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New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit a Single-Day Record

New U.S. Covid-19 cases rose above 80,000 to a daily record, Johns Hopkins data show, as the virus spread in remote areas that hadn't been hard hit

10/24/2020 9:34:00 AM

New U.S. Covid-19 cases rose above 80,000 to a daily record, Johns Hopkins data show, as the virus spread in remote areas that hadn't been hard hit

The number of new coronavirus cases reported in the U.S. hit a single-day record, as cases spread across communities in every region of the country including remote areas that hadn’t yet been hard hit.

As the number of U.S. coronavirus deaths surpassed 200,000, public-health experts point to a series of missteps and miscalculations in the country's response. Here is a look back at how the U.S. became the center of the global pandemic. Photo Illustration: Carter McCall/WSJ

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Bernie Sanders says he would accept Labor secretary job if Joe Biden asks

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that he would accept the job of Labor secretary if President-elect Joe Biden asked him to join his Cabinet.

Despite rising cases of Covid19, TWO NEW PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES Show Major Drop in COVID19 Death Rates. Death Rates will NOT return to the levels seen in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts at the beginning of the crisis last spring. 95 year olds with diabetes better watch out everywhere. Great job realDonaldTrump keep dancing.

Cases mean nothing. just more testing and faulty PCR tests picking virus debris from healthy people This article is opinion laden with democratic talking points. no “national strategy” quoted by some DR.. Furthermore masks are being worn by mostly everyone and in all indoor spaces are required. No mention of the 1.3mill test done daily instead of 300k back In spring.

Rounding the corner! Put your mask back on. VOTE FOR: DONALD TRUMP. Kenneth34900979 Are we sure this is the peak and not just part of the current wave? We could go higher next week, making 80k look like a passing event. Can we see/break 90k next week? Unfortunately, the level of deliberate ignorance and denial of scientific facts that we are witnessing in 2020 is not an aberration. NEITHER IN WORD NOR IN DEED IS TRUMP PRO-LIFE. Are you, ProLifeVoicesForTrump?

just so convenient During the Apprentice, Trump's catch phrase was 'YOUR FIRED,' but now during his reality show presidency, it's 'YOUR DEAD, Grandma.' Grandparents are asked to sacrifice themselves! TRUMP IS NOT PRO-LIFE. Are you, ProLifeVoicesForTrump? TRUMP LIED YET AGAIN about a simple public health directive: wear a mask. “...85% of the people that wear masks catch” the virus. NEITHER IN WORD NOR IN DEED IS TRUMP PRO-LIFE. Are you, ProLifeVoicesForTrump?

Instead of supporting and protecting first responders and essential workers, Trump chose to force states to compete for PPE supplies. Trump’s scorched-earth approach to governing has cost 223,000+ Americans their lives. TRUMP IS NOT PRO-LIFE. Are you, ProLifeVoicesForTrump? Trump deliberately disregarded simple public health directives—WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE—from top epidemiologists with decades of experience. 215,000+ Americans died as a result! Does Trump wash his hands at least? TRUMP IS NOT PRO-LIFE. Are you, ProLifeVoicesForTrump?

America GOP Covid19 Pandemic 80,000 Americans Died on realdonaldtrump's watch. Actually, trump turned his back on saving our lives. HerdImmunity Lawrence Maddow USArmy USNavy Protestants Evangelists USAirForce USMC Baptists Mormons Not one person caught the flu There is an interesting post VetranMedia titled COVID. To bring reality back into life.

And what of deaths? Why the fascination with cases? Leftist youth accuse Trump of doing nothing to control the outbreak of the virus and go to parties and have themselves infected😂 We need better doctors. They are killing off are elderly. Our doctors got greedy and lazy. They think they are GOD if you have Obamacare you can kiss your butt good bye.

sasss31 Yet Trump supporters are stupid enough to believe him when he says that the United States has turned the corner on the pandemic. Statistics are hard. Perhaps Trump's should cut the crap with the super spreader events..just a thought. MasksSaveLives Ask Cuomo how many people he murdered after giving immunity to nursing homes from lawsuits

Death rate Covid 3.8 Vietnam Wars in one year by one president within US borders US hits all- time high in daily new coronavirus cases . TrumpVirus Snooze the super spreader rallies are one major cause, no doubt.

Coronavirus live updates: US reports over 70,000 new cases for 1st time since JulyCORONAVIRUS LATEST: — A quarter of U.S. hospitals have 80% of ICU beds full, HHS memo says. — U.S. reports over 70,000 new cases for 1st time since July. Wait for it... Trumps America... 225,000 Dead Americans 77,000 new cases per day 15,000,000 Unemployed And Trump has NO PLAN TrumpFailedAmerica VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Only a quarter? People the SURVIVAL rate is 99.9999% !! Same as the yearly flu!! Why are states still shut down? Ohhh,I know,because if Bidens elected,you want him to look like our savior when they're magically reopened!!

Coronavirus case increase sets new U.S. recordThe U.S. set a record Thursday as the number of new coronavirus cases rose to over 77,000, topping the previous record in July. Another American war lost because of lying and incompetence. We’re Doomed! 😳 We’re... rounding the corner alright. RED WAVE 🙄

Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: County Records Highest-Ever Number Of New Daily Infections On ThursdayLos Angeles County on Thursday reported a staggering 3,600 new coronavirus cases. The large number was attributed to the resolution of a technical glitch that delayed a large number of test results… How many additional tests were done? Did this increase account, at least in some part, for the increased numbers?

Czech Republic reports 14,151 new coronavirus cases; deaths rise by 106 to 1,845The Czech Republic registered 14,151 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, down from a record of 14,968 the previous day, Health Ministry data showed on Friday. A second wave we seem oblivious to! Did ur politicians say that Taiwan can help? 快点好起来吧🇨🇿

U.S. New Coronavirus-Case Count Breaks 70,000, Highest Since JulyThe daily number of Covid-19 cases reported in the U.S. rose to 71,671 on Thursday, the most in a single day since July 24 and the third-highest single-day total overall. Or maybe everyone could just wear masks, cases will go down and we can focus on building back the economy... Yet deemed ineffective by healthcare professionals on the actual front line of the COVID19 war TrumpVirus BidenHarris2020 GREAT NEWS!

Coronavirus case increase sets new U.S. record, rising to 77K in one dayThe record-breaking tally comes in a week when a top CDC official said the agency is seeing a "distressing trend" of coronavirus case numbers "increasing in nearly 75 percent of the country." Tuberculosis!! Back then (1600s-1800s) it was called 'consumption'. Dementia Donnie told us last night that we were Done with COVID? Did he lie 225,000 Dead and 77,000 cases a day.... TrumpFailedAmerica We are not turning the corner!