New Jersey Adds 'X' Gender Marker On Driver's Licenses And Other State İdentification - Cnn

New Jersey Adds 'X' Gender Marker On Driver's Licenses And Other State İdentification - Cnn

New Jersey adds 'X' gender marker on driver's licenses and other state identification

New Jersey is now joining at least 19 states and Washington, DC, in allowing an 'X' gender identifier on driver's licenses and other identification.

4/20/2021 9:07:00 PM

The new gender 'X' identifier will indicate that a person's gender is unspecified, a big step for those who identify as nonbinary, or someone who doesn't identify as male or female.

New Jersey is now joining at least 19 states and Washington, DC, in allowing an 'X' gender identifier on driver's licenses and other identification.

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How twisted is the mind of the individual who came up with this unbelievably ridiculous consensus. Wow what's next cats are dogs,cause that's right up there .You were created either male or female. There's no such thing as an X. Checkyourself So ridiculous.. you're a male or female. ooo wow i’m glad:)

Silly. To Hell with NewJersey and all other State Sponsored Perversion. LGBTQ LGBT America is no more. Romans 1:18-32 Proverbs 1:24-32 Isaiah 14:9-11..66:4,24 Psalm 58:10-11...149:6-9 So if you commit a crime and the police is looking for you how will they describe you '6ft white short hair X gender person' if they say male or female and your ID says X then it will not hold up in court as you were misidentify. You walk around with an X over your head?

I bet Barry Allen gets pulled over for speeding quite often. Its The Flash in real life guys Hello awesome peopledo viral youtube shoutout to 2k subscribers Can’t they just say other “confused” I'm 35..can I identify as an old as man so i can get social security check earlier?

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Lol! Gender 'identity' is a fraud. Mr President Of US He Said The guilty verdict does not bring back George Floyd. But through the family’s pain, they are finding purpose so George’s legacy will not be just about his death, but about what we must do in his memory. I'm losing faith in humanity. Why do minority groups get to change society?

stupid This is dumb. This gender obsession needs to stop. It’s really ridiculous and childish Can they choose whichever restroom they like? Lol It’s for IDENTIFICATION. So, if you ever go missing or you get pulled over, it’s so they can identify who you are accurately. This isn’t a spiritual thing. It’s a biological thing. If they found a body, how do you think the family would know if the gender was left out?

New Jersey Is Offering Free Beer To Residents Who Get A COVID-19 Vaccine“It’s the only reason I regret waiting to get my first shot,' Gov. Phil Murphy said when he announced the 'Operation Jersey Summer' initiative. He couldn't come up with better incentive than alcohol? I got mine a while ago but I want a beer!

I'm for removing the classification altogether. Nobody's business “What’s that officer? You’re looking for a white male? Well that’s clearly not me. Says so right here. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.” I identify as a pisce of bread Oh good lord Beasts the fuck is the point Ok, but does he/she have XX or XY chromosomes?

you want to identify as a tree...whatever...i am still going to identify you as boy ...girl...your feelings dont dictate how I identify you. Oh cover your X up. For the confused idiots.

New Jersey 'Shot and a Beer' program offers free beer for Covid-19 vaccinationThe rollout is part of the state’s “Operation Jersey Summer,” which aims to encourage immunization in New Jersey. Conflicting sentence. Which is it, just a beer or a shot and a beer? Ha ha ha it will take a hell of a lot more than that to get that crap inside me One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. Then we'll talk.

We need Mental Health Experts in this Country very bad!!! Sad and tragic We still have 1000’s of individuals in prison for low-level drug offenses. Wake me when that’s the headline. This doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Put whatever you want on your ID. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Why even bother stating a gender on a license if you can fill in whatever you want anyway? Seems like irrelevant information.

I want to specially thank changelly_inc, she is the best forex trader ever, she has been trading for me for 2 weeks now and the profits has been realy great. Diabolism All the profoundly stupid people saying 'why does anyone else care? How does this affect them?' If you believe it ends with a driver's license, you're delusional. Not interested in living under the confines of the mentally ill.

God loves you. Cast all your cares on him for he cares for you ... Repent and make Jesus Christ your Lord and personal saviour People are either a girl or a guy. Anything else is just nonsense.

New Jersey offers 'Shot and a Beer' as part of COVID-19 vaccine effortsThe rollout is part of the state’s “Operation Jersey Summer,” which aims to encourage immunization in New Jersey. scott_olson Did you get yours, or did you get your shot before this 'incentive'? nothing less than a 6pk 😄😄 🍺🍻 Buffalo New York has been doing this for two weeks now.

How far is this going to go ? Why ? A big step for complete lunacy. Does that mean if i use this X, i will get cheaper insurance than a standard male? Because that would be discrimination.... WE HAVE FALLEN INTO IDIOCRACY!!!! HOW STUPID!!! YOU HAVE A GENDER. NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL OR BELIEVE. YOU WERE BORN MALE OR FEMALE. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR MEDICATION YOU TAKE. GET OVER IT!!

Decadence is a sign of collapsing civilisations. Looking forward to big asteroid impact ... 🤦🏻‍♂️ If you have a penis, you are a boy, if you have a vagina you are a girl. If you have both then you are a twin gone wrong.... Yoh end of days is here.

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Barry Allen...Flash Drive...😂 This is the dumbest shit, Ever! There are only 2 genders. Male and female. GenZ are a bunch of misfits. I don't give a damn what you identify as. That DNA has two genders. That's all. Boring Good. I identify as an Apache attack helicopter. Why does it matter what gender we are

A big step for retrd$ What the actual fuck is this nonsense ? science Are you looking for a Professional, Eye-Catching, Creative, Modern Landing Page? Hire Me: elementor landingpage webdesign wordpresswebsite LISAforVogueJapan Breakouts995 Spotlight995 BlackLivesMatter kroenkeout GlazersOut makhiabryant BBB21

Aren't there more important things to be worrying about?

L.A. County Reports 16 New Covid-19 Deaths & 443 New Positive CasesOn Saturday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released new Covid-19 data, reporting 16 new deaths and 443 new positive cases of the virus. While the number of hospitalizations con… off to Boston it is! 🤗🥺 Thank you for the positive news Here's in brazil are 4k deaths everyday 😭😭😭

When you are not identified as male or female then what are you? Que anormalidad. Y ustedes pretenden ser un medio serio? This is so ridiculous! I'm an alien x means xtratarded I used to be a heterosexual male but from now on I'll be referring to myself as a pre-op transexual lesbian. It's a brave new world.

Cue triggered righties We can be whatever we want. And we should be allowed to associate with whatever makes us happy. Quality of life is more important than political rhetoric about who can do what or who can be that. Freedom is what god gave us. Not trying to be a asshole but how would it work if they commit a crime, are they held in a gender x pod unit 🤔 I'm confusing myself never mind

Oh that slippery slope.

What that birth certificate say 🤔🤔 Unscientific idiocy. Just pull down your pants and I’ll tell you what gender you are. A huge regressive step for a society to promote a psychological disorder and forcing others to accept it! That'll help with identification...😐 These ppl need help...and fast. Stueps 🙄

This is amazing❤️ So proud of the steps our country is taking to become more inclusive of all Ridiculous How does that go for medical treatment and dosages, testing/lab results. Will they have to state their biological gender

What a joke this country is turning into... Can I classify my gender as alien 👽.... This is what NJ focuses on? 🤣🤣🤣 Is there going to be an identifier for white tiger? Because I totally identify as a white tiger.. Makes sense . . . 'X' marks the spot! 🙄🥴 Imo, I think 🤔 Allen Barry Jay will always be a dad to his children; or mum; or something between 'dad' and 'mum'. Co$fu^&sed generation 😉

So if you are not male or female, what the hell are you? This is sick!! They should just put 'freak' on it, works much better!

In other words change science for 1% of the population. Makes sense cool cool cool so the cops can see that i'm trans? We may run out of letters in the coming years. When you’ve got it all, you start wanting 💩 that makes no sense 🤦🏽‍♂️ Fine if you will not tell us we are gonna assume. Cause its one of the two. Its no rocket science people.

It is about time Perfect. I identify as an eggplant parmigiana. Stupid Ridiculous So that means any gendered cop can frisk them now?

CNN promoting anti-science again. Typical