New Jersey beaches reopen for Memorial Day weekend

Beaches at this Jersey Shore’s town’s beaches are open, but not motels. It’s part of a strategy to stem infections from out-of-towners.

5/23/2020 8:32:00 PM

Beaches at this Jersey Shore’s town’s beaches are open, but not motels. It’s part of a strategy to stem infections from out-of-towners.

New Jersey beaches have reopened to visitors for Memorial Day weekend with social distancing guidelines encouraged. NBC's Maura Barrett has details.

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This photo is irresponsible of MSNBC. Why would you show an outdated photo of a crowded beach at the Jersey shore as if the photo were taken today. As more, as better ! It is my right to bring my kids to a crowded beach with no masks! A couple coughs from strangers won’t kill them! There you have a perfect example why people care about no one but themselves!

Can someone fly here from China? AmericanRoulette CNN reported the beaches in Arkansas are busy also. Look Like Rona Coming Back To Your City Soon I Guess We Going To Have This Virus Around 2021 Don't Look Like America Great Again To Me 2/3 's of these people are from ' out-of-town' I’m there, it’s great as always, I don’t give 2 shits about the stupid virus, this has been a total over exaggeration and politicized and everyone’s had enough.

In addition to the iffy results of the Oxford test, tRumpo gave 1.9 billion taxpayer dollars to AstraZeneca (British pharmaceutical co., no experience making vaccines) to make the vaccine. Betcha Boris will float this along for him huh? Ugh. It's hard to gauge from the photo, but I watched the video and the reporter said people (family units I guess) are keeping 10 to 20 feet distance. They also have peeps patrolling the boards to make sure people are wearing masks. Let's hope that is enough...

For all our complaints about those in power, the citizens of this country are among the most ignorant and self centered in the world. NJ, last, or close to last, on every state ranking list. Thanks Democrats. Sea Isle’s motels are closed? There’s maybe 2 motels in the whole town. This is NOT social distancing!

Dumb. Stop destroying lives and businesses. If this picture his today .....big probleme in china Ridiculous

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