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Coronavirus, Covıd-19

New York City Considers Mass Grave in Park for Virus Victims

New York City Councilman Mark Levine says the city is preparing a contingency plan to bury victims in a public park if morgues fill up.

4/6/2020 8:18:00 PM

New York City is considering plans to temporarily bury coronavirus victims in a public park, a high-ranking city official said, as the outbreak may soon strain the capacity of morgues. But no final decision on the contingency plan has been made.

New York City Council man Mark Levine says the city is preparing a contingency plan to bury victims in a public park if morgues fill up.

1:48 p.m. ETNew York City officials are starting to lay chilling contingency plans if deaths from the coronavirus outbreak begin to overwhelm the capacity of morgues: temporarily burying the dead in one of the city’s public parks.Mark Levine, the chairman of the City Council health committee, said on Monday that the office of the chief medical examiner was looking into creating temporary mass graves in a public park as it confronts the possibility that deaths from the coronavirus outbreak may soon exceed the capacity of city and hospital morgues.

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Mr. Levine declined to say which park was under consideration, noting only that it would likely have to be a large one “out of the way of the public.”Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that no such plan had been put in place yet, though he acknowledged it was under consideration.

“If we need to do temporary burials to be able to tide us over to pass the crisis, and then work with each family on their appropriate arrangements, we have the ability to do that,” he said, adding, “We may well be dealing with temporary burials so we can deal with each family later.”

The medical examiner’s office said in a statement, “We are planning for all possibilities, however no decision on this has been made, and there is still adequate capacity at this time.”Mr. Levine stressed in a post on Twitter that city may not need to resort to digging temporary graves if the death rate drops quickly enough.

Still, he said in an interview that the contingency plan was “not in the hypothetical stage” and added, “I think it’s fair to say we are moving to do this.”In one of his earlier posts on Twitter, Mr. Levine said that the bodies could be placed in “trenches dug for 10 caskets in a line.”

“It will be done in a dignified, orderly — and temporary — manner,” he wrote.Last week, the medical examiner’s office rushed45 new refrigerated trailersto hospitals around the city that had started to report that their in-house morgues were filling up. The delivery of the mobile freezer units came as part of a plan — the “Pandemic Influenza Surge Plan for In- and Out-of-Hospital Deaths” — that the medical examiner has been using to deal with the sharp rise in the number of bodies.

Mr. Levine said plans for the possible use of “temporary interment” had been mapped out as part of that plan. He said the city had to face the reality that “traditional burial system has largely frozen up.”“We are relying on freezers now to hold bodies, but that capacity is almost entirely used up,” he said, describing temporary interment as “essentially an extension of the freezer system.”

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In recent days, the virus has tripled the number of people dying in the city compared with an average day.Not only are hundreds of people dying in hospitals, straining their morgues, but the number dying at home is exploding, said Aja Worthy Davis, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office. Before the pandemic, she said, at-home deaths ranged between 20 and 25 a day. Now they average around 200, she said.

Mr. Levine said the possible sites for mass burials would be a city park or on Hart Island in the Bronx, where inmates from Rikers Island are typically employed to bury the indigent in potter’s field.Hart Island has logistical challenges because it is inaccessible and it is a secure Department of Correction facility, so there are limitations on who can go there and under what circumstances, Mr. Levine said.

Mayor de Blasio, asked about the city’s capacity to accommodate the dead, said, “I just don’t want to go into detail because I don’t think it’s a great thing to be talking about publicly, but we have the capacity we need.”Liam Stack and Jeffery C. Mays contributed reporting.

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nytimes ABS CBN = Fake news nytimes Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “I have heard a lot of wild rumors but I have not heard anything about the city burying people in parks,” the governor said. Why not cremation What about staging them at Madison Square garden or Giants stadium? They're not being used for anything.

Sofia has extra space to help our Turn the AC to cold, and store them at 725 5th Ave., NY, NY 10022 Ohh shit.. Gawd, that’s scary. If the number 10,000 is not scary. This is terrifying. “Wild rumors” per NYGovCuomo you jackasses 😡 Wait.. NO.. what about the families.. they get a say and they need to pay for their family burials.. this isnt some communist country. Release them to the families and let them do their own thing.

Those who were mocking Indian ancient culture of burning bodies at funeral, don't have space to bury their dead. Like dogs. Make America Die Again. What a BS article this is. Lol. Now I get why cities in Europe had mass graves during the plague. The numbers are overwhelming even in modern times. This is disgusting. Those people are NOT 'contaminated trash'....(BilldeBlasio andrewcuomo ) No wonder people look at one another on the streets and start seeing 'walking viruses' instead of HUMAN BEINGS.

Hello is it really that hard to find other refrigerated trucks ? And is it safe to burry the bodies ? Why not increase capacity of incinerators ? Sounds more sanatized. FAKE NEWS and propaganda by FAKE NEWS LEADER, CNN. Governor Cuomo said this story is bull-shit. Gov. Cuomo knows nothing about this. You might want to give him the heads up...

As Usual NYT - Gets It Wrong!!!! There are NO Plans to Bury anyone in Any Parks. Cuomo is considering - if needed - an island location. Disgraceful!! And when will you dig them back up? The idiot who proposed burying coronavirus victims in a park is ignorant and unfit for any government position. New York is a large state, and there are rational options and places for burial.

Guys, you need to cremate the corpse to even avoid the spread of Chinese virus. Eminent domain Trump properties This is the most fake of fake news realDonaldTrump Will they be mass graves? We need TPSforUndocumented now! Cremation is the key By not naming the High Official you reinforce Trumps Fake News.

Cuomo says this isn’t true Name the official. 😔 Cemeteries? Families? Laws? No one asking? How to contain a pandemic, help the most funerable population (poor, sick, elderly) to count corpses and still bury them? How to find a solution to these issues? The contingency plan should not be established yet still... This is sad 😢😢😢

Burn the bodies on a ship on the water, like Vikings. but but but! More people die from the flu!! So why do we need these This cannot be true. It is just too cruel and dehumanizing. There are many large cemeteries with available plots within a 1 hour drive of the city. This has been corrected because it was wildly misleading statement by an NY health official. Try to keep up.

That just sounds crazy. WTF? The leftist media is ALWAYS selling hysteria. all this corona virus is the fault of way too slow to act over two months,,from 15 cases to how many now? djt the moron potus gop adm/. with his corrupt GOP senate failures/. giving djt his every wish/. Nooo!😢 Also.... OMG I hope that it is done systematically and with rigorous markings, so they can be found. From a grief standpoint that is horrifying, ugh the traumatic grief these poor families are suffering already.

I mean....shouldn't that decision be made by the family members? Bury them on the White House lawn. Hoax Did u know that’s how Paris got it underground of dead? They ran out of room to bury people above ground .. so they buried millions underground ... Lord help us all. Gov. Cuomo just said this false. Why does NYT publish this crap.

When you hear considerations such as this, it is truly scary how this pandemic has and will shape our world in the years to come. 😪😪😪 It’s Hart Island, which is technically a park. Stop sensationalizing. Nobody believe you.... NOBODY ALL YOU ARE IS.... FEAR man, that's one hell of a 'hoax' Cuomo said he never heard of it🤔

This 'which' should be 'that' because it's restrictive. alanfeuer Rogene 😢 Cuomo said bs Cremation

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