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Netflix Raises Price of Standard, Premium Plans

Breaking: Netflix has raised the price of its standard plan to $13.99—and its premium plan to $17.99

10/29/2020 10:52:00 PM

Breaking: Netflix has raised the price of its standard plan to $13.99—and its premium plan to $17.99

Netflix has raised the price of its standard plan to $13.99 from $12.99—and its premium plan to $17.99 from $15.99.

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how much is a basic plan I can hear my firestick gettin jailbroke now... I noticed that change last month This is totally unfair. This is almost a 30% increase - in a recession. Business has been BOOMING for Netflix but they’re apparently motivated by greed. Ok, I'm a head out One more reason. time for me to cancel/renew according to their premiere dates

With that price ill probably just get hbo and call it a day had Netflix for so long. But dam I don't worth their how do I afford that for the same shows for the last few months. Might have to quit it. Thats alot of price changes since I've had it. What they think I got a raise? reedhastings just went Marlo 😂💀

Tf?!!! I just want to know how much of their subscription base they will lose. You can only watch one platform at a time anyways. And I’m tired of 1 or 2 season shows. Finish a damn series dammit. I like how the article basically outright spills the beans that capitalism requires infinite growth. I can’t imagine paying for Netflix lolol

ripcord1tv brilliant service netflix The nerve. There are no good movies on Netflix right now. That's still cheap for entertainment for a month. Guess Obama’s are planning a long vacation that The olaj Smh Obama is a cousin of BUSH2 happy 2 see u both leave crap you’ve done; sick perv.x! bet Clooney is bringing u fav pizza too? 4/6 yr are F Hong long smh

Just do the basic plan. It’s $8.99. Disney+ is soooo much better anyway This is exactly why people share accounts 🙃🙃🙃🙃 I don’t want to pay extra so they can produce more unwatchable shit from Ryan Murphy. Netflix_CA They’re charging more money to keep canceling the quality shows we fall in love with. And they can’t get more people to subscribe, so they figure what’s the harm in continuously gouging at the people already on board...?

TribeVegas215 Not really surprised. pretty sure stranger things has a Thanksgiving release date if it's still on schedule and that was the last time I remember a price hike. Now unless I keep making new content they may find some of us leave. I mean if everyone using the account splits this it would cost like .50 each. Sounds like a deal to me.

Time to start back pirating I see. Didn’t they just increase their prices? Geesh talk about taking advantage of people. Well, thank the gods I got rid of them in April. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Capitalism it may be time for more corporate tax cuts on top of that so they can own humanity, or something. Jesus. Can we put some sanity back into the way we're regulating our economy?

Guess I'll be discontinuing my subscription! 🤷🏾‍♀️ They can say goodbye to their consumers. Netflix, this is 👆🏾time to CHILL! netflix I've been loyal since the DVD days but ok ill do amazon hulu etc.. I'm not paying more sorry. I'm just not. And they keep canceling shows I like? So why would I keep this crap

lmaoo this a joke eh ? Ah yes higher prices to keep canceling good shows very good very good Steps to resolve negative free cash flow? Expected. I’m ok with this Its sad really to see the downfall of Netflix occuring right before our eyes. Losing a lot of its best content and they keep raising the price pretty soon itll be cheaper to get HBO over Netflix

Wtf Unproblemattic They keep raising their price but not putting good new content Because they lost money supporting a pedophile movie i do not want to pay this Great way to take advantage of a pandemic when people already have limited options. 🙄 netflix Disappointing. The shows seem to be geared more and more to adolescents.

Really 😳 They need to be careful as with many alternatives, they may be pricing themselves out of the market with these frequent price hikes If all movies were 4k (when available) it would be one thing. But for the most part it’s only for their original content. I’ll get it for a month for The Crown and cancel or downgrade straight away after.

alteszn Hazael_xii $215 a year? Lol stocks about to crash.... I guess it’s time to say goodbye then? Okay i think this time to say goodbye netflix! netflix lot of money for GraceandFrankie reruns, last tango/hallifax...kominsky/arkin years, all i watch anyway. Janefonda ❤️ LilyTomlin ❤️ spiceyw ❤️

I'm canceling my subscription before the price hike. issuing junk bonds for funding bad content was a bad idea. Netflix needs to collect more money to pay legal costs defending their airing of 'Cuties' child porn, this example is what would happen w a Biden administration, the cost of services and products will increase for those making less than $400k a year.

Damnit! Now I’m dropping them. I hate when they do this. Hooking up with the Obamas is what caused me to cancel. When the Cuties scandal hit, I was glad to no longer pay money for trash., Please what are Amazon’s prices ? When POTUS concluded he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, he decided to take it to another order of magnitude by killing hundreds of thousands on streets all over the United States of America!

Bye Gotta make up for the lost revenue from Cuties? If only they dropped the perverted show Time to add another to my subscription Prayers up for people's account I am on. 🙏 Catch 22 Hmmm might cancel that. 17.99 a month.. Hey netflix! If you are going to fuck us, show some new/better shows and movies. And drop that Obama shit

2/2 when I asked to activate my account they said you have to sign up again as a new member which cost me $18.99 before I had it for $19.99. This is a total scam. 1/2Last night they canceled my account in the middle of a show, when I contacted them for the reason they said we canceled your account due to ''Unauthorized activities'' which was totally wrong...

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Netflix is raising the price of its standard and premium 4K plans in the US - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Its time to cancelnetflix thanks for this news I fucking called it! Greg Kelly, you owe me $150. Pay up, bitch!

Netflix raises prices, stock leaps 5%Shares of Netflix ($ NFLX ) leap 5% as the company announces it is raising the prices of its standard and premium plans. Cancelling...👎 WholeMarsBlog It’d be okay if they at least produced better content instead of so many one-season failures — maybe data science is not the answer to what people want to watch WholeMarsBlog Great strategic move in the face of unprecedented cancelations. 😆

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