New Jersey offers free beer to residents who get vaccinated in May

A vaccination card will be the ticket for a free beer in the Garden State this month as Gov. Phil Murphy works to increase vaccination numbers.

5/4/2021 3:49:00 AM

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced a 'Shot and a Beer” program that provides a free glass of beer at participating locations to anyone over 21 who gets their first vaccination dose this month.

A vaccination card will be the ticket for a free beer in the Garden State this month as Gov. Phil Murphy works to increase vaccination numbers.

States getting creative in drive to vaccinateMany spaces around the U.S. are making their sites available for members of the public to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.STOCK PHOTO/Getty ImagesA vaccination card will be the ticket for a free brewski in the Garden State this month.

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced a"Shot and a Beer” program Monday that provides a free glass of beer at participating locations to anyone over 21 who gets their first vaccination dose this month. The plan is part of Murphy's multipronged approach to increasing the state's vaccination numbers and reach its goal of 4.7 million residents vaccinated by the end of June.

The program is one of many initiatives taken by city and state governments to get more people vaccinated, and according to a public health expert, they are effective."We need that push," Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, dean of the Rutgers School of Public Health, told ABC News."You have to find a way to motivate people. This is one way to do it."

As of Monday, more than 7.5 million vaccine doses have been administered in New Jersey, and 3.2 million residents -- about 37% of the state's total population -- have been fully vaccinated, according to New Jersey's Health Department. Like most parts of the country, the number of new daily vaccinations has steadily declined over the last few weeks.

MORE: As COVID-19 vaccine demand slips, officials look for new ways to reach more peopleAs part of the"Shot and a Beer" program, the vaccinated resident can show their vaccination card to 13 participating bars and breweries in the state, and they will be rewarded with one free beer. The bars include the Hackensack Brewing Company, Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant, Battle River Brewing and more.

STOCK PHOTO/Getty ImagesResidents who received their first shot before May are not eligible, according to a spokesman for Murphy's office."The focus of the drive is to get as many new vaccinations as possible," Dan Bryan, a spokesperson for the governor's office, told ABC News.

Halkitis said the fact that the governor's office is focused on those who haven't received their shots is critical."We’re at the point where those who were already motivated got their vaccinations. We’ve now got to focus on those others," he said.

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Bryan added that more locations may be added to the list of available bars in the coming weeks and that the program was done with the approval of the state Health Department. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not given specific guidance on alcohol use immediately following a vaccine shot.

The state is also taking other measures to increase vaccination numbers, including door-to-door campaigns, phone calls to people who pre-registered for their shot but haven't gone to their appointments and outreach with community partners.Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILE

A healthcare worker administers a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine at the Atlantic County vaccination megasite in Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 8, 2021.New Jersey's beer promotion comes less than a week after Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont

for his state. However, the Connecticut promotion doesn't limit the free beers to residents who received shots in May.Last week, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced that younger residentswill receive a $100 state bondif they get their shots.Halkitis said incentives are common in scientce, particularly among clinical trials and studies, and they do appeal to hesitant people. While New Jersey's beer program won't likely end vaccine hesitancy, he said, it will help bring the state closer to a fully vaccinated population and cut down on COVID-19 cases.

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Are they promoting it as a shot and a beer? Hahahaha So vaCkSINzz protect against yeast infection too? Wish Canada would do the same What about Texas? Any Freebies for people being vaccinated? 6 pack of Lone star Beer? Hi Jersey , Nice! I am getting a TON of freebies the last week. This is awesome! A brewski seems worth a life. 👍

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Just one free beer? Kind of like the one free donut. Will cost you more in the long run. Maybe a free case of beer or maybe eliminate the state tax for a year to anyone that gets vaccinated PBR!!! West Virginia is giving out $100 in savings bond for young people to get shots too. Surprising ! Alcohol publicity for young people ?

The level of desperation is insane. Pretty soon they’ll offer cash rewards for taking that non FDA approved experimental vaccine.

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I like it! But I liked the Krispy Kreme offer even better! I doubt anyone in Jersey will be positively motivated to get a beer given the copious amounts of beer they already consume. Just 1 beer Pass.. So now you are bribing people to get an experimental non FDA approved vaccine, with a shot and a beer? Idiocracy was literally a prophecy. That movie will be taught in history classes 20 years from now. Smh..

🤦🏾‍♂️ this so wrong on so many levels 😁 smart idea Unbelievable, they have to bribe people to get vaccinated to save their lives 🤣🤣 against the vaccine rule, no science?

New Jersey Is Offering Free Beer To Residents Who Get A COVID-19 Vaccine“It’s the only reason I regret waiting to get my first shot,' Gov. Phil Murphy said when he announced the 'Operation Jersey Summer' initiative. He couldn't come up with better incentive than alcohol? I got mine a while ago but I want a beer!

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