New N.J. café spices up American brunch with Pakistani flare | Review

12/8/2022 9:00:00 PM

Inside Chashni, a smart new eatery and excellent dip into Pakistani cuisine

Order up! Chashni is a new café in N.J. that puts a Pakistani twist on classic American brunch staples. 😋 Have you tried anything like this before?

Inside Chashni, a smart new eatery and excellent dip into Pakistani cuisine

Each plate or bowl of Pakistani food is a blend of influences, merging the flavors of India, Iran, Afghanistan, and Western inspirations.,” is opening on December 9 with pop culture artifacts such as Elisabeth Moss’ costume from T he Handmaid’s Tale , Muhammad Ali’s robe, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers.Gov.San Antonio’s Trey Martinez Fischer will lead House Democrats.

This is where Chashni , a new café and restaurant in Chatham, likes to live and cook — in the best of many worlds, especially where American and Pakistani cuisine collide.If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.It is also the first long-term bilingual exhibit on the National Mall, with every caption and quote presented in English and Spanish.Disclaimer.In fact, she's begging the governor not to -- pardon the term -- rub salt in the wound.

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I wanna try it 🤤

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