Science & Technology, Vol 48 Issue 37

Science & Technology, Vol 48 Issue 37

New Roomba Blender Makes Smoothie Out Of Everything In Its Path

New Roomba Blender Makes Smoothie Out Of Everything In Its Path

3/29/2020 5:20:00 AM

New Roomba Blender Makes Smoothie Out Of Everything In Its Path

BEDFORD, MA—In an exciting extension of their product line, the creators of the Roomba-brand self-directed vacuum cleaner have introduced the Yumba, a new household blender capable of mixing a rich, frothy smoothie out of whatever ingredients it sucks up from your floor. “With the Yumba, you can make a banana, floor sweepings, and wheat germ shake; a strawberry-mango-cigarette-butt frappé; or, for a light lunch, a zesty toenail-clipping-cat-hair-dead-skin-and-pineapple smoothie,” product developer Peter Olsen said Monday, demonstrating the new device on a carpet covered in sawdust, garden vegetables, and detritus. “Mmm, you can taste the cobwebs.” When asked if the Yumba could make smoothies out of pennies and melon, Haskins said that it could.

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tallizmon ….looks like delicious ingredients! Don't give Trump any ideas.... Cat Shake. Patent pending. 100% home fed cats! I know this is satire! Mmmmmm delicious (slurps smoothie of cat hair and pennies) please make the satan dog into a smoothie Lemme guess... 'Made in china?' This might be your worst tweet.

This is disgusting. Of course somebody would invent this during Trump's handling of the pandemic! orangemanbad satire That is not a smoothie.... QuiteBloodyLazy benwathen63 🤪🤢 Needs more cat No thanks I don't need Coroomba Virus too get the roomba instant pot model for that cat. As my 4 yo says, “Deeelicous!”

jimeasterhouse looks like Hal has some competition 🤷🏻‍♀️ Dark humour for dark times. 🙏🏻 Well done. I laughed. Great story from The Onion that I still go back to was about The Westminster Dog Fight. This can’t be real because there’s no LEGO’s. Omg lol michaelreeves shitty robot idea? They are ready to ship 30 million free units to New York in order to mop up all the coronavirus strands in every NY household. The resulting puree of virus RNA, cat fur, navel hair and dandruff will be released into Long Island sound.

This is the kind of ingenuity that made this country great! Make this michaelreeves The babylon bee is taking your audience because you cant make fun of anything without hurting the progressives feelings I’ve told my that if she wants to come home to dog poop smeared all over the house, then by all means buy a Roomba.

*insert Jaws music* alexiedarling too much banana I have been dreaming of this! mmm mmm mmm local hogfarm likes this. mikeroweworks DouglasPynn Sick. 🙊 Perfect when stuck in the house. Remember the OG iRobots that would set the house in fire or get caught in corners...I miss those

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