New York Times: Matt Gaetz Associate Has Been Cooperating With Justice Department Since Last Year -

New York Times: Matt Gaetz Associate Has Been Cooperating With Justice Department Since Last Year -

New York Times: Matt Gaetz associate has been cooperating with Justice Department since last year

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4/14/2021 5:46:00 AM

A key figure in the investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz has cooperated with the DOJ since last year, The New York Times reports. Gaetz denies all allegations.

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Next up breaking their journalistic silence on gov cuomo CNN they have to start telling the truth now because they’re losing lotta customers Everybody talks about MattGaetz, no one talks about the migrant children who were forcefully separated from their parents by Trump's orders and then 'disappeared'. Im pretty sure Gaetz is just the tip of the iceberg and that Q was right, only that he picked the wrong party.

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Who cares he’s a Trump guy they don’t get charged because of the US spineless judicial system. They get empowered to keep doing the things that get them in trouble as nothing ever happens. brokensystem

That’s a big head! With his alleged track record of human trafficking of minors its unbelievable he is still a congressional rep? He should have been suspended pending investigations, indictment, and conviction which is coming! His career and life as he knew it are over. He’s just too blind to see it yet. And Trump will not lift a finger to help him.

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A geek is a carnival performer that bites the heads off chickens. The mainstream news media has failed the American people Where are our investigative reporters Where are our investigative reporters When will the mainstream media report the news eze it is Democrat bills policies defy all common sense Gaetz lies because that is what liers do.

White privilege Just your average politician Pure smearing propaganda,you aren't journalists: You are liars Eddie Munster is going down You are still a propaganda outlet,nobody should believe your lies Project Veritas just gave Trump and Gaetz the evidence to sue CNN for willful defamation

You guys really need to stop being so hard on him, he doesn't like it. He's been crying all night 😢 🤣 It appears that Matt Gaetz was originally constructed as a puppet. Very difficult to believe news these days. I see more of politics and propaganda in their reporting. The network has to redeem her image.

What CNN did is bad as it gets. The FCC should rescind your broadcast license. Why does the representative government play the bad cop and the good cop? Why, we know that this is not democracy, it is a representative government, we need a democracy 🤔🗽🏛⚖️🌎🌍🌏🗺🤔🤔🤔🤔 gaetz for alcatraz

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MORE BREAKING NEWS!! CNN Director Charlie Chester ADMITS ON VIDEO That The Network Used “Propaganda” Against Trump to Skew the 2020 Election in Favor of Biden! So does Trump.... even though he’s been accused of raping multiple females including as young as 15. Matt Gaetz looks 'vaguely' familiar .............

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Gaetz story caught on tape! See below and Hunter denies ...😉 mattgaetz he really needs a fashion consultant. Ick. In case you missed this ..... Now tell us about Gov. Cuomo,,, What ever happened with Cuomo? You all should do side by side stories showing the sexual issues in politics. Could be a powerful piece!