. Cause just beyond its backyard in the Greater Asia region, China is blatantly violating these rights in Xinjiang & HongKong Tfw you're a tyrant with no meaningful opposition

The results may also be in support for her public display Civility. Fair guess on her part. realdonaldtrump See what a efficient, that follows science leader can accomplish. If only you were as smart as she is.... It helps that she's a very good, kind, and decent person. She should know the world sees her as a friend.

JessicaHuseman Same in the USA, but the opposite outcome. Does she have a twin who she can lend to the US? What humility. Its more than just fighting a virus, its great leadership and common decency a rare combination in political leaders in this day and age. Is NZ taking US refugees? Can we just make her the President here so we can have a competent leader

Adam Schiff is at it again! He’s not trying to get to the truth of the Hunter Biden laptop, he’s trying to cover it up! That Hunter Biden has not denied the laptop or the information on it means he’s GUILTY! The Biden family has made millions from favors to China and Russia! What happens when travel is allowed again? After MANY years of flu deaths, we still don’t have an effective vaccine for flu & colds. People are awfully optimistic on a COVID vaccine. Just being realistic here.

I don't suppose Trump will call her and congratulate her like he does when Putin wins his (fair) election. Probably not, one, she's a woman, two, she's not a dictator, three, she's done what he can't, protect her country by leading. Pretty easy to control a virus when you are on a tiny island with one airport. Somebody please tell Jacinda to get over herself.

Colonizers. Of course it could just be that the think the other lot would fuck it up even worse. Personally if I were her political rivals I'd be happy letting her take the blame for economic devastation that's going to inevitably ensue from these pandemic measures. And rightly so which is why Nov 4th should be the day President Dump confirms that he is doing a terribly job.

For me it was the earthquake!! 😄 Congratulations on your win. jacindaardern CCP is excited to have another Democracy fall. Get out the Red Books Because she’s has one of the most successful responses! jacindaardern did what she had to do and kept her people safe! As PM Ardern celebrates her reelection Rugby match, New Zealand vs Australia in New Zealand Eden Park, 46,000 fans gather without masks or social distancing. This super spreader event will probably backfire and start an outbreak of Covid19 that will infect and kill thousands...

This strong, popular and effective woman is the anti-Trump When you have competent, adult leadership.... unlike America SameralAtrush NZ got fucked itself.More corona bullshit and shrinking economy awaits.Good for them! Medias darling, will falter too sooner or later, something will give way Congratulations! I wish my country, the US would do the same. But nothing will change until trump is voted out!

What does LeBron think though? She can’t prove she helped. TranslatorBot2k We love our leader Jacinda she will continue to keep all New Zealanders safe. Thank god we dont have a lunatic like Trump. Population density is on her favor, and this isn’t about her skills or ability per se. I’m not saying she’s not good, but I am stating a FACT. NZ is geographical blessed with low density. The population of 15 people per square kilometers is considered as low density.

The way she has responded and governed through 2 of New Zealand’s worst situations in modern history (mass shooting and covid) has earned her the respect and trust of her constituents. Bravo, well deserved. I hope we can have one of her someday. Bravo to New Zealanders. 👏👏👏🎉💖 Jacinda you're the best. Which day it is convenient for you to come Spain?

She could teach trump a thing or two Astonishing! Leaders who actually protect their citizens by LEADING get reelected! Our Mr. Trump had four years to figure this out... but never did. So sad for him that he was stupid. Glad no nutsos there trying to kidnap her. That’s the way it should be FlattenTheCurve and reboot the economy

See realDonaldTrump you 🤬’d up. This be you if you weren’t a total stunod. God Help The Kiwis. This Blairite Acolyte will destroy New Zealand Voted by sheep Wah she is like as a God In India I will say tho, she didn’t win the popular vote but got the majority of seats. If they can keep it at bay til a vaccine comes along, they will have used their isolated geography to great effect. Wonderful place to visit too 👍🏼

Why can’t American elect a woman President 🤦🏽‍♂️ What a bunch of brainwashed moronic replies. By stamping out the virus, she‘s stomped on her own people with throwing young moms, dads and elderly people in jail for standing outside their home. She’s also responsible for caused historic deaths from suicide

Strong and powerful leadership. Their manifesto is a thing of beauty and should lead to a thriving New Zealand. Definitely a country to consder moving to should our mess get much worse... Congrats, jacindaardern! Good news for all of us, not just New Zealand. realDonaldTrump GOP SenateGOP PressSec LindseyGrahamSC CNN An intelligent leader protects her people from Covid-19. A cruel leader holds rallies with thousands of Americans causing Covid-19 infections, illness, suffering & death. Vote for JoeBiden to save your life.

You mean she didn't put on a bunch of delusional happy talk about it 'going away like a miracle' in order to prop up the stock market, but faced it head on honestly like an adult? And that actually worked to save lives, and it got her reelected? Imagine that. She rocks. Doğruluk kazandı Periodt... A Leader that follows advice of Science. This is how you're reward. Time for Biden

Opposite of trump CONGRATULATIONS! I wasn't just that The empathy she had after the mass shooting showed how a leader should act. God I wish we had a leader like her here in the US... The 'being good at your job strategy.' Bold. Risky. Truth with evidence is good. It’s an island in the middle of nothing. 🙄

NewZealanders the world envies you - congratulations jacindaardern well deserved win TWEET FROM 11th June!! Jay Ardern leaves every leader in her wake Incredible NewZealand Same pop. 5m as Scotland 22 C19 deaths 126th in the world Already reopened Scotland Nicola Sturgeon supported by Torys 4700excess deaths 940per million1st in the world.

So Happy for New Zealand‼️ Wish I was there.✌🏼 Great! Trump will see his win as the same 👍🏻 While the rest of the world fumbled, New Zealand took this virus seriously and their people are better for it. Congratulations to her on a well deserved win. Stamp out COVID19 ? It’s not going away. Like a flu or cold virus it’s probably going to be around for awhile.

Her teeth scare me.... I’m sorry.... But they do..... EffectiveLeadership Happy she won 🌞 Only 16 days to go! Don’t relax. Give time or money or both! Sprint through the tape. REGISTER AND VOTE BLUE! So jelly newzealandelection Or as her governments brilliance if importing lots of voters for her. 🥴🥴 perfect leader in NZ!Bravo!

Because she's awesome! It's a remote archipelago with fewer people than Wisconsin and like one international airport, how tough can it be to 'stamp out the coronavirus'? India really needs a leader like her. Congratulations! jacindaardern Wow imagine that....

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins second term in landslide election victoryCNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. good girl queen maybe Ballot handling more like

Ardern wins landslide re-election in New Zealand votePrime Minister Jacinda Ardern's centre-left Labour Party won a landslide victory in New Zealand 's general election on Saturday as voters rewarded her for a decisive response to COVID-19. good 🤣 Glad to know democracy still works in some countries. Congratulations jacindaardern NewZealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Wins Landslide Re-Election New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s center-left Labour Party won a landslide victory in national elections Saturday as voters endorsed her government’s efforts to stamp out the coronavirus. good Highlights that politics is going left if you suggest NZ Labour is centre left... I've never been there but somehow I doubt they're as ignorant as many Americans are.

After praise for her COVID response, Jacinda Ardern wins election landslide in New ZealandWith only 25 deaths and fewer than 1,900 cases, Ardern's tough coronavirus measures were lauded. Her Labour Party looks set to claim 64 out of the parliament's 120 seats. A large victory of intelligence and common sense. We need a similar victory in the US for the Democratic party. GO BIDEN.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Wins Second Term by LandslideFor the first time in decades a party will enjoy an outright majority in New Zealand 's Parliament. Deepest recession in New Zealand history, so congrats? Hey good for her. So great when good people do the right thing & choose the right person for the job. NewZealand

Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand electionPM Jacinda Ardern achieves an outright majority in New Zealand 's general election to gain a second term and the chance to implement her reform agenda It wasn't a surprise, she's clearly way too popular in NewZealand