New York fraud lawsuit adds court-sized complication to possible Trump 2024 plans

9/23/2022 2:40:00 AM

Investigations of ex-President Donald Trump over business practices, classified documents, elections and Jan. 6 will dog any 2024 presidential run.

Now that the New York attorney general sued Donald Trump for fraud, one thing seems nearer certainty: If Trump runs for president again in 2024, he will do so while defending himself in a court of law.

Investigations of ex-President Donald Trump over business practices, classified documents, elections and Jan. 6 will dog any 2024 presidential run.

"The 2022 mid-terms are a test case" for the impact of Trump's legal difficulties, said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.Rep.By September 21, 2022 at 7:46 pm EDT By The Associated Press September 21, 2022 at 7:46 pm EDT NEW YORK — (AP) — Donald Trump and his company could face a range of stiff penalties if a court sides with New York's attorney general in a sprawling fraud lawsuit filed against the former president Wednesday.(CNN) Read the filing:.

In Ohio – a key , red-leaning state in most presidential elections – only 26% of independents have a favorable view of Trump, Paleologos said."He's always had to fight for independents," Paleologos said., speaks during a rally to promote the importance of school choice as part of "National School Choice Week," in Russell Building on January 18, 2018."The investigations don't help him.Trump's legal team contends that his financial practices were normal in the real estate industry and that James is waging an unfair political vendetta." 'No Way' A number of people question how Trump could run a credible presidential candidacy while tied up in court, especially if he is hit with criminal indictments."Schools should be focused on teaching the basics, and stop.whose congressional testimony led to the James investigation over property valuations, said he always doubted there will be another Trump presidential campaign and said he thinks Trump only talks about it in order to raise money.

"I never thought he was going to run in 2024, and that this was a stunt in order to grift off of his supporters for as long as possible," said Cohen, a one-time confidante who has since turned on his former boss.These key messages resonate with voters, regardless of demographic, Messer added.James wants Trump to forfeit that amount, but the actual dollar figure would be determined at trial.Given the James lawsuit and the other investigations, Cohen said he just doesn't see how Trump can mount a presidential campaign, or how voters could take him seriously.Cohen said:"There is no way he could legitimately run a race with all of the legal baggage that is plaguing him.Messer argued it is teachers unions, not voters, who oppose school choice." Grand juries investigating Trump aren't expected to take any formal action against the ex-president before this year's Election Day on Nov.This would be a blow to Trump, whose company is based in New York, but wouldn't necessarily bar him from starting new companies in other states.8."What I believe is this issue is one of the fundamental issues in reshaping the new American majority.

In the meantime, however, news leaks, pre-trial litigation, and legal discovery may continue to rain down on Trump, a preview of legal and political storms to come.has been charged with fraud in a separate case, as well, and faces trial in October.Messer noted that even in Texas, where school choice measures have historically failed in the legislature, Gov.OVERSIGHT James wants an independent monitor appointed to oversee regulatory compliance, financial reporting and other matters at the Trump Organization for a period of no less than five years.Some of the testimony is expected to touch on Trump and his business dealings.Little of this is expected to help Trump politically."The traditional debate has been that parents in certain suburban school districts were fearful that school choice could somehow undercut the quality of their schools.But Matt Wolking, a deputy communications director for Trump's 2020 campaign said that, if anything, the James lawsuit and the other investigations will only encourage Trump to run.Two top Trump Organization executives, Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney, would be barred from financially controlling any New York corporation in the future.

"It certainly gives him an incentive to fight back," he said.".Republicans point out the investigations may not loom as the biggest issues facing voters when Republican primaries roll around in early 2024 – especially if the economy continues to struggle.The inflation rate, for example, has been hovering near a 40-year high, squeezing Americans on everything from rent to the cost of eggs.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.There's also the fact that Trump survived any number of scandals on his way to the White House the first time, said Liz Mair, an anti-Trump Republican political consultant."The problem with Donald Trump," Mair said,"is that he doesn't operate in the same reality as everybody else.


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Oh you mean against a BOGUS frivolous lawsuit? She has absolutely NOTHING which is why she went civil. This is a shameful abuse of power! What if he wins? If convicted - can Donald run his campaign from inside lockup? And you are still scared to death of him! Lol The NY fraud suit is more personal and just outright hate for Trump.

Hi Can’t he just make it all disappear by thinking about it? I can picture trump in his ruby slippers clicking them together saying “make the truth go away.” Rich and white still goes pretty far, even in 2022 God bless Trump I Hope TRUMP SUES the Hell out of NY AG WHN (What's Her Name) & Wins a Fortune TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Oh yes. The epic civil charges after 3 years of investigation and the COO criminal charges..AG Latifah made Ken Starr look capable

Candidates should speak out about school choice, advises former congressmanSchool choice is an issue that can unite parties, former congressman and President of the Invest in Education Foundation Luke Messer argued.

How many lawsuits is he involved in currently? And then there are the upcoming criminal indictments 1) Stealing classified documents and 2) attempting to violently overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. Hey GOP - maybe time to dump the Trump? Whaddya say.. I would have been in jail already. but a rich white man gets away with it.

Hopefully they will hall him off to Prison before he can run and Trash the country.... And win both . She’s a partisan. Suit has zero credibility, just like you Waiting for Trumps head to explode from all this. It’s a civil case. If she found a crime she would have charged him criminally. Alex Jones out here showing zero respect or empathy for the Sandy Hook families.

New York AG seeks sanctions that could hurt Trump's businessDonald Trump and his company could face a range of stiff penalties if a court sides with New York’s attorney general in a sprawling fraud lawsuit filed against the former president Wednesday

Read: New York's civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump and family membersNew York's attorney general, Letitia James, filed a civil fraud lawsuit Wednesday against former President Donald Trump, some of his children and his business, according to court records. 55 BINGO Eugene 55 7 My ancient family and our ancestors the kings, they taught us to respect people older than us (my respects to Trump, this man was president of America one day This was already investigated by the Fed. NY Criminal Division and rejected for prosecution. Several Attorneys with major experience it turned down. This was Trumps personal finances so his children are NOT libel here. This is SO Political b/c of her re-election woes.

New York AG Sues Trump Family for Financial FraudBREAKING: The New York Attorney General is suing former President Donald Trump, his adult kids, and their family real estate company, capping off a three-year investigation into what her investigators deemed rampant business and tax fraud. sterion75 This will be thrown out Nothing wrong with tax fraud. Taxation is extortion.

N.Y. Attorney General Sues Donald Trump and His CompanyAG Letitia James’ lawsuit, filed in state court in New York, is the culmination of the Democrat’s three-year civil investigation of Trump and the Trump Organization Ya estaba tardando. Why