New York City Public Schools Cancel Snow Days, Citing The Success Of Remote Learning - Cnn

New York City public schools cancel snow days, citing the success of remote learning

The joy of snow days is no more for New York City public school students.

5/8/2021 10:30:00 PM
New York City Public Schools Cancel Snow Days, Citing The Success Of Remote Learning - Cnn

Attributing the success of remote learning during the pandemic, New York City officials cancel snow days, saying students should log onto digital devices for classes

The joy of snow days is no more for New York City public school students.

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A Tennessee father, his infant daughter and eight other children were killed in a multi-vehicle crash on an Alabama highway

A Tennessee father and his infant daughter were among 10 people -- nine of whom were children -- killed in a fiery multi-vehicle crash on an Alabama highway this weekend.

Noooooooo 😖 Acting like we used to get those often. De Blaiso first year in office bro sent us to school when the temperature was about 5 degrees. Officials told people not to be outside longer than 10 minutes. Some ppl have to walk more than that That's just mean. Remote learning would be impossible if there’s a possibility of lack electricity due circumstances beyond their control.

But what happens if the a weather knocks out power? What a joyless existence. The success of remote learning? You have no idea what you're talking about. I taught through this and for many students it was a disaster. Like a lost year of development, cognitive and social. This was an emergency use only scenario. Kids need to be in school. Period!

New York City to Offer Covid-19 Vaccine Jabs to TouristsMayor Bill de Blasio says the city is ready to vaccinate tourists at popular attractions to help revive the city after the pandemic, bringing mobile vans to jab visitors everywhere from Central Park to the Empire State Building. Who wants to go to the AppleInDecay ? Lmao no dirty new yorkers gonna stick me with sum dirty needle I’ll tell ya that! 🤣🤣🤣 闫丽梦 闫博士 DrLiMengYan1 DrLiMengYan YanLimeng LimengYan CCPVirus COVID19 whistleblowermovement MilesGuo TakeDownTheCCP LudeMedia GTV GNEWS NFSC 爆料革命 路德社LUDE 郭文贵 新中国联邦

How Asians Became the Most Vaccinated Group in New York CityNEW YORK — Since last year, Phung Nguyen, 77, feared the worst would happen if she fell ill with COVID-19. She lives alone in the New York City borough of the Bronx, lost contact with her daughter years ago and only speaks Vietnamese. When she heard of a vaccine that protects against the virus, she was determined to get it. But with limited ability to understand English and an eye condition that caused her vision to deteriorate, she needed help setting up an appointment. So, she turned to Mekong NYC, a small nonprofit that serves the Southeast Asian community in the city. Michelle Bounkousohn, an organizer, helped her get vaccinated, although it took over a month. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times “I really appreciate you and everybody at Mekong,” Nguyen told Bounkousohn recently. “It seems like you went through a lot to take me that day.” Mekong NYC is one of several community-based organizations that have been instrumental in helping Asian American communities schedule vaccine appointments and translate COVID information accurately. Months before city and state vaccination sites allowed for people to walk in without an appointment, these nonprofits had been working overtime to get shots in arms. In New York City, vaccination efforts have fallen short in some immigrant and minority neighborhoods. Organizers say many people would like to get vaccinated but could not schedule appointments or find answers to their questions. Many immigrants, organizers said, incorrectly assumed they were ineligible. But Asian Americans are the most vaccinated demographic group in the city, according to city data. Sixty-eight percent of the city’s adult Asian population, which tops 680,000, has received at least one dose. White adults in the city are the next highest, at 49%. Vaccine recipients are asked to report their own race and ethnicity on forms, and vaccination facilities then report that data to the Citywide Immunization Registry. The numbers may reflec

New York City Is Replacing Snow Days With Distance LearningNew York City Is Replacing Snow Days With Distance Learning “In a move that absolutely no one asked for, New York announced that snow days are over, and kids will just learn remotely if they can't make it to school.” 💔 They will have to learn how to play in the snow then! Good grief - let them enjoy life In an even more stunning turn of events, parents everywhere say 'eff that!' and miraculously their internet isn't working on what used to be Snow Days! I'm in Canada. Unless it's over a foot of snow we continue usually as normal. Patterson NJ schools had over 400 people joined virtual learning classrooms that were from other countries outside of the USA

Bodies of 750 Covid-19 victims in New York City remain in refrigerated trucksNew York City is still using refrigerated trucks to store bodies of coronavirus victims, more than a year after they were first set up as temporary morgues as deaths surged at at the height of the pandemic. I Never believed it works this way,I was very doubtful about trading but I decided to give it a try.I invested $300 with Sir californiaBTC1 when I saw testimonies on how good he is, was still very skeptical but he proved me wrong and I'm very happy now. Why aren’t the bodies moved to normal morgues now? Thanks Cuomo!

New York City mayor: Who is winning the money race?The Democratic mayoral primary is one of the most consequential elections in New York City in recent memory. We broke down the top candidates by donations, contributors, share of New York City donors, remaining cash and average donation size: please retweet. Mauritania is facing acute humanitarian needs, including high levels of food insecurity (over 25 per cent of the population in severe food insecurity in most of the provinces) and very high rates of acute malnutrition. UN When will this race end? I feel like it's gone on longer than most presidential races. Does anybody outside NYC care? Anyone but Yang. Support of charter schools should disqualify him or any Dem candidate.