New York coronavirus outbreak originated in Europe, new study finds

4/10/2020 1:18:00 AM

A new study from Mount Sinai found that the New York cases of COVID-19 originated from Europe.

A new study has found evidence that the first COVID-19 cases in New York City originated in Europe and occurred as early as February.

A new study from Mount Sinai found that the New York cases of COVID-19 originated from Europe.

Coronavirus map: Tracking the spread in the US and around the world The team then analyzed these sequences together with all 2,363 publicly available SARS-CoV-2 genomes from around the world to determine the most likely origin of the SARS-CoV-2 strains infecting these metro New York City residents who sought care at Mount Sinai..New research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers brought in the virus mainly from Europe, not Asia.FILE PHOTO: New York governor Andrew Cuomo speaks as the USNS Comfort pulls into a berth in Manhattan during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.

“Phylogenetic analysis of 84 distinct SARS-CoV2 genomes indicates multiple, independent but isolated introductions mainly from Europe and other parts of the United States," van Bakel said."In addition, clusters of related viruses found in patients living in different neighborhoods of the city provide strong evidence of community transmission of SARS-CoV2 in the city prior to March 18, 2020.Studies also found the coronavirus was circulating in the New York area as early as mid-February, The Times said, indicating the virus has been spreading long before more aggressive testing measures were put into place." "Only one of the 78 cases studied was infected with a virus that was a clear candidate for introduction from Asia, and that virus is most closely related to viral isolates from Seattle, Washington," Viviana Simon, a professor of microbiology and infectious diseases at ISMMS, said in a statement.Both teams analyzed genomes from coronaviruses taken from New Yorkers starting in mid-March.Medical workers putting on PPEs at the beginning of their shift at the emergency field hospital run by Samaritan's Purse and Mount Sinai Health System in Central Park on April 08, 2020, in New York."People were just oblivious," Adriana Heguy, a member of the research team from New York University, told The Times.Medical workers putting on PPEs at the beginning of their shift at the emergency field hospital run by Samaritan's Purse and Mount Sinai Health System in Central Park on April 08, 2020, in New York.New York, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, has now recorded 7,067 deaths from COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, or nearly half of the total across the country.

Misha Friedman/Getty Images Dr.A little under two weeks later, on January 31, President Donald Trump implemented a ban on foreign nationals entering the country if they had been to China in the past 14 days.31, President Donald Trump barred foreign nationals from entering the country if they had been in China during the prior two weeks.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told ABC News' chief anchor George Stephanopoulos on Thursday that the new research is"probably correct" about how and when COVID-19 presented in New York.5:22 Dr.Nonetheless, the new studies indicate travelers from Europe carrying the virus were already entering the country via New York weeks before the ban.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, shares the latest on COVID-19 from mitigation measures to prevalence in various U.“People were just oblivious,” said Adriana Heguy, a member of the NYU team.S.As of Wednesday, the coronavirus had infected more than 435,000 people in the US, with nearly 15,000 deaths.He said total hospitalizations were trending at about 18,000, well under the state’s current hospital bed capacity of 90,000, but stressed that more dire models had predicted that New York could see hospitalizations of 110,000 or more.

communities."Europe became the epicenter pretty quickly after China really exploded with their cases.Loading Something is loading.Viruses invade a cell and take over its molecular machinery, causing it to make new viruses.As you know, we cut off the travel from China relatively early and we were seeded with a relatively few number from China, but it quickly switched to Europe, particularly northern Italy," Fauci said."And given the travel and the air traffic from anywhere in Italy, particularly northern Italy, it's just not surprising -- unfortunately -- and inadvertently New York was seeded before they knew what was going on and that's why they're in the difficult situation they're in right now," Fauci explained.And get the latest from Business Insider Intelligence on how COVID-19 is impacting businesses.What to know about Coronavirus: How it started and how to protect yourself:.If a new virus manages to escape its host and infect other people, its descendants will inherit that mutation.Cuomo said that while the Sept.

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I am not an expert, sus pect we had this virus as early as end of Nov. Of last year. Many people were first infected on flights and cruise ships and went home and got ill from being out of the country and unknowingly brought it back to the US. Many proba. just thought it was flu. This is what the new study actually says about the virus origin. Disingenuous reporting at best.

More b.s.. Yeah letting all those people back into the country without testing their temperature really did wonders. Good job on our government. But then again we wouldn't be so great if we did not have the highest in infections & deaths from Covid-19. Can't be out done by other countries. Trying to save China again by this fake news ABC network.

And those cases (immigrants) were connected to Chinese workers in fabric industry and other sweat shops. Look it up!!! I disagree. I knew people who had this in October 2019. Let’s see this study. I had it in Dec. No shit, Sherlock! Sheep believe anything they read from MSM

New York coronavirus outbreak came mainly from travelers from Europe - Business InsiderResearchers also found the coronavirus was circulating in New York City as early as mid-February, according to The New York Times. No shit. Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it'll always get you the right ones. the best way to avoid it is to build a wall all around US. As we all know no americans travelled to europe...

IT ORIGINATED IN CHINA AND SPREAD TO EUROPE...fixed it Well what do you know.... 🧐🧐 sounds like yu foo BS US FakeNews still backing CPP? Why? What ties do US media have to China? No one wants to ask? Sheeple aren’t interested? COVIDー19 Thank you Trump, by limiting air traffic from China when first heard of virus, might have been even worse before we knew what was happening, especially with WHO covering for China coming to light.

It's been here awhile Trump also closed travel suddenly as the outbreak became a pandemic in Europe. Then Americans flew back to all major airports and were herded into cattle car type situations at customs. This spread the European infections in all major airport hubs. We saw the pictures. Now deaths

That must have been quite a time consuming study. To bad they didn't use their time to study and produce a report of what programs Nancy Pelosi initially wanted funded that she was holding/delaying for incorporating in the 3rd stimulus package. We should build a wall at airport

Most New York Coronavirus Cases Came From Europe, Genomes ShowNew research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers brought in the virus mainly from Europe, not Asia."The majority is clearly European," said Harm van Bakel, a geneticist at Icahn School Thankfully our President closed off China in January. 🙌🏼 Lmao, study checks out.🤦‍♂️ Very insightful, however, the virus originated in China

This shouldn’t be surprising. Trump made a big deal about shutting travel from China . In reality 40,000 direct flight from China to US after that . No attempt at all to monitor travelers from other countries with COVID . The complexity of the problem way over Trump’s intellect Trump closed the back door--for which he praises himself--but he left the front door wide open.

Sure sure It turns out this is not a chinese virus after all Yep. China to Italy to rest of Europe to US. And the news here is what? And the first cases in the nation on the west coast? Where did those come from, you dishonest hacks? I think the word you are looking for is Wuhan. It originated in Wuhan. That's in China. Wuhan, China. It's a Chinese place. Wuhan Coronavirus - as it was originally called.

New study backed by CCP?

New York sees drop in new hospitalizations, deaths keep risingNew York state saw a sharp drop in the number of people newly admitted to a hospital in the past 24 hours to the lowest level since the coronavirus outbreak began, a sign that social distancing steps were working, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday. Social distancing is working НИЧЕГО СТРАШНОГО! В Хиросиме, к слову сказать, за секунду испарилось в сотни раз больше людей .... At least some good news.

Where do you think Europe got it? It all originated in China, and China covered it up and lied a out it when called out on the cover up. Plane loads of totally unscreened passengers coming into JFK, especially from Milan. No questions, no screening. That would be Trumps Customs Service and Immigration Service.

NOVEMBER,,,,, PR HAS HAD IT SINCE THEN. MY WHOLE OFFICE WAS SICK IN JANUARY. CDC WHO ALL LIE! Bular naparsa yapsın Www3 En güzeli Cenin pziyonudur İçerde kalsın 〰️ Müzik de açık olabilir TV de rüzgar eser tamlar o anki duyguyu hissi Sema duyumsama biz ✨&✨ You forgot to mention that it came to Europe from China.

Ofcourse it came from Europe, oh did I think China, oh did WHO hide it, let's figure that out first before focussing on other lesser priority things.. It originally originated in China it still all came from china. Wonder if 45 will still call it the CHINESE VIRUS?

New York bringing in more funeral directors as death toll hits new highNew York state had 799 deaths from coronavirus in one day, its highest daily toll yet in the pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state will bring in additional funeral directors 'to deal with the number of people who have passed.' How many of them went out and went to movies after NYCMayor told them it was “totally safe”? How many of them caught the virus from kids who caught it at the schools that he should have closed much earlier? So many bad decisions at every level.

We already knew but ok That shit was around here in November Now the DNCmedia says 'Europe', but early reporting specified Iran. Wow. Who might have thought. Do you mean transited in Europe; originated in China? I am confused. America virus As usual They originated in China how dumb do you think we are On January 31 DJT banned travel from China and he was called a “racist” and “xynophobe” can you imagine what would have been said if he banned travel from China AND Europe? Now there’s a point of blame for the idiotic hypocrites.

Here we go again

A Look At The New Nightlife In New York City During The Coronavirus PandemicWith non-essential businesses closed and people ordered to stay home, the city that never sleeps has dramatically slowed down.

Still Chinese. China should be paying for all this shit! So are we gonna call it the European virus then? So should we call it the Euro Virus instead of the Chineeeese Virus?! Been saying it.... I think I had it in December. So Trump's restrictions on travelers from China and Iran worked and should've been expanded to any country as soon as covid19 cases should up in their territory?

Any European wAnna complain that it’s racist? Please dial CNN lol So it was occurring around the same time De Blasio and others were publicly telling the people that New York was safe and to go out and enjoy the parade.🤔 Was it still a fake news hoax in February? The virus was here in January.

It's too bad the only thing you cared about was a certain to fail impeachment, isn't it? Try November... but...but I realDonaldTrump ... put a travel band to and from China.....I saved millions Choosing the wrong side eh? It still came from China!!! Surely it ALL originated from China Thought mr Trump and jr. said it was from china?

I am not surprised. I belong to a FB group for travelers to Italy. They were coming and going for months with no one being checked at airports when they got back. Well Gosh, I wonder how it got to Europe?

They were late to react TravelBan even though they already have MuslimBan in place; well before. AmericanVirus Who really knows for certainty but now lets work on eradicating it together as one world joined RolndKarl And the staggering incompetence of this so-called administration has exasperated this novel situation and led to TrumpBurialPits TheTruthWillSaveLives

So no bat soup eh? realDonaldTrump I was looking forward to becoming Batman Please do better research and post the truth ABC, otherwise your name should change to FCOM (F 🇨🇳 owned media) Mark 14:62 Why do I get the filling were all guinea pigs? So Europe got it from China Maybe they were at that bar in Austria that had mouth beer pong

China don’t be stupid

Hope Xi sees this. 👏👏👏 ' A new study finds ' ? Always a new study finding exactly what the enablers and apologists need to justify their virtue signalling. A new Chinese study finds evidence that ABC News covers for pedophiles allowing MANY more children to be raped. They also find that they are a good comrade! ABC News is not news. They are propaganda for the highest bidder - British Royals, the elite, and of course China.

WakeUpAmerica 100%!!! Loudmouthkid62 “originated” is not the right word It came DIRECTLY from China. Covid19=Christianity war.lookit up utube it, it's really. Jews 🕎,, blacks n gays......per retirinution.. “Will mislead for Yuan” FifthColumn No pretty sure it was a hoax in February! Great

And how exactly did it get to Europe? Just curious. TrumpVirus But it was brought to Europe by Chinese tourists visiting Italy, Spain, etc. during the Christmas break. ABC is now the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece. ABC should atleast pretend they love America more than China. The last I checked American listen to ABC news not Chinese.

Tracing back to the source, we can develop vaccines faster. They didn’t “originate in Europe.” More propaganda as leftist media attempts to control the narrative. The virus has already been proven to originate in Wuhan, China. Which has two bio-labs BTW. 😏 I’m beginning to think that China owns abc news because they surely going hard to protect China during this pandemic with their propaganda!!

Evidence or proof Nobody believes you. is FakeNews YouSpelledChinaWrong ChinesePropaganda

'ORIGINATED' aka someone from Europe got it from someone from China. does it really matter where it came from? it is here with us, we deal with it People, can you just stop and listen for a bit. They’re just saying someone from Europe came to nyc and it was not brought there directly from China. Unlike the first case in Seattle. IMO, also why it is so virulent out there in NYC (same as Italy) compared to west coast.

the first case came from China, They never canceled Chinese New year, Europe did not get the virus until the beginning of March, China knew the virus was bad and let people from Wuhan travel to different countries Everyone with a bit of common sense knew what was going to happen. That's why I called my sister and told her to come back home asap. Watching America doing our same mistakes was like watching an horror movie

ABC fake news. But Trump is a hero for stopping Chinese people from coming here We don’t believe you. Where was the mayor? Where was the governor? Total lapse of leadership.

ABC trying to blame white people for the chink flu 😳oh And New York is run by.... Drum roll, please.... Democrats. Hope to curb it soon... Don’t forget to follow because I follow back quickly That's the amazing thing about studies. They will always find something. Is China an investor of ABC News? This sounds like CCP propaganda.

stop spreading fake news