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Netflix is investing in public policy abroad to enable an international push

Netflix's international approach could help it form local relationships – putting it ahead of other domestic SVODs eyeing growth abroad;


Netflix's international approach could help it form local relationships – putting it ahead of other domestic SVODs eyeing growth abroad;

Netflix is expanding abroad not by exporting US-centric content, but through 'localized' fare – but navigating local environments may be difficult.

In response, these markets are prioritizing the preservation of local film and TV industries. Some even create stipulations for foreign entrants like Netflix: For example, the EU is introducing a new rule set to be finalized by the end of this year that will require a

But the company knows that it can't maintain that success by simply adding subtitles to existing content: What works in one region of India may not serve another, and what serves the UK may not appeal to Spain, for instance. The company also knows that producing resonant content is just one piece of the puzzle, and that understanding regional differences in business conduct and regulation is equally critical to a smooth expansion.

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China warns of 'terrorism' in Hong Kong protests, says the U.S. is supporting itAfter Hong Kong police were attacked with firebombs, a Chinese official warned 'violent crimes must be resolutely cracked down in accordance with the law, without hesitation or mercy.' 🔥🔥🔥🔥☂️🔥🔥🔥🔥Stop China junk Yes....kick those US state dept. sponsored thugs...hard. Sentletse China is talking rubbish.

Here's how to hedge currency ETFs on the strengthing US dollarAs the trade war continues, ToddCFRA and TomLydon join BobPisani to discuss how to hedge currency ETFs on the strengthening U.S. dollar. Sponsored by InvescoUS ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS You're fakenews Trump2020 ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS Some people dont keep track but I surely do and realDonaldTrump failed policies have wreaked havoc on my 401k & Roth accounts. ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS End the Federal Reserve.

The Trump administration's new immigration rules bring us all the way back to 1882'The benefit is long-term benefit, self-sufficiency is critical for the U.S. and American taxpayers going forward.' They want to keep a white majority ... and they think they can do that by changing the immigration laws. It’s just pathetic. 1882, huh? Quite fitting. Make America great again?

U.S. attorney general cites 'irregularities' at jail where Epstein diedAttorney General Barr criticized 'serious irregularities' at the federal prison where Jeffrey Epstein died in an apparent suicide, adding that the sex-trafficking investigation involving the disgraced financier would continue He is in charge of the BOP Barr, Trumputin's accomplice 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 The world is waiting for his two page summary.

How a Nanny’s Adventure in the U.S. Ended in BloodshedAt 26, Karen Bermudez-Rodriguez left Colombia and joined legions of young women who come to the New York region to find work as au pairs. But her adventure took a tragic turn after broke off a relationship with a male friend. after *she* broke off a relationship? relationship with a male friend ? It may happen.......if he was so loving why she hasn't gone for marriage. Sometimes WRONG PATH can lead to tragic turn. Please do a proper root cause analysis. RIP.... we are gonna have a thanksgiving memorial, all are welcome.

Iran Sanctions Prompt Surge In U.S. And Venezuelan Oil Exports To IndiaAmerican and Venezuelan oil exports to India have surged as a result of U.S sanctions against Iran. Targeting the Islamic Republic’s lucrative oil sector has impaired the longstanding energy trade between New Delhi and Tehran, forcing India to diversify its energy suppliers. one way or another, the oil runs out eventually. sanctions just change where it happens first.

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