Netflix employee at center of Dave Chappelle protest resigns

NEW: Terra Field, a Netflix employee at the center of worker-led protests against Dave Chappelle, is resigning from the company, she says.


11/22/2021 11:03:00 PM

NEW: Terra Field, a Netflix employee at the center of worker-led protests against Dave Chappelle, is resigning from the company, she says.

Terra Field, a Netflix employee at the center of worker-led protests against Dave Chappelle, is resigning from the company, she said Monday.

.“My clients have resolved their differences with Netflix and will be voluntarily withdrawing their NLRB charge,” Laurie Burgess, a labor lawyer representing Pagels-Minor and Field, said. She declined to elaborate.A Netflix spokesperson said the company and employees “have resolved our differences in a way that acknowledges the erosion of trust on both sides and, we hope, enables everyone to move on.” The spokesperson would not confirm whether the employees had signed a settlement agreement.

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In October, Pagels-Minor, who is Black and trans, was fired while organizing the walkout. The company said Pagels-Minor had leaked confidential information, which the employee denied. Pagels-Minor previously helped lead the trans employee resource group at Netflix.

Field, who is also trans, was suspended after attending a director-level meeting she was not invited to. She was subsequently reinstated after Netflix found no ill intent in her actions. Prior to her suspension, Field posteda viral tweet threadabout the special, which she said “attacks the trans community, and the very validity of transness.”

Field is now voluntarily resigning from the company. “This isn’t how I thought things would end, but I’m relieved to have closure,” she said in her resignation letter. “Shortly after B. was fired for something I did not and do not believe they did, I made a decision: sink or swim, I was going to walk side by side with B. as they had for so many of us while they led the Trans* ERG,” referring to the company’s employee resource group.

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When your 15 minutes are up and the media is tired of your broken record.... Resign. Good job 👍 About time! I wondered how they could stay at a company that didn't match their 'ethics'. Chappelle did nothing wrong! Bye!! Jesus Christ NBC. Who the fuck cares Bye That was a waste of time. There's so much other valid reasons to protest

Cool ... That emo dude can maybe get the help he needs Good riddance. I support Dave. Well....BYE!! Nobody cares

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