New York Fed Manufacturing Index Unexpectedly Crashes

5/17/2022 10:00:00 PM

The Empire State manufacturing survey unexpectedly lurched into negative territory. | Economy

Business activity in New York state declined sharply and unexpectedly in May, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed Monday.

The Empire State manufacturing survey unexpectedly lurched into negative territory. | Economy

John Carney 16 May 2022 Business activity in New York state declined sharply and unexpectedly in May, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed Monday.The New York City skyline is pictured.Few of her opponents have explicitly tied the brutal slaughter to political gain, save for Rep.May 15, 2022 “And that is spreading through social media platforms that need to be monitored and shut down the second these words are espoused out there in that ― these platforms.

The New York Fed’s Empire State survey of manufacturing showed business activity plunged.The index of general business conditions fell 36.Y.2 points to a negative reading of 11.Multiple people were just shot and killed at an East Side @TopsMarkets supermarket.6 in May.His plans would lead to a radically different set of races than those that began to take shape after a different set of maps was enacted by Democrats earlier this year.Economists had expected the index to slip to 16.” The governor also went after right-wing politicians and TV personalities, like Tucker Carlson, , fueling instances of racist mass violence like the 2019 massacre in an El Paso, Texas, store and the 2018 massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

5 after a better than expected 24.That most closely resembles the district currently held by Rep.” He earned broad online criticism, including from other elected Democrats.6 in April.Negative readings indicate declining business activity.Kath Hochul’s lieutenant governor.New orders declined and fell into negative territory.“Have some goddamn respect for the moment, for the families, for the community of Buffalo.Shipments fell at the fastest pace since early in the pandemic and also turned negative.The map would place the residence of Democratic Rep.’” “Yeah, I’ll protect the First Amendment any day of the week.

Delivery times continued to lengthen, and inventories expanded.Labor market indicators pointed to a modest increase in employment and the average workweek.Elise Stefanik.The shooting’s double devastation of gun violence and racist conspiracy are set to play directly into elections throughout 2022 as politicians seek both solutions and culprits.Both the prices paid and prices received indexes moved lower but were still elevated, indicating strong inflationary pressures remain despite the slowdown in orders.The outlook part of the survey, which asks business executives about expectations for conditions six months from now, were “subdued,” the New York Fed said.The Albany area would be split from Tonko’s home of Amsterdam and used to form a new Democratic-leaning seat.Measures for expected inventories, technology spending, and employment all turned negative.We knew it wasn’t going to work then,” GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino said of the SAFE Act in an interview.“And right now, we have seen this run rampant.

.Those plans would have had three Democratic-leaning districts and a Republican one; the new map would lead to one Democratic seat, a Republican one and two toss-ups.

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Draft of new New York congressional lines released by special masterThe special master tasked with drawing new congressional lines for New York has released a set of draft plans. They would lead to a radically different set of races than those that began to take shape under Dems' maps earlier this year.

Buffalo shooting puts Hochul at center of new gun debate in New YorkNew York Gov. Kathy Hochul is pivoting from her fierce defense of abortion rights to grieving with her community, bashing social media platforms for online racism and pledging to get illegal guns off the streets Getting illegal guns off the street is a good thing. But why did she have to wait until the Buffalo horror to do this? (The Buffalo madman, by the way, bought his gun legally) More gun control laws that will only hurt legal gun owners. Yeah!!!!🙄 Why? Criminals don't follow the law, hence they are criminals. Its called free speech. Even if it makes you butthurt. Free speech

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Mourns Buffalo Shooting Victims: ‘I Have 10 Dead Neighbors’The governor went after tech platforms and right-wing figures who enable the rhetoric a white supremacist used when he shot 13 in her hometown of Buffalo. Oh no, my Republican feeedom of speech to say anything, minus the word “gay”.

'Pure evil': Man shoots, kills 10 at New York grocery store in suspected hate crimeBUFFALO, N. Y. (WUTV) – An 18-year-old is suspected of driving hours to a supermarket in New York state on Saturday armed with tactical gear and a gun and opening fire, slaying 10 people in what police are calling a racially-motivated hate crime. Caption: 'Pure evil': Man guns down 10 at New York store in suspected hate crime (WHAM) Payton Gendron has been charged with first-degree murder, accused of killing 10 people and injuring three others at a Tops Friendly Markets grocery store. You can say 'white supremist' and not say 'suspected'. It's okay to use accurate words when talking about white people. It's probably in the job description. Sad Maybe you guys should watch the video.

Mass shooting in Black upstate New York neighborhood clearly racially motivated, attorney saysThe suspect's semi-automatic gun had a racial slur written on the barrel and the number 14, a known white supremacist slogan, according to officials. what exactly does '14' supposed to mean except the number after 13 and before 15 so if a black shooter has 'cracker' on his weapon are you going to report that as well? I bet not! Now report on these.

Social media spreading White supremacy ‘virus,’ New York governor says after mass shootingNew York Gov. Kathy Hochul reprimanded social media company executives on Sunday over how radicalization may spread online and lead to physical harm in the wake of a mass shooting in Buffalo. Yep, one guy goes nuts, and now there's a problem with white people. 17 people were shot in Milwaukee Friday night, was that a black supremacy virus?