New York Supreme Court judge orders judicial review of Eric Garner case

He died while in an apparent chokehold by a New York police officer in 2014. He said, 'I can't breathe.'

9/26/2020 1:00:00 PM

A New York Supreme Court judge has ordered a public judicial inquiry into the case of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old who died after being put in an apparent chokehold by a New York police officer in 2014.

He died while in an apparent chokehold by a New York police officer in 2014. He said, 'I can't breathe.'

Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner, in New York last year.Eduardo Munoz / Reuters fileSept. 26, 2020, 3:39 AM UTCByDennis RomeroA New York Supreme Court judge on Thursday ordered a public judicial inquiry into the case ofEric Garner, the 43-year-old who died after being put in an apparent chokehold by a New York police officer in 2014.

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Judge Joan Madden on Thursday ordered a"summary inquiry" into the case, including an alleged lack of immediate medical aid to Garner by officers; alleged lies in a police report; the unauthorized release of Garner's arrest record; and release of autopsy information by New York City's Office of Chief Medical Examiner.

She did not indicate who would conduct the inquiry or when it would take place. She set a hearing on the matter for Oct. 6.The group Communities United for Police Reform called the ruling a"major win for transparency and basic civil rights."

The organization said in a statement that the decision could allow for Mayor Bill de Blasio, former New York Police Department Commissioner James O’Neill and others"to take the stand and answer to claims of neglect and the violations of duty related to the killing of Eric Garner."

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