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'God’s Spirit in you isn’t a Spirit of fear. It’s a Spirit of courage, calmness, and confidence.' - @JeannieCunnion in her new Bible study, Never Alone.

12/1/2021 11:27:00 PM

'God’s Spirit in you isn’t a Spirit of fear. It’s a Spirit of courage, calmness, and confidence.' - JeannieCunnion in her new Bible study, Never Alone.

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from Jeannie Cunnion’s new study, Never Alone. Order your copy or view a free sample at God’s Spirit in you isn’t a Spirit of fear. It’s a […]

November 30, 2021Today we’re sharing an excerpt from Jeannie Cunnion’s new study, Never’s Spirit in you isn’t a Spirit of fear. It’s a Spirit of courage, calmness, and confidence. We can heed God’s command to “not be afraid”—a command that is said to be given 365 times in the Bible—because the Spirit inside us gives us His courage, calmness, and confidence for what’s before us and our kids.

I don’t mean to simplify the complexity of fear in our lives. There are very practical steps we must take and help we must get when our lives are paralyzed by fear. But I don’t want us to neglect the Spirit’s role in transforming us into people whose trust in God’s faithfulness trumps our fear of the unknown. For whatever fears you named, speak this over them: “God in me is not afraid, so neither shall I be, by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

Let me share a personal story with you. Growing up, I had an immense amount of fear about my safety. I had terrible thoughts about what could happen to me when I wasn’t alert or on guard. This carried into my adulthood and even my motherhood. I feared greatly for my children’s safety. My husband often traveled for work after we had our first son, Cal. Setting the security alarm at night was only one of many steps I took in an attempt to ensure our safety and soothe my fears. And while I may have ensured our safety, my fear never really stilled. My spirit of fear was all-consuming when my husband wasn’t home. My mom would often come to visit me when Mike was traveling to lend a hand and enjoy her grandson, and she began to see firsthand how my fear was worsening. In her infinite wisdom, she wrote out a list of Bible verses for me to pray over my fear and left the list with me when she returned home to my Dad.

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