Pregnancy, First Trimester, 1St Trimester, Peeing, Frequent Urination, Bladder, Liquids, Pelvic Pressure

Pregnancy, First Trimester

New Mom Survival Guide

New Parent Survival Guide


New Parent Survival Guide

Got a newborn on your hands? Get answers to all your must-know questions about bringing home baby.

) with baby can be pretty intense. With so much to remember and so many “firsts” to cover, it’s easy to be left feeling a bit unprepared. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the ultimate new mom survival guide, packed with all the need-to-know basics you may have missed in those massive baby books (that probably put you on information-overload). Need some swaddling help ASAP? Wondering whether baby’s poop is normal? Read on and we’ll help put your mind at ease.

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Sesame Street's Karli Reveals That Her Mom Is a Recovering Addict in a New Storyline.sesamestreet is tackling how to talk to kids about addiction.

Must Read: Rent the Runway Has New Competition, Barneys New York's Bankruptcy Bid Heats UpPlus, why are we so obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's hair? AOC AOC is smart, has a fierce voice and relevant perspective. Please, can we not make it about her looks, she’s so much more that that. And if she wants to spend $300 on a new hairdo, that’s her business. aoc AOChasBrains FridayMotivation

India’s Richest Man Battles Amazon, Walmart to Work With Mom-and-Pop ShopsIndia’s mom-and-pop stores are being weaponized, as Walmart and Amazon square off against India’s richest man in the country’s nascent online retail market. Well dudes, you’re about to realize how good they are. Walmart? No chance. Interesting.

Kaia Gerber Opened Up About Mom Cindy Crawford's Influence on Her Modeling CareerThe mother-daughter duo revealed the challenges of being a model in a changing industry.

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Sesame Street Tackles Addiction With Muppet Whose Mom Is A Recovering AddictMeet Karli and Salia, a young muppet and 10-year-old girl whose lives have been directly impacted by addiction

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