Nevada caucuses live results and updates - CNNPolitics

Nevada Caucuses Live Results And Updates - Cnnpolitics

Nevada's Democratic caucuses are underway

Nevada Caucuses Live Results And Updates - Cnnpolitics


Nevada's Democratic caucuses are underway

Thirty-six delegates are at stake in Nevada's Democratic caucuses. Follow here for live updates and results.

Nevada Democratic Party asks caucus volunteers to sign confidentiality agreements From CNN's Kevin Conlon, Dianne Gallagher and Dan Merica The Nevada State Democratic Party (NSDP) is asking site leaders for today's caucuses to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) that would prevent them from speaking to the media. The news broke just one day before the Nevada Democratic caucuses . The caucus process in Nevada has come under intense scrutiny after a similar process melted down in Iowa. Nevada Democrats, lead by operatives with ties to former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have worked for weeks to ensure the caucus goes smoothly, worried that a poor showing could imperil the state's first in the west status and further undermine the entire nomination process. A Nevada State Democratic Party official told CNN that it's standard practice to request staff and volunteers to sign an NDA because they are privy to strategic information and said the party also required NDAs in 2018. The NDA details: CNN obtained a copy of one of the four-page agreements which states, in part,"I will take all measures necessary to protect the secrecy of, and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of, Confidential Information of the NSDP." The NDA appears to be one that is used for other purposes by the NSDP, since it also references activities other than the caucuses. "If I am a volunteer and answering phones at the NSDP office or volunteering at an official NSDP event, I am a representative of the NSDP and am not authorized to speak to the press unless given permission by the Executive Director or Communications Director." share with Facebook Read more: CNN Breaking News

Death to America is Bernie's Slogan! What does a socialist yep SANDERS Sorry if I have offended anyone ,I in no way meant to belittle the horrible crimes this man has committed . Bernie Conor SCREW BERNIE AND FIRE DON LEMON!!! America will be worst with this guy. America will end with this socialist. It's an embarrassment to the US that these are the best candidates the Democrats can come up with. But it all goes back to the immorality they believe in. Good people they are not.

The media slime campaign against Sanders worked then? He can’t beat Donald. The party is done if he gets the nomination.

Nevada town hall live: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPoliticsJoin CNN for the second of a two-night Democratic presidential town hall event, live from Las Vegas. TONIGHT: 8 p.m. ET: Former Vice President Joe Biden 9 p.m. ET: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Follow live: SIGA O FELIPEPRIOR NO IG I’d rather walk on hot coals than watch xobsteinn !!

Trump2020LandslideVictory And just what exactly is Nevadas' main source of income? How will it work under Socialist / Communist rule? Were will Nevadians work? The Russians helped Sanders! The Russians helped Trump! The Russians Why hasn’t CNN vetted Bernie. The Democrats have lost their minds. They’re going to nominate a communist for POTUS. It’s as frightening as it gets.

The problem with socialism is. Eventually you run out of other people’s money. And with this we will hand a victory to Trump. Sanders is TOO far left and TOOOOOOO OLD!!! Come on Dems! Get with the program.

Nevada town hall live: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren answer questions from 2020 voters - CNNPoliticsFormer Vice President Joe Biden says he thinks it's possible to work with Republicans in the future, but added that they are 'definitely afraid because this President is so vindictive.' CNNTownHall A little backbone can go a long way. Just ask Samwise the Brave. trump isnt the only bad one biden. How is someone so old so naive?

What a freaking joke of an election dems will.lose big Bring on all the high taxs People are so funny.😂😂😂 TELLS HOW MANY CRAZIES ARE OUT THERE Sorry he not gonna win. Everything is free. Noone has no responsibility anymore Can you imagine Americans in mid west going to vote and standing in the booth saying 50% tax or jobs?

The party that has screamed about Russia for three years is actually going to nominate a communist Russia sympathizer who thinks bread lines are good. 😂 He ain’t is a president material. Waste of public money. 😂😂😂

Nevada Democratic caucuses: How do they work?Democratic presidential hopefuls face their first test in a state with a significant non-white segment of its electorate. No idea. We are all voting by mail today in WA OR CA so you do you, we will vote for Bernie and Warren in or majority or minority Hispanic Western states

No worries the Washington Democrats will take it away from Bernie! Visit here for Google friendly on page SEO When is so someone going to ask this old communist jew who, how and what this is going to cost. Well 1.5 trillion student debt 8 trillion per year Medicare for all 2 trillion for illegals Medicare for all 2 trillion free college 15 trillion per year green new deal

I am really not sure I can support him. Dems are going to screw it up again. Trump serving for 4 more years is solidified. This is EXACTLY what Trump & Russia want. Sanders is as big of a clown as Trump and cannot beat him. I was in hospital for 6 months (had 2 spine operations, 2 MRI scans) , later I went for 3 months in rehabilitation center(got medicine, whellchair) and after this 3 weeks of spa,wellness center and I payed 0€ - If I lived in USA my family would probably be bankrupt and homeless

Europeans are shocked how many people die in USA because they cant afford to buy epipens, insulin ... I mean wtf ? and people still support this politicians ? My father had cancer, got treathment , medicine and payed 0€ - my mother had autoimmune disease and she got medicine USA - the only developed country where citizens are dying from preventables diseases because they dont have health insurance or because they cant buy medicine - americans should compare prices of medicine in USA vs Europe-10x or more expensive-tablets that cost 7€ are 90$ in USA

very old...

In Booming Nevada, Democratic Contenders Face Growth ConcernsA population surge in Nevada is making Democrats confident they can win the state again this November, though the presidential contenders face questions about high housing costs and crowded schools as they campaign for Saturday’s caucuses.

Don’t rush to conclusions too soon Good he is the One Can anyone say Mondale 2020...LMAO!!!😅😆😅😆 The Dems have no viable candidates. They are in serious trouble for 2020 for all seats. Made too many mistakes the last 3 years bashing Americans. It'll come back to bite them. The new look of the W/House Bernievoski and his friends

how is it 4 am EST and only 50% has been reported in Nevada? This is ridiculous. Can anyone say Iowa 2.0? Unbelievable .... Bernie may win Nevada caucus, but another centrist Dem will win the nomination, Bernie plan to pay for his plans do not hold up and once exposed to the light of day will be proven to be unsustainable

With the help from PUTIN Bernie win in Nevada, good job Russia, Bernie is the real Russian agent and he will turn America into another Leningrad and the 2 big dog praying for him?/ Nevada ( never validate s

Nevada Democratic Party asks caucus volunteers to sign confidentiality agreementsThe Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders for Saturday's caucuses to sign non-disclosure agreements that would prevent them from speaking to the media. Wow! This is definitely crazy town!

You smiles right? Your India vodism take trump off but USA stay want be great Everything he's trying to do is mostly already done and working well in Europe and people are still yelling communism 😂😂😂 K well my Belgian 'communism' that allows me to pay 11€/month to be able to go to the doctor's for free and pay like 50€ if I get hospitalized is GREAT! americans keep making the same mistake over and over...trying to elect the elderly and pensioners into the presidents office...look at how it works for ya now... 👎 Best chance to get Trump a 2nd time retire already Bernie A bit long in the tooth though. Chris Matthews must be crying in his bunker while he is frantically prepping.😂

Nevada Democratic caucuses: How do they work?Democratic presidential hopefuls face their first test in a state with a significant non-white segment of its electorate. They break a tie by playing cards. TrueStory however the DNC wants them to work? SaturdayThoughts NevadaCaucuses Democratic Establishment more like Nevada Democratic circuses 🤡🎪

Bernie: ✅Free health care ✅Free child care ✅Free colleges ✅Free trade schools ✅forgive all student loans ✅Raise minimum wage to $15.00 an hour ✅all teachers to make $60K ✅All illegals get the same benefits. So abolish the border. So how does that math work out? Lol. More evidence that Democrats are done Seriously, socialism?

views It’s a small state. It’s a caucus. It’s not voters. It’s meaningless. Let's be real..don't you think the koolaid drinkers are voting for Sanders, because they think the Koolaid man can beat him...and don't you think Russia might be pushing Sanders to keep the Koolaid man Just a thought... he is communist

Trump Bernie 2020 will win . Can u imagine. The best of both the worlds. Hell NO

The BURN! FeelTheBern2020 FeelTheBern BernieWon BernieWinsNevada BernieSanders Good news for Russians. They are laughing at you ,Uncle Sam. Why is “decisive”? This is hilarious! Guess the Dems are too busy bitching about Trump to actually find a candidate to take his place. F off Seriously Dems are in trouble!

This isn’t good I like sanders but I much rather see Biden go up against Trump because in that case Biden is the guarantee Victor. Braden’s policies are not progressive enough for you guarantee you they will be better than another four years of Trump Bernie the communist wins!

How much did this hurt CNN to post? Caucuses are a joke. We’re talking about tens of thousands of votes - an absolutely minuscule percentage of the electorate. They should be abolished. hmm YESSS!!! GO BERNIE GO!!! Caucus is different than straight vote Great one extreme to another. Let's keep catering to the extremist on both sides and tell reality, common sense and everyone we don't agree with to screw off. This country is completely screwed.

Get them grandpa Bernie!! FeelTheBern2020 The democratic party as we know it is dead.. Scary times. Aren't there any non loony politicians on either side anymore. It's either one extreme or the other. Obama will go down as the most rational president since Washington.

CNN has no say in any political decision. YOU ARE OFF CNN. Yes but will he get the delegates or will they be true to their 'paid benefactor' ? Wow, the melinials must be the only ones going to the caucuses. The older generations are celebrating with Jack Daniel's. Congratulations Bernie, but I do not think you will be able to defeat Trump.

That's sad and really scary. Will be hard decision in the fall. Between dictator and Lenin. The US destroying themselves. What a shame. Not good The plot thickens. It's only begun.

Communist Bernie go home. The Bernanator!! So can BernieBros stop whining about how the establishment won’t let Bernie win or whatever Because if the “system” is rigged against him they’re doing a piss poor job of it. Easy money for Trump The Democrats were born out of the south which believes in slavery and oppression, let that sink in to all you Americans.

Not the right candidate to beat Trump!! Why can’t people see this! Perhaps we should spread the votes out evenly among all the candidates. You know. Fair is fair. Very scary The radical left wing Bernie supporters are determined to get Trump re-elected. Sad.

As a democrat I have give up on 2020! With Bernie winning Trump is assured of another 4years. Thanks CNN your panel tonight reminded us how awful Obama’s presidency was. Now we have a farefetched devil in disguise none other than Crazy Bernie Sanders. Poor little butt nugget little Bo Pete. Sanders wins the Democratic race and loses yo Trump in the election. Goodnight

And yes the Democratic establishment is getting nervous too! Bernie’s campaign is unprecedented and beholden to his donors, many of whom are teachers- not billionaires or corporations. He’s every bit as awful as Trump maybe more. This man has spent decades touting his love of communism. What I don’t understand is why his fellow democrats and the press are not talking about it. For gods sake Trump doesn’t like parasite and it’s a 5 day story.

Lol was meant for this moment. DNC Yet the talking heads keep trying to justify why Bernie Sanders is not the best candidate and how his win is a crisis to the DNC. Bernie has the best vision for our country and has expanded the electorate. Bernie Sanders is so old that when God said let there be light, Bernie flipped the switch! Shouldn’t he be in a home? Because his rambling sounds like something a senile old man would say. KAG

He will never win against Trump. I wish he was not in this race. He is way too extreme and as someone who is a moderate I can’t go with Bernie or Trump but in the end I guess I would have to go with Bernie if he is my only other choice. I just can’t vote for Trump. I can’t. Well Congrats to Comrade Bernie

no Hilary be like There’s a reason Putin favors Sanders... He will never beat Trump😔 Bad night for ewarren, PeteButtigieg and for JoeBiden in NevadaCaucus2020 - BernieSanders wins. Could come down to Bernie vs MikeBloomberg for the Democratic nominee. The American people reject Bernie Sanders, a Russian agent, a communist mongrel, a politician who uses the socialist shtick as a paycheck to book deals, speech engagements. When you research his life, he’s one of the laziest people in politics.

All of you Bernie supporters: i hope you’re saving as much money as you can cause you won’t be able to afford the price of gas if he wins. And you won’t be able to blame trump. Live look at CNN newsroom

Stop crying CNN woohoo. But what about those of us who paid back our student loans. Will Bernie tax enough to cover us, too? Didn’t we just hear that Russia was trying to influence his winning? Feelin the BERN!! US is making another big mistake. We are in deep shit Rich, old, white man--perfect democratic candidate. Lol

BernieWon / AmericaLoses BernieKnew

Today is the last day of the Democratic Party.... it had a good run. Oh joy, no really. BernieWon / AmericaLoses BernieWon / AmericaLoses Bernie will do more damage than Trump CNN& MSNBC WILL be Responsible for Bernie LOSING To Trump! STOP Building UP Trump! Putin is behind this Fiasco! A Socialist Will Not WIN & Trump is thrilled BiDEN is NOT ahead! CNN MSNBC Politico HuffPost Axios Vox. VanityFair bloomberg. joebiden

Democrats have a death wish...😕 We’re fucked. 😡😡😡😡

Bernie Sanders will deliver a Second Term for Trump. The Democrats should learn from Labour and fast track Michael Bloomberg If they seriously seek a return to power. Only his business skills will tempt the wavering Republicans with a moral compass over. Baby World Emergency News Coronavirus South Korea added 123 infections today a total of 556 people

Stupid kids backing this guy guarantee a Trump victory. If you think it's bad for you now, just wait. Hopefully you grow up in 5 years and support someone electable. The result will cement Sen.Bernie Sanders' status as frontrunner in the Democratic primary. Either deep red or dark blue are the options then? I like purple myself! Unfortunately that wont be on the ballot!

Yup Yes! Trump will destroy BernieSanders !!! BernieIsACommunist Trump2020 KAG2020 Keep telling yourself that Bernie can't win. They said exactly the same thing about trump!! Bernie Sanders has invested big in Nevada .Will it pay off .? people say they value most of all someone who can defeat Trump, well Bernie ain't defeating Trump.

He has a point. Caucus outdated. If counting each vote is good for Governor and other offices, it should be good for Presidency too. Agreed I wonder what the motive would be to make it harder for certain people to vote Yangs let give the podcast a listen! CNN’s election coverage would be so great if it were just AndrewYang and VanJones68. Truly honest brokers with partisan hackers.

CNN you have a chance to sweep the ratings away from MSNBC, by reporting fairly about Senator Sanders... what will you do? 1/2 of the audience has been displaced. Because the Democrats are controlled by the 1%. They want to decide who is the nominee, not the people. So that voting matters. It weeds out the people who think voting is too hard, so they dont bother. That is good for the Republic

We aren’t a democracy Stay in it! We need your voice! Next election - 2024!

cnn is doing a much better job than MSNBC. watching now thank god. smart voice to have on there They had early vote Andrew. Didn’t he also say Bloomberg was going to dominate the debate? I don’t dislike the caucuses because of the results so far, I dislike them because of the difficulty they put on voters that work in a capatlist system in which someone is always working somewhere and an event lasting a few hours on one day doesn’t cut it for democracy.

It's the Democrat caucus, what else would you expect. Have they counted the dead voters yet? yang I was rooting for you! maybe 2024 will be your time 100% agree. It’s hard enough to get young people involved in the process, so having a system that most of us couldn’t explain if we had to doesn’t seem to be the best thing to do.

Because the left is a mess and they can’t let Sanders be their front runner. Sanders isn’t even a democrat! GloriaBorger , Ms. Borger, Bernie has every right to call out the media’s clear bias against him. Especially CNN

Give Yang his own prime time show. Alexandra Rojas comments right on target especially on 'DC Pendents' I get the feeling that if Bernie wasn't winning we wouldn't be trashing the caucus process. Amirite.. He's not wrong. Just say it's russia and let the sheep's brains do the rest He’s right Didn't agree with Yang on every thing but he's 100% right here. The Caucus should have been left in 1972.

Who in the fuck said this was a democracy? So true

AGREE Agreed, AndrewYang Support BernieSanders2020 Apparently people from Nevada do not like the gays, because both Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are getting smashed so far. Lol CNN can’t even get polling numbers right. Buttigied is in 5th lol and Sanders has already declared winner How can you call Caucus before it’s over?

Any virus in Nevada? No Results,going to CNBC Portugal’s prime minister tried to fired a journalist...

That headline should read, 'Nevadans cussing gets underway'. CNN and the Russian they meddling in the election? the Democrats plying the game to get Bernie out they wont JOE and they will do the same as 2016 they will not back him they got the Russian game they can hit 2 for 1, it is the same intelligent witch killed 1million Iraqi ?

WHY is CNN reporting that Sanders has an early lead according to entrance polls? Are you kidding, those votes can change. And dear God, John King, the 2016 race relative to Sanders is irrelevant, it was a two-person race. Makes the magic board very boring. Get some real stats! Bernie admitted a month ago he knew Russia was breaking into his election. He doesn't seem to mind the direction from Trump to Putin to help him win. This is disgusting.

It took over 200 yrs for America to get it right & be a light to the world. We are facing a dark counter-image in Trump. Is that who we are? We have taken Gov't for granted. Let us not disparage but stay the mid-course in all dealings in Congress, Nations & with our Neighbors. O hh boy... What news flash will we wake up too on Sunday?

The U.S. State Department announced that South Korea Coronavirus is in the second phase of its CDC NO.2 trip. I can't sleep here in South Africa, I found that watching helps with that... boring FakeNews

MikeBloomberg why isn't he competing in Vegas? Who cares How is CNN let into polling areas to photograph and question people? I think president trump is doing well In Nevada, it's spelled 'cactus'. He he Lets go corruption lets go!!!👏👏👏 And a card game of chance will determine the winner in the event of a tie. Hmmm...

The results are ready next month Trump’s going to wipe the floor with the winner.😂😂😂 So excited to see how Dems screw this up AGAIN then blame it on Trump and the Russians.

A cardboard box with ballot written on it.... Keeping it classy. News of Russia interfering in our elections is meant to confuse us and discourage us NOT to vote! Your vote counts and united we will defeat trump! Bernie2020 How long is it gonna take to count these votes? This just in from Nevada: Voters are being sent away after showing up and checking in because it’s so early, but the doors are open. Voters were told that the caucus opens at 12, when in reality it closes at 12. NV Dems volunteer is sending early arrivals away...

Democrats like Santa Claus ... promise people gifts and never come OK bot Pony Express standing by to deliver results ... in a month or two ... weather permitting ... Nevada is looking like another caucus failure. They don’t even have enough volunteers to run the thing. These people want to control your healthcare... let that sink in.

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