New York Times: Second Former Aide Accuses Cuomo Of Sexual Harassment - Cnnpolitics

New York Times: Second Former Aide Accuses Cuomo Of Sexual Harassment - Cnnpolitics

New York Times: Second former aide accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

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2/28/2021 4:41:00 AM

A second former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accuses him of sexual harassment, according to the New York Times. Cuomo denies the allegation.

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Corrupt Sexual Predator NYGovCuomo caught using Government Funds and Resources to provide VIPTreatment to his Brother ChrisCuomo and Rich Friends while NewYorkers were being place in Body Bags and Stored in Containers and CNN trying to Cover Up with a Lame Statement🤮🧀🐀🧐👇 Hiền dễ thương, không giả dối. biết lo cho gia đình...

Apparently someone does not want him running for President bc they know he would win! In the 60’s and 70’s sexual harassment was the norm. I was young and pretty. I was sexually harassed just walking down the street! And at work it was constant. I’m so glad that all of that has changed but I think some women are just looking for an excuse to complain.

Its the Love Gov , talk about a person that needs to resign , he killed old people with covid and got caught advancing loving on woman that did not want his love , he even offered to show them his Boat , his ship has sailed ! Funny how folks falling out of the woodworks with accusations. Smear campaign? Funny how no one called for trump to resign and he is guilty of so much.

Trump is GUILTY If the allegations are true, fire him, impeach him whatever. But I thought we are innocent until proven guilt Accusations whether true or false easy to defame a person I hope this is not dirty politics rearing it's ugly hear destroying someone's reputation. That would be sad . Watch out men . You could be next.

Là người năng động, hài hước nhưng mẫu mực Now today, North Okkala in Yangon conditions 😭😭😭😭😭 But what about her? Interesting that everyone is going after Cuomo..... but ignored the 24 women who came forward and indicated what Trump did to them..... even admitting that he’s grabbed women by there pussy...

I am believe Cuomo didn't sexual with a girl in the News. Could be somebody else trying new idea to removed Cuomo out of the NYC. Why before Cuomo doesn't have that kinds rapes sexual with any girl? Could be people think Cuomo hired a Violence to attacking people is a hates crime Đồng cảm có thể nói chuyện và tìm hiểu để tiến tới lâu dài

Cuomo dared God during the covid hectic moments....these allegations are just the tip of many such coming after him... Trump is written all over this You a chomo. Step down you loser. Your brother to a couple of fredos!!! I do not believe nothing here! Someone wants him far away from the White House! How the H a women can be abused by her boss and stay there for years! These are highly educated ladies Hello! Why never said something! I really Don’t understand!!!

Now a 3rd !!! Men will never learn! Ask Adam how Eve single handedly sent the whole world to Hell Please do not resign governor. They don’t want to hurt Trumpy Wumpy when he helped a half million people die, and caused an insurrection, but they think you should resign? What a joke. I hope this helps you be a better leader, but don’t let them bully you. Seems a big witchhunt!

If what I heard on the news is true, there was no touching or sexual contact. It was inappropriate conversation. While not appropriate, I think calling it sexual harassment is wrong. It diminishes women fighting hands on molestation or rape. That deserves a legal charge. How come y’all not bitching about Hunter Biden walkin* around naked in front of his 14 year old niece but this is news to y’all

This story has been covered by Fox for a week now. Why is CNN just now mentioning it? When he gets to over 25 women, he’ll just be ignored and be told he’s the greatest president ever... It is funny how people want Andrew Cuomo to resign but excused trump after 20+ women accused him and he admitted most of it. Before folks make demands on him, address all the wrongs trump has done. govcuomo GOPDomesticTerrorists

Prayers 🙏 for Governor Cuomo I think it is about time to remove him...He has done nothing for N.Y and was always a part of the problem... Evidence please. Vui vẻ trong xã hội, nhiệt tình trong công việc. Và rất yêu trẻ con Why isn't cnn covering this 24/7 like they would have if it was a republican? Notice how cnn still can't get Trumps D out of their mouth.

Nam giới ( 35-45 tuổi) điềm đạm ,sâu sắc và trầm tính Of course he denies it....Duh! Ignore one woman you ignore them all. If it's a Dem you ignore the forced kiss, not a good policy Vui vẻ tinh tế, có thể dành thời gian lang thang cùng nhau, cafe chia sẻ cuộc sống. Hội ý, tư vấn các vấn đề cùng nhau. Tìm top biết quan tâm, chia sẻ, lịch sự, độc lập về kinh tế.

God gave me the wisdom, perception and fairness to evaluate. Most of all, gave me patience, because if you give me strength, I’ll strangle the bitch. HAMBRE Y NECESIDAD TIENE LA NACION AMRICANA NO MAS ESCUSAS PARA ALLUDARLA Nhe nhang, chan that, nghiem tuc. Nguoi phu hop voi minh co the tam su khi kho khan

Kết bạn zalo : khog chjn mot bay ba chjn sau mot haj chjn. hoa dong , vui ve, thich xem phim , di du lich voi ban be hiền lành,biết đối xử và thương yêu gia đình Do you have a law degree? No? Then don’t fucking judge me tìm 1 người , đơn giản vậy thôi Stahp. They really trying to get rid of him. Sickening.

Một người bạn là top có thể lâu dài và có thể qua đêm Biết quan tâm đến người khác. This right here is sad.. Sounds like paid people to bring Cuomo dowm. Cancel culture wya? He said he was sorry today! Resign Sport Tôi rất vui nếu tìm được người bạn tri kỷ, hiền lành, chân thành Why isn't he behind bars for manslaughter

Every man in power will have accusations of such against them. No matter what. I think that should be looked at as a pattern Tìm người tâm sự mỗi đêm Một người bình thường không cần phải xinh đẹp, hiền lành biết quan tâm người khác you know that President Trump's mind is very clear for his speech but Biden is not.

Has no one suspected, & started investigating, this campaign to smear Cuomo is nothing more than retribution against him for his opposition to trump & the State of New York's investigations & expected charges against trump & his co-conspirator family? It's trump's modus operandi! So Trump has lots of women accusing him of sexual assault and you want Gov Cuomo to leave office. Yes it needs to be investigated. Too early to ask him to leave office.

Sure how about we give this Nazi another Emmy. He got one for murdering many elderly, now he'll get one for this. Wait for it. Truth or hit job? I wonder how many of you who are trying to defend Cuomo now were calling for Kavanaugh to be prosecuted. I am rather enjoying this show. DonnaB That's sad! That guy is a pompous creep.

And remember Al Franken. Remember, We must believe 😂😂😂What comes around goes around😂👍😂 He has to go Jail !! He never care people.. evil man Trump is back go Trump Do not crucify the man, till we know ALL the facts. We need to learn from our mistakes. Hang in there Trumpsters Wondering how much the trumpers paid her to make up stories!NYGovCuomo

Don't worry his loving fellow Democrap's will still support him I thought trump is an was the only devil! The cockroaches are beginning to unvail them self. Resign Fredo Why would they call for him to be impeached or resign. They had an ex president that was in office accused of many sexual harassment allegations and rape. Plus a Supreme Court judge serving , yet they didn’t believe what his accuser said. Yet Cuomo needs to go. Give me a break.

Hope the next Breaking News is that Cuomo has resigned in disgrace. Let the investigation 🔎 proceed and the facts come to light. The timing is a little suspect but no one should be put in the position of being sexually harassed and get away with it. Can we stop!!! The US voted a shit head with over 30 sexual allegations against him. A shit head that paid off women. I understand politicians need to hold standards but this is hypothetical

It goes back to keeping your dick in your pants and your legs closed and just do your job I dont bekieve any of this! Its bs Check the ladies bank accounts, the fact that they are bringing this to light now is suspect! He didn’t pay them off . Hmmm not much coverage when it was just 1 accuser by CNN now that it’s 2 things change. Maybe they should have that big swab interview again with Chris?

His 15 minutes of fame comes to end no more media coverage everyday at last ! What’s the big deal, it’s not like he killed someone... wait... never mind This is attempt by republicans to get him out of office. There scared he might when the president chair. This motherfuckers aint slick. Trump still got roaches in place

Kavanaugh Karma is not sitting well. Hopefully the a sleazy porn star lawyer does drag up a few accusers. this is so dishonest to accuse him of sexual harassment now, why didn't you up early. It sounds real fishy and dishonest. Politics getting nastier and nastier...Sorry but I smell bullshit! Is he doing his job.

So where is Chris Cuomo now with these!!! I dont see Chris Cuomo on CNN go on about this like a crazy person..... First, this must be taken very seriously without any bias. But you notice she is a “former” aide. I bet if there is some fact finding investigation about her and her story there will be some very interesting information uncovered.

Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to sexual harassment claims in the new world. If your a man, your guilty of whatever claim is made. Period. If you are proven innocent after your life is destroyed, nobody cares. “Suck it up”. Remember doesn’t matter who you support. due process for everyone victims and defendants it’s the way of the land

See ya Sad. Harassment sexually or verbally is just not what voters want. We just dumped one toxic jerk we don’t need any copy-cats from either party. Why do they wait so long to open there mouth about stuff like this Culture of no? Those lovely ladies should really consider what they are doing and for what purpose. The New York Governor should not be put in this embarrassing situation.

If it's true, then he is a pig. If not, then there is some explaining to do. It looks like a former politic is bullying to get back at common All these sluts want money, all other sluts recently have made completely false accusations, sent men to jail because they know men can not defend themselves against such accusations, if they weren't a slut to begin with, then there would be no mention improper behavior..

Wow what happen to the believe all women cuomo is a predator plan and simply 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 TarekFatah Le bhos**k* bete, Bete ,Mauj kardi., Oh mauj kardi wah bete wah Refer friends to join Pi Network Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (pukies) as your invitation code.

I find it amazing (yeah right) that all this started surfacing only AFTER the idea of him running for President was put out. Of course he does, but we New Yorkers know better!!! If you're going to lay out these charges, could you just wait until after he finishes getting the covid vaccines allocated? Talk about kicking someone when they're down. He's busy, folks. It's waited this long, it can wait a while longer.

TarekFatah Where’s Fredo? Innocent til proven guilty. However, the media is not keeping us informed about this in response to the “me too movement “ To be fair, if there is any truth to the accusations, he would probably gain Republican voters. Way to steal a play from the GOP playbook. When there is a pattern....and it happened as recently as June.....

Seems like a great time for brothers to have a rub and tug on prime time. Drop the brother rivalry discussion and speak to harassment. How prosaic of trumplicans. They need a new gig. “He touched me!” Will someone please investigate Pritzsker in illinois? his vacations in florida and lake geneva during covid lockdowns. He is a criminal too!

Can he still use the trump did it defense or is that used up already for him? Deep state Hmmmm Do I believe Governor Cuomo has sexually harassed a woman. Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔. Let me see. 🤔🤔🤔. He is a RICH WHITE PRIVILEGED MAN? Hmm I SAY HELL YES. He has done some good things but that does not justify his behavior in the past

Shoot they are really going after him, guess that what happens when you defy, insult or just disagree with the ex 45 and his supporters can buy anyone. Well, I guess his brother ChrisCuomo was speaking the truth. Single and ready to mingle, or was it mingling? Check out this video on YouTube: If he’s not gay he is suppose to hit in women ladies get Iva your self

This is a GOP smear job to protect Trump in court. Don’t let it work. NYGovCuomo Disappointing, very. Don’t believe that BS about Cuomo, someone is trying to destroy him. Look at that face. It screams “I’m a graper “ Surprised Governor! There should not be any of this at any time! WTH? Ha! Goes around comes around !

Only 2 now? What does CNN think of that well they approved a supreme court justice accused of the same thing Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info If this is true he should resign. But the question I always ask when these type of allegations come about is, why now, why not when the incident occured or shortly there after?

Men don’t even talk to women anymore and I respectfully say this for men on both sides of the aisle. Flirting is prohibited in the United States Until Further Notice.... Didn’t Paul Gosar and Moe Green and Clarence Thomas’s wife help organize an insurrection? Focus on that shit! This is so ridiculous!!! I smell Trump Junk all behind this. He doesn’t like Cuomo at all! Gov. Cuomo is an upstanding American citizen that held us all together in the beginning phases of Covid. He’s a leader... leave him alone!!!! Haters!

Open the restorants 100% and give New Yorkers state stimulus $4000 now!!!!!! Shame you Trump said that Cuomo could become the next enemy in the elections Feared him And maybe even the Dem Because what is happening is very strange I’m a New Yorker. If these allegations are true I will be quite disappointed in our governor. I voted for him and supported him. At the time I was a Republican and took a lot of guff from my friends for voting Cuomo. I voted for his father too.

Chitra wagh Ma'am a humble request kindly do something in favor of living family members of Pooja Chauhan it will be more beneficial than anything else Humble request Ma'am 🙏 Bullsh*t Trump hated Cuomo because he did a better job at communicating then Stool Sample in Ex Chief Trump! Andrew showed leadership... now that Trump lost he is going after Andrew with bogus claims!!!

Why now A life well lived is a precious gift of hope and strength and grace our world is a brighter better place with smiles and sometimes tears. A life well lived is a legacy of joy and pride and pleasure, let our grateful hearts treasure trust in POTUS 46 and Gov. Cuomo 🙏🏽🇺🇸🌎😷💦👏🏽 I don't believe it!! Could this all be coming to light cause they think he may run in 2024 Tarnish that Cuomo name....Sad!

Governor Cuomo has been in office for three terms already. Now everyone is coming out the wood work with an issue. If this is true prove it and he should be terminated. With the nursing homes coronavirus is what killed them! This smells like trump and the Republicans trying to get rid of Cuomo. They are probably trying to get investigations stopped, like he was doing all through his presidency.

The Repukes are trying hard to get rid of the Governor. Hypocrites. I Think they should investigate who is paying these girls off. Innocent until proven guilty How many trump raped or assaulted? Men in power are going to sleep with women they work with. Women are going to sleep with men in power they work with. All adults making adult decisions.

👌🏼 this all smells 🐠 eee to me🧐 Shouldn't his brother be calling for his resignation? Asking for a friend. I’m a woman and I have to say this is getting so out of hand. Yes their are incidences but for god sakes already you can’t even look at someone without being accused. Do you know how many men would be in jail that gave me a love tap or googled at me. Wow!!

Trump has 17 women accusations. POS cancel culture do your thing 😜 .... Isn't that all it takes today? An accusation? Innocent untill proven guilty is so old school I guess..goes for everyone btw.CuomoCoverup Cuomo Doesn't matter your political affiliation, Dems presume Reps guilty for the last four years. Now 👞 is on other foot and they cry innocent and hypocrisy. Sad America hasn't figured out how harmful party factions are.

Young people entering positions of power see/learn/recognize others mistakes. Know/acknowledge your worth, other people’s worth & for the love God, DO NOT HARASS ANYONE! Trump has set the president on this topic. It’s ok he got away with dozens of allegation (with proof of paying off the hookers)so why is this any different.

Where are all the MeToo heifers? Thought they would be all over this one. Oh wait, they only are on board if it is a Republican that is accused. hippocrites I wish the true would come out Funny country! You know what’s weird? Sticking up for someone simply because of the party you vote for. Those people are just as sick as someone sexually harassing women. You know what else is weird, bringing up someone else in a different party to deflect from this persons situation. Weirdos

Who will the jury be? Those hypocrites republicans. Cuomo has sex harassment lied about death and lied on PPE....ffs get this guy out Somebody’s out to get Coumo and I bet it’s from a former NYer that was kicked out of NY. Finally his taxes are released to the NY Court System after years of hiding them for so long!!!! Now you’re trying to raise money ...for what! You are screwing the people who trusted you!

The girl wants money. Just pay the bitch! She most likely set him up... Why do these women wait so long to report this stuff? I’m all for supporting women. Cuomo has done a good. Seem like something is kind of fishy about this situation. Why now? CNN seems to really be enjoying these allegations against Cuomo.

ارجوكم وصلو رسالتي الي الحج بايدن انا اعاني من 11/16/2020 الي الحين ارجوكم ساعدوني Ok, everyone get in line. Next... اهلي تحت الاقامه الجبريه في السعوديه ارجوكم ساعدوني انا مهدد بالقتل لو ما رجعت على السعوديه هيقتلوني انا في وضع خطر I don’t speak English Please please I need help If you see messages behind my message with them, hacker and people work with them Please help me I am currently expelled from home Please reach my letter to Hajj Joe Biden

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Even though it is cold here They want to kill me or go crazy By God, if he knew about the two topics of Hajj Joe Biden It does not become a big problem with Saudi Arabia Because they forged my American papers I went to the Washington Post and also the police at the door kicked me out Because there are people in the police working with them And everything I go to the place of the police is a hindrance for me While I am sleeping, I get an abnormal temperature on my body

kill me Today, the owner of the Jordanian house kicked me out of the house because he was an agent of mine in Saudi Arabia And the police got out and stood with him I went to the police and they kicked me out I went to the CIA and the police at the door kicked me out Burn it down peace upon you My name is Shady Abu Holly From Moulid Saudi Arabia Currently I live in America in Washington 2003 Gallaudet St NE Washington, DC 20002 My family is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia I am threatened with death, if I do not return to Saudi Arabia, they will

Please I need help It was like 9 months ago ppl were thirsting for this clown to jump in the presidential race. I live in NY, and everyone that wants progress hates this guy. He runs NY like a monster. CNN talking bad about demons dems? What’s going on 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I bet he is a pedophile too.

Nursing homes? Now sexual harassment? Trump has how many lawsuits of sexual harassments and nothing was done? I would wait for evidence. In the meantime he's innocent. Trump must be behind this for sure. I feel bad for Chris 🙁 they will be coming after him for everything his brother does ... I hope these allegations r not true.. cause his they r it will break my heart... I’ve been supporting the cuomo for a long time

I am god Ok so they all just coming out when he’s facing nursing home scandal... huh 🤔 interesting Coumo dont let these fukn Republicans get away with the lies there throwing out there. Cuomo doesn't strike me as stupid, not buying these allegations so close to voting period. Tumpie and family feel they have been booted out of NY, they just targeting the people in postions of power. if Cumon has actually done wrong, it should be taken to court and he held accountable.but what if was false accusation? His life has been fckd.

So i know it is lies thats the republican fav way to lie. Como stay in charge till you get voted out just like DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump GOPLeader SenateGOP Cause when you’re a celebrity, they let you do it, grab em by the ........ In the court of social media. Guilty until proven innocent. Get used to it folks.

Gov. Cuomo needs to start a “Me, too” movement. He’s not the first to be targeted by fearful Republicans It is a sad state when anyone can claim sexual harassment to bring down someone they oppose. This a distraction PAID FOR BY REPUBLICANS to take attention off the many prosecutions of Donald J Trump in NY. 1st attempt: falsified COVID cases report (shit didn’t stick). 2nd attempt: pay 2-3 female assistants to claim sex harass (opposition lawsuits).

Beware of false exit-polls,comes in sound-byte physiognomy unless clear disclaimer are unofficial about India's creator,preserver&destroyer is Congress-9188600600&9188500500&04712333241&04132339099&9443233909&9137091370&9727294294&03322145555&03612262222&9864064456&04425671764..! If he's guilty, he needs to go. Much like Trump did. No excuses for that type of shit.

Quite a fall With the uprising of Trump’s BS again I’m asking my fellow Republicans to stop the donations to all these Republican Senators and a call out to the DOJ & FBI to move swiftly to convict Trump for his crimes to get him out of public view! Send him to Guantanamo for life! He can become a REPUBLICAN. . They LOVE RAPEY type guys .

About time u report this cnn. Of course the clown will deny it. Tick tock Cuome.. Tick tock Any lady that is being harassed sexually and does not say anything immediately only to wait months and years after any form of proof is gone, is just a gold digger, or political thug being used. Wonder what his POS brother thinks about it..

Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me according to the CNN: 'He's a good guy, at worst he didn't do it on purpose, it's the Syrians' fault'

Is this CNN reporting actual news? He definitely has a harder time getting consent, isn’t even half as handsome as Chris. tokenizedtweets 0x95d2f854F0F65009EF6bF57C169DfB6d5AE69661 Don’t doubt it, but clearly someone is going after him. Cnn sucks Agree: what a devasting fashion of hypocrisy! Even disregarding one of the basic American values, the benefit of doubt.

What these Republican Senators are doing is taking away your rights for their own self interest! They are so afraid of losing their political position they are putting more restrictions on your voting rights! Listen to their speeches, what are they doing for you or themselves! Andy take a vacation. 💔 Gov. Andrew Cuomo

What I find hard to understand is how these Republican Senators that follow Trump are obsessed with telling lies and death. Telling people not to put on a mask in the middle of a pandemic knowing people will die! We have to vote them out or find someway to remove them! This is a set up- Shit must be getting real if CNN is jumping off the King Cuomo train

It's character assassination because the GOP is afraid he's going to run for president in 2024 or even 2028. They'll try to ruin him now. Wow 🔥😡 Sour grapes. Best governor New York ever had . Innocent until proven . So tell me,how come all the accusations against Trump suddenly disappeared? . How many people will the UN take action to kill? The number of people is not enough, so come and kill me as soon as possible. How_Many_Dead_Bodies_UN_Need_To_Take_Action

Politics is a very nasty game ! I heard this from my dad growing up! Why nowThe truth always prevails! Do not be deceived ! My ice talented boss when I was younger did this all the time. I threatened to quit if he didn’t stop. He ended up dating a different employee, someone else in the work group. Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!

Dirty him up time like they did Hillary! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 もう終わりだ。日本の奴らは未だに理解できてない。もうこいつらに選択肢は必要ない How is Emmy awards or whatever fraud award not calling out Cuomo to resign? How is POTUS supporting Governor Cuomo to continue ? Is KamalaHarris suggesting that women are lying and Cuomo telling the truth bcoz silence is tacit support for criminal? Or may be both bombing Syria

ChrisCuomo go grab your brother by the nipple rings and just make his cum already Fredo. Talk about coming out of the woodwork? Where were they months/years ago? I still question the timing because we've seen these and other allegations before here in VA. The VAGOP tried to smear our Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. But, their plans backfired and failed. Smells like trump. NYGovCuomo again denies these allegations.

Democrats are saint. They commit no crime. They are as white as paper...... people get a life please. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Shocked cnn is actually reporting on their Golden one Finally reporting Cuomo Just another sexually creepy dem politician, following on from creepy ,let me stroke your hair little girl Biden

It should go to trial and hopefully they will come to the right conclusion there. Don’t hold Cuomo accountable, not yet, he still has 100 more victims to go to catch up with the Former Leader of the Free World! What happened to the Me Too movement? All of a sudden ... whataboutism is allowed again in comments.

I refuse to believe any of it😐my opinion 🧐ain’t nobody gonna change it🤫they are out to destroy him with this BS😡 Hmmm has this been “fact checked?” I'm not offering you millions of dollars, but i will teach you how to earn minimum of $4,200 with your little start up of $300 in just 7days with your smart phone or laptop (DM ME ON WHATSAPP FOR MORE INFORMATION +19172668653

It only takes a secret whistleblower to find a Republican guilty, & face impeachment But Coumo is a Democrats, meaning, this case won't be looked at, & any evidence will be tagged not substantial enough, or called a Russia disinformation Unfortunately we live in a time where you dont have to prove it happened. You can keep denying and guaranteed there will a 3rd woman produced and then a 4th and so on. So unless you kept receipts...may as well resign.

I’m accusing him of sexually harassing me with that puckered up butthole of a mouth Now cuomo is a real beast, from nursing homes to sexual harassment and more will coming. IBelieveInAnthem Surprised you guys are covering this! Doesn't look good Cuomo killed hundreds of elderly and disabled people. If he is proven guilty, then he has to go. Unlike the other side that will and has done nothing.

I’m sure they will blame trump for this So Badly!!!!! as we claim mexico and china we need our final challenge to be hanged by mexico and china on film blood oath, NOT SAINT Cuomo BahahhahahhahahahahahahHA scamdemic COVID19 CNN CNN360 Both Cuomos are predators Even Criminal Nobodies News can't find a picture of this DemonKKKriminal where he don't look like a pedo that just got his parole denied

How is this news? ” he asked me questions”. Is this the big allegation trump does the same thing on live tv. No, I don’t believe any of these sexual harassment allegations against NYGovCuomo. This is all engineered by his political opponents. Yes, he may have practiced poor judgement on nursing home deaths but don’t lynch the man with false accusations. You need to fight back, Andrew.

Lol the people defending this guy have CHUGGED the kool aid Oy....oy. Ok cool let’s see an investigation. Lol shocker: The democrat will be investigated while the countless Republicans who have been accused continue to never be. It’s ridiculous. how many accused Trump of sexual assaults? Dang... It's sad that NOW they wanna start ACCUSING HIM if stuff ...🤦🏽‍♀️

Me eating popcorn while the media (social and otherwise) plays ping pong with public opinion. POS I would hope,no more lectures on ‘ acting appropriately’ from Creepy Andy or Fredo It’s just not so shaunking Remember when centrists were begging this clown to run for president? This is not true, this is all happening for political reasons. Trump is fabricating all this because he is so jealous of Gov. Cuomo’s success.

CuomoMustResign I know sexual abuse as a victim myself so I put nothing past anyone...too early for me to choose a side...but innocent until PROVEN guilty. I stand with you gov 100% as an innocent man...unless evidence says otherwise. Did he grab em by the p*ssy too?!? 🤔 Your Boy is going down! I wonder how much Trump paid them to accuse cuomo. If you go after cuomo then you should go after Trump , and he was accused of rape

I guess you can rename the bridge now Is this former aide legit or is she currently attending a conference in Fl where there might be an idol painted gold? Such bullshit!'s a devised ploy to distract from the Trump trials gonna start soon. Dirty play at the least. Let the hypocrisy begin ang go

Time to step down. Between the nursing home cover up and one after another of this. Where there smoke there fire. He was all about metoo. tw//blood Junta is arresting and shooting to the peaceful protestors at every parts of Myanmar. SPRING REVOLUTION MilkTeaAlliance WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Feb28Coup

Something tells me that this is a smear campaign. All of a sudden.there's another accuser horse manure.these women want 15 minutes of fame.they can't even prove it.i've met hundreds of women and i never got a staight story of any of them 'WE MUST BELIEVE' Where's Fredo now ? Trump and him seems to be the same

Only a second? Didn’t DT have like 50? Time for Andrew to resign. Somebody is scared shitless.... they need him out of office by any means necessary🤔 I tell you this much, if Cuomo has to go, so does Ted Cruz. There is no way you are removing a Democratic Governor and we aren't taking down a Republican Senator.

When did he do all this? Were both women working with him at the same time? These comments are hilarious. Tell me you’re a demrat sheep without telling me you’re a demrat sheep. This comment section will go first So why did CNN out this guy up on a pedestal? Bye bye fucko Fredo approves this message Please save the people of Burma from the military dictatorship as soon as possible. How many more lives of our Burmese people will have to die to get international help? Please help. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

You gave Trump a free ride for much worse Well of course he story there. Most murders say they a not guilty . It's the Democratic thing to say This is an attack because how he went against trump until yall hold that immoral man accountable shouldn't no one get charged with nothing look the other way fir everyone! Yall impeached Clinton cause he got some free head this mf paying prostitutes and no criminal offense 🤔

kaitlancollins Gov. Cuomo check marked the box . Now he can run for President. I knew his father Mario Como a Governor of NY This allegation is serious he should resign from governor post Thinks keep getting worst for AndyBoy couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. What goes around comes around I like how the liberals argument is that Cuomo has less accusations then Trump. So that makes it ok?

Off course. CNN backs the Dem governor. WTF! Many accusations now, but cnn says he is golden. But recall Kavanaugh and the blatant cnn attacks. Screw them! shaunking The sexual harassment claims are not as bad as forcing old people with covid into nursing homes. Why are they all suddenly coming out now? What prevented them from reporting to police or sharing their stories before now? All because he owned up to his mistake. Now we all rise up as saints to condemn A man despite All he did for NY

Unlike Republicans, I am assuming Andrew Cuomo will never be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. ScottAdamsSays I bet Fredo is starting to get jealous of his dim wit brother. Move on , Much more important thing to spend airtime on, Let them figure it out in court, I have seen too much OVER REPORTING on this already. Seems like a hit job to me! Trump admittedly assaulted women and America and NO ONE CARED! MOVEON

Maybe CNN“ news “ needs an independent review to see if anyone at CNN “news “ knows how to be a professional journalist.. “28687” Hmmmmm. Sex, killing Americans in nursing home and politics This is a set-up and I don't believe it. Stay strong Gov.Cuomo. These people need to go after Trump who is a definite creep. They have their focus in the wrong direction.

😳 Time the good Governor hangs it up. He is a disgrace. Running around promoting his book and shinning his enemy. Hope Hollywood learned their lesson ` ChrisCuomo ` Ummm, isn't she running for office? Isn't it suspicious that she would make this complaint now and not during the time it actually happened?

Of course he denies it; don't they all? Fuck that. Bitch. Lie. Lie Revenge is a dish best served or Trumo likes fast food sorry 😞 no surprise these stories are coming out now I wonder what’s next the spite filled man a his golf club is plotting many things against everyone he can in the next 2 years it’s so oblivious

Haha! All you fn morons still think it’s all about Trump. It took a second allegation for CNN to even mention Cuomo! But yeah let’s bring Trump into it. Thanks! Fun to watch. shaunking He’s a shady low life thug Accountability if the evidence shows it. Bullshit...This stinks of a set up. ScottAdamsSays He should get a second Emmy for his metoo support.

Wow your finally reporting something on Fredos brother amazing shaunking I guess he’s qualified to run for President now. Wow I hope the investigation exposes the truth! Not a fan of the guy but read the Nypost article, i don't see the sexual harassment in the 2nd claim. The 1st accuser, she is a nobody running for public office and seems like she needs the publicity instead of JUSTICE. Not rushing to convict him in the public court.

There goes his Emmy! kaitlancollins Cuomo, who took fraudclosure law firm money and did nothing while AG, is a twice alleged sexual harasser? Oh. This was the most believable thing I’ve ever read. resign Another shitty human possibly. Should we be suprised? Nope. So if not true he shouldn't hire women anymore?

kaitlancollins I hope the investigation reveals the truth, whatever it may be. morgfair Buh bye Cuomo... What a surprise 🤡 He has that look: power hungry old whit man Proof or allegations? Otherwise is just means to undermine him or find ways to get rid of him. Hey ChrisCuomo anything to say about this... or are you too busy playing with giant swabs?

kaitlancollins WTF Andrew. What did you do? Stop lying. Own up bro Children of hell fire on rampage This seems to be a target by Republican Trumpers. Sorry I don't believe it... I dint know about this, it all out in open. It's time to step down for the betterment of new york. kaitlancollins Definitely don’t believe this. Trump is making his rounds.

“Trumped” up BS!! kaitlancollins BlueBoxDave answers ur IGNORANT, interruptive question during Acosta's interview-NO CLASS!! Oh look another bidophile ChrisCuomo and CNN what do you have to say about your brother andrewcuomo NYGovCuomo now? 🤔 Resign The Governor needs to be investigated! A second former

Andrew Cuomo still has my respect until someone shows me proof of accusations. ScottAdamsSays Imagine if a Republican governor denied the allegation... we believe women... It is looking like a political setup 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔 Feels like theres a hit job currently ongoing on Cuomo bcoz after he managed Covid it seemed like he was untouchable in New York but suddenly every week is bringing a new scandal and im convinced it has something to do with his re-election and a politically motivated hit job!

The first one could be an accidental sexual encounter. The second one would be abusive sexual assault. The third one would be a definitive serial sexual predator. Neither one is acceptable. My god!!! He's getting more attention on this then tRump got in the 4 years he was in the WH Someone was paid to blackmail credible leader.

Maybe the carrot is paying them? Just saying...🤔 Believe all women, unless the perpetrator is a Democrat I don’t believe that Andrew Cuomo would do something awful like that to a young woman!!! kaitlancollins Frustrating and sad . Top of the dnc hitlist. It’s funny how when one thing happens people start crawling out of the woodwork and commence to accuse people of wrongdoing in other areas. I’m a woman so don’tme. How about saying something when it happens and not 2 years later.

Internet disruptions in Sistan-Baluchestan continue: The last time the Internet was cut off in Iran, more than 1,500 people were killed. Thousands were detained and tortured. When Internet is down, crime has begun. Don’t believe that He complimented on an interns nail polish in the lift. kaitlancollins I believe Andrew.

Where are all these 'me too' now? BS CuomoWatch Tim for the sexual predator to go. He harasses women, threatens co workers and killed elderly people to line his own deep pockets. He’s a criminal. impeachcuomo I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. marksust7

CNN didn’t try to cover this up? Glass houses breaking everywhere Wow, only 2? This is Dirty Politics! There is never only one. Did Trump pay them off? kaitlancollins Resign NYGovCuomo Funny how women crawl out of the woodwork when a high profile man is on his heels. Where were they before? Of course he would. Since when do criminals admit their crimes.

You know? Uh, forget it, changed my mind. No comment. kaitlancollins Cancel culture!?!? Meanwhile...... Give me a break 🙄 BasiaPsonak Andrew Cumandgo is on the liberal media's hit list. Won't be long now... If these 'Karen' women keep doing this kind of crap the whole thing is going to blow up on their faces negatively hurting those who really need our attention. Back off and call off your 'Karen' army before is too late.

Dont care...trump got away with fucking murder so anybody who does anything LESS bad than him, well, fuck it. Why hold anyone to a standard higher than the goddamn alleged 'president' was? Uh-uh...whatever was ok for trump to get away is fair game for us all. 💰💰💰💰💰makes some folks do strange things....🧐

For everyone saying innocent u til proven guilty did you have that same energy for Kavanaugh or Trump? Where is the MeToo movement This is looking very bad for Cuomo. Wow, CNN finally reporting on actual news stories. Wonder how long this will last. Let’s see how much time you actually spend covering this story.

Oh I’m sure it’s a big coincidence! Oh boy must be making a presidential run in 2024, get that resume built up timing. it’s always the timing that makes certain things questionable. Where’s the outrage from the MeToo moment? Not a peep. Nothing. Not when it’s one of their own leftist darlings. This seems like an American Virus.

Always believe the woman.... unless the accused is a Democrat GOP vendetta. Setup Of course he denies it. Did you expect him to admit it? How about the older Americans who died in NY nursing homes? kaitlancollins Why hasn’t Fake News CNN attacked Chris ChrisCuomo covered for this guy for how long? Where is that juice head Fredo? Fake tough guy nobody.

ScottAdamsSays His use is over. Now onto the trash heap while they insert the next minion. CuomoWatch Never trust a man with nipple rings Lady if you didn’t want to stay around you should have left. You just want your 5 minutes of fame. Get over yourself and go on with your miserable life. Stop trying to hurt others.

This is a Republican f/;king sabotage. Cambridge Analytica Offered to Blackmail Politicians With Prostitutes KOMPROMAT The data company that claims it elected Donald Trump proposed trapping opponents with bribes and sex, then spreading the kompromat online—while keeping the clients’ hands clean. Thank god he’s a Democrat!

He is so bad even the libtards are circling that wagons against him.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just don't believe that. They always start kicking a man when he's already down. I may be wrong but I just don't believe it.

The plan has been put in motion Cuomo tweet: The allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh are disturbing and deeply concerning. We owe it to the American people to BelieveSurvivors. I call on the Senate to postpone any vote until these allegations are fully investigated. I don't find this surprising. He did a good job with covid messaging and he should be praised for that. Now he needs to be investigated for fudging the numbers & sexual assault. We're far too all or nothing these days.

More disappointment; wanted so much better from and for him. kaitlancollins It's boring to sit at home alone, looking for someone to spend time with can we hear more about Tanden's mean tweets kaitlancollins Fucking disgusting as usual, did y’all not believe the first woman? Now get hunter Biden and fire Chris cuomo

I THINK ITS CALLED A WITH HUNT! SHE SAID HE DIDN’T MAKE ANY PHYSICAL ADVANCES TOWARDS HER! In the exact words of Democrats with Brett Cavenaugh circus..... “I believe her” even though no evidence was ever found and she couldn’t remember him ... just saying... How is he still in powerNursing home policy killed thousands, lied about the numbers, bullying colleagues, sexual harrassment and he's still in power!!Where is the Biden administration?To top it off, he's the leader of the governors association of The United States of America!

Put them eyeballs downstairs on urself old man loudly, publicly may be job costly but effective. When the bow breaks! Politics drama. Anything to ruin someone’s image. Smh This sounds like a republican dirt smear. I'll hold my judgement for some actual evidence. POS TimJDillon benaveryisgood Maybe this could be your next fake feature film about the demise of Meatball's empire.

I hate politics! Is asking questions about who you would date sexual harassment? I dont think that dog hunts. Let’s see here. Kills the elderly in nursing homes and also sexually harasses employees. Will his donkey of a brother ChrisCuomo yuck it up with him on next week’s show NYGovCuomo Everyone is after Cuomo all of a sudden.

I just don’t know about this....he has 3 daughters in their 20s and he would probably hit the ceiling if one of them came home with a man in his 50s or 60s! Then he turns around and flirt with women their age? I just don’t know what to think about this....🧐 If he gets 20 more he will be Presidential.

he is a friend of Joe Biden If he was a republican nobody would care. They’d be praising him! How sweet it is.......👍🏼😍👍🏼 Really all of a sudden someone pays a women to come forward!! When is he submitting his resignation? Damn, the hypocrisy is astounding. The comments downplaying Cuomos allegations against Trumps. Personally I think they’re both scumbags and deserve to rot in jail. Any sexual harassment charge should be taken seriously, and he is innocent until proven guilty.

Should not take advantage someone not a smart It just dawned on these women now? The sharks are circling! 🦈 ScottAdamsSays These comments: Damn it. Not Cuomo!😩😩😩😩 Donald Trump had similar problems earlier in his life. He mended his ways and apologized to his victims and then went on to become President of the United States. The Governor can look there for guidance toward re-establishing his good name.

And I'm sure all the democrats are up in arms over this oops nope they aren't I can only see All they want is justice tht livesmatter Cuomo got many things wrong and so there's need for proper investigation it's simple... Godcomment... Killing thousands of senior citizens? No problem. Slapping a girl on the ass? Now we draw the line.🙄

He should resign Sad Going after the man that won't pardon the other guy. That is what it seems like to me. Trump has been accused of so much, affairs with prostitutes, harrass countless women and even damning reports by minors in connection with Epstein and that woman. Grab them by the p&^% etc. 74 million US citizens are okay with that. So now I am like wtf is this?

Such bs now coming down on this excellent Governor . He did a magnificent job educating us last year and guiding us. Sure he held back data and why because he was afraid Trump would withhold vaccines or other important relief for New Yorkers. Oh who cares all u people do is report negativity, why don't u try repeating some positive news for once. We have enough to deal with : pandemic, BLM, feminists, gay riots, murders, rapes, child offenders etc etc and u do is focus on promoting negativity. Try positive info -_-

Don't click on my homepage, because there are too many little surprises!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bye bye NYGovCuomo !! If trump is able to deny it and get away with it, then anyone can. Don’t worry. Dems will rush to protect him. Nothing with come of this. metoo is over. Basically, if you ever gave someone the evil eye, you are guilty of assault today.

' The governor would go out of the way to touch me on my lower back , arms and legs ', Boylan said. Time for the bad governor to resign. He must follow Weinstein Love how they come out of the woodwork years later Is this a Trump thang? Paid for by republicans 23 more and he can be POTUS! 2nd former aide to NY Governor accuses him of sexual harassment .

Sounds like he’s about to go through some stuff. Follow 4 follow back Are we still believing all women or was that only against Trump & Kavanaugh? 😔 Cuomo divorced Kerry Kennedy and has proven to be a womanizer and sexual harasser Of course he denies it. However we know he is a liar. Charlotte Bennett ,25, the governor's former aide , told The New York Times the governor told her he was open to relationships with women in her 20s.

Andrew Cuomo to star in Groundhog Day 2: Electric Boogaloo 👀 They will say or do anything to get rid of Andrew Coumo. He's here to stay. Innocent until proven guilty. Stay strong Andrew I wonder how his brother is gonna report this with two, you get CNN Why is that every time there’s a person who is able to achieve what others can’t . There is always somebody out there who would look to defeat that person with hate and lies.

Love how all the left is saying...innocent till proven guilty 🤣 when it’s someone on the right it’s...guilty without any evidence and let’s destroy their lives 🤦‍♀️ DoubleStandards Real jerk....only way he had been in his position is because of his MASONIC MASTERS...The secret society that has worked since 1776 to take over American...Their the only society on America that can ban women for being in their boys only building...and meetings...

Its the Republicans who r jealous of Cuomo. Trump said he will take revenge with all those who attack him. Metoo making a comeback? So they are all grabbing th by the .... Nevermind. He's toast. Wtf is going on here? Is it time to resign? I call bullshit on that!!! Somebody's trying to take advantage of a bad situation!

Here we see the future career path of the GOV of NY This have Trump writing all over Resignation coming soon. Sooo is there going to be an investigation? Will he get away with it like trump or is he going to be held accountable if found to be true because he's a Democrat? At least no one got raped guys. It’s not cool, and they probably felt very uncomfortable, but no one’s been physically assaulted yet. Still though, dang it.

trump and his devil associates. Wait first it was the nursing homes death now sexual harassment. These people will do anything in politics to bring someone down. This country is sad when it comes to politics.. They are going to keep on this man is going to snap. This is Trump lol all because NY is on his butt.

Dude is so screwed 😐 Believe all women, right Where's the me too movement.