World, Coronavirus Live News And Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live News And Updates From Around The World

New York state reports 84 new coronavirus-related deaths as hospitalizations continue to fall

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reports 84 new coronavirus-related deaths as hospitalizations continue to fall in the state

5/23/2020 6:53:00 PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reports 84 new coronavirus-related deaths as hospitalizations continue to fall in the state

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries around the world to a standstill. Here's the latest updates on Covid-19 cases, deaths, government responses, and more.

British ministers defend embattled aide -- but police condemn his reported lockdown breachFrom CNN's Rob Picheta and Simon CullenDaniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty ImagesSenior ministers in Boris Johnson's government have rallied behind a top aide after it was reported he breached the country's coronavirus lockdown.

Multiple officers responding to protests in Atlanta outside CNN Center NBC News @NBCNews Crowds in Atlanta, D.C. and beyond protest George Floyd death

Dominic Cummings traveled across England to stay at his family's home while suffering from coronavirus symptoms, it has emerged.His decision to travel out of London was “most unwise,” the acting Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner, Steve White said on Saturday.

“Given the whole ethos of the guidance and regulations issued from the Government was to reduce the spread, regardless of reason, by traveling to County Durham when known to be infected was most unwise,” he said in a statement.“To beat this crisis we need to be selfless as millions have been. The response by the people of County Durham and Darlington have been exemplary, which makes this most frustrating and concerning.

“Incidents such as this do not help, and I can appreciate that the longer this goes on the harder it gets.”Cummings made the trip despite Johnson urging people to stay at home and banning people from visiting family members. The UK's self-isolation guidelines also state people with symptoms must not leave their home.

But Downing Street has nonetheless insisted that the aide did not breach lockdown guidelines, and a number of senior members of Johnson's Cabinet leapt to his defense on Saturday.“Caring for your wife and child is not a crime," Michael Gove tweeted.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab added: “It’s reasonable and fair to ask for an explanation on this. And it has been provided: two parents with Coronavirus, were anxiously taking care of their young child. Those now seeking to politicise it should take a long hard look in the mirror.”

“Taking care of your wife and young child is justifiable and reasonable, trying to score political points over it isn’t," Chancellor Rishi Sunak added.Pressure is nonetheless mounting on Johnson to sack Cummings. Days before he made the tip, the Prime Minister sent the UK into lockdown and gave the public"a very simple instruction -- you must stay at home."

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"The British people do not expect there to be one rule for them and another rule for Dominic Cummings," the Labour Party said in a statement.The leaders of the Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrats meanwhile called on Cummings, who played a senior role in the pro-Brexit campaign in 2016 and joined Boris Johnson in Downing Street last year, to resign or be sacked.

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Well you can tell realDonaldTrump doesn’t give a F**ck about the USA or the people. He is just using every Republican to get what he wants CovIDIOT WhiteHouse TIME nytimes NBCNews Telemundo COVIDー19 Same as wearing pants. You cover you genitals and anus for public health reasons. The same reasons are for the masks. Cover your nose and mouth for public health reasons. No shirt, no shoes, no mask; no service. Do what you want on private property. Pants and masks in public.

CNN! Dad but 84 is way better than 500 Will he send more sick people to nursing homes? But But. He’s an eligible bachelor RELATED? Not the cause but related?. Can't wait for the facts on the exact deaths solely from the wuhan flu. Right now every death is being considered 19. I would like to know what's happening in Venezuela, Iran, Hong Kong, Russia. You CNN, need to spend some time on world news.

Gov Cuomo says that we are all family... MY ASS. Would Cuomo have sent his mother to the nursing home where those recovering COVID patients were being sent? In Poland, the president appointed a judge of the Constitutional Tribunal to communist prosecutor who hid a pedophile from Tylawa convicted by a final judgment. sos

Yeah right after thousands of death in nursing home that you never asking him and put a little joke with the little brother. Disgusting Note: CNN will continue it’s Blackout of Biden’s remarks. Get it? “Black” out. We will pick up Joe again as soon as he says anything that remotely makes any sense to anybody.

US-China war of words clouds WHO meet focused on pandemic Where these more from nursing homes that NYGovCuomo turned his back on I wonder how many of those deaths are from Nursing Homes that were were made to take in infected individuals by Cuomo. Все будет хорошо It is great news that there has been such a significant drop in deaths related to Covid. However, approx 500 people die everyday in New York State unrelated to Covid. Is it a positive outlook to continue to update these numbers everyday?

All you do is lie! In some places suicides and over doses due to shut down are outpacing covid. Open up the country and give people their liberty. Government over reach is deadly How many were from nursing homes due to infected people being sent there. I ❤️ NY In St Paul 100 YO woman dies and they claim the cause was covid

Yeah. In the nursing homes most likely. You have blood on your hands Cuomo! Gov Cuomo, just want to thank you for doing a wonderful job during this virus. Sadly you can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink it. Just hang in there Gov, people will listen. Please cover the humiliation happening with Hindu minorities in Pakistan.

u mean he's actually continuing to lead this wknd & not golfing?🤷🏻🦠 Is he still counting the pensioners he's killed or not? Why report everyday without taking and answering questions about the Executive Order he signed that sent close to 5,000 nursing home patients to their death...shame on you Governor Cuomo!

Here’s some BREAKING NEWS for you.... it Would have been a lot less if he didn’t sign an order allowing all those COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes. Darth Cuomo should be reporting to a jail cell after the nursing home genocide he was responsible for. I feel sorry for all the families who lost someone as a result of the state’s mismanagement of positive patients.

Aight let’s reopen the gym now enough is enough Now covid related cases.. not from covid?.. this is so stupid.. Someone should go to the golf course and tell trump.. Ah cuomo the nursing home murderer...

What Is New York Without New York Bars?'To love a New York City bar means forever steeling yourself to lose it. It means always being prepared to say goodbye. That makes this moment feel even more perilous: What about the bars that won’t come back?' You can all thank our stupid Governor and the Mayor for destroying New York City. Keep it close forever and thank Democracts for it. Tuberculosis.... sewer rats.... cramped living, high rent.... blame it on the governor and mayor, Then sue then for violating your civil rights and constitutional rights, Call Barr and the fbi hotlines and turn them in, NYC will not come back they refuse to open up the state

Coronavirus live updates: New York City and New Jersey set timelines to expand reopeningNew York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio says 'all roads are leading' to begin re-opening in the first half of June. Stay up-to-date with the latest coronavirus news here: Remember when he said he envisioned New York being totally locked down for 6 months? What a clown Don't worry about hydroxychloroquine Enjoy Your Life Don't be fooled by fake news

A New Site to Help Rescue New York RestaurantsThe city gets its own spot on SaveTheEats, a website that highlights deals, classes and special dinners provided by kitchens navigating the pandemic.

New York 'over the mountain' as new COVID cases fall to pre-crisis levels: governorDaily new hospitalizations across New York state for the novel coronavirus are below rates seen prior to its March lockdown, further evidence the state hit hardest by the pandemic has turned the corner, New York Governor Andrew said on Thursday. Nursing home murderer Over the hump a pair of the entire he killed a lot of old people narratives in miss the point and are trying to rewrite it. He simply told nursing homes that they could not throw out people who test positive nor could They turn away elderly people if they tested positive. March 25...

Sheck Wes Arrested In New York On Weapons, Drugs ChargesRapper Sheck Wes was arrested on firearm and gun charges after a traffic stop in Harlem, and cops say they found a loaded gun and weed in the car. He on them Benzos Wow

New York City Police Alter Coronavirus EnforcementAs New York City’s outdoor season begins, police are shifting the focus of their enforcement of social-distancing rules, limiting punitive measures and concentrating on breaking up large groups. NKVD has finally arrived to America's Stalinist cities. This 'social-distancing' enforcement is a lot like the 'stop-and-frisk' policing. Minorities need to be aware. Distance is of a rare value than perceived. Enforcing is not required where free will is spread.