New York City anti-vaccine mandate protesters storm mall food court: 'My body, my choice'

New York City anti-vaccine mandate protesters storm mall food court: 'My body, my choice'

9/27/2021 2:00:00 AM

New York City anti-vaccine mandate protesters storm mall food court: 'My body, my choice'

Demonstrators stormed a Staten Island food court Saturday to protest New York City’s mandate requiring residents to show proof of vaccination to dine at restaurants.

" – on Aug. 16 and began enforcing it on Sept. 13.  Scootercaster posted a follow-up video Sunday chastising the reporting about her initial videos. She said the crowd did not break through security as some outlets had reported. She said the demonstrators were not asked to show vaccine cards, despite a sign at the entrance stating its requirement. 

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John Matland, 36, who organized the demonstration and runs the Instagram page"We the People are the News," told Fox News the aim of the protest was to show people that the vaccine mandate is not being enforced.Staten Island Mall(Instagram/@WeThePeopleAreTheNews)

"There were multiple levels to what we were accomplishing," Matland said."We were stimulating the economy of the mall, people were going to go shop afterward if they chose to. But, specifically, the food court would be getting an influx of money and support. We would be proving that you can't enforce this and that there is no avenue with legal standing to do so. And we were showing that if people walked in, sat down, they wouldn't really be stopped. Which we weren't."

Fox News has reached out to Staten Island Mall’s property owner Brookfield Properties and will update accordingly. Fox Business' Brooke Lewitas contributed to this report Read more: Fox News »

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They should have set off the sprinkler system!! Their business, their choice. The doctors should deny them treatment, their license their choice. School should deny their children - their schools their choice!!!! Airlines should require vaccine! Their airport, their choice 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Its Easy.... my food court , my choice

It's just getting started! No shot , no travel. STAY HOME! Citizens are so heavily indebted that people have doubts about owning their own bodies. subscribe and support this Well your choice should be to not get people including small children sick and end up on respirators or worse! This comment section is why Facebook and Twitter should be shut down. To many people have platforms that are to stupid to deserve them

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