New: Trump could be impeached partly for admissions on Fox News

Statements that Rudy Giuliani and Pres. Trump made about Ukraine on Fox News could end up as evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial. @AriMelber traces how they pushed the false conspiracy theories on the network.


Statements that Rudy Giuliani and Pres. Trump made about Ukraine on Fox News could end up as evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial. AriMelber traces how they pushed the false conspiracy theories on the network.

MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on how Rep. Schiff’s impeachment report cites a Fox New interview as evidence. The Democrats making the case that key parts of Trump’s bribery plot were broadcast live and emphasizing they can prove damning parts of the Ukraine plot based partly on the public scheming and incriminating statements broadcast live from Rudy Giuliani and Pres. Trump himself. Melber takes the viewer through an alleged propaganda campaign.

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AriMelber Guiliani hunting For witnesses to pay off for Trump? He’s working for Trump right? AriMelber Donald trump must be pushed to take the oath and stand before the American people and testify to tell the truth AriMelber OMG You can keep your doctor Benghazi was about a video No proof Wait till the senate for the TRUTH about Ukraine

AriMelber How is it false when there is evidence? monicagucci2015 AriMelber Your not thinking for yourself are you capable of it. AriMelber More lies and deceit! AriMelber Not to mention TuckerCarlson taking Russia's side on AIR against American🇺🇸Allies Ukraine! WTFacts? digital era moves forward quickly & records for accuracy! NoMore Your word against mine! Here play that back! ThisIsAmerica NOT Russia!

AriMelber The first two year of trump’s administration all investigations were from republicans... AriMelber Russian Media, Putin: Trump is trouble-free mechanism to keep Americans under control, so we will do everything for Trump’s second and then third term. Imprison mob Trump for rest life now! ImpeachTheMFTraitor Impeach45 ImpeachTrumpNow

AriMelber I thought fox news was bought by Putin . To promote conspiracy theories so trump an Rudy could sell the Republican party on AriMelber BoycottMSNBC HomeAdvisor AngiesList LibertyMutual comcast your efforts to subvert our democracy does not end well for your network. Take notice all sponsors of MSNBC Eyes are watching to see you do the right thing.

Fox hosts rally to defend Trump after president mocked at NATO: 'They're mad because Trump dominated'Fox News hosts quickly came to the defense of 'dominant' President Donald Trump after a video emerged of world leaders apparently mocking the president at a NATO reception. Uh huh. That’s it I see the NewsWeak activist tabloid is working overtime. Sure, that’s what it is!! More likely that some of his orange makeup got on their suits, but we’ll stick to your theory...

AriMelber No evidence has surfaced to show that is why Biden sought that this corrupt prosecutor be removed. European Union leaders also wanted the prosecutor removed. AriMelber AriMelber How ironic!! 👍 AriMelber TheDemocrats Impeachment is in search of a crime ... RepAdamSchiff & SpeakerPelosi hatred of PrezTrump is so overt

AriMelber AriMelber TreasonLikeAFox gopTraitors gopCrimeSyndicate carly4330 AriMelber 🦋🦋🌈🌈🌊🦄So thankful for this news agency!!! Tingly. There is no way I’m switching because when I check out the headlines, they are so negative about Trump. We know they are on our side and are helping the resistance. Hugs and cookies

AriMelber AriMelber AriMelber

Karen McDougal Sues Fox News For Spreading Rumor That She Extorted TrumpMcDougal said she had an affair with Trump and received hush money payments, but Tucker Carlson called it "a classic case of extortion."

AriMelber AriMelber Admissions? True. He admitted to ask Ukraine about 2016 election Interference. He asked about rumblings of corruption and to please look into it. (The country has been through a lot). You LIBS are immune to facts, the truth. Reality AriMelber Every turn he takes comes new things for President fair ? Proof ,?

AriMelber AriMelber The absolute irony of it all, and absolutely how wonderful that is and yes, all should be used against Rudy, Trump, Pence etc. via Fox News! Sounds great! AriMelber Why does MSNBC give it's 5 TDS people false hope. You would better serve them preparing them for 4 more years of Trump being President!

AriMelber More straws. 🗽🇺🇸 AriMelber Boy would that be poetic justice. AriMelber What a couple. AriMelber WAIT creepy joe is on video doing a quid pro quo is this impeachable Asking for the kids touching his leg hair and sitting on his lap.............

North Dakota wall builder who pitched to Trump on Fox News wins $400-million contractTommy Fisher’s ambitious plan to win a border wall contract included talking to Trump through his favorite cable TV channel, Fox News. I'm thinking this will be getting discussed a few months down the line once a whistleblower comes forward.... CORRUPTION. Plain CORRUPTION. And the grifting continues. Cool, 400 million for 30 feet of replacement wall.

AriMelber AriMelber well son of a b, the prosecutor who was investigating my son was fired and Ukraine got the billion dollars. Joe Biden on tape. AriMelber Extortion and obstruction should be enough... AriMelber Trump Orders Toilet Rule Review, Saying People Flush 10 Times. Bloomberg. Narcissist-In-Chief. Commander-In-Narcissism

AriMelber ANYTHING is evidence, moonbats. Boy, Impeachment was a fine idea eh? You guys are gonna get destroyed in November. 😂😂😂😂😂 Trump will take both houses of Congress. 😂😂😂😂😂 AriMelber AriMelber i sure as hell hope so! AriMelber But Biden on video bragging about extorting Ukraine with the use of aid...and Oh ya it has been debunked, but we just don't know who looked into it to debunk it. It was more of just a proclamation reported as a fact by the media.

AriMelber Moscow Mitch already assured Trump the Senate will never remove him from office. Wet Willie Barr will never investigate. So game on with Rudy. Why stop, they effectively have punched Biden in the gut now they're going for the knockout. AriMelber HAVE YOU HEARD THIS 1 SONG ... IT'S CALLED IMPEACHABLE,,

Fox News judge debunks Turley's anti-Trump impeachment argument, says 'House has sole power of impeachment'Judge Andrew Napolitano said there were flaws in Jonathan Turley's argument against impeaching President Trump during Fox News' coverage of the House Judiciary Committee's ongoing impeachment proceedings. Even a Fox News dog finds a bone, once in a while. AND IT CAN BE SOLELY POLITICAL....AS THIS IS....AS THE FOUNDERS WARNED AGAINST if there is an impeachable offense...which there is NO proof of...move on everyone.

AriMelber Oh, I am sure they are like sooooo scared AriMelber Trump is corrupt and people who are supporting him are also corrupt people with no moral values. AriMelber The network itself should be investigated for welcoming lies without any disclosure to its viewers. The FCC should be doing it’s job.

AriMelber It’s almost as if you’re media for the Democrats. Oh wait, you are. FakeNewsMedia FirstAmendment AriMelber The irony of that would be fantastic! TweetyBlossom AriMelber Fascinating: actual highly publicized video of their actual words coming out of their actual mouths makes it into evidence. Rhetorical question: what prosecutor would not use this evidence if I were the one on trial?

AriMelber Being delusional is contagious. You still think / believe that accuracy or facts have some effect on the UN- American Republicans. Sadder than rap “ music “. Ya know mouths sounds & slapping a table. All the great musicians and we get “ Slap - blat- brooom “. AriMelber It's the spygate coup cover up(I'm whistleblower) 1. Related felonies upon us are ongoing wife missing 2. Subject of impeachment is a FBI informant that is heavily involved with spygate coup 3. See attached contact about spygate with his lawyer 3/24/15 4. See pinned thread also

AriMelber From their own mouth AriMelber Me and Rudy were only joking, as the President I can joke about anything I want. Just as my best buds at the UN Conference, they were laughing all the time. Please I was only joking the whole three years of my presidency. I don’t want to go to jail. That damn FOX, fake news!

Woman Who Alleged Affair With Trump Sues Fox News for DefamationKaren McDougal, who has said she had an affair with Donald Trump before he was president after they met at the Playboy Mansion in 2006, sued Fox News on Thursday. She accused host Tucker Carlson of intentionally defaming her on his television show. Good luck RuleOflaw Is powerful

AriMelber Someone should investigate the money flowing from Trump/Putin to the GOP senators who will be jurors. I bet it's truckloads of windfall money. Too much money for laundering, they will need a dry cleaner. AriMelber You realize that this works against the Dems central case, right? This is Trump following a bad lead with bad information about the 2016 election and corruption, NOT the intent to interfere with 2020.

AriMelber register more illegals to vote democrat AriMelber Lefties are the true fascists. No freedom of speech. Publish journalists phone records. maga AriMelber Your Tax $$$ go to Ukraine -- burisma gets contracts for Russia -- Biden gets paid -- So your Tax $$$ go to pockets of Biden And NastyNancy wants to Impeach POTUS over bribery shame ShamImpeachment ClintonFoundation Benghazi BleachThePhone cigar BidenUkraine

AriMelber Remember this AriMelber Everybody knows that this impeachment process is just to hide Joe Biden’s corruption scandal in Ukraine. AriMelber Like the debunked Trump/Russia conspiracy theory Schiff and the media have pushed for 3 years? AriMelber AriMelber SENATE INVESTIGATION IS NEXT HUNTER BIDEN JOE BIDEN BARAK OBAMA, DID HE KNOW FUSIÓN GPS AND HILLARY COMEY, STOCKS, LISA PAIGE MULLER LONG, LONG TRIAL, DEMOCRAT SENATORS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENCY CAN VOTE IN THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL?

Karen McDougal Sues Fox News Over Trump 'Extortion' CommentsKaren McDougal is suing Fox News over 'extortion' comments. Hey TMZ where is the reporting on CNN being sued? Any bank account will do. She's not fussy. 👏👏👏 Good for her!

AriMelber After the show down, we the American people need to but all the liberal media on trail for all of their falsehoods they have produced for over three years HutBobs AriMelber AriMelber Lol AriMelber False? AriMelber AriMelber AriMelber Incoherent wannabe Wet Dreams AriMelber I find it suspect that every time I'm at the gym foxnewsnight always has a Pete segment on racial tensions. The hypocrisy when they look the other way with realDonaldTrump. They clearly project and then deflect. Don't get me wrong Pete is an awful candidate but the irony.

AriMelber Devine Intervention! AriMelber

AriMelber You think so I ? AriMelber AriMelber Except that it's NOT fake n the Dems know it and that's why there freaking out so bad. Anyone remember Paul Manafort? Where do u think U.S. officials got the details on his dealings in Ukraine? And there's this: AriMelber Trump thinks that the Senators will exonerate him. The impeachment hearings and proceedings, may or may not bring his downfall. But the odds are he will not be re-elected, with or without Senate exoneration.

AriMelber He's putting himself (allegedly) in jail, essentially. AriMelber I would read each and every lie. AriMelber Msnbc is going to be tried for treason along with the other media stations pushing the anti American Dem’s narrative/propaganda, helping to cover the corruption of the Biden’s, the Clintons, the PEDOOPHILE EPSTEIN...You dare to point at Trump? The ONLY ONE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SAY IT

AriMelber AriMelber Trump always putting foot in mouth UnfitToBePresident ImpeachAndRemove LockHimUp AriMelber They're not false.

AriMelber Oh enough already AriMelber He said 3 to 4 months prior to April 7th fox interview. Wow. AriMelber AriMelber Lol AriMelber Will the score thing end up as evidence in the POTUS impeachment. If you forgot the score thing it was the gal who said her ex boyfriend's sister heard from her roommate that someone carrying POTUS clubs says that POTUS took a 4 when he had a 5.

AriMelber Fox asks the tough questions lol They are a platform for Right Wing lunacy theories and sit back and nod. Fox makes America Stupid! AriMelber “evidence”? CorruptDemocrats QuidProJoe AriMelber TrumpImpeachment AriMelber The mayor and the guy who took the mob down is helping us take down the worlds largest cabal!! Awesome!


AriMelber realDonaldTrump is his own worst enemy. He just keeps digging a deeper hole.. AriMelber F A K E N E W S AriMelber And than said, we have no evidence but presumptions. So lets spin his words to make it seem like theres more evidence to keep the sheep in line. EnemyOfThePeople

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