New York's solution to hand sanitizer shortage: Prison labor, hourly wages below $1

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New York is paying prisoners as little as 16 cents an hour to make hand sanitizer.

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, known as NYS Clean. The state will distribute the products to schools, local governments, prisons and other public entities free of charge.

But it's the way the state is containing its costs that has some lawmakers and advocacy groups alarmed: By paying prisoners as little as 16 cents an hour to make it. The program generates tens of millions of dollars in sales, in part because it is considered a"preferred source" provider, meaning state agencies can purchase goods from Corcraft without putting out a contract for bid.

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Don’t worry...NY is going to be all over fleecing the prisoners to milk as much money out of this panic hysteria as possible.

Fight for 15

Well, are they worth that for pay? LOL. And will the outside of hand sanitizers bottles they're making be filthy from where ever their hands have been?

What is the going rate for black on black crime?

And then sold to the public for 10x that or some other price gouging amount on Amazon

Ummm - they are prisoners? They don’t pay for food, lodging, laundry, etc

Prison work is common and is always low paid since taxpayers are already paying the food, clothing, shelter, and medical costs for those incarcerated. At least it is productive use of their time.

In a related news story prisoners are pissing in hand sanitizer TheNewsTomorrow

Yeah!? Big deal.

Why are prisoners being paid at all?

So they are prisoners. They lucky they getting something plus free food and boarding .

Room, board, medical and food. Wait access to a gym, library and computers PLUS 16 cents an hour!


I’d be concerned about what else they’d put in the hand sanitizer.

They are incarcerated for a reason but shouldn't be treated as animals. They deserve dignified treatment. They don't deserve pay for doing this however. We pay to keep them fed and housed.

So what? Let's send them out to break big rocks into little rocks for free instead!

If it was left up to Republicans, we all would be making less than 25 cents


they are lucky to be getting paid at all.

Where is bernie when you need him?

I have zero problem with this. What else is there to do, its literally prison.

The people making the hand sanitizer get free room and board and free healthcare.

Stop complaining, better than sitting on their butties.

Well should the charge them for there stay? Bet most are happy to do it!

It’s prison. They shouldn’t be paying them at all. They should reimburse society the cost tohouse then. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions

Democrats love their slaves... been that way for 300 years

In prison you say ?

and that money should go to their victims.

They are *prisoners*. It ain't summer camp.

Not even 1$ . This is slave work.

keeps them from gettin shanked by the sisters

Good. They can earn a little wage and help out our society at the same time. Better than sitting around lifting weights all day.

Good for them to pay back to society.

And the problem is...?

Nothing wrong with a little far left gulag

Only 16 cents per hour No way,It is very unfair !!

In New York the average cost to house and feed a prisoner is $69,355. That is more than starting salary for an RN. Add the $0.16 and the average is more than a microbiologist plus bonuses. Tell me they are NOT complaining, I live on less than $10,000, I would gladly take $0.16

They shouldn’t be making ANYTHING

Did you figure in room and board?

Should be paying them

Why are they getting paid at all?

Best thing about New York is if you don’t commit crimes, you don’t go to prison.

Are you serious?

Only the news media would feel sorry for convicted criminals smh 🤦‍♂️

16 cents per hour! Holy sheep

Paid 25 cents for mine.

The outrage!!!! 16 cents! 🙄🙄


Well, they’re prisoners, so... 🤷‍♂️

slaves are getting paid everywhere low in the world and its been there for a long time,

You forgot to factor in their room and board, medical, dental, haircuts, education programs, and adult supervision. They then are up to around $150k annually.

Prison labor is better than child labor.

how much does it cost to house and feed the prisoners?! They are in there for punishment not vacation!

I thought slavery was bad and not supposed to happen anymore.

But, they're getting room and board. And they ARE in prison.

So crime DOES pay!

Yeah that makes me real comfortable about what is going in those bottles.

And they’re not allowed to use it either

Good. I hope they will then be able to pay restitution to their Victims?

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