Government, Our Annual Year 2014, Healthcare, Vol 50 Issue 29

Government, Our Annual Year 2014

New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic


New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

JACKSON, MS—In an effort to make certain that physicians who perform the procedure are fully qualified to do so, a new state law passed Tuesday will require Mississippi doctors to climb an 18-foot wall before entering any medical facility providing abortions.

“This law is shamefully overdue,” Bryant added. “I’m sorry the women of Mississippi had to wait so long.”

But while most conservative activists reportedly praised the new regulations, some suggested that a simple 18-foot wall may not be effective enough to ensure that only the most capable doctors could perform an abortion.

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This is South American affirmative action at its best. Hiring foreign doctors who already have skills in climbing tall walls. Resumes to the top of the list. cameron_kasky This is one way and with out any ladder. Circumvent iceh17 Sweet, doctors can become shredded now. You fools, you'll only make the doctors RIPPED!

Damn it Onion! Don't give them ideas!! Like seriously, almost seriously... The attempted irony of those who believe their own patriotic bs To everyone in the comments arguing, pls do it somewhere else. Let us normal people read our satire in peace. And forced to carry the children of family members, Alabama leads the country in genetic supremacy.

G0ffThew Dude, don't give them ideas New bill in Alabama state legislature if passed will force women to dress like they did in the pre civil war south.

Backlash grows against new anti-abortion legislation in Georgia, AlabamaThis year four states have passed so-called ‘heartbeat bills,’ essentially banning abortions at six weeks before many women even know they are pregnant, while Georgia just introduced a bill that criminalizes leaving the state to get an abortion. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the rise in anti-abortion legislation. Alabama push Anti Murder of babies bills.****** the US is going backward

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Or have the lady that wants the abortion scale the wall with no tools to see if that helps her and if you make it over and still want the abortion well fuck i guess? cameron_kasky This is also to close to reality. The Onion doesn’t like it when society tries to stop the killing of black babies. Wonder which side they would have been on regarding slavery? “New Legislation Requires Task-Masters To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Plantation”

So walls do work? people who use the government to force their oppinions on other people are what's wrong with this world. Should create a whole new market for Venezuelan refugee OB/GYN’s. This bill brought to you by crossfit. Damn, shit's getting real in the next Trauma Center game. Y’all forgot the razor wire at the top.


New Georgia abortion law draws Hollywood backlashThe television and film industry struck back this week at the state of Georgia, whose governor just signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. realchriswilson Who. Cares. realchriswilson Are these the same celebrities who hate guns but use them in every movie to make money? realchriswilson

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Busy Philipps talks abortion at 15, is 'scared for women and girls' with new lawsActress Busy Philipps spoke out about the recent bills in various states regarding abortion, and shared her own story. I find it abhorrent that Dems now promote abortion even in the third trimester. They should be promoting safe sex to young girls, not murdering babies in their womb. The Dems obsession with murdering innocent and defenseless babies is sickening and repulsive and abhorrent Really? You must be new to this 'politics' thing. Just wait 10 minutes and it'll all change. Who is a Busy Phillipps and why is her opinion relevant

Ocasio-Cortez labels new Georgia abortion law as a 'backdoor ban'Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sharply criticized a new Georgia abortion law, calling it a 'backdoor ban' If a 3 year old is on life support and the doctor says with 99% certainty the child will be as healthy as any other in 6 months, no logic would allow the mother to take that child off life support. Now subtract 3.5 years from the child’s age and ask again.🤔 No Logic! 😔 Who cares what that moronic puppet actress says? NOTHING I HATE MORE THAN A BAN ON THE BACKDOOR !!!!!!!!

Evan Rachel Wood and more suggest 'mandatory vasectomies' for men in response to new abortion laws'Come on guys, Lets save lives! Whats that? A hard no? Why? Cause it's your body and we don't get to make that choice for you? Ooooooohhhhhh!!!' And mandatory castration for rapists Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream. Cool so just end the human race? Got it

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