Black Lives Matter Mural Painted Outside Trump Tower İn Manhattan - Cnn

Black Lives Matter Mural Painted Outside Trump Tower İn Manhattan - Cnn

New York City paints Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan

New York City paints a Black Lives Matter mural on the street directly outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan

7/10/2020 8:16:00 AM

New York City paints a Black Lives Matter mural on the street directly outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan

New York City is painting a Black Lives Matter mural on the street directly outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

City employees began painting a stretch of Fifth Avenue, just in front of the Trump Organization's headquarters, on Thursday morning. Mayor Bill de Blasio authorized the stark yellow mural earlier this month. The New York mayor rolled up his sleeves and painted a bit of the mural, too, clad in a mask and flanked by civil rights leader, the Rev. Al Sharpton. "President Trump said we would be denigrating the luxury of Fifth Avenue. Let me tell you: we're not denigrating anything, we are liberating Fifth Avenue, we are uplifting Fifth Avenue," de Blasio said on Thursday in response to Trump's tweet last week criticizing de Blasio for"denigrating" the area.He added,"Who built this city, who built this nation, and never got the acknowledgement, the recognition..."Read More"When we say 'Black Lives Matter' there is no more American statement, there's no more patriotic statement, because there is no America without Black America. We are acknowledging the truth in ourselves and in America. By saying 'Black lives matter' we are righting a wrong," de Blasio said.Our city isn't just painting the words on Fifth Avenue. We're committed to the meaning of the message. #BlackLivesMatter

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— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) July 9, 2020 President Donald Trump fumed at the plan after it was announced by city officials earlier this month. He called the words"Black Lives Matter" a"symbol of hate" and suggested that police officers could block the work:"Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates & disrespects them, won't let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York's greatest street. Spend this money fighting crime instead!"CNN has reached out to the Trump Organization for comment.The mural marks the second time the words appeared in large letters outside one of Trump's homes; Washington's mayor had the term painted in large yellow letters on a street near the White House last month.It's happening: the Black Lives Matter mural is being painted today in front of Trump Tower.

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AMERICANS MUST UNDERSTAND MR PRESENT IS GOD SENDS FOR GREAT POSITIVE PURPOSE CHANGING AMEN. Can CNN ever post a positive news about Trump? Shame. So on the next block are the gonna allow another state sanctioned mural to be painted in ALL LIVES MATTER, BLUE LIVES MATTER, RED, YELLOW, BROWN, JEWS LIVES MATTER? Or any other color? No? Didn't think so. This is nothing more than a racist move from the left.

Ffs go do this I’m Chicago, fuckin innocent kids and people are gunned down and they’re black... Young Mother Killed By BLM Mob for saying AllLivesMatters So where is the JusticeForJessicaWhitaker ? BLM now is = BurnLootMurder RadicalLeft = Marxist = Communist DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica JessicasLivesMatter JessicaDotyWhitaker killed by BLM

Our tax dollars at work!! I’m glad BLM is painted in front of Trump Tower. Trump has encouraged racism. Now he will see the rebuke he deserves whenever he accesses his building. Commi news Network Best place in the city for it. It’s ugly and it’s racist 😡 JESSICA DOTY WHITAKER!! CNN is the WORST... BLM, there is something seriously wrong with the movement and followers/believers. It seems that some believe killing innocent young women for simply saying ALL LIVES MATTER is justified... and you won't even report it. SHAME ON YOU

Can you mention JessicaWhitaker, or does it not fit your narrative, ? SayHerName IMBECILES AS WORK All these racists say keep monuments of the slave owners and Confederate soldiers but get mad over a little paint Disgrace to the entire world. Good news for the Tower. It believes in BLM as the Tower that provides employment, dining and hotel accomodations.

All lives matter... AWESOME just bloody AWESOME!! Worse than dog shit on the street. All lives matter. Most of USA supports that Such a stupid idea and a waste of tax payers money. Besides all lives matter in gods eyes Socialist Mayor helps vandalize streets of NYC as crime rises and murders up 130%😝 This Mayor should resign or be removed !where is the Governor!!

I agree 100%, however, if we don't soon get another stimulus check to help us who are in need, than no lives will matter. We will all struggle more to survive. He really bent forward and grabbed his ankles on this one. He’ll be sorry, not for this but for not allowing other activities while allowing this

That is like plastering Nazi signs everywhere.. The Dems are mad at Trump today for “abusing” his pardon power! Total Presidential pardons/sentence Commutation: Carter - 566 Reagan - 406 HW Bush - 77 George W Bush - 200 Cigar Bill - 459 Obama - 1927 Trump - 26 Please, will someone eduacate me on abuse of power?

Ha ha ha ha ha. All these negative comments I love it. Way to ugly a nice looking street.... NY is ugly these days.... nice job Dems & Mayor .... your weak ! AllLivesMatterNotJustBlack 🤣🤣🤣 You have beautified NY in a whole new way! Good for you! If we were meant to be that diff. We would all be bleeding a different colour blood.. but we don’t .. so we are all meant to be a collective not against . Great job !

Cnn how much they pay you against Trump? BLM is the radical dems last attempt to destebilize Trump ahead of the election. Common in L. America, never thought to see this in the US Awesome, remember who Trump really is! A racist! Is that the only reason it was allowed, because it’s outside of Trump towers? This country is a mess

They just showed how truly ignorant they are. DeBlasio is a disgrace, is pandering for votes......they should have painted in front of his house. On fifth Avenue Come on....... Hey , you mean THIS BLM? Why don’t you run this story about this young mother. Her son is wondering where she is. She’s gone because YOU are enabling rioting, race baiting & lawlessness to rule our land so you can get ratings JessicaDotyWhitaker

Disgusting politic. Waste of paint idiots well, i have to admit that thanks to America constitution, if not i am not sure what kind of president Trump Will turn out to be. Eneryone has seen that he wanted to crackdown with military troop, many weeks ago. TrumpIsNotWell TrumpKillsUs TrumpIsAnIdiot ALL LIVES MATTER

Meanwhile homicides are skyrocketing in the poorly run city... democrats and their policies are destroying NYC Old news.Why not talk about bounty on soldiers and Donny's crime family? Should change your name to fox news lite. FNL. All Of this when the coroners report showed GeorgeFloyd died from the drugs he was taking. There is no racial issue in America. It’s each individuals heart just like its each persons heart to choose who they marry.

Political stunt, like its Trumps fault. He has been in politics for four years. The Dems you support are lifetime politicians and haven’t done a damn thing to fix systemic racism. Democrat voters in the US are being scammed again!!!! MUST SEE: What a load of BS! Thank Goodness! This will help so much! 🤡

Trump doesn.;t listen to the public'voice,he just focus on his political benefit.He private and unmoral!He isn;t suitable to be president! LOL. Days old news again? uffeelbaek Like the view realDonaldTrump ? So CNN if the USA was attacked by China physically would you cheer it on . Oh the answer is yes because thats exactly what you did with this pandemic. Disgusting.

Publicity stunt backfires Here’s your “Burn, Loot, & Murder” animals! Gotta keep the hate going. The new Unjversity of Texas at Tyler poll has Biden leading Trump in Texas 48% to 43%. Useless Mayor I Wonder why Rona is so High in NY So sad They keep playing is video and all it shows is the moron with a bunch of People making fools of themselves this mayor is out of his mind and they don't even realize it they will find out one day

It’s idiotic. Pandering from a corrupt politician and his grifter wife. Embarrassing. Take that racism ! good people lives matter. what goes around comes around. Love it Y’all so mad, I love it. Only painting “Black Lives Matter” is racism. Don’t other lives matter too? The city should also paint “White Lives Matter”, “Brown Lives Matter”, “yellow lives matter”...otherwise, the city is racist and it’s a hate crime against other races

All Lives Matter more! 🇸🇪 The cause to stop brutality and alleged murders has been hijacked by the Democratic party to help when the tickets or votes. They go opposite or build issues to go against Trump rather than truly give a crap about US Citizens. I can understand if they dislike him but how low?

Boy that fixes everything. Good work Black Lives Matter is not an anti white movement, it is an anti racism movement. If you feel attacked by it, You are the problem. Love this! توی میکروب بزرگ کشور ایران و دولت کثیفت هرموقع میاین پشت تلویزیون و سخنرانی میکنین بدترین اتفاق ها برای کشور رقم میخوره حرومزاده کثیف.تو و احمدی نژاد حرومزاده و کثیف و هرکسی که اون مردان و زنان رو تو تظاهرات کشت و فرستادینشون تو کهریزک و زیرزمینی های دیگه و وحشی ترین بلاها رو...

Precious fact Why do you keep reposting this childish act and not the murder of this young mother who was shot by BLM protestors for saying all lives matter? This is like students spray painting 'School Sucks' in front of the Principals house. That will show em. Congrats this did nothing to further the cause and makes you look childish in the process.

Karma will get him way to be on top of a 3 day old story. Vandalism, no? See all the people parroting hate over something that they only hear from the MSM, You trained them to react to anything, To control them to fight and hate anything you say, they react the way you want them too! So sad ParrotsRepeatWhatTheyHearFromTheirMATSERS

Why are this people obsessed with president Trump its insane ALL LIVE MATTERS CNN, UNITE IN STEAD OF DIVIDE... Man, if I lived there, I’d be the first to lay rubber down on this thing. All lives matter! 🅱︎🅻🅰︎🅲🅺 🅻🅸🆅🅴 🅼🅰︎🆃🆃🅴🆁🎉🎉 Идиоты. The mural is surely visible from Donnie’s gold-plated perch atop his namesake tower, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Yawn. Whatevs. More 4 years !!!! Here we go!!! Gotta love peaceful protests what’s the problem All LIVE MATTER All they know is how to destroy stuff and play the victim. Diblasio is a loser Lmaooo I bet the mango man wont be happy about this keep resisting CNN just so scared that BLM “protest” will burn down their HQ again, so they had to keep on showing their support by tweeting this dozens of times a day.

Black lives doesnt matter Fake news cnn is all about trump and coronavirus, no other news. cnn should fear God BLM, front for the DemParty once again using black folk for their own gain. They are then able to use the race card to bully and shame people, celebrities, influential people and corporations to donate large sums of money. Follow the money...

Burn Loot Murder This story is days old and no one cared then Time to paint MAGA in front of di Blasio’s house. To Walk spit shit and throwup in it👏🏻 Wow I can’t believe they did that to Trump he must be so mad, childish and no benefits to the black lives that matter,this movement is very dangerous!!! Racism is cured!

Racist crap. Communists symbols and all So opportunistic, everything in the US is political, partisan. Nobody to take the high road, nobody to bring people together. Every one against every one, divide on race, wealth, religion. Republicans and democrats have failed the country for decades; it’s time for a third party

*yawn* painted BLM and are they improving? Is racism gone? do you want real change ....... trump go out on with house Nov 2020 Trump wins So this is news? Demagogo Irresponsable. So it’s only right to discriminate while you are discriminating.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🤔🤔 Looking for trouble...Don't poke the Sleeping Lion

Wow. Nice 👍👍 DiBlasio should be charged with destruction of property what Mayor does this he needs to be removed He only proved to be a complete mental case and the worst Mayor of the city “Mural” 🤡🤡🤡 Where is NYCMayor mask? Why is he spreading his Marxist spittle all over the people he claims to protect? NYGovCuomo Do Something! RemoveEveryDemocrat FakeNewsMediaClowns KillerCuomo

Politics Petulant kids think they're 'sticking it to Trump'. All they're doing is ensuring his reelection. Meanwhile... Remember if anyone drives over it , it's a sign of disrespect and a hate crime . Well that’s just brought the average property price down to around $10b. Poor Donald. 👍🏼 Now, that will change world! Bunch of heroes!

Imagine someone painted MAGA.. how you divisive reporters would be losing your minds..or ALM, or anything sensible.. Just because it’s a race related movement, doesn’t mean you can vandalise public property. That’s racism ended then 👍🏻 Vandalism... promoted by the major. Vandalism! America is slowly devouring itself!

Disgraceful! DeBlasio scoring points on the hot topic, striking whilst the iron is hot! Take your BS graffiti elsewhere... Its populism. AGAIN. What a load of crap. so he created more jobs? Someone should go paint MAGA out the front of Bill's house. Can we see a copy of the permit? Y’know because a responsible news agency would research and get a copy.

Look good, first and last time you see that long fellow actually 'work', if only for 5 mins. Is criminal damage ok in NY now? Celebrated even? Mayor spends much needed funds to paint a pro-racist/Marxist slogan... Painting BLM a neo marxist organization that seeks to abolish capitalism, end the nuclear family unit and free all drug related prisoners. And ignore black killing black homicides Well done dickheads well done 👏👏👏👏

Bill is moron and has done as much as he can to destroy NYC. And then he gets all the black folk to the work while he supervises just like his Democrat predecessors on them Dixie plantations. Well done “massa” How about MAGA mural? The grift is strong with this one... I guess Warren Wilhem doesn’t realize that Donald J.Trump doesn’t live there anymore! He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC,And will be residing there until 2024!!

Worst mayor ever, on the worst fake news channel. BLM is a terrorist organization, wake up people; controlled by the DNC. It’s graffiti and should be removed. The fact is, black lives do matter but BLM is a Marxist/Terrorist organization that only want rid of cops so they can commit crimes unchallenged.

It’s f’kn graffiti Is that appropriate city spending UMMMM JUST ONE THING...A STREET IS SOMETHING YOU WALK ALL OVER. I DON'T THINK THEY THOUGHT THIS THROUGH. And by doing so they just defaced public property. Why yellow? It's not a mural it's just a partisan politics mob rule painted on the street. This mayor is busy painting Petit bullshit while his citizens are getting sliced up on trains. CNN should be reporting that. CNN don't care about lives they care just like this stupid mayor don't.

Bill de Blasio is provoke to our President Donald Trump, , de Blasio not have Moral Education , he has s provoking in from to Tower of our Predident Donald Trump. In Midtown Manhattan . This is not correct , thisman is destroyed the city and the Atractic The address norespect The crime rate is skyrocketing and this is his solution. Kudos good man! The violence in the streets ended. You can unwrap SOHO now.

.... Except for black unborn baby's lives More of whom are aborted than are born in NYC Mural? 🤡’s Vandalism Rumors persist, Obama benefited from Muslim Brotherhood money that made its way into his campaign coffers. There was no way as president he could have ignored the demand of the Brotherhood to restore its assets. Much history was sealed, like birth certificate, Harvard transcripts

It must be nice to have solved literally every other problem in the city and to have NYC in such a strong solid financial situation that they have money to spend on such things as this. Mural? Or letters Murals go on walls Meanwhile his city is a crime ridden crap hole. thugs that should have immediately been brought to Justice (if there's any right now in this country)

What has Trump got to do with George Floyd’s killing and black lives matter? Where is the connection? Stupidest Narrator=This 'mural' is graffiti! Stop lying. Thanks for this and all the protest organized n supported by the main media wing of Dem party. These acts will convert more Patriots votes to Trump making historic landslide victory. From 2020 Nov, the USA will be RED country. Thanks for what you do

Just here to inform CNN they are wrong once more. Nice try propagandists Disgusting report from biggest fake news on earth AllLivesMatter Trump2020VictoryNowMoreThanEver What a joke FakeNewsCNN spins this is a MURAL. All it showcases is NYCMayor promotes graffiti and clearly a political FU to POTUS Joke boomeranged as thinking voters are not impressed. RudyGiuliani Trump2020VictoryNowMoreThanEver

Idiots! Nothing like bending the knee to a domestic terror organization. For a minute there, I thought we Blasio was still concerned about social distancing. This is an eyesore, plain ugly. They could have at least done it in rainbow colors! You spelled graffiti wrong. How cute, NY will be a giant billboard. Like that’s gonna help the cause. Idiots!

Where’s all that social distancing and Wilhelm’s mask? Spitting all over each other is the new Covid cure. He would suck dik in public if it got him noticed. Obama since office ? Black lives matter and a war on police not real solutions ! A Cancel culture not as publicized ! A Sanctuary for illegal foreign criminals not for American blacks needs ! Plus lhe’s living in a beach home with crackers as neighbors !

Mural? 😂😂 Mural? This is sanctioned graffiti from the worst Mayor in New York's storied history! So stupid Black lives matter unless it's baby or Libyan slave trade victims Not a mural, a mural is a picture, this is a slogan. Paint rollers are the Demokkkrat's new torches. Trump’s motorcade of limos will drive right over it, leaving tire marks and oil stains.

Now do All Lives Matter in front of DeBlasios office! Weak it truly matter This is a disgrace! Why are you promoting it as a positive thing? Hate speech As murder and crime skyrocket, DeBlasio cuts funding for law enforcement and spends money on... paint. LiberalHack Always thought spitting on the street was gross , but i would have to if i were there!

How embarrassing! This accomplishes absolutely nothing. Wish you would interview this logical black man. The violent BLM is just widening the racial divide & perpetuating the views that they want to dispel. Like running backwards uphill under water. But it wouldn't fit your narrative, right? No Justice, No Peace, Free TVs, Free Nikes.

It's pretty amazing that the BLM mural is painted such that when reading it, the backdrop is Trump Tower. When you realize the irony of that message & that President Trump has done more for the black community than the last four Presidents together it sends a strong message. Get a permit and paint a Trump 2020 mural right next to it. If the mayor doesn’t allow it sue the hell out of the city

Why is Trump Tower flying the American flag - should it not be flying the Russian or maybe confederate flag instead to show its true colours!!!! Trump is not American in the ways he does things and maybe not even human! Can we paint all lives matter in front of Bills house It not a mural. Mural depicts pictures. These are words that are painted as a political hit. Nothing more, nothing less.

BuyGoya BlackBeansMatter Yeah! Graffiti! So brave You mean paints words on a street? Got it. A racist movement none the less. Too bad you can’t afford to pay actual people who know vocabulary. And in less than a week, it'll look like a dingy, soot-covered, unreadable mess. This is not a mural Or art – it’s graffiti!

It’s not a mural, CNN. But who’s going to stop you from spreading lies, right? Mural Propaganda graffiti to help raise money for the DNC. I don't think Trump cares about what these schoolyard bullies are doing and I'm sure it strokes their Egos... Trump lives in Florida now really the jokes on them that painted it and NYC 😆😆

YuriMarcal vem ver isso senhor 🙋🏽‍♀️ NY Tax dollars at work. What a disgrace BilldeBlasio is. His city is exploding w crime, and he focuses on childish pr gimmicks like this?! NO MASK TOO BLM lost all credibility when a Father was gunned down in front of his Daughter and there was no outrage. BLM only when it convenient.

And there ya go! No more racism! That fixed everything!! This does nothing except make me wanna flaunt my whiteness and list off the astounding number of great white accomplishments to every BLM scumbag. Words painted on a street is not a mural. that's not a mural. And doing that the problem was resolved Oh they will send the bill to the Trump’s Out of control government testing how far they can go

...because they are a terrorist organization. There, I finished your headline for you. blm RacialIntimidation “Mural”... as in, campaign slogan. *Mural* no, it’s government sanctioned vandalism I hope that storm wiped all that paint off of the street Come clean my roof you monster. Your giant body will never fit in Washington, DC.

DeBlasio (Warren Wilhelm Jr)...once a Marxist, always a Marxist. This is racism and divisiveness plain and simple! BLM IS A HATE GROUP. Any group who chants “death to pigs - pigs in a blanket fry like bacon” should not get their name painted on a street. Marxist arts and craft time While you paint and kneel crime is up 150% since you removed the plans clothes unit.

The most childest thing I've seen in years What a great use of time and resources. How about reconsidering priorities? Put up a BLM monument there instead, which can’t be covered with cars, buses, taxis, etc. when NY traffic returns to normal. It’s not a mural, it’s graffiti It’s graffiti Isn’t a mural an actual painting? These are block letters, filled in outlines. Not a mural

By you mean letters? Wew lads this mural really makes up for it Political marxists bullshit. We tried communism before and it doesn't work. The left is bound and determined to make it work though and I'm watching half you idiots fall for it. This won't end well! nuanced_nl Such adult behaviour....clown sh*t show 🤡

Not a mural. Words on a street intended to troll the president by an organization that has a terrorist on their board. This is a mural. 👇👇👇 State-sanctioned graffiti. Looks more like graffiti... That city is turned into a third world joke Good way to cure Covid 19 ! At least they have jobs. I see they’re sticking to the 6 foot social distancing..!!! Oh Forgot... that only applies to everything else except BlackLivesMatter

JoyLove221 I feel like I’ve woken from a beautiful dream, but it’s real. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Great, fake news post the same disgusting political show over and over again! 👍👏👏👏👏👏 トランプさんいじめにしか見えない。 Yea we know they matter. How about painting it on all the Martin Luther King Dr across America? Oh wait, Lemon said black on black crime didn't matter it was just police brutality.

Is it legal to paint a mural on any public street? I’m serious... can I paint a message on my street? Goodbye NYC, the once greatest city on earth ruined by democrats WHO GIVES A SHIT!!! and... CNN is phsyco nuts about Donald Trump. All they do is create divisions. They want it! And now racism is defeated forever!

💥With the mob taking over the streets of NYC and murders are up 130% the socialist Mayor DeBlasio is also in the streets helping them vandalize the streets of NYC ! As more and more people move out of the city!!😝 I hope some patriots spray paint over this defacement edgy now talk about the marxist roots of the group. We can all agree black lives matter without embracing marxism.

Get educated people, this why kids need to be back at school ASAP Idiotic use of tax dollars Please research yourself why Storage Cabinets named after MISSING CHILDREN sell for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. What's really being sold? Child Trafficking CORPORATIONS This guy is such a D-Bag!!!!! Alas! NYC happened to elect an idiot for an official job. Beside allowing his daughter to stir Cain, he puts dirt in his mouth! Why Black Lives Matter but not All Lives Matter? Didn't he support 'pro-abortion'? Is that only to kill White babies? Black babies excluded?

一群傻逼 For all of BLM influence, painting murals and desecrating statues have been their biggest achievement Racist. Simply racist. Black lives matter only when all lives matter. why not blank paint instead of yellow. It looks saying yellow lives matter NY is a cesspool Fail... This mural will definitely save lives and increase quality of living for sure.

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎼🎼🎼 It's only symbolic. It will not end racism. Disgusting! Use self political view and public resource to insult others private property. CNN رسمت مدينة نيويورك لوحة جدارية سوداء للحياة في الشارع مباشرة خارج برج ترامب في وسط مدينة مانهاتن ترجمة المستخدمين sy 'iin 'iin

Yeah Im definitely voting for President Trump again in November. KAG 🇺🇸 So sad these people don’t realize they’re being used as pawns. Typical ars Diblasio makes a fool of himself again Looks disgusting its all vandalism On your morning show error The General cited Fort Ord as named after Confederate; that is wrong. Ord was a Union soldier.

Best idea ever , I bet that will help all black lives, or only black lives lost to police shootings, or no black lives I’m so confused about what that is going to solve. So NYC supports an organization that does NOTHING for Black people! It’s divisive man! They takin y’all’s money and that’s it! They do nothin in the communities. It’s wrong. SMH

Great now paint it in front of every PPFA ( planned parenthood) clinic. blm and antifa are militias of the DNC party. realDonaldTrump this looks great in front of your bulding Who paid all this organisation? These morons are the Problem!! Good Luck NYC with this as your leader! That looks great in front of CHUMP tower.

Wait till the lawsuits come to paint other things in the streets all over They were on the clock to do this ? Hmmmm 'Loosing the north' trump and many congress redudlicans still don't get it, carl tuckerson? On the heels of the most violent June in NYC in 24 years!!! Keep promoting this Marxist, you sheep.

Criminal offence !!! And spreading Covid 19 !!!!! What a totally irresponsible thing too do !!! Well done to all of you idiots 😖 That will definitely help save more black lives 🙄 He will be sooo pissed everytime he looks at the window !!! This livestock mayor must step down, doing good things without him, doing bad things is his active

Next time I'm in the city I'll be sure to spit on it like the blacks did to me when I was a minority in 'their' community. Excellent take on BLM Marxist movement & CorruptNews false racial narrative from a Civil Rights Attorney. Cool, now racism is over.🤔🤔🤔 They'll see the graffiti of a terrorist marxist movement, great change there sport

That’s Trump’s payback for mocking Eric Garner’s dying words...ICantBreathe Paint whatever you want on the sidewalks, it's a pathetically patronizing PlumpytRUMPY sat in a WhiteHouse PlumpytRUMPY ate the hydroxychloroquine All the Republicans and all the Rednecks Couldn’t put PlumpytRUMPY back in the WhiteHouse again

Ugh trump created racism ugh ugh. I don’t know where to direct my anger ugh. Trump actually brought slaves over from Africa ...ugh Obama stopes racism uggh Democrats ugh will save me ughh republicans racist. Uggh civil war Abe Lincoln who stopped slavery bad ughh. Go antifia How many more enemies!! Donald this your legacy

Well done! Let all the Privledged that live in Trump Tower enjoy the view and see what freedom of speech entails and how important equality is. These changes are not going away. Get used to it. Will not live in ANY city with such stupidness written all over the streets. Brilliant New York flipping the bird to Al Capone le Trump twice in a day this and getting to see tax returns not to mention what the Epstein affair is going to expose. Brilliant excellent

Any life is invaluable! ScoutGreen1 BLM is a hate group, and this is hate speech. Trump would blame China again for the sign. Ha ha ha rubbing it in. Defacing the roads. Can cause traffic accidents covering up traffic lines That is racist! All lives matter! Waste of time and money. NYCMayor should spend more time answering to the COVID deaths he caused in nursing homes, the huge uptick in crime, or the lack of support for his police. Dog and pony show.

Trump2020NowMoreThanEver BLMIsADomesticTerroristGroup And now Black Lives Matter is ruining the color yellow. What if AllLivesMatter appeared everywhere across the country? I think it should. He doesn’t live there anymore. Someone needs to go and paint over it now. F**K BLM and the rest of those terrorists

BlackLivesMatter is a scam. The worst part is African-Americans put their trust and emotional well-being into this scam, designed not to benefit them, but foreign powers seeking the over-throwing of the West. 'Useful Idiots' is a real thing. Google it. VERY RIDICULUUUUUUUS Useless and hypocritical ideology

Blm is a terrorist organization “What matters is the keeping of the commandments of God.” 1 Corinthians 7:19 Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is near repent (turn away from sin, return to God) and believe in the good news (from His Son).” Mark 1:15 BlackLivesMattters Black lives matter is part of Democratic Party.

If anything says that BLM is about black people then this def taught me it's purely political lol what a fucking joke this actually is. Why should tax payers give him so much money for painting the mess? Well fuck de Blasio still, shout out to the people actually doing the work So we’re cheering on graffiti. Nice

👍🏾👍🏼👍🏽 Prevailing wage? Lol Racism is cured!! Good job Deblasio. Maybe you can paint “old people matter” in front of nursing homes to cure the thousands you and your governor banished to die. That's racist. President Trump said so. Black Lives Matter too. BlackLivesMatter realDonaldTrump SupremeLoser

Yeah keep telling us this guy is a racist; keep telling us up is down Looking good Isn't it illegal for a government to use tax-payer dollars to post political messages in public spaces? Someone ought to sue. WONDERFUL!!!!! Liberating 5th avenue from what? Black pavement?

SUV Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protest in New York CityAn SUV driver drove through a Black Lives Matter protest in Midtown Manhattan Tuesday evening after demonstrators tried to stop his car while they marched, New York Police Department officials said. Standing in the street might not be the best tactic against a generation that grew up playing Grand Theft Auto. Charge the driver People are still protesting?

New York City starts painting Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump TowerThe planned mural had provoked the ire of President Donald Trump, who slammed the mural on Twitter earlier this month as a 'symbol of hate.' lol, goodbye tourists Disgusting Do you know what Black Lives Matter BLM really stands for? You have to watch this clip:

New York City Paints 'Black Lives Matter' in Front of Trump TowerNew Yorkers have begun painting a 'Black Lives Matter' mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan. Isn't that vandalism? Wow

New York City paints Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump TowerThe planned mural had provoked the ire of President Donald Trump, who slammed the mural on Twitter earlier this month as a 'symbol of hate.' How disgusting. State sanctioned vandalism. Tax Payers pay for that street. Was a vote held as to whether or not we want our roads defaced? Black lives can matter when blacks stop killing more people than all other demographics combined. No one gives a shit. Barf

New York City Paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural On Street In Front Of Trump TowerNew York City began work Thursday on a prominent, yellow-lettered “Black Lives Matter” mural on the street in front of Trump Tower. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, long a critic of Donal… 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Stunning and brave.

New York Road Runners Hosting a Virtual Race to Support Black Lives MatterThrough the free race, NYRR will donate up to $100,000 to nonprofits confronting systemic racism.