New Trailer for The Batman and More Must-See Footage from DC FanDome

'Wonder Woman 3' in the works, says Patty Jenkins!

10/17/2021 11:50:00 AM

'Wonder Woman 3' in the works, says Patty Jenkins!

Fans can also expect new looks at 'The Flash,' 'Aquaman 2,' 'Black Adam' and 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods.'

and more.The most anticipated sneak peek of the day was definitely the new trailer for Matt Reeves'"The Batman," starring Pattinson and Kravitz as Bruce Wayne and Catwoman, respectively. The event also included a first look at"Black Adam," a sneak peek at"The Flash" -- including a glimpse of Michael Keaton's Batman! -- and behind-the-scenes vignettes for both"Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" and"Shazam! Fury of the Gods."

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On the television front, a farewell tribute was given to"Supergirl," alongside inside looks at"Batwoman,""The Flash,""Superman & Lois," and"Sweet Tooth." HBO Max also revealed a new look at the upcoming series"Peacemaker" and limited event series"DMZ."

Fourth seasons for both"Doom Patrol" and"Titans" were announced.Keep scrolling for the biggest sneak peeks from the online event -- and watch it all in full above.First Trailer for The BatmanFirst Look at Black AdamLadies & gents…

Enjoy your WORLD EXCLUSIVE first look⚡️He is ruthless.He is unstoppable.He is the reason the hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change. Read more: TMZ »

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Robert Pattinson Really Committed To Batman's Voice, As Evidenced By A New Teaser For 'The Batman'He's really nailed the whole growling voice thing. I heard Edward Cullen Cool

Michael Keaton's Batman Returns in New Teaser for 'The Flash'Ezra Miller’s Justice League speedster gets standalone movie in 2022 Hell yes. Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. This looks so cool. Can't wait. ✌

'The Batman': Gritty New Trailer Showcases Catwoman and the Penguin‘The Batman’: Gritty new trailer for Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight film showcases Catwoman and the Penguin This is a prequel to Ben Affleck Batman it's him but younger. Oooh Looks good. Year One vibes! 🦇

A New Trailer for 'The Batman' Shows Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman in ActionThe DC hero will return to theaters in March 2022.

First trailer for Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor's new period film has arrivedThe first trailer for Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor's new period film is here

New York's likely new mayor plans to preserve gifted programThe Democrat who will likely become New York City’s next mayor says he does not intend to get rid of the city’s program for gifted and talented students. I remember i was in it in Texas in 4th Very intelligent of him. Both of those students will be thrilled