New 2022 Audi RS4 and RS5 Competition get handling boost | Autocar

5/17/2022 2:30:00 PM

Stiffened-up chassis package comes alongside design tweaks and more vocal exhaust system

The Audi RS4 Avant and Audi RS5 have been dialled up to offer enhanced dynamics and a louder soundtrack in new, limited-edition Competition guise, but Audi is still evaluating whether or not to bring the new arrivals to the UK

Stiffened-up chassis package comes alongside design tweaks and more vocal exhaust system

The Competition cars are marked out by black badging, matt carbon-effect exterior trim and optional black wheels in a bespoke design, which can be wrapped in sticky Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres.Read our review Back to top Such is the versatility of the DMH technology that it can also project warning signs onto the road as part of the headlight beam.View all latest drives Back to top Having six gears and an extra pedal to tend to adds a lot of the engagement back in, both at lower speeds and when you find a good road to explore the engine’s rev range and the chassis’s balance.View all latest drives Back to top While the prototype is heavily disguised, the earlier concept revealed it will receive a large and uniquely shaped kidney grille set within a heavily structured bumper, giving it a purposeful look from straight on.

The interior is similarly decked out with black trim elements.It's the modifications to the chassis that most obviously set the Competition apart, though.Using live traffic information drawn down by an internet link via the cloud, this warning symbol appears for three seconds, alerting the driver of hazards ahead, such as congestion or a dangerous road surface.The ride height is lowered by 10mm over standard and can be brought down a further 10mm manually.BMW has also avoided the issue we have with Porsche’s recent manuals , where you end up just leaving it in one gear because the ratios are so long.The spring rate has been increased, the stabilisers stiffened and three-way adjustable dampers installed to"heighten the general driving experience and help shorten lap times".Even so, Audi says it can envisage more innovations using advanced lighting systems to communicate with pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.Audi claims an enhanced differential boosts handling performance further, courtesy of a tweak to the power unit that sends more power rearward in corners.A charging port is located in the left-hand front wing.

Power from the cars' twin-turbocharged 2.Audi is also working with suppliers to allow rear light clusters to offer information to following vehicles.Third runs to 115mph, and at 70mph in sixth, the engine is still turning 2400rpm – unusually high for a modern petrol car.9-litre V6 remains at 444bhp, but straight-line pace has been subtly improved, as the gearbox has been tuned to give quicker shifts.The RS5 Competition gets from 0-62mph in just 3.At the moment these multi-segment rear clusters allow the A8 driver to choose from four different rear light signatures (five on the new Audi S8 ), and they can also send out an indication of proximity to a following vehicle using data from the car’s rear parking sensors.8sec - a 0.To my ears, the engine also sounds a little more natural – slightly gravelly and a far cry from naturally aspirated M3s of old, but free-revving and exciting.1sec improvement – while the RS4 Avant Competition shaves 0.Because OLEDs offer an evenly diffused light that can be tuned precisely, Audi’s lighting designers envisage rear OLED clusters made up of many tiny segments, opening the way for symbols to be presented to following vehicles, such as multiple hazard warning triangles or animations that reflect speed of braking, for example.For those who consider that a little lacking, there will also be a more potent model with 740bhp and 738lb ft, as hinted at by the concept.

2sec off its sprint time, at 3.9sec.Advertisement Back to top Tiny OLED segments could also be joined by ultra-thin OLEDs just 0.Even in the US, which is the main holdout for manuals in performance cars, BMW could easily have brought out the current generation of the M3 and M4 and not done a manual ’box at all, and no one would have found that strange..

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