New York AG says Trump's company misled banks, tax officials

New York AG says Trump's company misled banks, tax officials

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1/19/2022 10:33:00 AM

New York AG says Trump's company misled banks, tax officials

The former president and his lawyers say the investigation is politically motivated.

The company misreported the size of Trump’s Manhattan penthouse, saying it was nearly three times its actual size — a difference in value of about $200 million, James’ office said, citing deposition testimony from Trump’s longtime financial chief Allen Weisselberg, who was charged last year with tax fraud in a parallel criminal investigation.

Messages seeking comment were left with lawyers for the Trumps.In the past, the Republican ex-president has decried James’ investigation and Bragg’s probe as part of a “witch hunt.”Although James’ civil investigation is separate from the criminal investigation, her office has been involved in both, dispatching several lawyers to work side-by-side with prosecutors from the Manhattan D.A.’s office.

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So then where the grand jury Indictment? Dopey Don has always been full of it. Hahaaha they are coming for his ass. You mean to tell me the guy who’s notorious for debt/bankruptcies, has history of business/charity fraud and is the first POTUS in history to hide his taxes may of lied again? I’m starting to think maybe he didn’t win in 2020 and maybe lied about America’s elections being rigged?

Maga Is this breaking news? 😂

New York AG says Trump's company misled banks, tax officials | AP NewsNEW YORK (AP) — The New York attorney general’s office late Tuesday told a court that its investigators had uncovered evidence that President Donald Trump’s company used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to get loans and tax benefits. Kind of like Al Capone. Fitting. Not new, he's been doing that since the 70's Trump's company

New York AG Acts To Compel Trumps To Testify In Financial Fraud CaseLetitia James said her office has “significant evidence” in its case against the Trump Organization and is turning up the heat on Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison Trump Tick Tock Motherfvckers! TrumpOrganization MAGA Blah blah blah

New York Attorney General: We Found ‘Significant Evidence’ of Trump Organization Fraud“The Trump Organization used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations on multiple properties to obtain economic benefits,” wrote Letitia James. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Whaaaat? Trump connected with fraud...?!? Can't imagine it. Must be the wrong guy. We wish she would just focus on helping NYC…sigh…

New York Attorney General: Evidence Suggests Trump and Company Falsely Valued AssetsThe New York attorney general’s office said it uncovered a swath of evidence that former President Donald Trump and his company falsely valued assets to obtain loans, insurance coverage and tax deductions. Handcuffs OUT….. They been trying to hang that man 5 years now. Let him be. Poor dems The New York Attorney General has a vendetta against Donald Trump family & the NRA. She has failed to go after the real crooks. Ask Michelle Alyssa Go's family. The suspect should have been a court committal. Ask the women that have had their bags stolen while shopping NYC. WOKE

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