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Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Is Slammed by Kim Jong Un’s Propagandists as ‘Beastly’

“Squid Game” depicts a South Korean society where “only money matters,” a North Korean propaganda site says

10/13/2021 1:30:00 PM

“Squid Game” depicts a South Korean society where “only money matters,” a North Korean propaganda site says

“Squid Game,” Netflix’s dystopian drama set in South Korea, is the top-watched show in more than 90 countries. North Korea, however, isn’t giving the show rave reviews.

But one nation isn’t giving rave reviews: North Korea.A North Korean propaganda website, Arirang Meari, reported on what the international response has been to the South Korean survival drama. Viewers have been drawn to a show that highlights the “sad reality of a beastly South Korean society” that adheres to the “law of the jungle,” the Tuesday article says.

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“‘Squid Game’ gained popularity because it exposes the reality of South Korean capitalist culture,” the article says. The show illustrates “a world where only money matters—a hell-like horror.”The story of “Squid Game” revolves around financially strapped adults playing traditional South Korean children’s games on a secluded island for a cash prize of about $40 million. The losers die. The games shown in “Squid Game” aren’t widely played in North Korea, defectors say.

On Wednesday, Netflix said “Squid Game” has attracted 111 million viewers globally since its Sept. 17 debut, leapfrogging the 82 million people who watched “Bridgerton,” making it the company’slargest-ever series launch. By Netflix’s metrics, anyone who watches a show for more than two minutes is considered a viewer. headtopics.com

In an interview late last month, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of “Squid Game,” said he wanted the show to examine how the global wealth gap is widening.North Korea’s Military Parade Skips Missiles for Hazmat Suits and HorsesNorth Korea showcased horses and marchers in hazmat suits at its first military parade since President Biden took office. Absent were major military hardware and a speech from leader Kim Jong Un as the regime deals with the fallout from the pandemic. Photo: AFP

“The rich are becoming richer, while the poor become poorer,” Mr. Hwang said. “It’s a story anyone could relate to.”North Korea has a love-hate relationship with South Korean pop culture. Many North Koreans have long had access to smuggled USBs that contain South Korean pop music, films and TV shows, trading them in secret among friends and family. Consuming such content is strictly banned by the

Kim Jong Unregime, defectors say.Mr. Kim has acknowledged that South Korean culture is seeping into his cloistered nation. This spring, he admonished people in his country for using South Korean words borrowed from K-Pop and Korean dramas. So-called “antisocialist” behaviors—such as dressing like South Koreans or watching South Korean television dramas are prohibited—and can even land a violator in prison, according to the spy agency in Seoul.

Mr. Kim’s propagandists have enjoyed attacking South Korea’s high-profile cultural exports. In March, the Arirang Meari website said two popular K-Pop groups, BTS and Blackpink, were treated as slaves and endured “miserable lives” that were equivalent to living in prison. headtopics.com

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In June 2019, North Korean propaganda website DPRK Today said the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” was making people realize that South Korea’s capitalist system is “a rotten, sick society with a malignant tumor.” Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Great! check out banksocial . Mfrs are jealous the south is getting so much attention that's rich coming from NK. North Korean news are propaganda but they are right this time. They don't really say anything else than what others are saying. I am not sure what this article is about? Squid game or North Korea? Iò guess WSF realised that it is not only North Korea that have the same opinion.

Or more generally humans suck 😂 C.R.E.A.M Sounds like 🇺🇸 Oh, North Korea is upset about a show in which the rank and file of society perform violent and demeaning acts for the amusement of a wealthy elite? Lmaooo Kim jong bucks can’t buy much so money doesn’t mean much I guess A North Korean life is just in a Squid Game without money

It stands for capitalism how it works world wide, blueprint for such a society is the USA ;)

'Squid Game' strikes nerve in debt-ridden South Korea“Squid Game,” a South Korea-produced Netflix show that depicts hundreds of financially distressed characters competing in deadly children’s games for a chance to escape severe debt, has captivated global audiences since its September debut LisaJackson022 you are a trader with so much ambitious goals towards his clients, a woman with love for others. You're honest when it comes to investment Thanks for changing my life financial i will be greedy if I don’t share this guys Contact LisaJackson022 for a success trade I really have hated Lee Jeong Jae and Lim Sae Ryeong and Korean Drama & film. Hateful. Oh great another import from China!

Well how to blame this What else would? Cult of North Korea leader? 🤔 horrible BrianLaundrie parents know what happened to GabbyPetito Roberta, Christopher and Brian Laundrie have blood on their hands. Apparently North Korea saw a different show than everyone else. Money runs the show , A rich man roaring solar halo, Helicoptering pomposity,ballonising mighty EGO, A child sleeps hungry & dies thirsty, But the snooty narcissist braggadocio funds his thunder contrary,A life deserves to die because it’s pocket has no MONEY!

I'm 100% sure Squid Game is legal in NK since it fits well with their propaganda xD Something that's about Nigeria. it also exposed the freedom South Koreans have to criticize that culture Why would a North Korean website care about it if they can't even watch it.

'Squid Game' strikes nerve in debt-ridden South Korea“Squid Game,” a South Korea-produced Netflix show that depicts financially distressed characters competing in deadly children’s games for a chance to escape debt, has captivated global audiences. But the dystopian show has struck a deeper nerve at home. Talk about depressing… no thanks.

Capitalist countries trying to save their reputation like: Technically rich from the ordeal if you disseminate General Grevious in Clone Wars: an circumcision is an blue lightsaber unlike an bend or an implant that would be an green lightsaber which would be an apology for those already vaccinated played epidemiologists playing Pachinko.

Pretty sure it gained popularity due to being an outstanding character drama with excellent storytelling and plenty of splatter gore for horror fans. That's all. Slow news day WSJ? I find that hard to believe given the damn travesty currently occupying the White House. Maybe…just maybe you’ll attempt real journalism tomorrow? Maybe?

Forget bout 'South Korean capitalist culture'- If you ask a whooping majority of viewers of SquidGame they may not be knowing what/wer is South Korea? should not further amplify North Korean website and give it more mileage. thats the entire point north korea lol. its depicting what people will do to survive under capitalism, its critical of the beastliness not encouraging it. you think theyd be like 'finally a show that depicts capitalistic life' or something clever

'propaganda website said ' it's not the way a media quotes It is the way a propaganda machine do There is Netflix in DPRK!! Pretty sure ppl are watching it because it's intense and then way later in the series there's some ideological mumbo jumbo about inequality and a touching humanistic story SPOILER but still, ppl just mainly there for the intense stuff.

North Korea have internet, North Korea have website damn

South Korea's 'Squid Game' is Netflix's biggest debut showThe series reached 111 million fans in just 27 days, since its release on September 17, easily outpacing UK costume drama 'Bridgerton', which was streamed by 82 million accounts in its first 28 days.

Yep, a broken clock and all that. Well, duh, that's actually kind of the point, isn't it? FFS, why are you reporting what a North Korean propaganda website is posting about a streaming show, anyway? KISHUARMY let’s Goooo. KISHU it’s the next GEM 💎🇺🇸🇦🇪🇨🇳 InuKishu 💛🤍 That's literally what western mainstream media says as well.

RT : A North Korean propaganda website said “Squid Game,” Netflix’s top-watched show in more than 90 countries, “gained popularity because it exposes the reality of South Korean capitalist culture” I mean that is what the show is about yeah, but still one of the characters gave her life to save her mother from the reality of communism. lol

Capitalism is the only thing being slammed here. Liberal democracies: Use art and speech to expose our failings and make us better. Authoritarian regimes: THIS IS A REAL-TIME LOOK AT THEIR FAILINGS!

19 Games That Would Be Played In The Australian Version Of 'Squid Game''Hot Cross Buns' on the recorder, but one wrong note and you're eliminated.

I mean that is pretty true though. North korea aint wrong about this so just a regular site from the dprk Where’s the lie? Huh? Propaganda = truth? This is a factual statement I've been waiting for this exact article Yes that’s correct Is this US propaganda outlet having problems with that demonstrably true statement?

-reports a capitalist propaganda website Lemme be sure I got this right...you're unironically accusing literally ANYONE else of being propagandists?

‘Squid Game’: Netflix’s Biggest Show In HistoryWith its Korean provenance and bizarre concept—debtors compete for billions of dollars in a bizarre game with losers facing certain extinction—few could’ve predicted the show’s massive success. thanks Yeah ok. GOT had bars filled dedicated to when the show aired. People where obsessed.

Based and true. that is exactly what Squid Game is exposing Yup Are they lying? The real question here is... What is Kim Jong Un's Netflix Username? Breaking news people: North Korea makes propaganda by literally describing the plot of a show!!! yeah that's true How is this 'slamming' the show? They're literally agreeing with its main theme.

I mean.. they ain’t wrong…

S.Korea's 'Squid Game' is Netflix's biggest original show debutHit South Korean show 'Squid Game' has officially become Netflix's biggest original series launch, the streaming service said on Wednesday.

American propaganda website says valid critique of capitalism is actually propaganda It was a great show I don't think they were criticizing Squid Game, I think they were criticizing capitalism If you wanna convince us North Korea is bad you probably shouldn’t broadcast that their “propaganda” website said a bunch of 100% accurate shit

yeah that's right They ain't wrong. Parasite is another great example. That’s literally what the show is about In a separate statement, dear leader Kim said he “enjoyed the performance of the actor playing Front Man, but […] preferred 2018 TV series Mr Sunshine” where the actor also starred. He added: “I Saw The Devil though was too f**cking dark for me.”

Please don’t acknowledge anything those people say. Their citizens are living in a dystopian nightmare of their own. Just ignore them Based

Parasite as well I’m not well educated on the SK economic system, but it seems quite brutal and nonhumanist. Perhaps, it stems from cultural interpretation of how people should try to acquire wealth. That's a correct statement Correct Certo, non per il gioco al massacro e i personaggi. I don't see how that's slamming Squid Game. lmao

Says the walleyed journal, a u.s. propaganda machine...... we need to remove all subtext from TV shows so you guys can understand them Yes. That’s what the show is about.

BREAKING NEWS: Media organization publishes baldly obvious fact damn, i wonder what else they're absolutely right about... That isn't propaganda. That's literally the message of the show. WSJ is literally doing propaganda though, since they are smart enough to know this. this is factually accurate It's true.

yes the creator said so himself hello Yes. Correct, yes Wow the creator even said that himself, crazy north korea out there spitting facts

If you're living in a near simulation the concept of reality is moot. I mean, are they wrong tho no Bcause$40 mil doesn't sound appealing in North Korea? Kinda stupid “aha moment” to be honest. Plus the players in the show were misfits who exploited the system illegally. But yeah, let’s demonize the rival’s system and steal a bit of their thunder! Pffft

they are correct Ok let’s use your logic.“The interview”was popular because it shows how shitty communism is, no one eats food,no one can leave, there’s obsession over military rather then allowing people to grow food. What purpose is the millitary, if there isn’t anyone left after starving them. can we really confidently say that the flashing 'capitalism' sign is really about capitalism?

That’s a true and accurate statement Which is an accurate interpretation north korea:

Dang, bien bajado ese balón A very magical problem, no country in the world can escape. That is what Squid Game is about tho No! You're kidding! In North Korea only missiles matter Im p sure that's what the movie says. Squid Games is no match for Squirrel and Hedgehog, evidently. Money knows no limit, neither does my bank account if I could get some donations. Need money for excessive needs.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato Nuke ➡️ iran ➡️ tehran

Says the man selling weapons to rogue states and raising cash through nationalised meth production in order to feed his cognac habit. They get Netflix for free in North Korea! welcome to capitalism. Not really wrong are they Yes, thank god capitalism is above that sort of thing. I wonder if there’s any other countries where only money matters

As opposed to the rest of the world? 🙃 🇩🇪12:14-The German Fed. Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy stated on Wednesday that the country is currently not experiencing any shortages when it comes to gas supplies.The ministry added the gas stores are at the moment'75% full'and that that percentage is'rising slowly'

Well atleast their people don’t die hungry.