New George Floyd Video Shows All 3 Officers on Top of Him

New George Floyd Video Shows All 3 Officers on Top of Him

5/30/2020 4:36:00 AM

New George Floyd Video Shows All 3 Officers on Top of Him

George Floyd had the weight of 3 full-grown men on him -- not just Derek Chauvin on his neck -- when he was killed ... as a new angle of the deadly incident reveals.

Derek Chauvinon his neck -- when he was killed ... as a new angle of the deadly incident reveals.The video, obtained by NBC News, is from the opposite side of the street from the original video ... so, for the first time, we can see the other 2 now ex-officers, who not only subdued him in handcuffs ... but kept him pinned down for more than 8 minutes.

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Throughout the 16 seconds of video, you can hear George saying he can't breathe and begging,"Please let me stand."Play video contentEXCESSIVE FORCEFacebook/ Darnella FrazierIn the horrific original video, we only saw Chauvin with his knee on George's neck. This new clip was shot sometime earlier.

As we reported, Chauvin maintained hisknee on George's neckfor 8 minutes and 46 seconds ... according to the criminal complaint. Also, for 2 minutes and 53 seconds of that time, the 46-year-old man was non-responsive.The complaint also says one of the other 2 officers, seen in this new video on George's back and legs, suggested they flip him on his side when he said he couldn't breathe.

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Gross!!!! When are they gonna charge the remaining three!! If black people didn't commit so much crime maybe none of this would happen Don’t fight mwanssa_c aronchoni1 He wasn’t fighting, only to get air!! 😢 Just sad Murderers...all of them! This breaks my heart... as if we don’t have enough people dying this really felt the need to take it to this level and take a mans life.. what kind of human beings hears “I can’t breathe” and pushes down harder?Look what you just started.

Remove the first one with the knee on his neck and Floyd’s chances of survival would’ve increased significantly All 4 officers are gross and belong in prison. Just keeps getting worse New? Employers need to take a stance. They need to ensure that their employees are treated equally. This is pai fully to watch. I clusio. For my people is all we have been asking. At this point more needs to happen for change. We as a people have tried I. Different ways and nothing has come of it. White america, white companies and the government need to stance.

Take the video down now for god sake we have all see it now enough is enough now 😡😡😡 All these are forgetting he wasn't complying in the first place. Can we just charge them all alr Bad enough the Asians being targeted during Covid. This fat Asian Cop doesn't help the situation. Murderers. Hey was literally begging for his life... and they just took it from him

Who does this, how can one beg for his own breath?how?does this hatred have a name? 😡 Those cops should be in prison LisaWorrilow He wasn’t suppose to do that like that. 😷 ...i don't know of a single person who supports these cops. This is the first cop killing case where EVERYONE agrees. A dang shame because they are taught not to put people on their stomachs!!!! That was plain malicious because he wasn't resisting. To but a knee on his neck it is unjustifiable!!!!! NO answer could justify how long he was on his stomach restricting his mobility of air!!!!

These videos only serve to incite! We know what happened stop it though! A lot of cameras there on the day, hey.... Underline issues when you have 3 grown ass men on top of you. It’s fucking murder! Sounds like ALL the police involved in that murder must face charges for a minimum of accessories to murder. Justice must prevail.

A dang shame because they are taught not to put the patients on their stomachs!!!! That was plain neglectful because he wasn't resisting. To but a knee on his neck it is unjustifiable!!!!! NO answer could justify how long he was on his stomach restricting his mobility of air!!!! What is wrong anyone can become a cop .I don’t get it’s so disgusting ! They all need to be prosecuted all of them that were there that day because they did not stop it.i can’t stand to look but I know we all have to it has to stop!

Yet, the delayed charging the murder because they claimed they didn't have enough evidence when clearly they’re trying to find a loophole to justify this behaviour mister fucking tough guys huh i hope they rot in jail Now ya know... Disgraceful he was in handcuffs oh my god this is so cruel 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Throw all of them in general population in the worst pen. 🤬😡 All of the rest of them should also be charged as accomplices. All three need to be arrested. Those jerks couldn’t wait to get their hands on George Floyd and do what they did! Things like this happen every day, and nothing happens to the officers. Hopefully that changes.

This is HORRIFYING! I don't have words to express how horrible it is to watch this helpless man begging for his life. I can't fathom how these officers murdered him in broad daylight. They are supposed to uphold the laws, not break them! They all need to found GUILTY OF MURDER‼️ They are all guilty, the video shows it all

AprilABrown1 TMZ OWNER PRETENDING TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE IS HYSTERICAL. HOW MANY BLACK LIVES IS HARVEY IS GONNA TRY TO DESTROY FOLLOW . AT THIS MOMENT HIS CHASING A PRINCESS FOR THE ROYALS .BUT I DIGRESS He couldn’t have resisted so strongly the cop still had his glasses on top his head. It's so disgusting. Every time I see it, my stomach knots up! Arrest the other 3!!

🤬🤬🤬🤭🤭🤭😞😞 I swear I see the Officer increase pressure on his neck This ain’t new. Everybody been knew 3 dudes were kneeing him I won’t stop till all the officers get life in jail ‼️ Excessive.. Death penalty This “TMZ,” is it your portal for seeing events? Why do you not use primary sources for your information on your planet?

Respect goes both ways . And clearly there’s a lot of cops that have no respect for people , humanity or the job they do. It’s such important work , they are treated like heroes and they just abuse the power given to them. WTF 😡😡 Wow! This is more heart breaking now that I've seen the video. Thats murder. The man is telling them he can't breath gasping for air, crying. Murder I say. Murder.

Charge all of them! None of this is new. This man dying only put it in the spotlight. This man wasn’t fighting for that whole ten minutes they sat on him. Yet somehow they found it necessary to just sit on him for no reason. Lock them up SECOND DEGREE MURDER FOR ALL NoMoreBlackBodies✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 fbi What else is needed ALL 3 & 1st Degree Murder

And people don’t understand why we are so angry !! When is it enough !!!!!? Shit is about to get REAL russmove Incite racism To even the police officers that jus stood there watching, he to is guilty for watching a crime happen and literally did nothing, he to was in support of the crime happening to, he shouldn't walk free to!

Sharonepperson Disgusting I hope these men ROT in hell ! voilenc is the only solution when people are being murdered for no reason by police and government. Black lives matter. All need to be charged. Every time I watch it I burn so much,it’s time for this cruelty from The pigs to end, racism needs to end from all around the world. Justice needs to be served, this is disgusting what’s happend and what’s happening in America. Right now America is burning to the core.

Where is the video before this happened? Show it! Horrifying and heartbreaking. Time for three more arrest warrants. Any lawsuits against the police, if successful, should be paid out of the respective police pension fund(s) NOT by the taxpayers. All of them should be charged To hear him cry out for his mother, OMG! My heart couldn't handle that.

We all see clearly what happened in this video times without numbers we have been here several times. All we want is the F police officer be charge with 1st degree murder and for the 3 other officers to be arrested too! JusticeForGeorge GeorgeLloyd Floyd The devil is real and did his work here this is sickening to look at !! May god rest his soul ..

Awful... All three should be charged. ARREST THEM! A pew of injustice! Thanks TMZ...could of just turned it over to police. Instead you incite more anger and the country is burning down. F'ing irresponsible. pvtjokerus dbongino Patrici15767099 ASimplePatriot thebradfordfile This is what American justice looks like to the rest of the world right now. The caller who informed the police about a forged check that led to GeorgeFloyd being cuffed & suffocated was totally confused. The case against KellyLoeffler & two other senators was crystal clear.

This is disgraceful!! Those law enforcers must be dealt with appropriately. Heartbreaking They're were lifting his right arm up and back, whilst in cuffs? Why? This is a very cold and chilling murder. Should be 2nd murder all of them involved No more stop with the videos. It's to heartbreaking Arrest them all

Fire and arrest the other two officers Smh .. these cops are thugs Good grief 😔😔😔😔 They most be arrested too , Now

New video shows another angle of George Floyd being restrained by policeDisturbing new video shows another angle of George Floyd being restrained by police and saying he can't breathe before his death. Groupthink. I'm guessing the bully was the alpha male. There should be a required certification, a federal form that officers attest they will not use excessive force and they will not allow other officers to use excessive force. This needs to end now.

New video appears to show George Floyd on the ground with three officersA new video capturing the moment George Floyd was detained by members of the Minneapolis Police Dept. appears to show multiple officers on the ground with him. The camera operator should be arrested for doing a lousy job. Justice needed.! They all need to go to jail. Good cops don’t do this and there are good cops out there. They are speaking out too

New video appears to show George Floyd on the ground with three officersThe 18-second clip shows three officers on the ground with him while another officer stands next to a police vehicle. Not new. I see 3 murderers and 1 accessory to murder. I know if 4 other folks did what they did they would have been arrested and charged asap. Who were they trying to restrain? The Hulk?

Three police officers appeared to kneel on George Floyd in new videoNew video posted on social media appears to show three Minneapolis Police Department officers kneeling on George Floyd during his arrest. Previous eyewitness video showed Floyd being knelt on by one officer — Derek Chauvin. Two more arrests please When A Grown Man Is Crying.. The People That Are To Help Him Are The Cause Of The Crying. It Sadden My Heart.

Minneapolis protests get heated, looting reported as George Floyd death sparks new outcryProtests grew increasingly tense in Minneapolis on Wednesday, and looting was reported, as outrage grew over George Floyd – whose death in police custody was recorded on video that went viral. The best way to remember a slain man. Only a non human brain cell could come up with the idea of rioting and looting as a response to something that wasn’t done to you, and wasn’t done by any of the people you are hurting by your sub human behavior. None of this would happen if that idiot move his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck! 😡Lockhimup

Surveillance video does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrestSurveillance video from outside a Minneapolis restaurant appears to contradict police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest before an officer knelt on his neck This should shock me, but it's not even that shocking to me anymore. Why haven’t they been arrested yet!! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd you don't have aright to kill a man😏