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Netflix’s New Releases Coming in August 2021

Netflix’s New Releases Coming in August 2021

8/1/2021 3:40:00 AM

Netflix ’s New Releases Coming in August 2021

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will hit the streaming service next month.

She’s All Thatremake,He’s All That Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

BTS and their army of fans pop in on UN General Assembly - CNN Video

K-pop band BTS stopped by a United Nations meeting to speak and perform their song 'Permission to Dance.'

Sandra Oh legend Darwin’s Game is on the list, as in the anime? Wonder if Open Your Eyes is the 1997 or 2021 movie… regardless, PT Anderson’s Magnolia is by far the best film on that list Ok

Must Read: Unpacking Tiffany & Co.'s Contentious New Campaign, Nars Releases First NFTPlus, Louis Pisano on navigating the Cannes Film Festival red carpet's gendered dress code as a non-binary person.

Slacker-Pop Goddess Lauran Hibberd Releases Excellent New EP “Goober”: BUST InterviewU.K. slacker-pop star lauranhibberd celebrates her new EP Goober with an exclusive bust_magazine interview! 'I want to get the rock dads,' she says, 'as well as the young girls.' lauranhibberd Though I don't have kids, I can relate to the 'rock dad' comment. I think Lauran's fans fall into 2 groups: a) young women who relate to her on a personal level and; b) Gen Xers like myself who are reminded of the bands we listened to in our 20s like Kenickie, Sleeper etc.

Thailand reports daily record of new coronavirus cases and new deathsThailand reported on Saturday a daily record of 18,912 new coronavirus infections, bringing the country's total accumulated cases to 597,287.

Amanda Knox Is Not Thrilled About Matt Damon's New Movie 'Stillwater'She makes some points!

David Ayer Slams Studio Cut of ‘Suicide Squad,’ Praises James Gunn’s New MovieOn Thursday, David Ayer posted an emotional letter on Twitter that praises James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” and revealed information about his director’s cut of the polarizi… He would rather say how amazing the footage you will never see is, then release anything else and have it be not much better. Will releasethefurycut help that one? I cannot watch the Gunn Cut, without watching the Ayer Cut so Gunn cut can wait forever.

Still waiting on a Social Security benefit application or new card? New report shows how Covid-19 has delayed mail processingIn March 2020, the Social Security Administration shuttered in-person services due to Covid-19. Today, there's still a backlog of mail, a report finds. wow Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. – Josh Billings