Netflix Confirms ‘Elite’ Will Return for Season 6, Unveils Cast for ‘Bird Box’ Adaptation

Netflix Confirms ‘Elite’ Will Return for Season 6, Unveils Cast for ‘Bird Box’ Adaptation

10/28/2021 12:46:00 PM

Netflix Confirms ‘Elite’ Will Return for Season 6, Unveils Cast for ‘Bird Box’ Adaptation

Netflix’s Spanish adaptation of its hit original movie “Bird Box” is coming together. Cast and a handful of early details were announced for the previously announced project from …

, creator of HBO España flagship drama “Patria,” is set to create “The Silence.” A second series, “Smiley,” produced by Minoría Absoluta (“Polònia,” “Crackòvia”), adapts the eponymous stage show, a gay love story by Guile Clúa.

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Paula Cons (“The Island of Lies”) directs the true crime docuseries “¿Dónde está Marta?” about the disappearance of Spanish high school student Marta del Castillo, a cause célèbre in Spain.Ramping up Netflix’s recent move into Spanish reality TV, having recently premiered its first in “Insiders” with host Najwa Nimri (“Money Heist”), Netflix announced its next reality proposition, “¿A quién le gusta mi follower?” featuring popular TV presenter Luján Argüelles, actor Jedet — who starred in “Veneno,” the smash hit series from Atresmedia that was eventually picked up by HBO Max in the U.S., and influencers Aroyitt and Jonan Wiergo.

Spanish movies “The Platform” and “Below Zero” figure among Netflix’s biggest non-English-language hits ever. It returns to genre with two original movies, “Infiesto,” a virus thriller set in the Asturias mountains written and directed by Patxi Amezcua (“The 7th Floor”), starring Isak Férriz (“Libertad”) and Iria del Río (“Riot Police”) and produced by Vaca Films (“Cell 211”). It shoots from Oct. 28. headtopics.com

From “Sky Rojo” director Albert Pintó, women-centric survival thriller “Nowhere” stars Anna Castillo (“The Olive Tree”) as a heavily pregnant women adrift in the middle of the ocean in a maritime container without food or water.Screening a teaser trailer of teen romantic movie “Through My Window,” Netflix also used Thursday’s presentation to update news on announced productions. Among key details:

Comedy drama “Valeria,” will get a third and final season;Luis Tosar, Asia Ortega and Ayax Pedrosa will return for the series spinoff of hit Netflix movie “Sky High,” with Daniel Calparsoro (“To Steal From a Thief”) once again directing and Alex de la Iglesia co-scribe Jorge Guerricacheverría repeating as writer;

Milena Smit (“Parallel Mothers,” “Alma”) will play a journalist investigating the disappearance of a young girl in “La chica del nieve,” an adaptation of the novel hailed as Spain’s biggest bestseller during lockdown;Produced by Netflix, co-created by “Elite” creator Carlos Montero and directed by “The Head” helmer Jorge Dorado and Carles Torrens, whose credits include “The Paramedic,” Feria: la luz más oscura,” an Andalusia-set fantasy thriller, will be released on Netflix in January.

Feria: la luz mas oscura Read more: Variety »

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