New study finds 1 in 9 women reported drinking alcohol while pregnant

New study finds 1 in 9 women reported drinking alcohol while pregnant; data also looks at the effects alcohol can have on miscarriages.

8/8/2020 1:37:00 AM

Drinking patterns were broken down by trimester of pregnancy, with the study finding that nearly 20% of women drank in their first trimester. But it found this rate dropped to 4.7% of respondents in the second and third trimesters.

New study finds 1 in 9 women reported drinking alcohol while pregnant; data also looks at the effects alcohol can have on miscarriages.

But many OBGYN’s state that any self-reported drinking figures are likely an underestimate, because people tend to report drinking fewer alcoholic drinks than they actually consume. Experts cite one of the most common reasons women may report alcohol use in the earliest stage of pregnancy is because it occurred before they knew they were pregnant.

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In 2016, the CDCrevised its statement on alcohol usein pregnancy to include women before they even became pregnant.But the report was met with mixed reception, with many citing the unrealistic expectation that any woman of childbearing age who could become pregnant should refrain from drinking to prevent possible harmful effects.

“Most pregnancies, if you look at the statistics, are unplanned, so people might not know that they’re pregnant until six or seven weeks … and there could be alcohol consumption during that time,” explained Dr. Shepherd.Inanother recent study,published by Dr. Katherine Hartmann at Vanderbilt University, her research group followed pre-pregnancy habits of thousands of women week by week extending into their second trimester and tracking rates of miscarriages. They found that even a rare drink in the first few weeks of pregnancy could have a disastrous effect.

“We were able to take into account the type of alcohol that they used, the intensity of their drinking, and week by week, what their self-reported exposure was,” Hartmann explained.“When they stopped [drinking] right around the missed period, they still had a 37% increased risk in [miscarriage] for those weeks of exposure.”

This was also seen at very low levels of drinking. “Women who had an average of less than one drink per week over the course of a month were still at elevated risk, which floored me,” explained Hartmann.MORE: Maternal death rate among black women 2.5 times higher than white women, new report finds

And the risk was cumulative.According to Hartmann’s study, each additional week of alcohol exposure during pregnancy was associated with an 8% relative increase in risk of miscarriage compared with women who didn’t drink.The CDC report found past drinking within the last 12 months was reported by nearly two-thirds of pregnant respondents.

Possible solutions to help women close the gap between knowing they’re pregnant and stopping their drinking?"Iif we had cheaper pregnancy tests that you could pick up at your communityhealthclinic like you could pick up condoms," said Dr. Hartmann,"this problem with alcohol exposure leading to miscarriage or fetal alcohol syndrome could be really remediated.”

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“I think more education should go into family planning,” stated Shepherd. “If they want to conceive, they should discuss with their doctor beforehand and if they know they’re planning, they can stop drinking alcohol ahead of time”. Read more: ABC News »

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Fetal alcohol syndrome is brain damage for life. Having taught a student with alcohol syndrome I would hope more women could forgo alcohol for a short 9 months. This student was unable to remember much from one day to the next. Spent most of the time repeating everything in the hopes they could retain some knowledge. 😢

Well I think they should not but its their choice So. Feel free to slop the wine during the most important time of embryo development. You can always abort the child should problems arise..? alcoholism This is just stupid. A glass of wine doesn't hurt a baby. Ongoing ragers do. Can't put them both in the same pile.

Hell, drinking is what caused the pregnancy for some.😬 sorry, don't have any sources to back up my claim🍸 If he dies he dies... Yeah, that makes sense, most of the time women dont know they are pregnant until a few weeks have gone by, of course the rates would be higher during the first trimester Not healthy. Now a days women drink to much alcohol, bad future.

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